Out of the Blue

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They were all empty-nesters that 4th of July holiday. The kids were grown up and gone. It was the neighborhood gang that had stuck together through those childrearing years. Now they were just enjoying themselves. They were seated along the shoreline at a big picnic table. Sated with hot dogs, potato salad and apple pie, with the beer cooler just about empty, they watched the water-skiers winding up the show. The Jenson’s, the Hofer’s and the Vincent’s had been friends for almost thirty years.

Sherry Jenson and Karly Vincent had been the closest of any of them. Their friendship pre-dated marriages when both had been young elementary school teachers. Karly still taught school while Sherry had long before given up that role to become her husband’s business manager. The Jenson’s owned and operated a large and successful road construction company. Sherry was both the brains and the impetus of the business contracts, hired help and did the accounting. Bill Jenson ran the job sites. They were a good team.

The Hofer’s operated a dairy farm. Where work was hard and profit margins thin, Jan Hofer ran a sharp and effective pencil on the increasing complex record keeping that meant success or failure. Bill Hofer was equally adept in his hands-on decision-making part of the business. They rarely could get away except on Sunday afternoons when son Bill Jr. filled in for chores.

The impetus to the singular event that took place on the 4th of July outing had come the day before. Terry Vincent was a recently retired optometrist. He had taken up almost full time gardening and fishing that summer as his main hobbies. The problem had been that his wife Karlene had shown little or no interest in either of these hobbies. Outdoor activities were not her thing and gossiping on the phone to her myriad friends, playing computer games, and working on crossword puzzles seemed to be her main outlets.

However, she appeared to be taking up a new interest as Terry came in from the garden on his way to the shower; scrap-booking. Her efforts were specifically dealing with the 25 years’ worth of family photographs, Christmas cards, newspaper clippings, and school mementos of their three children.

There in the living room was Sherry Jenson showing Karlene how to do it in the form of several of her own scrapbooks.

“Can I take a look see at one of them too, Sherry?” Terry had asked, trying to be sociable.

“Sure, was the quick response.”

Finding kağıthane escort a comfortable chair to sit down in, he began to examine a book titled “At the Lake”. It was the usual kids and parents at the beach, in the cabin, water skiing and fishing. What turned out to be astonishing were the pictures of an extremely slim but sexy brunette that he had never seen before.

To his knowledge he had never seen Sherry wearing anything but slacks. Of course, there were her stylish suit jackets and slacks for business, but even on such informal occasions as summer barbecues and picnics, it was always slacks. She had been hiding a perfect figure all these years. Belatedly, but for sure, now he was interested. She knew it too because he was observed taking extra long looks at all of her “swimming” pictures.

Terry managed to shift the focus of his “interest” by commenting on several of the large bass Sherry was pictured holding in the album.

“I didn’t realize you were an expert fisherwoman too,” he commented.

“No expert Terry but I try on the rare occasions we get to go up to Bill’s father’s cabin. It was the next day during the picnic that Terry had seated himself next to his wife’s’s often aloof friend as the 12 stack of water skiers cruised by. Sherry looked at him with a slightly puzzled expression. Formally friendly but never eager for conversation with the husbands of her friends in a social setting, she waited for him to say something. He did.

“I never realized till I saw your lake scrapbook that you were big on fishing, Sherry.”

“Well yes, it’s something I got from my dad. Bill thinks it’s little frivolous but I still go out when we spend a week at dad’s cabin by Hayward. I’ve actually got a little kayak up there I use.”

“You know, this lake right here is one of the best bass lakes in the state. You should come out here sometime this summer with me,” he ventured.

No wives or husbands were mentioned in this seemingly offhand comment. Terry knew this was not the sort of comment that was acceptable in the circle of friends of which they were part.

The conversation ended just as quickly when Jan sat down next to them bringing some cookies to share. Of course, Terry knew he would never get a response to this suggestion unless spouses were included in the offer. That would never happen. He felt he had staked out his interest, and kartal escort bayan time would tell if the thought would finally draw a response.

They both knew what he wanted. Terry was sure that there was a different attitude on Sherry’s part whenever they crossed paths in social situations. She seemed to pay more attention to him. He felt he was being watched closely as if she was trying to make some judgment about him. It all came to a head on a cool but sunny day as he worked to get his boat ready for storage. With his wife gone to visit her mother for the day, responding to the ringing of the doorbell was his responsibility.

It was Sherry returning some books she had borrowed from his wife. Her dark green eyes narrowed as he informed her of his spouse’s absence. She couldn’t possibly come in for a cup of coffee as she was on her way to the grocery store. He immediately mentioned his end of the year fishing wrap-up, while asking for a bit of help spooling his new spinning rod. She was always one to help but was dubious in this case, but he had taken her hand before she had time to think of an excuse and led her into the garage. He immediately took his new spinner off the boat while handing her the spool of fishing line.

Five minutes later they were in the back yard so she could try it out. A few fumbling attempts on her part revealed the fact that she was used to spin-cast equipment. He showed her the correct hand-hold and release mechanism and then stood behind her.

“Let me hold your right arm for the correct back-cast,” he suggested.

Taking her right arm, he raised it to the 2 o’clock position and then guided the cast forward. While simultaneously pressing against the back of her body he realized his suddenly engorged and upraised cock was pressing into the cleft of her buttocks. What happened next with this usually distant and socially correct friend utterly astonished him. To his complete surprise, she had dropped the fishing pole on the lawn and reached behind her, stroking the bulge in his jeans.

His instinctive reaction had been to push his hips forward just a bit. She responded to him with a gentle squeeze in the appropriate spot and added a quiet comment, breathing “Oh my.”

With that comment, he took her by the hand and led her up on the deck overlooking the back yard. Sloping down several hundred yards to a small stream, that yard kurtköy escort bayan was screened from prying eyes by about twenty acres of woods and trails which were all posted “Private Property, Keep Out.”

Reaching the chaise lounge which faced the stream, Terry sank down upon it. He then stretched out facing Sherry and opened his zipper, exposing himself to her. She stood watching him as his now semi-erect cock jerked back to full extension. When he motioned her towards his lap she stood, momentarily indecisive, and then lowered her slacks and panties to the floor of the deck with a sigh.

Not being a shorts and suntan woman, Sherry was completely white except for the small dark bush which covered her mons. She stepped forward and straddled him after placing her hands on his shoulders for balance. Then carefully taking his cock in hand, she aligned herself to him and with tiny nudges slowly settled upon his lap.

As she impaled herself upon his fiercely erect cock, Terry had never felt so sexually aroused. And yet, he was willing and content to let this surprisingly erotic women take the lead. And she did by beginning a series of quick little thrusts with her hips. Her ass cheeks clenched with each motion. Her mouth covered his and she worked her tongue into his mouth exploring, sucking, and completely captivating his very being.

When she stopped for a moment and began removing her blouse and bra he watched, mesmerized, as her small but firm breasts came into view. Her large brownish nipples were hardened to a point. Then she leaned forward so he could begin running his tongue over them. When he captured one in his mouth and began a gentle sucking, she moaned softly.

Terry couldn’t wait any longer. The whole situation had developed beyond his wildest imagination. Grasping her buttocks he began a strong up-thrusting, penetrating her hitherto untouchable inner self with each powerful stroke. She met each motion of his with an equally strong responses they listened to the sounds of their mating. There was that unique sucking, squishing sound that signals when two highly sexually-charged people are engaging in intercourse.

He was holding her buttocks firmly in each hand and Sherry could feel his cock begin to twitch. She held herself tight against him as he began to come. Her vagina seemed to clamp him in a vise-like grip. For her it was as if she was astride a volcano. A fountain of semen was erupting inside her and she could only hang on as waves of sensations coursed through her body.

Collapsing, she buried her face in the hollow of his neck. She felt filled yet overflowing from his powerful response. It was not until she finally caught her breath that she was able to speak.

“I’ve waited years for this moment, Terry. Years, and it was worth every minute.”

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