Older Man Samples Lynn Ch. 01

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This is another excerpt in the continuing saga about Lynn and her cuckold husband. For context read the “New Client Ch. 01”. Like the other stories I have written, it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, and voyeurism.

I appreciate your comments, suggestions and encouragement.


I am in our family room watching TV eagerly anticipating this evening. My wife, Lynn, and I are going to a party at the Smith’s. This has been the scene of a couple of our most sensual adventures. It was at a previous party where Lynn and I lived out one of our fantasies. She gave a blow job to a new decorating client while I secretly watched. That lead to several other adventures.

Tonight I have arranged to share my wife with an older man. I have not yet told her of the arrangements.

Lynn has not had any further adventures since completing the work for her single clients. At least not that I was aware of. Her adulterous activities and promiscuous nature continue to fuel our passion. When we make love, I cannot help but picture her with one of her lovers. I relive the mental image of my blond wife stretched out on other men’s beds as their cocks plumb the depths of her velvety wet pussy. I begin to long for the feeling of eating her cum filled cunt while she tells me how she had just been fucked and ravaged by another.

She continues to share her fantasies, becoming even sluttier in her description. I am especially turned on when she is the one who initiates the retelling. At first, I was the one who would bring up her lovers. On my knees between her spread legs, eating her pussy, I would say in between lapping her vulva, “I can’t stop thinking what a turn on it was to watch you suck Andrew’s cock.”

“I know you like watching. I like sucking other men while you are there to watch me.”

She becomes bolder, feeding my arousal. In bed with our bodies melded together with her full 36c breasts pushed against my chest, her voice lowers, “Does it turn you on when I fuck other men?” Do you like me telling you about a nice big cock filling my cunt?”

She continues to fill my voyeuristic urges by masturbating when she knows I am watching her. When I watch her masturbate, I wonder what she is fantasying about. Is it one of our lovemaking sessions or with another lover? I am pretty sure which one it is. I picture what she looks like with her legs spread and lifting her hips as one of her lovers buries his hard cock deep in her cunt. Is she thinking about Andrew or Michael?

I know it is a matter of time before she has the urge to take on another man. She likes the variety too much. I have to admit that some of the most erotic experiences with Lynn are when she fucks someone else. I think about our conversation when she asked me to set her up and share her. She wants me to initiate the contact. I guess she wants to make sure I really like the experience and not just going along when she picks out someone new. Perhaps this would be the time.

Every since she asked me to share her, I find myself looking at other men and wondering if they would make a good sex partner for Lynn. I mean how do I go about it? I can’t just in casual conversation ask someone if they would like to fuck my wife while I watch. One evening after a racquet ball game at the health club where I work out, I find my answer. Charles is in his fifties and the successful president of a local company. He is very handsome and distinguished looking. He is a few inches shorter than my five ten. I also knew from relaxing in the sauna after our games he is very well endowed. Since his divorce a few years earlier he is generally seen with younger attractive women. A couple of times I even notice their wedding rings. Perhaps that was the combination that attracted younger women, wealthy and a big cock.

He is also attracted to Lynn. I have seen him more than once looking at her exposed cleavage at some of the parties we attend. In fact, he and I were talking the night of the party where I was watching Lynn flirt with Andrew across the room. I could tell he was glancing over at her the same as I was. I wonder if Andrew and told him about Lynn and the fact I get off when she fucks other men.

After one of our games, we go to a nearby bar for a beer. We are relaxing making small talk and discussing an upcoming business deal he was helping me with when the conversation turns to Lynn,

“So tell me, how is that vivacious wife of yours?”

“She is doing great. She has been real busy with her decorating.” Was that a hint of a smile I notice?

“She certainly is sexy. You are a very lucky man. Can I ask you a question?’

I wonder what he is going to ask me. Was it if I knew about her adultery? “Sure, what is it?”

“Well this is somewhat awkward, but does it bother you or make you jealous when Lynn flirts with other men? I could not help but notice at the last party at the Smith’s when we were talking and she was on the sofa with Andrew. She was really leaning into maltepe escort him. That outfit she had on really was showing a lot of her breasts. I have to admit I certainly admired the view.”

“I trust you so I feel I can confide in you. I really get turned on when she acts like that. I was the one who suggested she wear the outfit. When we were talking I noticed you kept glancing over in her direction. So you really like it?” I decide to get a little bold. “So let me ask you, do you like looking at her? Does she ever lean her breasts into you?”

I thought he would get a little flustered with that question but he just answer my question directly, “Yes she has. More than once as a matter of fact. I could look right into her cleavage as she pressed her breasts into my arm. I was thinking what I would really like to do with her”

“Have you ever touched her?”

“A couple of times. Once we were in a secluded part of the house and I was lightly stroking the tops of her breast. They are so smooth and creamy.”

“Did she stop you?”

“She just told me how much she likes me touching her. There was someone coming so I stopped. Another time, I was doing the same thing and when she didn’t stop me I reached into her bra and played with her breast.”

“She must have liked that too.”

“She did. She pulled my hand out of her bra and said she had to find you before you became suspicious. I would imagine you guys had great sex both those times.”

“I’m turned on you like my wife. We probably had some great sex after you stimulated her. Some of our best sex is when she flirts or flashes other men.”

“Well you sure have a hot looking wife. I know more than one man who would like to fuck her.”

I feel a tightness in my chest as he tells me about lusting after my wife. I lean over looking him in the eye and say, “Would you like to fuck her?”

A lot of men might have been taken aback, but Charles just gives me a steady gaze. He leans over the table, “I would love to fuck Lynn. Would that turn you on? I know she has been fucking Andrew. I want to fuck her just like he does. But I don’t want to do anything to get in the way of our business relationship”

I am not too surprised. Counting on total discretion from Andrew is probably delusional. So Charles knows that I am a cuckold. Who else knows?

“So how would you like me to go about getting together with Lynn? Would you like me to ask her to lunch and then if she is agreeable, go back to my condo for an afternoon fuck?”

“I was thinking about getting together one evening, and if everything goes well we could go back to your place.”

He takes on a more authoritative tone, “So you want to be there to watch? I have been with couples like that and it always turns me on. I like the expressions on the husbands’ faces as I fuck their wives. Now that we know what we both want how do we make it happen?”

I first think about meeting at a local spot for happy hour. Then I remember the Smith’s are having another party next Saturday. I suggest he meet us there and Lynn can show off.

“When we go there, Lynn and I like to disappear to a more secluded portion of the house.”

“What do you guys do?”

” One time it was pretty deserted and she sucked me off. The last time we were at the Smith’s Andrew was there, they disappeared, and she gave him a blowjob. Would you like to disappear with her?”

“Does that mean she is going to suck me off?”

“Probably. It depends if there is anyone around. Don’t worry. Lynn will show you. You will at least get to feel her breasts and pussy.”

“Does she like big cocks? Does she know I am hung?

“She likes them. The other guys she has fucked have had big cocks. I mentioned you were hung.”

“Why are you setting this up? I could just call her and probably end up fucking her.”

“She wants me to make the arrangements. The other times I have gone along. I really get turned on when another guy fucks her. Especially if I am watching”

“Is setting us up so I can fuck Lynn turning you on? Do you ever get jealous?”

“Yea. A lot. I get jealous sometimes.”

“Well being jealous when someone fucks your wife is a natural reaction. Has she done anything with other guys before Andrew?”

“I’m not sure. I think maybe a couple of times when we were dating. We had a couple of rough spots. She traveled a lot. That gave her plenty of opportunities. I used to fantasize about her inviting another man to her hotel room. I even shared those fantasies with her. I would tell her I pictured her on a hotel bed with her legs spread getting fucked.”

“What did she say? Did she get mad, accuse you of not trusting her?”

“Not at all. She would encourage me to tell her my fantasies. That’s the thing about our relationship. We are not judgmental with each other. She has never called me sick or a perv for having my fantasies.”

“What about other times?’

“I traveled a lot also. And I had suspicion she may have fucked somebody when I was maslak escort out of town.”

“Was it anybody you knew?”

“Not directly. I think it may have been with one of my friend’s boss. He was married but fooled around.”

“Did you confront her?” Get mad?”

“No. Thinking about it turned me on. I liked to fantasize about him fucking her.”

“So this is not a new feeling. What does she like?’

“She loves getting real slutty. When you are with her, once you start to feel her, talk real dirty. She loves that and will get wild. She will do anything you want.”

“Don’t worry. I will take care of everything. I told you I have done this before.”

“Do you like affairs with married women?”

“This isn’t an affair. Most of the time I never go behind someone’s back. I like the husband to either know about it, or be there to watch. What is your plan after she sucks me at the Smith’s?”

“You invite us over for a nightcap so we can see you new condo. Then you fuck her. I am going to tell her I am setting this up so you two can fuck.”

Needless to say, Charles agrees. I tell him I am going to surprise Lynn right before the party. So if he runs into her before than just say he is going to the Smith’s.

During the week before the party, I have a difficult time concentrating at work. Friday afternoon, I am fantasizing about Lynn pleasuring a new lover when the phone rings. It’s Charles. “I want to make sure you and your sexy wife are still going to the Smith’s tomorrow. Have you told her yet? Do you have a sexy outfit for her I will like?”

“We sure are. I am looking forward to tomorrow. No, I haven’t told her yet. I am going to have her wear the same outfit she wore the last time. I know you like that one.”

“Is that the one Lynn was wearing when she gave Andrew a blowjob?”

“That’s the one. I am really turned on thinking about what she will do with you.”

Once again he took on an authoritative tone, “I bet you are looking forward to what will happen. I know I can’t wait to fuck Lynn. From what I have heard she is going to like it. Thinking about watching your sweet wife take my big cock really turns you on doesn’t it?”

I have to give cryptic answers since I might have been overheard, “Yes it really does.”

“I told you I have been with other couples. I know about men like you. Men who are self confident and successful on the outside, but on the inside have deep, dark desires to see other men with their wives. Some husbands like to be there and watch, others like to at home waiting for their wife to bring them a nice freshly fucked pussy. You’ve done both haven’t you?”

I could only answer, “Yes.”

“I know you have.”

I could not help but feel a stirring in my cock as Charles talks about getting a blow job and fucking Lynn.

“Make sure you tell her before you get there. I will see you tomorrow..”

As he hangs up, I resist the urge to pull my cock out right there at my desk.

I pull out of my reverie and go upstairs to the bedroom to get ready. Lynn is sitting at her vanity in front of a mirror putting on her make-up. She is just wearing thin black bikini panties. Her firm breasts are reflected in the mirror. Her aureoles are pronounced with nipples beginning to harden. She looks delicious. I am overcome by lust looking at her and imagining what she will look like in just a few hours sucking and fucking Charles.

I go over to her and place my hand on her shoulder with my thumb caressing the nape of her neck. I am looking over her shoulder at her naked, rounded breasts, “You look hot tonight. I could fuck you right now.”

She just looks up at me, “Well maybe we could skip going to the Smith’s and have our own party right here.”

As tempted as that idea is, I just laugh, “We can’t disappoint Charles. He is looking forward to seeing you again.”

There is a pair of slacks and blouse on the bed, “Is that what you’re you going to wear? What about this instead?

I go to the closet and pick out her black two piece outfit she wore the last time to the Smith’s.

She gets up and walks over to me, her breasts jiggling with each step, “So you want to play tonight? Are we going to disappear? We should call this the ‘Smith party blow job outfit.'”

I take a deep breath, “It’s not for me. I am setting you up with Charles. You will be wearing this for him.”

She places her hands on my shoulders pushing her breasts into my chest. She gives me a deep kiss. I put my arms around her and caress her back.

“Oh honey, I cannot believe you really set me up. How did you know I was attracted to Charles? Tell me what you said.”

I describe part of the conversation I had with Charles. I don’t tell her suspicions I shared with Charles or yesterday’s conversation. She rises on her feet and kisses my ear. He voice lowers into the slutty tone she uses, “So you want me show my tits and pussy to Charles. You must miss me fucking other men. I’ve never had an older man before. Do you think mecidiyeköy escort he will like my young married pussy?

“Yea he will. You know he likes young women like you.”

“When we are at the Smith’s do you want us to disappear? I bet you want us to go downstairs to our special place where I can suck his cock? And you’ve already told me he is hung. Maybe he will want more than a blowjob. Can I get his big cock in my pussy?”

I just tell her she can do anything she wants.

She continues talking dirty as my cock grows hard against her stomach. “Don’t worry I won’t disappoint either one of you.” She looks down at my bulge and laughs “That is going to have to wait until Charles has his turn. This is going to be a better party than I imagined.”

On the way to the Smith’s, I feel the same excitement I have had on other occasions when I have taken Lynn to meet her other lovers. The anticipation is higher since I was the one who set this up. I keep looking over at tops of her exposed breasts and the deep valley of her cleavage.

My wife catches my voyeurism and playfully tells me, “Do you like the view? Well you know the rules. My date gets to look first. You are going to have to wait your turn. But since you set this up, I will give you a little peek.” She unfastens the first two buttons of her top, lifts out her right breast and uses her index finger and thumb to stiffen her nipple. “Do you think Charles is going to like this view. I will show him this and a lot more.”

I lightly caress her thigh moving towards her pussy. She places her hand on mine to stop me. “I can’t believe you are forgetting the rules. My date also gets the first look and feel of my pussy.”

She leans up to my ear and in a throaty voice, “And the best rule is his he gets the first suck and fuck.”

I am too turned on to answer. She leans back in her seat, “I still cannot believe you actually set this up.” She places her hand on top of mine. “Don’t worry, I will make sure you get turned on.”

We reach the Smith’s and park on the street. We go up their driveway to the house. Other guests are arriving and we follow them to the front door. Linda Smith is there is to greet us.

“I’m so glad you guys to make it.”

Lynn answers in a bubbly voice, “Thank you for the invitation. It’s always good to see you and Terry. And I just love your house.”

“Terry and I are glad to have you. You two certainly seem to enjoy yourselves when you are over here.”

I go to the kitchen to get myself a beer and Lynn a glass of chardonnay and Lynn goes into the living room. I rejoin her. Seated on a couch, She bends over to accept the wine glass. I sit down next to her.

“Do you like the view? I am practicing.”

“I do. Practice does makes perfect.”

We talk to a few other guests. As they drift away Charles approaches.

I stand to greet him, “Charles. Glad you could make it. Lynn and I have been looking forward getting together.”

Lynn looks up at him giving him a shot of her breasts. “We sure have. Once my husband told me what you have in mind, I have been so excited.”

Charles addresses Lynn, “So you like our plans for the evening.”

“Oh yea, I sure do. I can’t wait to get started.”

I turn to Charles, “Why don’t you sit down next to Lynn. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about. Let me get you something. What are you drinking?”

He tells me a beer would be fine so I go back into the kitchen. When I return they are deep in animated conversation. Lynn is leaning towards him. I hand Charles his beer and sit down in a chair close by.

I raise my bottle and say, “Here’s to a fun evening.”

Charles continues the toast, “And to your husband for setting this up.”

Lynn leans into him and clicks her wine glass to his beer, “I’ll certainly drink to that.”

Charles leans towards me and in a lower authoritative voice so other people can’t hear, he tells me, “Why don’t you leave us alone so your sexy wife and I can get started.”

Lynn shifts position opening her legs and says, “That’s a good idea honey. I have some things that Charles will want to see.”

I drift away to talk to and mingle with other guest. I am at a high state of arousal. When Lynn met Andrew at the last party I didn’t know what was going on. Now I do.

I drift in and out trying not to be obvious. When I look back, I am startled to see another man sitting in the chair I just vacated. I don’t recognize him. Sitting down, I can’t tell how tall he is. He is stockier than Charles and also looks to be in his fifties.

He is leaning towards them. Lynn is in the middle. She leans over to him and taps his knee to make a point, giving him a good shot of her breasts. My wife is showing off for two men! Charles must have some more plans.

Lynn looks over at me and says something to them. They turn in my direction, raise their bottles in salute. Charles motions me over.

“There is someone I would like you to meet. This is Don. I invited him over to join in with Lynn.”

I am taken aback that Charles would invite another man to get a blowjob and maybe a fuck from my wife.

Don stands to shake my hand. “Glad to meet you and your sexy wife. I hear you were the one to set this up. I hope you don’t mind me joining in. I am certainly looking forward to getting to know Lynn a lot better.”

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