Oh God Jessica

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January: for all that is (not) good in this world.

Brian’s current girlfriend was a wonder, he thought. Smart, beautiful, she was perfect. He eyed her from across the room. There was no way he could go wrong. No way, not with her.

“Hey,” Amy bumped his shoulder. He looked over at his best friend and smiled warmly to her as she sat down next to him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked in surprise, “you never come here.”

“Yeah I know, but I took the day off to eat lunch with you.” Brian looked at her lunch plate and noted that she hadn’t taken any vegetables. He felt a light flutter of concern for her. She needed to eat well if she wanted to run a company.

“Hmm,” He bit into an apple and glanced at his girlfriend and back to Amy.

“What?” She smiled at him, “you seem on edge.”

“No, not at all,” Brian new how to get what he wanted from Amy, “I was just thinking of the fact that you have no vegetables on your plate.”

“Oh?” She raised her eyebrows, “Yeah well, so what I”-

“I’m glad for you,” Brian jumped in quickly, “too many people are on health kicks. You shouldn’t eat too much green stuff anyway. I bet it doesn’t even taste good.”

After a moments pause, Amy stood up and went to get some vegetables. Yet a sudden scream from across the room made everyone jolt. Chaos seemed to slowly perpetuate and Brian’s girlfriend, Jessica, seemed to be in the direct middle of it!

Later that night…

“I don’t know what to do!” Jessica cried to Brian, “I don’t have the money for this…”

Brian didn’t look concerned, Jessica was his girlfriend, and he knew exactly what to do. He reached out and gave her a tissue. Comfort, he thought.

“Are you sure they said it was going to cost that much?” He frowned.

“YES! I asked your doctor several times…” She nodded her cute little head, “thank you so much from getting him so quickly for me…” Brian smiled knowing how much she appreciated it. Jessica cared for her Grandmother very much.

“I’m so angry at the waiter who served her!” She continued, “what kind of monster poisons such an old woman’s lunch? I mean, what good could that ever accomplish him?” Tears flowed down her cheeks. Her sparkling blue eyes seemed to fleck with fury.

“But the surgery can be paid in two halves, correct?” Brian checked all the facts once more.

“Yes, but even so, Brian I don’t have that kind of money,” Jessica looked at her feet hopelessly, “My granny is the only family I have left, and I’m going to lose her.”

“I have the money,” Brian offered gently, and caressed her cheek. Jessica looked up at Brian, opening her mouth to say something- she was cut off by Brian’s phone.

The sound of wedding bells rang as his ringtone. Jessica had always thought it was strange that he had assigned the wedding theme to Amy’s ring tone. But there was nothing much she could say about it. She knew Brian would love her, faithfully. So it didn’t matter.

“Okay,” Brian said, after his phone call, he looked at Jessica sweetly, “We can work this out; I can give you the money.”

Jessica opened her eyes and felt relief and happiness finally take the place of her despair. She felt all the tension leave her. Finally something beşiktaş escort could be done. Finally she would be able to keep the last member of her family close to her. Finally.

February: you do not know what you do not know

Amy strolled into that building like she had known her whole life that she belonged there. Tiny as she was, she knew she was strong. Everyone looked up to her, although not quite in the literal sense due to her height. She took a look at all her workers and felt at ease, and in control.

Then she hired Jessica.

Brian had warned her of Jessica. Warned her of the games. Warned her of the lies. But no. Amy didn’t like to judge a person based on rumours. She liked proof, and thought it was only fair to see how things would go for herself.

It was strange though, Brian seemed so happy when he was first with Jessica, Amy thought to herself. So, surely Jessica would be a professional woman. Brian was probably just intimidated by that fact, and that’s probably why he left her.

Jessica sat in the interview room, across the table from Amy, wearing jeans and a shirt. Amy couldn’t help but look at Jessica’s legs when she walked in. Her first thought was; I have to get this woman to wear dresses. But as the boss, such a comment wasn’t appropriate.

“So… Jessica, your resume seems to be in order,” Amy held open the file and pushed her glasses up her nose. Jessica looked carefully at Amy, like she was curious of something, perhaps even admiring?

“Here,” Jessica reached up and leaned over the desk, “you have something on your face…” She licked her thumb and wiped the side of Amy’s mouth. Embarrassed, Amy wanted to protest, but her eyes fell upon the amazing set of tits that were hanging only inches from her tongue. Jessica leaned back and grinned.

Jessica could tell that Amy had a curiosity about other women. It wasn’t something well hidden by her facial expressions. It was actually something Jessica would normally find quite amusing.

Later that day, Amy found herself lying flat on the kitchen floor of Jessica’s apartment. This was not a normal day for Amy at all, she could barely understand how things had progressed to this point! Jessica was her new EMPLOYEE! An employee who had ordered Amy to lie down on the kitchen floor for her, which was such a turn on, Amy couldn’t resist.

Amy thought back to the days when she was with Jane. Jane had never been dominant, and not surprisingly, she was now dating Amy’s best friend: Brian. Amy couldn’t blame Brian though, he had explained how Jane wouldn’t take no for an answer. Besides, if the woman wanted a man, then Amy certainly couldn’t fulfill those needs.

Amy wanted to be caught up in this moment with Jessica, but she was struggling not to think of other things. She thought of Jane, and how they had broken up. Getting close to someone again, to trust someone again, was going to be difficult. Jessica noticed the tension on Amy’s face.

“Give me your foot.” Jessica ordered. Amy gave a shocked expression and then shivered at the though. She was fearful of getting close, but her feet were her weakness. Looking up, Amy thought Jessica looked like superwoman, stronger beylikdüzü escort and much more powerful than she. Amy obliged and lifted up her foot.

The feel of Jessica’s tongue probing gently between her toes felt magical. No one had ever done that for her before. Amy felt relieved and blessed in this moment. How lucky she was to receive such a suprisingly accurate seductive attack upon her own biggest weakness…

“Mmmm,” she relaxed a little, “Oh that’s good, that’s-”

“What that Fuck?” A man yelled at the doorway. Amy’s eyes shot open and she looked at the tall figure before them.

“Oh hi,” Jessica gently bit Amy’s toe and then tossed her foot away, “I didn’t realise you were going to be home.”

Amy ran out of that place, crying.

March: Your life must at all times resemble that of happiness.

“OH god! Oh god yes!” Jessica, the blonde with jugs for tits, bounced up and down on Scott’s hard, swollen cock. Her eyes were that of a young child discovering the slippery slide, yet Scott knew what her thoughts really were.

Fuck buddies. That’s all they were. Scott loved and adored Jessica, but there was only so much teasing he could take. He couldn’t stand any more of the lies, that she loved him and him alone. No, no, he knew the truth.

Worse of all was to think of Amy. Small, brunette-like-girl, she was devastating in a red mini. Scott discovered her one morning with her toes curled tightly within Jessica’s adoring mouth. That was the first and last time he saw her.

Jessica rolled off of Scott and grinned evilly. Her Blonde hair spread evenly over the pillow and Scott could see she was satisfied. She looked over to him momentarily and then jumped up.

“Okay, thanks,” She stretched her arms up in the air and yawned.

“Thanks?” Scott sounded slightly anxious, “Are- are you going now?”

Jessica looked into Scott’s blue eyes. Dreamy in their own right, she knew what had attracted her to such a man. He was well built, amazing in the bedroom, and quite a mouthful if you catch the drift.

“Well,” she bit her lip thoughtfully, “Yeah I am. We’re not dating anymore silly, so you get the bed all to yourself now!” Nodding her cute little head, she picked up her tiny black dress, and threw it over her shoulder.

Scott smiled at Jessica as she ran out of the room. The moment she was gone, he closed his eyes tight, pretending she was still there-

“I love you…”

It hurt Scott to think of how easily Jessica had cheated on him when they were together. No woman had ever been able to walk away from him before; that’s when he knew it was love. She tied him down to his bed and took control in a way that no woman had ever been able to do. She wasn’t weak like the others.

Scott looked up at his wrists and realised then that they were still tied.


April: Here comes the bride… Here comes the lied…
Women couldn’t be trusted; Amy thought. That was all there was to it. They were all the same, and it just wasn’t worth the trouble any more. Amy had given up on ever finding her dream lady.

“Brian, how do you know it was Jessica?” Amy asked, totally rattled by the tale Brian finally beyoğlu escort had to tell.

“Well the waitor finally confessed,” he shook his head and held Amy closer to him. Amy felt safe at last in Brian’s arms, the only person she knew she could trust.

“I just can’t believe she would poison her own grandmother to scam you for money!” The sounds of a fire crackled in the background as the new couple, oddly matched as they were, held each other close.

Brian smiled, the feeling of finally having his soulmate so surely in his arms was more than enough reward for all he had been through. Jessica didn’t matter now; no one else mattered.

“Brian?” Amy’s voice softly broke his thoughts, “it really scares me that I was so close to a murderer. That poor old lady.”

He held her close, thinking that nothing like that would ever happen again, now that he had her in his arms.

January: Till death do we start

Tied up and blindfolded Jessica couldn’t tell left from right. The ropes that bound her hands to the post of the bed were soft, but they were tight. The feel of her own body naked against the sheets confused her. She could smell something… sweet… an aftershave?

This was how Jessica awoke on January the 8th of 2009.

“Good morning Jessica,” A deep voice resounded.

“What’s happening?” She spoke in a panic. It was sweet, how the sounds of her panic could be so arousing, Brian thought.

“It’s only me Jessy babe,” Brian crawled onto his girlfriend and left a sweet kiss on her lips. She smiled and exhaled with relief.

“Oh thank God! You scared me!” Jessica stretched her arms and legs waiting to be spoilt by her patner, “isn’t this a surprising start to me day,” she mused to herself, “much better than yesterday already.”

“Mmm,” Brian groaned hot in her ear, “lets forget the rest of the world for a moment babe, I’ll take care of that.” Brian thrust his hand roughly between Jessica’s thighs and inserted two fingers deep inside of her. She let out a sweet yelp, shocked by the Harshness of Brian’s touch, for previously he had always been gentle.

“Let me do something a little different baby,” Brian interupted Jessica before she could protest. Jessica considered for a moment, then she nodded obligingly. He was giving her a lot of money soon, after all, he deserved to get something in return.

Spreading open her tender thighs, Brian enterred Jessica and pounded into her with force. He grabbed hold of her throat tight- almost too tight- choking the air from her lungs. With his other hand, Brian gripped a chunk of Jessica’s hair, yanking her head roughly to one side.

“Ah! H-hurts,” Jessica let out weakly, yet Brian was so entranced he continued thrusting his hard shaft into her wet little pussy. Fucking her deeply, he suddenly stopped and placed his hand forcefully over her trembling lips.

“You listen to me you skanky little fuck-whore,” Brian’s voice was cold and demanding, “you want your grandmother to live another few years, then you’re going to do exactly what I fucken tell you to do.”

Brian kept his hand over her mouth; fucking Jessica over and over again- staring obsessively at a picture of Amy on his nightstand. He squeezed her tits until they hurt, bit down on her lips, pulling harshly at her hair so that she could not get up from underneath him.

“OH! God, Jessica!” He let out a moan as he came, poison into her most private of areas. Jessica looked up at him, shell-shocked as he spat, “Don’t forget to say hi to grandmother, slut.”

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