Peach on the Beach

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Finally you’re here with me. I’d never thought you’d make it but here you are. Just for me. You don’t know how much I longed for you these last couple of days. I want you so much, my pussy just aches thinking about you and your thick long cock. But at last you came to me.

Nobody knows we’re here together on this beautiful tropical island resort. Because we live totally separate lives in the real world. We even live in different countries. But here we can be together and do what we do best: FUCK.

Yeah, we fuck morning, noon and night when we’re finally together. And today is no different. This morning I woke up to you gently kissing my neck and softly moaning in my ear while your fingers were exploring my pussy ever so gently.

I kissed your hot sensual lips and enjoyed you toying with my wet pussy lips.

Hmmmm Daddy, you know me and my pussy so well. Not that we talk much, not at all. But we connect on a whole different level. That pure primal animalistic level. That deep physical attraction is all we need to understand each other. Of course I love it when you talk dirty to me when you fuck me. Oh hell yeah, you make me come so hard when you talk dirty to me baby!

As I woke up slowly to you fingering my pussy I began to softly pant and moan. I immediately felt your muscles tighten as a reaction. This is what I want. I reach for your cock and it greets me with a firm and attentive stance. Oh God, how I love your cock. It stands straight and proud and fills and stretches me up so good. I feel my pussy contract deep inside of me and I let out a sigh.

You know what this means. This is what you want. You know what I need right now. And you always give it to me so generously. So you move your mouth to my nipples and begin to lick them one by one as your fingers begin to work my swollen clit a bit more rigorously. I gasp and arch my back at this sudden sensation that flows through my body and I whisper your name.

You look up from my mecidiyeköy escort nipples and move your face to mine. You kiss me very long and passionately and then you whisper in my ear: “I’m here baby, I’m right here.” Your lips trace down my neck, back to my breasts and you slowly begin to suck on my nipples again.

All the while you continue to let your fingers slip in and out of my creamy pussy and your thumb has been teasing my juicy clit. I writhe my hips and run my fingers through your hair while you continue your way down my glowing hot skin.

You kiss and lick my tanned body, breathing your hot breath on my stomach, moving down to my thighs, spreading my legs as you’re now facing my dripping cunt. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You give me a sly grin and smack your lips. “Look what we have here, now ain’t that a peach!” I giggle and spread my legs a little wider for you. You groan and say “Yeah that’s right baby, open wide for Daddy”, and with that being said you slip your tongue inside me.

This melts my legs away and I let out a long moan. You tongue fuck me with your soft wet mouth and I can feel my pussy contracting inside me again. It’s not going to take long for me to come today, and you know it too. You hold my pussy lips open and you begin to eat me out. Licking my pussy lips up and down, up and down, lapping up my juices and flicking my clit.

I feel my pussy beginning to come and I pull you in closer. You flatten your tongue and rhythmically start rubbing my clit. Oh fuck yeah! You start to growl as you hear my breathing become faster and deeper. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it, come for me baby.” You pick up my pace and lick me even harder as I press my sweet, soft juicy pussy in your face.

I can feel my orgasm explode and rush through me over and over again, like a wave pounding on the sand, with every lick of your tongue on my clit, your fingers fucking me deep inside my wet cunt.

I’m merter escort thinking of all this as I lay on a sun bed under the waving palm trees, the white sand and turquoise ocean in front of me. We’ve just ordered a light lunch on our private beach and you’ve gone for a swim.

I can see you in the distance, your strong masculine body gliding through the pristine water. I love how the muscles in your back and shoulders move under your smooth skin, it’s those small things that send a shiver down my spine and make me so fucking hot for you.

I sigh and run my hands over my naked body, soaking up the heat of the sun and enjoying the gorgeous view in front of me. I pull up my legs on the sun bed and I can feel the soft breeze caress my hard nipples and my wet pussy.

All that swimming has made you hungry I guess, and I can see you rise up from the water. You slowly walk toward me, like a Greek god emerging from the sea. Your chest and thighs glisten from the salt water and I can see you’re hard for me again.

“Hey baby, how was your swim, you must be famished.” I take your hand and pull you on the bed with me. You sit between my legs and laugh and kiss me. “Yes, actually, I am.” You look me up and down and lick your lips. Then you reach over to the elaborate table of food set out for us and you take a bowl of strawberries. You pick a particularly large berry and feed me a bite, teasing my lips with it, making me lick it and suck it. You bring it to your mouth, but just as you’re about to bite you stop and hesitate: “You know, these would taste much better with a little bit of cream…”.

And as you look deep into my eyes you dip that strawberry in my pussy, take it out and slowly devour it. You finish the whole bowl that way, giving me a taste now and then and never loosing eye contact.

Oh God, you make me crazy, I want you so bad right now. I lean over and kiss your big dick. I take your cock in my hand and put it pendik escort in my mouth. Hmmmm, you taste so good and I make small circles with my tongue all around the head of that mighty dick and then suck on it.

You take my head with both hands and ease that sweet cock further inside my mouth. And I take it, all the way to the base. I cup your balls and jiggle them a little bit, lick them a little bit, breathe on them a little bit. And I feel your thrusts getting more powerful, which is a clear sign to speed up my game.

Sucking that dick and teasing those balls is so fucking delicious! I take your dick out of my mouth to admire it and stroke it. As I’m sucking and kissing the head I can see drops of pre-cum oozing from that fat cock and I lick it off very slowly with my wet little mouth.

You’re rock hard by now and I can feel the vibrations from that throbbing dick with my lips and I begin to suck you very fast, up and down that shaft, jerking you off at the same time. You hold me by the hair and firmly guide me along your delicious fat fucking dick and talk dirty to me.

This makes me even more eager to please you. Your moaning turns into growling and I can feel your ass cheeks tighten and then you pull me in, jamming that cock all the way down my throat. I gag on it a little, but then you pull back so I can catch my breath and I slobber all over your dick.

You fuck my mouth like this for a while and I can feel the cum well up from your balls, shoot through your dick and explode in my mouth. I suck and take that dick up and down in my mouth, savouring every drop of that thick tasty cum. You’re still holding my head as you shoot your load and when I’m finished licking every last inch of your delicious fucking dick, you pull me up on your lap and kiss me so tenderly.

I feel like I’m floating. “That was so good baby, nobody sucks my dick like you can.” I smile and we snuggle up together on the sun bed, you laying behind me with one arm under your head and the other hand cupping my breast, gently stroking my nipple.

You lean in and with a sigh you whisper my name in my ear. I turn around, pull you onto me, wrap my legs around your waist and as I look into your eyes, I softly whisper back: “I’m here baby, I’m right here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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