Ode to The Aquarius King: Owned

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The music of Trey Songz played in the background. She played him for two simple reasons.

Trey is a favorite artist of hers. 2.) It helped to mask her kings’ screams from having his ass relentlessly pounded and tortured ever so sweetly.

Here let us go back a little…………

It had been a few days after he tortured her and for the days that followed she had been thinking of ways to make him pay. That’s when it hit her. Machines more so those modified fucking machines she heard about. Yes the Scorpio Queen had the notion of sweet torture on her mind and ice in her veins. Her Aquarius King was in line for some serious payback and punishment. After having a spider dangled directly over her and hot sauce up her ass and smeared all over her face she was out for blood so to speak. She hated spiders with a serious passion and he dangled one just inches from her face. Those machines were going to help her in her quest to not only exact payback but ownership of her king.

She put her plan into action one night.

Earlier in the day the king and queen had fondled, played with, teased and what have you with each other. Once the foreplay was over it was time to get down to the matter at hand. She led her king to the basement where the surprise for him awaited. Once in the basement she sprang her plan into action. They entered and her king was taken aback by what he saw. The basement had been set up with various toys and fucking machines. She told him the machines were his surprise and that she was going to use them on her. He was completely hesitant but he trusted his queen. Besides the machines can’t hurt him that much right?

She undressed him slowly teasing him with her touch and kiss as she did she took off her clothes as well. Once he was undressed and hard she bound him to his flexible restraints. He was hot and horny as he waited for his queen. He had no idea as to what intentions his queen had in mind for him. To lighten the mood so to speak she put her Trey Songz compilation CD on. It was a mix of all her favorite songs by him. It was a CD her king wasn’t too fond of. Not that she cared at the moment.

She cupped his chin then looked at her Haitian Dream. She could tell he was daydreaming and he yenibosna escort knew his daydreaming annoyed her. So with a wicked smile on her face she slapped him to snap him out of it. Once he was awake she took the same spiked whip he used on and proceeded to whip his ass, back and legs. He howled as she mercilessly whipped him. She had every intention of making him her slutty bitch that night. She continued his lashings long enough to cause him to squirm and scream.

Once she was done with his backside she forced him to his knees. He was kneeling before her. His face was inches away from her feet so she decided to have him lick and suck on her toes and feet. She let her right foot graze his lips once her toes touched his lips he opened his mouth to accept her foot in. She watched as his tongue darted in between her toes and licked her sole. She closed her eyes as she listened to Trey’s melodic voice play in the background. He pleased her left foot the same way he pleased her right foot. Once she was satisfied with him pleasing her feet, she told him it was time for his surprise so he’d better not move. Her king did exactly what he was told.

There he was face down, blindfolded, hands bound together, on his knees with his tight dark chocolate ass sticking high up in the air. He felt the cold lube slide down his ass as she worked it into his crinkled chocolate asshole. He groaned in protest when her hand left his ass not that she cared.

She replaced her hand with the head of an 8″ dildo that was attached to a modified electromechanical jack hammer into his ass. She could tell her king was happy for a moment but soon that happiness would be replaced with tears agony and pain. She turned the machine on and let it work his ass. It started fucking his ass with force.

In and out went the dildo it was pumping his ass hard. His screams were as sweet as the sexy voice of Trey Songz who played in the background. She watched him squirm and scream as the jack hammer relentlessly pounded his ass. He soon started begging her to make it stop. Which she did but that was only so she could change the dildo from 8″ to 12″.

Oh yes she was going to make it painful. And yeşilköy escort painful it most certainly was. The 12″ dildo pounded him mercilessly. He was in pain but she didn’t care. As I stated she had ice in veins. She soon stopped the jack hammer again to see his when she did he let out a sigh of relief.

He thought it was all over but he was sadly mistaken. Her fun with him was just beginning. She once again took the spiked whip to his ass. The pain from the whip was so intense he cried. Tears ran down his cheeks as she whipped him good. This was to remind him of what happens when you dangle a spider over her face and think that it’s funny. She was all about equality. She could take it and dish it out and so could he. His cries were sweeter and more melodic than Trey’s voice in the background.

She was pleased with her work but not finished with her king. She helped him up by pulling up on his restraints. He was now at a slightly weakened vertical base. She took off his blindfold because she wanted to see the pain in his eyes. When she saw it she flashed an evil grin. Her fingers traced his chest as she planted him with a passion laced kiss. Her lips were like candy to him, he loved kissing her. She slowly placed small lustful kisses on his chest as she slid further down his body.

She had reached his epicenter, his treasure, his manhood. She took his dick into her warm, waiting, willing and hungry mouth. He watched the head of his pole totally disappear in her mouth. Up and down went her head and in and out her mouth went his thick dark chocolate shaft. He was in seventh heaven as his queen was giving him the best pleasure. He slowly moved his hips so he could match the rhythm of her mouth. He felt his balls swelling up with cum and he let his queen know that he wanted to give it all to her. That’s when she stopped all of the sudden.

He was pissed off like you wouldn’t imagine. He was just about to explode in her mouth and she stopped sucking him off. The look on his face satisfied her. She wanted him to be mad because it was only going to fuel her desire to torture him. He groaned in opposition as she rose to her feet. He told her to get back down on her zeytinburnu escort knees and finish what she started. She chuckled at his words before slapping him. She was in charge tonight not him. He bucked at her but because of his restraints he wasn’t much of a threat to her.

She took the collar she had sitting in the swing she had setup and collared her king. Now that he was collared she leashed him as well and led him to another fucking machine, a bench and the swing. With leash in hand she pulled him up to the bench and ordered him to bend over. He did as his queen commanded him to.

She spread his ass cheeks and exposed his gapping asshole. She lubed up two fingers and shoved them into his open hole. He squealed as she pumped her fingers in and out of his ass. She was getting him ready to be fucked again. She pulled her fingers out of his ass and inserted the head of the dildo attached to the new fucking machine. She grabbed the control and turned on the machine to its lowest setting. It slowly pumped in and out of his ass and he loved the sensation of having his ass filled. She sat in swing and watched him be ass fucked. His moans were masked by Trey’s sweet voice.

She knew he was enjoying this but that’s not what she wanted. So she turned the machine up to the next setting which was a bit faster than the previous one. His moans became louder as they did he started begging her for more, so she gave it to him. She turned the machine on to its highest setting and left it like that.

It wasn’t long before he went from moaning from the pleasure to screaming from the pain. He squirmed and tried to buck back but it was no use he could not stop it. She cackled at his pain while playing with her with wet hungry pussy. She wanted his mouth to be intertwined with her pussy, so with the chain she guided his head to her pussy and buried it deep. Her feminine scent made him dizzy but he was eager to eat her pussy. His tongue went to town on his queen’s pussy. He savored every inch of her. Licking and sucking on her clit and her inner folds. He was pleasing her while getting his ass rammed. She rode his tongue like there was no tomorrow.

She was close to cumming so, she wrapped her legs around his neck and squeezed her thighs tightly as she screamed and released her cum into his mouth. She let him go, slid under him and took his bouncing hard dick in her mouth and sucked him off until he screamed and unloaded his hot jizz deep into her mouth and throat. She was beyond satisfied. She had conquered him and she now owns the man she calls her Aquarius King.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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