Party sex

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This is a story that is a Mix of several different types of stories. Forced, Bondage, Machine, Gay,Fantasy, Horror and maybe a touch of Alien. We were never sure of its Origin. All we really know for sure is that many people in our town were changed in one way or another. Me and My wife Jan had been married for several years, we had just moved in to a new house, well new for us, it needed some repairs that I could handle on my own, nothing major. There were a couple other houses down at the end of the Cul-de-sack but they were much larger than we could ever afford. Ours sat down a dead end, no other houses around till the start of the street about a mile away, it was nice to have our privacy. We had several people drop by to welcome us to the community. We had our old friends drop by to see our new house and to find out where we were living now. It was about late spring when it was warm enough to open the pool so we decided to throw a party for everyone to come by all at once and get it over with. Not that we did not like people but just so they would not be coming around for the next 4 months trying to meet us. My wife liked to walk around the house nude sometimes, I was not big on it but sometimes I would join her and we liked our sex, a lot. So privacy was a must. About two weeks after we moved in we heard from the local gossip that the two big houses at the end of the Cul-De-Sack had sold, they were both bought by the same person. A Mr Allen Livingston. We were told he was some kind of big Business owner, Married but no c***dren, they both were in their mid 50’s, very healthy and seemed to like their privacy. He was having work done on both houses and a very tall fence that circled both properties. Kinda strange for a couple without c***dren, maybe they had a lot of a****ls or maybe they just wanted to be left alone. So my wife and her friends planned our party for a month from now. Lorie and Marie were my wife’s oldest friends and helped with everything. I was working and did not have much time to help. Time passed too fast and it seemed like I went to sleep after first talking about the party and I woke up and it was time for everyone to show up. One by one all the couples started showing up bringing food and Alcohol so we were stocked. People were everywhere, in the house in the yard, by the pool, in the pool and the hot tub, it seemed like everything was going fine. I was busy tending bar and making sure everyone was having a good time. My wife was meeting all the people and getting all the latest Gossip which we were not real big on, but it happens. Gilly Price was a short blond with big tits, happy all the time, her husband Don ran the local garbage service and was rolling in money. Bill and Lucy Camp had a insurance firm and owned a Pharmacy so d**gs and money. Those were about the only two I remember except for Allen and Mary Livingston. It was as if the entire party stopped just to meet them. He was a tall well built man salt and pepper hair blue green eyes very stern looking, his wife was a knock out, it was as if every inch was perfection and had been designed for sex. Very shiny black straight hair with small streaks of gray here and there, perfect posture, big round firm tits, a small waist line, flat stomach with soft muscle out line, slightly wide hips strong muscular legs and nipples that stuck out just enough to excite but not be trashy. Dark brown almost black eyes, soft plump lips, soft out lines of her cheeks and tan all over. Her one piece suite did not do her justice but gave everyone of the men a hard on. After the first meeting was over we all went back to normal, well normal for this place. The two stories that stuck out in my mind were ones that I barely caught bits and pieces of, it seemed that two girls had gone missing just a couple weeks after we had moved in. They were from each end of the Subdivision. Carrie West, who was Paul West’s wife and Jennifer Townsend Gary Townsend’s Wife. Three nights apart. Paul West was at the party but not Gary. Paul was asking questions and looking for answers. As the night went on people started getting drunk and high and were becoming more and more open, so to speak. Couples were fooling around in the Hot Tub, in our Bathroom and even in one of the guest rooms. Gilly we found out had a habit of showing off her tits when she got a few beers or drinks in her. They were impressive, nice firm round breast with dark Areolas, they were so damn tight you could see goose bumps all around her thick nipples, that she loved to pull out just a little and gently give a little twist. We also found out that Bill Camp was the local big cock that all the women talked about and had had an affair with a few of the women. He was not very popular with the men. About 11:30 the crowd started to thin out which let only the die hards, the sex crazed and the drunk to walk home. Except for the Livingston’s, they did not seem like any of the above. We had people fucking in the pool, the hot tub and even in the bushes for some reason. The Livingston’s had been separated by the men and the women asking all sorts of questions. What he did, where they were from, did they have k**s, and yes even the come on’s by some of the drunker people. Mrs Livingston had attracted most of the men’s attention off and on all night. 1 am and we were having to close it down, finally everyone was gone by 2 am. For the next few days we were getting thanks from everyone for a great party. Another week or two had passed and I go out to get the paper, there were flyers all over the place, a couple had gone missing but the first two women had shown up walking down the road naked without any memory of where they had been, they were found in the next county over on a old back road. This was getting really strange and scary, that was the talk for the next 3 weeks or so. The one night my wife tells me she wants to go for a walk, I am not really sure that’s a good idea so I go with her. Nothing strange or odd about that night, it was just after dusk, it was warm and all the stars were out. We see a figure walking toward us, it looks like a woman so we step over out of her way. When we get closer we see it is Mrs Livingston, Oh hi how are you? Fine and you. Fine, nice night for a walk. Oh its great isn’t it? We were standing talking when we both felt a small sting on our neck and back. The next thing we remember is waking up chained up in a dark room, I let my eyes adjust and clear up, then I see my wife totally naked hanging from the ceiling by her wrist, her feet were on the ground and chained up set wide apart. I was the same way. We are looking around and see Don and Gilly, Gilly is in some kind of chair a reclining chair that had her legs bent up and her knees wide apart, it formed to her ass, having the part under her ass and pussy wide open, her arms are strapped down out to her sides like she was reaching as wide as she could. Don was on a table face down, it was at an slant with his feet at the floor and his head pointed at the ceiling, his cock hung down through a wide open space that gave access to his crotch. All of us were gagged and naked. I could see a few pieces of equipment sitting around that I did not know what they were, most had a big black rod sticking up out of it, it was a little cool but not cold. I could hear voices, and shadows from around the corner. I manage to get my gag out of my mouth and whisper to my wife to wake her up. She finally comes to and starts to panic, which I am trying to calm her down. I can see her face and I am trying to tell her, its ok I am here with her. She finally sees me and starts to calm down, I say try to get your gag off and showed her how I did it with my tongue and chin and just working at it. Then a figure comes around the corner, its Mrs Livingston, I saw, what the hell are you doing? what the fuck is going on? She just walks over and stands in front of me, looks me right in the eyes and says, all of you are going to be our sex slaves for the next month or two. What? what the fuck? can’t you get sex on your own? Then my wife starts saying you don’t have to do this, please let us go, we won’t say anything. Then Mr Livingston walks around the corner to my wife and says, no we don’t have to do this, we just want to, as he reaches down and gives her pussy and squeeze and then sticks a finger between her lips and starts running it back and fourth between her pussy lips and saying, by the time we are finished you won’t want to leave and will feel so much more. Then his wife walks over to him and unbuttons and unzips his pants, reaches in and pulls out the biggest cock any of us has ever seen. It looked unreal, My wife could not stop staring at it, she was shaking her head and saying you cant fuck us with that. His wife says, you will beg him for that monster before you leave here. She starts stroking it as we watch it grow and get hard, it was almost mesmerizing as we watch every vein fill with blood and it starts sticking straight out. It was the size of a base ball bat at the big end and was about 16 inches long. Horny was not the word to use as Mrs Livingston undressed and started to lick the head of his cock while she stroked it with both hands saying, oh my god this feels so good. I want to watch it go in her pussy. I could tell my wife was scared and turned on, her big Areolas were tight around her hard nipples and her pussy was so wet it was dripping. After a few minutes of watching him get his cock licked sucked and stroked she had a small puddle on the floor. My cock was rock hard by now and almost too hard, it hurt like it was going to tare through the skin. I could see Don’s cock was pointing straight down and hard as a rock also. His wife Gilly was breathing so heavy I thought she would pass out, her nipples were so hard and I could see her slowly pumping her hips. Allen is still running his fingers between my wife’s pussy, then he finally starts rubbing her hard clit in little circles. She is hunching her hips back at his fingers, she is cumming within seconds, yelling and moaning. Mary pulls his cock up between my wife’s legs and starts rubbing the head up and down on her clit. She is yelling and trying to pull back, then she starts cumming again and again, she is gasping and saying oh my god oh fuck yeah, then she just lets her knees go weak. He says that’s just the start. Mary walks over to me and grabs my cock, I almost go off right then but she lets go and says you’re next big boy. She spreads her legs and fingers her pussy and then sticks them in my mouth, she says does that taste good fucker? Even though her juices tasted like my favorite dessert I would not give her the satisfaction of knowing I loved it. So I said well, to tell the truth you kinda taste like a day old dead fish, she said you’re going to learn to do as you’re told and you will love every inch of my perfect Body. I said well good luck with that, what makes you think you’re perfect? is it the $100 tits or the cheap face tug you got? She says you’re going to be my special project. My Wife raises her head and says, Mick just shut up, you’re going to make things worse. Then Allen says, you should listen to your wife, she seems to be the smart one. I could not help myself, I said Oh he does talk, you sure that’s okay with your Master, she might yank that cock of your off if you don’t Obey. He said that’s funny cause that is exactly what I am thinking of doing to you! One more I just could not stop. So you yank a lot of cocks do you? Mr Livingston walks over to me with this glare in his eye, I am scared but at least he is away from my wife. He grabs my cock gently looks me right in the eyes and starts to slowly squeeze, his grip is getting tighter and tighter until it is killing me, I am straining to breath and water is coming up to my eyes. He says are we done with the smart remarks? I just nod my head as he loosens his grip, and a small amount of cum runs out the end of my cock. He says, that’s a tiny cock anyway. I strain to talk but say, well I was the big cock until you showed up. They both turn and walk away, turning their attention to Don and Gilly. Mr Livingston walks between Gilly’s legs that are bent up and held wide open, lays that vein covered monster right on her pussy and stomach, it comes up to her big tits. His wife walks up beside him and starts stroking his cock, almost like she was petting it and says none of you are ready for this yet, so we are going to build up to it, she walks over and gets one of the machines and rolls it under Gilly, she is frightened and yelling, trying to get loose, her big tits moving from side to side, her hips moving up and down struggling to get away from that thing. Allen is still got his cock laying on her petting it, it seemed to get bigger the more it was stroked, I swear it grew another 4 inches, he says yes keep struggling, it makes it better. As Mary is raising the Machine up and the large black rod slips into Gilly’s pussy about two inches, just enough for her to feel it, Allen squeezes his cock from the base to the head, over and over, then like a tube of tooth paste being squeezed a load of cum runs out into Mary’s hand, she takes the cum and smears to all over the rod and Gilly’s wet pussy, she says you might need some lube for this. Gilly’s face change as if a d**g had been given to her, she got calm and with a look of warm satisfaction came over her. She calmed down and said oh yes let me have that big black rod, Don was trying to talk to her but when he saw this look he was like what the fuck did you do? what did you give her? Then Mrs Livingston flipped a switch and a low hum filled the room. Gilly’s head flew Back, her nipples got so fucking tight and hard they would have chipped Granite, her hips moved with fury, up and down, she was making noises like an a****l speaking another language, grunting, moaning, growling and oh my god, oh fuck coming out every once in awhile. Mary raised the machine up another 3 or 4 inches, giving Gilly a good 7 or 8 inches, her head was going from side to side and her pussy was grinding on the big black pole. Then the two walked over to Don as he was still protesting and yelling at them, I will kill you both, you’re gonna die you fuckers. Don could not see what they were moving under him, he was trying hard to look and ask what are you doing what is that thing? It was a round cylinder shaped object that looked like a ribbed solid slinky, that had some type of gelled padding around the top. Once again Mr Livingston pumps and squeezes his cock until cum runs into His wife’s hands, she strokes it onto Don’s big cock as it stuck down at the floor, then smears the rest into the cylinder. Allen says I want to do this one, he Grabs Don’s cock and guides it into the Cylinder, Don’s look changed in a flash, he starts trying to pump his cock before they even get it all the way in, his ass raising up and down, then the second machine was turned on as a sucking noise grabs his cock like a shop vac and pulls his cock down into it. The cylinder starts pumping up and down and sucking at the same time, there was a low vibration coming from it also. Don looked like he was in Heaven, but making growling and moaning noises, Gilly was still getting the fucking of her life when Mary walks over and turns her machine up two more points, Gilly tensed up more, her eyes rolled back in her head as her ass pumped vigorously up and down. I was looking over at my wife thinking we were next and telling her everything would be alright. Mr and Mrs Livingston walks over to us and says, yes you’re right, everything will be more than alright, it will be like your best desires. Mary goes and gets another type of Machine, it has a Big life like cock sticking up out of it, attached to a saddle, with straps on the sides. Allen goes over to the wall and pushes a button, I watch as my wife is lowered down enough that her legs were bent. Allen starts his stroking his cock and squeezing the cum out of it, he says I think we need a little bit more and begins to stroke his giant cock with both hands, Mary helps him and grabs it with her two hands. I am yelling and saying don’t put that shit on my wife, damn you both for this, you’re sick. Just then Allen’s head goes back and he starts shooting a huge stream of cum all over Jan’s body, it was like a fire hose going off. It was like a human Doughnut being Glazed. Cum dripped and ran from her big firm tits down her perfect pussy and her legs, that same look of a calm warm satisfaction came over her as Mary and Allen both said that should do and began to place the big white life like cock in Jan’s pussy, they said now sit down slowly for us Jan. She said oh yes I want that cock up me, as she wiggled and raised up and down until the entire 12 inches was in her, they strapped her legs down to the sides then said now here it comes baby, they turned it on and smiled as Jan started saying oh god, oh hell yeah, fuck me fuck me, her head was laid back as she was thrusting her hips back and fourth. Then they turned it up three more points and that was it, Jan yelled like she was possessed with some kind of sex demon, growling and smiling, grinding and moaning, just watching all of them getting machine fucked and loving. I had my cock rock hard and wanting to fuck, they walked around and raised the power up and raised each one up deeper and higher on each person, then they came over to me with these two evil grins. Mrs Livingston asked me if I liked watching all of them get satisfied? I lied and said not really, it looks like something in a perverts dream. I was loving watching it all, even my wife was exciting, I should have been furious not excited. Then here comes the cum monster walking over, He says we got something special for you, Mary snaps her fingers, this figure walks around the corner pushing a different type of machine. I could see it was a woman because of the big tits hanging down walking bent over pushing this machine. Then I realized that it was the wife of the last couple that went missing. We did not know them except for the pictures in the news paper and the names, Sherry Wilson and David Wilson, they were a Black couple with two teenage k**s, the pictures in the paper did not do her justice, she was a tall very beautiful woman with medium size breast, light complexion, as she got closer I could see something strange and then I see this big black cock hanging between her legs, swinging as she walked. I see another person walking up behind her, it David except that he had big tits now and his own big black cock. I yelled, what the fuck did you sick fucks do, what kind of people are you. They both looked at each other and said People? Who said anything about People? Then Allen said you should concentrate on yourself. As Sherry pushes the Machine under me, it has a saddle with a 6 inch ribbed rod sticking up and a hose with a cushioned cylinder at the end that comes up out of the front and bends over. Mr Livingston tells sherry to start stroking his pet, so she walks over like she is in some kind of trance and runs her hands all up and down his huge shaft. Mary comes to help and gets the head in her hands and then starts nibbling on the end of it, then the cum starts running out like a faucet running on low, filling Mary’s hands and Sherry’s hands, they both start rubbing the cum all over my big hard cock and the rod and hose end. Then they rub more around my ass hole, I am starting to protest then I feel warm and calm as if they gave me a d**g, I start feeling so horny I want anything, any type of sex I could get, they both start saying now that’s a good boy, you want to get fucked up the ass now, don’t you? I remember thinking No, but I said yes, pump that cock up my ass, then they lower me down onto the Rod as it slowly slides in my ass. I can feel my cock grow harder and harder almost shooting a big load, she says you better not. It feels so good sliding in my ass, then she bends the hose over and slips the cum greased cylinder over my cock. She says, you know for a human you have a big cock, I bet your wife enjoys you? She says hows that feel. I start to speak when she flips a switch and then another, I feel the rod in my ass start to vibrate first and move in and out of my greased ass hole, I start to moan and grunt. Then like a flash, my cock is sucked up into the soft greased cylinder, it feels hot and wet inside as it sucks and moves up and down on my cock, I’ve never felt anything like this, I am trying to look around, my head is going from front to back, my arms are pulling down on the chains and I am trying to pump my hips on the rod that is thrusting up my ass. Then they move Sherry Away and place her in front of Don, they tils his bed over more and tells him to suck that big black cock. Don opens his mouth as wide as he can and sucks the head of her cock, that’s all that will fit in his mouth, then Sherry pulls his head forward and shoves the rest of her long black cock down his throat and starts making him deep throat her big black cock, she is pumping away at his mouth, fucking his face. Mr Livingston pulls Gilly’s machine away, turns it off as she goes limp, sweat pouring off her, her hair is wet, she is dripping everywhere. He says now your ready, as he picks his giant pet up and starts rubbing the head all around her pussy lips, then he starts pulling on her hips and with each thrust, another inch goes in, sometimes nothing as he pulls back and then pushes back in. She is tensing up and low moaning as if she was so weak, a sound did not come out, after he got about 4 inches pushed inside her, she was coming back to life. His cock was shiny wet and throbbing as he finally had 8 or 9 inches deep in her, he says you’re going to take every inch. Mary comes back to me and turns up the power, as if I could take much more, my cock was so hard and about to explode. Jan was still fucking away and Don was sucking and getting sucked. Gilly was screaming and feeling her pussy stretch open wider than ever, then with a steady push Allen starts sinking the rest of his cock deep into Gilly, Her body was thrusting and grinding like she loved it, then all at once I see Allen’s cock all they way in and his huge balls swinging back and fourth. I have never seen a woman’s pussy stretch so wide, it was like fucking an Elephant. Then Mary walks over to Jan and pulls down these two smaller hoses that look like they have lips at the end with a meaty tongue flipping back and fourth. She places them on Jan’s big hard nipples, they get sucked onto her nipples. I can see the lips moving like they were alive, Jan starts moaning and squealing louder than ever, saying words that are more like noises than language. Oh gra, helfuckn shit oh my gro, no, growl. With all the moaning, the machines whirling and humming, it was like a sex concert in motion. My own orgasm was about to happen any second, but then it just kept me right at the edge, almost cumming but it would not let me. Mary pushes another button on my machine, then I feel what feels like a tongue swirling around my cock, the machine goes all the way down on my cock, like it was deep throating me, the tongue was touching the entire shaft of my cock. Sherry starts to yelp and scream and holds Don’s head back away from her huge cock and shoots a giant stream of cum right onto Don’s face and his chest, it covers his head and face like a huge can of whip cream running down his face. Gilly’s legs are so fucking wide, taking Mr Livingston’s cock in her Pussy, he lowers the same two hoses down onto Gilly’s erect thick nipples. He turns them on and she goes stiff and starts to breath heavy and rapid as he starts to slowly fuck her, he is pulling his giant cock slowly back out of her all the way to the head and slowly pushes it back in. I can see her stomach rise and lower as his cock goes in and out, like an Alien was in her. I can look around and see things but it was like I was loving all of it, everything was a huge turn on. As all of us are having the best sex of our life and wanting more I see David come out of the Shadows swinging his own bigger black cock, with the same trance look on his face as Sherry. He is walking over to Jan, with every step his cock is starting to rise and turn rock hard. Mary is walking over to Jan also, she turns off the saddle cock and raises Jan’s dripping pussy slowly up off of the rod, I see her juices flowing out of her pussy like a small waterfall, her body is covered in beads of sweat, her hair is drenched hanging down over her face. Mary motions for Allen to come there, she says something to him and then David and Mary start stroking Allen’s cock, once again the cum runs out into their hands as they start to smear it all over Jan’s pussy and entire body, they put some on David’s big cock, it’s shiny and all greased up showing every little ridge, vein and how fucking hard his big black cock was. The two hoses are still sucking on Jan’s nipples, all I can think about is, I wish I was sucking them and I bet she is loving it. After Allen cums he walks back over to Gilly whose pussy is gaped open like a clam shell slowly closing and brings her down a little on the table, he unstraps her and flips her over and straps her back down in a doggy position, the hoses on her nipples move with her like an a****l that is alive, sucking and licking. I quickly turn my attention back to Jan as I see David rubbing his big cock on her pussy and her stomach. Then they lower Jan down onto a reclined padded stool that has two leg rest shaped in a V, David places the head of his cock between Jan’s swollen pussy lips and starts shoving his cock up in her. Jan is starting to grind her hips and work that cock deep into her cunt, David grabs her hips and starts pumping away at her juicy cunt, she is loving being fuck and all of the sexual pleasure that is being given. We were no longer victims but willing servants now, wanting more and more. My own pleasure was so intense it was almost too much, I wanted to cum but it was like this machine would not take me to that point or would not let me. Think of being right at the point of cum shooting out of your cock but never happening, always feeling that sensation. It seemed like this went on for hours or Days. I look back over to Jan as I raise my head up to see David pulling his cock out and shooting a giant load of cum onto Jan’s body, it was a white wash flowing down her tits and stomach, dripping off her pussy making a puddle on the floor. After David finishes Mr Livingston lets his cock slide out of Gilly from behind, I could hear a smack on the table under her as his cock hit the padded surface. He says I am finished with her, Sherry and David take Gilly out of the room, never to be brought back. Allen says you can take that one also, as he points to Don, all of the Machines stop, they unstrap Don and take him away. Then the four of them turn their attention to Jan and Me. Allen and David walk over to Jan, David disconnects all the machines, they both start touching her Body all over running their hands over every inch of her sweat soaked tired body. Allen says just one more fuck for you my dear. His cock rises up on its own. David’s cock it sticking up toward his chest. They lower Jan onto a half table with bent legs rest at the end, David walks around behind Jan’s head and hangs holds his cock down onto her face, he is standing about a foot away as the head of his cock is on her lips, he never says anything. Jan starts licking the head, her tongue darting in and out and moving around the tip like a snake. Mr Livingston gets between Jan’s legs and says this is the one I have wanted for the last Month. I remember thinking, have we been here a month? I see him bend over and say something to Jan, then all at once he starts to change. I am looking at him watching him shed his human form, he is shiny, blue green mix purple and dark red swirls, muscles popping out everywhere, his cock is bigger now, soft spines sticking out of his head back and down his tail, on the sides of his thighs. His eyes were small oval shaped, Black as coal, his lips were plump thick wide lips, soft texture, his tongue was extra long, flipping in and out of his lips, he was beautiful and scary at the same time. He had put the head of his cock right between Jan’s pussy lips almost on command a small stream of cum runs out of his cock, he rubs it around her pussy with the head of his cock, then as if he was loving Jan he gently and slowly starts to push his cock into her swollen pussy. His cock is so much fatter and longer now, two hands were used to fit around it, he looks at me and says don’t worry, her pussy will go right back to normal to fit your little human cock. I am so excited, horny, in a trance that I just want sex, more sex and more sex. I look over at Mary and Sherry, I realize Mary has transformed also, she is breathtaking. Her hair is changed into long soft tube like strands almost dreadlocks, hanging down on the sides of her head, she has the same soft spines sticking out all over her body, her back, tail, thighs, arms and hips, her colors were moving around on her body, mixing and swirling, her eyes were dark purple, her lips dark blood red, thick soft poofy lips, her pussy was so perfect, a slow round curve that would fit perfect cupped in your hand, no hair, her pussy lips seemed to move on their own as if they wanted to suck like her other lips. They lay me down on a table like Jan’s, Sherry moves around and places her cock on my face, rubbing it all over then pushing the head down into my open mouth, she turns around and sits on my chest and starts to fuck my mouth, then I feel the most sexual warm moist feeling I have ever felt sliding down over my cock. I try to look to see but I can’t get around Sherry’s big cock in my mouth, it feels like it is sliding up and down and sucking at the same time, I can feel something like a tongue circling around my cock inside this warm moist pussy or mouth, I don’t know which, Sherry asks me, do you want to see what on your big beautiful cock? I just nod, she raises up but keeps her cock in my mouth and says don’t stop sucking, but you can look. I see Mary pumping up and down on my cock with her pussy, Oh god I yell out, this is so fucking good, I can’t stand any more, let me cum, let me cum, just then I feel something kinda small, greasy and wiggling start to flick around my ass hole, its sensation is too much, then it works its way into my ass, I can feel it moving around in my ass tickling the inside. Mary says, there are a lot more uses for a tail than just hanging around, do you like that? I am trying to speak, but just make noises, she says I will take that as yes. I can Hear Jan yelling and squealing, making all sorts of noises, then Allen says finish this. I can hear him speed his thrust, Jan is gulping and gasping, moaning and yelling all at the same time, I can feel my own orgasm cumming to a boiling point. Finally, I am shooting the biggest load of my life, Mary slides off and takes my cum in her mouth. Sherry is shooting all over my face and body, Mary is jacking my cock off and slurping all my cum up. I remember hearing all the noises shut off, go away and then silence, the room goes dark nothing around, then we are waking up walking across a knee high grass covered field. I see Jan, Sherry and David walking beside me, we are all naked, I am looking around wondering where and how we got here. Everyone is confused, little bits and pieces, flashes of something strange in my head, I walk over to Jan and hold her tight, I can feel something strange about myself as I hold Jan close. Then we both look down and see my cock is hanging down almost to my knee. I look at David, his is the same way. We are thinking what the hell has happened to us. Our thoughts are everywhere as we walk off into the sunset, will we ever remember. Its two years later and I have remembered little things and put them together, Those Damn Livingstons, but thanks for the gift.