Sapphic Masturbation Fantasy

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It had been an interesting day already; I had dared myself to touch the cute girl who works at the gym, just a little but in a suggestive way, after all, my Sapphic desires were getting so strong and I really wanted to try doing something about them! She was just so cute too! Young, kind of skinny but really sweet, the kind of girl that just makes the juice drip into a girls panties if you know what I mean. Anyway, she has a tattoo and I’ve been designing one of my own; we’ve been talking about it for awhile so I asked her who did her tattoo. She told me his name and I saw my window of opportunity. “Can I see it again?” I asked innocently.

“Sure,” She replied with a smile.

So she pulled down the left strap to her bra and white tank top to show me her tattoo, (it was a little angel with devil horns sitting on the top of her left breast — Oh my!) and I bravely stepped around the counter and up nice and close… you know, to get a good look… I could see the soft swell of her tit rising up proudly out of the tight confines of her bra and if I leaned in a bit I could almost see her nipple; then before I knew it, I was touching her!

I just ran the thumb of my right hand over it, real slow, stroking her soft flesh, telling her that the colors were great and he did a very good job. I moved my face a little closer to study it; (oh how I wanted to pull her tit right out and inhale that sweet nipple into my mouth and flick my tongue over it a few times!)

I could see she got goose bumps all over her skin when I touched her, so I figured she must be enjoying it too. Just then someone came in the side door and said hi. We were both sort of entranced in our little private moment so it startled us a bit. She jumped a little and I let my thumb slip down inside her bra, just grazing her left nipple! Oh my god! It was hard as a rock and she twitched a little at the sensation. (Was that a soft moan I heard?)

“Oops,” I said innocently, not moving my hand from her breast, “I didn’t mean to…”

“That’s okay,” she replied, maybe a little too quickly. Perhaps she had fantasized about this moment too! God knows I had! Many times I had thought about her and found myself slipping my hand inside my damp panties to feel the wetness she inspired in me! Usually culminating in a long hard session of self love where I dreamt about her coming over to my house and bringing a hot friend with big beautiful tits, they would run their tongues over my body and I would finally know the taste of another woman’s pussy!

The hardness of that nipple and the flush in her cheeks told me she was aroused too; I wondered if her pussy was leaking juice down her thighs and dampening her panties like mine was. It was just a split second but the sensation stayed with me. “Have a good workout,” she said to the jock that had just come in.

“Yeah,” he said with a wry smile on his face, “you two… too!”

Not so subtle I guess; the sexual energy must have been rather obvious; although lets face it, it doesn’t take much for a guy to see two girls together and make the leap to picturing them in lustful lesbian abandon! Truth be told, it didn’t take me long to make that leap these days either!

We smiled at each other and sort of giggled a bit to diffuse the tension between us. I resumed my study of her perky tit, I mean her artful tattoo, I didn’t want to take my hand off her sweet flesh just yet, I knew I was going to masturbate as soon as I got in my car and I wanted plenty of inspiration! “It’s really great,” I said. “The tattoo I mean.”

She gave me a playful suggestive pout and asked, “Just the tattoo?”

“I, uh…” was she flirting with me? Feeling bold I replied, “The tattoo, Ankara escort yeah, but lets face it Ashley, you’ve got a nice rack! Even I can admit that!”

She giggled at me again. I swear she was enjoying this; I’m sure she knew what she was doing to me. Surely she knew that my cunt was dripping and my clit was hard, poking out of its hood and already throbbing for attention.

I reluctantly removed my hand and she reluctantly pulled up her straps putting her lovely titty away, sigh… breaking the silence I said, “Well, I better get going.”

“I’ll be here on Sunday if you’re coming in,” was that an invitation? “I’m closing up early since it’s a holiday, so make sure you come early too!” Oh yeah, that was definitely an invitation!

“Uh, sure,” I stammered, “I’ll be coming!” (Yeah as soon as I get in the car and rub my clitty a little!)

“Good! I’ll see you then,” she said. “Maybe I’ll stay after I close up and we can do some cardio together?”

(Oh yeah, hell yeah!) “Sounds good, see you then!” My legs were weak I was so horny!

I left the gym and walked to my car, which I always parked at the far end of the lot so I could finger myself right away; I never could wait until I got home after seeing Ashley. God she made me wet! I passed a couple of big breasted bimbos in skimpy clothing on their way into the gym. Damn! It just wasn’t fair…I had to rub my clit over top of my yoga pants a couple of times, so much hot pussy, so little time! I knew I had to taste some real pussy soon; all this fantasizing was getting to me! I guess that’s why I had to make my move today; I just don’t want to wait any longer. I love looking at a nice tight pussy! Oh my how it makes my mouth water!

I opened my car door, tossed my gym bag on the passenger seat, shut and locked my door then went straight to my aching puss! What a relief! I was so wet that there was even a noticeable wet spot on the outside of my yoga pants. (Had Ashley noticed? Part of me hoped so!) I had never gone that far before with a girl and it was driving me crazy! Sure, I had been groped by a woman before but I’d never done the groping! There was this waitress at a bar I frequent who just loves my ass; she grabs it and fondles it every time she sees me. No shyness what-so-ever! She often says that she’s straight until she looks at me! Oh yeah, lots of masturbation sessions thinking about her too!

My fiancé has always encouraged my fantasies about women, often playing with my pussy and telling me dirty pussy licking stories; so he has consequently been making me more comfortable with my pussy-licking desires. But I’ll get to more of that another time. Right now I am in my car with the middle finger of my right hand diddling my clit furiously. I usually like to take my time and really prolong my orgasm, but right now I want to cum so badly I can hardly stand it!

I close my eyes and start the fantasy… The doorbell rings… I answer it, “Oh hi Ashley, c’mon in.”

She has an uber hot blonde girlfriend with her. They are both dressed provocatively and I let them in. They giggle and give each other a knowing look. “What’s going on?” I ask.

“Nothing,” they giggle in unison.

They push past me in the hallway, one on either side and they both rub their breasts against me as they pass. I notice neither is wearing a bra and their nipples are sticking straight out now, straining against the sheer fabric of their matching tops. “Oh shit,” I mutter to myself.

Once in front of me they hold hands and giggle some more; I think they are going towards the living room but they pass my bedroom on the way and Ashley’s friend pulls her in there and pushes her playfully onto my bed. “Hey you Ankara escort bayan two,” I say. “I thought you were here to check out my new big screen TV?”

“We’ll get to that,” they giggle in response. “Later.”

The next thing I know, Ashley says to her friend, “Go get her Sarah.”

Then Sarah has me by the arm and she pushes me onto the bed beside Ashley announcing, “That’s better!”

“Huh?” I manage to say, too much in shock to intellectualize what is happening.

“Well, I just mean now I can lick both your pussies at the same time!” Sarah exclaims this as if I knew it was always part of the plan!

In my fantasy I am speechless as Sarah unzips my jeans and slowly pulls them over my ass and down my thighs. She proceeds to do the same with my tiny thong panties, tugging them, easing them down agonizingly slowly! The material hesitates at my pussy lips from the sticky wet cum that has made them almost a part of me.

This feeling is such a teasing turn on for me, I can feel a drip of sweet girl cum run down the inside walls of my aching pussy and trickle out, tickling my swollen red pussy lips. A twitch in my cunt makes me shudder. My whole body is tingling with anticipation… finally I am going to have my pussy sucked by a sweet girl! Wow, I can’t believe it!

Ashley is giggling beside me as she pulls her own panties down, then leans over and whispers in my ear, “It’s my turn next!” I shudder again; there is nothing I want more!

With my panties finally off, Ashley runs her hand softly over my thigh, gently pulling it to the side so that her sweet friend can slide her tongue up my dripping slit. “Unngh!” I moan loudly.

“Yeah baby, that’s it, show me that you like it,” Sarah says in a raunchy sexy tone.

She takes another swipe with her hot tongue all the way from my ass to my clit but without touching my clit. She plans on driving me crazy with teasing, I can tell that already; and if there is one thing that makes my pussy crazy it is being teased. I absolutely love it!

With my eyes closed and my hand inside my panties I am tracing the path that I imagine her tongue is taking around my pussy. I can almost feel her inhale my pussy lips into her warm mouth and tug on them a little, just pushing the tip of her tongue in between the folds separating the lips for easier access to my juicy cunt. Her mouth closes tightly over my dripping hole and she sucks…slurping at my slit, drinking in my sweet tasting cum.

“Mmmmmm,” she moans without taking her mouth off me, the vibration adds a new level to my torment, making my clit throb and making me want to shove my cunt deeper into her mouth and rub myself all over her pretty face! Oh how I want to see her makeup smudged and her skin glisten with the slippery covering of my cum on her cheeks and lips!

She moans again, I twitch and she moves her face down a little… her tongue lightly grazes my puckered little bum hole. Holy shit! I wonder if it was intentional or not… but before I can formulate an answer in my mind, she is rimming my ass out with her wet hot tongue. Licking at it like a hungry kitten drinking milk from a saucer!

I have never felt anything so amazing and I think I might cum from this alone, but before I know it, Ashley who up until now has just been fingering herself beside me decides to join in the fun. She leans down bringing her pretty face close to her friend’s and close to my pussy.

Sarah lifts her face up to meet Ashley’s and their tongues dart out, meeting in the middle, sharing my taste! I can’t take my eyes off it; they look so hot, their tongues flicking wildly against each other, I don’t even mind that they are no longer lapping Escort Ankara at my cunt, the sight of these two gorgeous girls licking each other’s tongues is making my cunt throb even harder then it already was.

My puss isn’t lonely for long though because soon they are both shoving their tongues into very intimate places on my quivering body. Sarah resumes her hungry licking of my asshole while Ashley slowly traces her tongue around my clit, touching and teasing me everywhere except right on my hard little nub. I feel Sarah pull me closer to the edge of the bed so she can get at my juicy asshole better.

Then she grabs my ass cheeks and pulls them apart, slightly roughly but it turns me on; because she is so hungry to eat my ass that she doesn’t have the patience to do it slowly! Then she tickles my wrinkly little rosebud with just the tip of her tongue before she pokes at the opening to my ass with it. Oh my god! She is trying to stick her tongue right up inside my eager ass.

Ashley stops teasing me, almost as if on cue from Sarah and she sucks my hard twitching clitty into her sweet little mouth, giving me a shock. My hips buck up to meet her mouth and just then Sarah’s tongue finds its way inside my ass. Someone’s fingers are in my pussy now fucking in and out in time with the sucking of my clit and the tongue fucking of my asshole.

Oh shit! I’m going to cum! I buck my hips up and down, up and down… Sarah’s tongue goes in and out of my bum hole… Ashley has her mouth sealed tightly around my clitty as she dances her tongue around it inside her mouth… I look at these two beautiful horny girls down between my legs fucking me with their mouths… Sarah says, “Say you like it! Tell me how much you like having a girl suck your ass out!”

I can only moan as my orgasm grows nearer. “Say it!”

“Okay, okay,” I manage. “I like it.”


“I like having my ass eaten by a pretty girl! Fuck, I love it! I love it! Eat my ass! Oh yeah, shit, suck my cunt you little sluts!”

Sarah resumes sliding her tongue in and out of my juicy asshole. “Yeah, I knew you’d like it slut! I could tell just by looking at you that you had a juicy ass that just needed to be sucked!”

Oh fuck yeah, in my car I have both hands at work now; one is inside my cunt making slurping noises in the copious wetness there, I rub my clit furiously with my thumb and my other hand has a finger sliding in and out of my slick ass. Oh shit, I am pumping both hands hard now, so close to cumming real hard. Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah… oh oh oh OHHHHHH SHIT! Ungh, ungh, fuck I’m cumming… oh… shit… yes, fuck yes… my body surges forward, I thrust my hips up to meet my hands and the orgasm hits me hard.

My body jerks several times as I cum harder than I ever have before, liquid squirts out around my fingers, I spasm as if I’m having a seizure. Slowly I stop pumping my fingers and rubbing my clit, my body still twitching from the huge cum. I sigh to myself, shudder again as I remove my fingers from my pussy and asshole with a squishy plopping sound. Oh shit.

“Mmmm, that was nice,” I say, smiling, as I notice a long string of sticky cum extend from my open slit to my fingers; I can’t help but put my fingers in my mouth and lick that cum right off!

Then I come to my senses, remembering where I am… in the parking lot of the gym. I shake it off a bit, notice that my yoga pants are down around my ankles and there is a puddle on my seat. My, oh my. I look around the parking lot hoping no one saw my performance.

I notice Ashley’s car, “Has it moved?” I wonder. I thought it was somewhere else when I pulled in today…As I sit up in my seat, I notice that there is someone in the back seat of her car which is facing the driver’s side of my car at a right angle. I can’t see much but it looks like Ashley with her head leaning back and her eyes closed…is that a smile on her face?


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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