Six Floors Down Ch. 01

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This story picks up at the end of “Six Floors Down”.

I lied in bed thinking about my morning with my bikini girl. I knew it was real, but it just seemed too much like a fleeting memory. Almost like a ghost had swept in and, well, taken mind-blowingly good care of my penis.

But, there was the promise of another round to sustain me. If she was serious about continuing tomorrow morning, I had only mere hours to wait. I tossed and turned most of the night, able to think of nothing else but my bikini girl. Her perfect breasts. Her radiant skin. Her graceful hands and feet. Her tanned midriff. And her eyes. I felt like after looking into her bright blue eyes, I would never be able to look into another woman’s eyes again without feeling disappointed.

Seven a.m. finally rolled around, and I pulled the phone from my night table and called my boss, leaving a message on his voice mail that I had been up all night with a bug and wouldn’t be in today. It wasn’t a total lie. I was up all night. And, if you consider lust for a woman more than ten years my junior a bug, I was telling the complete truth.

I jumped in the shower, got dressed, and sprinted to the kitchen window. My heart sank when I saw the steady drizzle streaking the window panes and bouncing off the small puddles that had formed on the lounge in bikini girl’s backyard. I hadn’t accounted for rain. What does this mean? If she can’t lie out in her micro-bikini teasing me, maybe there is nothing in it for her, sexually, and she wouldn’t be coming over. It was a real possibility, since she obviously got aroused by showing off. What if it was true? What if I didn’t see her again for days? Or, worse, what if with the passing days the momentum slipped away, and she moved on, and I would never, ever be in the same room with her again? That thought depressed me.

Distraught, I moved to the living room couch (yes, the very couch where my bikini girl had put on her show for me), and sulked. The lack of sleep and disappointment must have taken their toll, and I dozed off.

About 9:30 a.m., I was awoken by a soft knocking on the front door. The knocking was so subtle it took a few moments to register, invading my sleep almost as part of a dream, and then slowly awakening me into the realization that the knocking was real. I jumped up and sprinted to the door. When I opened it, there was my bikini girl standing before me, wet from the rain and wearing a rain slicker. The way the rain had wet her hair and caused drops of water to run down her face made her look, if possible, even more beautiful than she had yesterday. She looked angelic.

She was also somewhat unaware of the power she had over me. She smiled and gave a very casual, perky “Hi!,” and stepped into the apartment like she had been over a thousand times. She took two steps in, kicked off her flip-flops, dropped a small backpack on the floor, and took off her rain coat, hanging it on a hook on the door so that it wouldn’t get the whole apartment wet. Beautiful and thoughtful.

She was dressed very differently than yesterday, but not one iota less sexy, in a simple yellow sleeveless sundress that ended well above her knees. I wanted so badly to reach under her dress, feel her skin, and see if she had anything on under the dress. I didn’t see any panty lines, and her breasts looked full and heavy in the dress, so I was guessing that the sundress was the only thing that stood between me and her complete nakedness.

As I stared, a huge smile came across bikini girl’s face, and I again became aware that I was staring at her.

“What?” I asked.

“The way you stare at me, I was trying to decide if it was cute or creepy. I’ve decided to go with cute.”

“Good choice.”

And with that, she launched herself forward and started kissing me deeply and passionately. Her tongue searched the inside of my mouth, and I happily swished my tongue against hers. She tasted fantastic, like a combination of mint and citrus. Her hands roamed through my hair and over my back, and her touch was so alluringly feminine. I moved my hands, first over her back, then down to that perfect butt of hers. I was right. No bra. No panties, unless it was the tiniest of g-strings.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she subtly started moving her foot under the cuff of my jeans, rubbing it up and down on my bare ankle and calf. My knees were getting weak, but my passion was stoked, and my hands started moving faster over her, until I reached under the back of her dress and cupped her bare cheeks in my hands. No sign of a g-string. Just her soft, tight, perfect flesh. My hands moved around her ass as we continued our passionate kissing, and she continued working my leg with her foot and my hair with her hand.

We finally broke off the kiss. Bikini girl had the sweetest smile on her face. It turned me on so. I wanted to rip her dress off and touch her all over. But first, a thought crossed my mind, and I kind of blurted out:

“I don’t even know your name.”



“Nice poker oyna to meet you.”

“You have no idea.”

And with that, I launched myself back at my bikini … I mean, Megan. I started kissing her while at the same time reaching under her dress again and firmly grabbing her ass. She sensed where I was going and jumped forward, wrapping her legs around my waist. Of course, by now, my dick had lengthened and hardened to its full six inches and though concealed in my pants was running along Megan’s ass, causing Megan to let out a long, content groan while we kissed.

Without our lips or tongues losing contact, I carried Megan to the couch and dropped her on it. In my passion, I may not have been as careful as I should have been, and she landed with a bit of a thud. But, she just laughed, like someone who had just been on a roller coaster, and looked up at me with a smile filled with joy and lust that made me insane.

I fell to my knees and moved my hands up her thighs, moving the dress up so I could get a look at that incredible pussy of hers. And there it was, the little tuft of blonde hair above her clit, beckoning me to the toned, sexy midriff above, and her ripe, wet slit below. I wanted, really needed, to see more, so after rubbing the tops of her thighs a bit with my palms, I reached behind her and unzipped the sundress, letting it fall forward a bit, revealing the sides of her full melons.

She eagerly shrugged the sundress off, letting it fall forward, exposing her breasts to me. Her nipples were already hard, and I wanted so badly to launch into them with my tongue, licking and sucking them until we were both sore. But, I had vowed that if I got another chance, I would take things slowly. So, I started sliding her dress off, and Megan helped by lifting up her butt. I pulled the dress down over her legs and feet, until she was completely naked in front of me.

I took a moment to savor her beauty and sexiness, and I couldn’t help but smile widely.

I was about to move forward to kiss, lick and suck every inch of her body, especially the areas I had dreamed about yesterday, when she put one hand on my shoulders, placed one finger under my chin and lifted my face to hers.

“Did you like the show yesterday?”

“I think I showed you how much.”

“You certainly did.”

Megan leaned forward and pecked me on the lips. I wanted so much more, and she knew it, but she moved back to continue her line of questioning.

“Don’t you think I should get a turn?”

“Oh. Sure. But I promise you, the sight of me jerking off is not nearly as sexy as the sight of you using a vibrator on yourself.”

“I don’t think so. Especially if you use what’s in my backpack.”

Her eyes moved to the backpack on the floor by the door. I moved over to the backpack and brought it back to her. One thing I learned a long time ago is that you should never, ever reach into a woman’s bag. No good can come from knowing what’s in there.

Megan reached into the backpack and pulled out a latex replica of a woman’s crotch, complete with a small tuft of blonde pubic hair. From the signature on the back, it apparently was a representation of Savannah Samson. I have watched a little porn in my time, but not enough to know most of the stars. But, I had seen Savannah Samson on Howard Stern’s show, and if there was a woman out there who could rival Megan for sex appeal, I think Savannah is as close as anyone will ever get.

But, to be honest, why would I want to fuck latex when there was a beautiful, sexy and naked girl across from me?

“I think it is a huge turn-on to watch a guy pleasure himself, especially if he uses a toy.”

Oh, that’s why. After all the enjoyment Megan had given me, who was I to turn her down?

I pulled a chair across from the couch like I had yesterday, and I placed Savannah’s crotch on it. I then started to pull my t-shirt over my head, but before I could get it all the way over, Megan was on her knees unbuttoning my fly and unzipping my jeans. By the time my shirt was off, my jeans were crumpled at my ankles. Megan lifted one foot and pulled off the jeans and my sock, and then did the same with the other foot. She then ran her hands up my legs until she reached my boxer briefs.

She ran her hands up under the leg holes of the boxer briefs so that her palms ran over the front of my thighs until her delicate finger tips moved along the side of cock and landed in my pubic hair. She had managed to caress the whole area without touching my dick or balls. I was so aroused.

Megan then moved her hands back down. She tucked her fingers under the waistband on my hips and moved the boxer briefs down until my erect cock popped out and bounced right at her face level. She paused for a split second to tease me before moving her face and hands down until the boxer briefs were on the floor around my ankles. I stepped out of them, and, with a huge smile on her face, Megan leaned back on the couch, canlı poker oyna spread her legs, and watched me.

Her hand moved slowly around her stomach to just below her full breasts just above her little tuft of pubic hair.

Looking at her gaping pussy, not to mention the rest of this perfect creature, and seeing her delicately teasing her belly skin, I was erect as I would ever be.

Megan suddenly reached into the backpack and pulled out a bottle of Astroglide. She tossed it to me.

“This will help.”

I put some of the lubricant in my hand and then ran it up and down the length of my shaft. I then took Savannah’s pussy and positioned it over my cock. As I moved the latex toy down my shaft, I was surprised at how good it felt on me. I started working it up and down, keeping a steady but slow pace. I hadn’t decided yet if I was going to cum from this, and I wanted to give myself the chance to have something left to give to Megan.

As I continued fucking my cock with Savannah’s pussy, Megan moved from the couch and sat on the floor so that her face was inches from my cock and the latex toy. She stared as my cock disappeared into the fake pussy, and her face showed a combination of fascination and lust. It was clear she really got off on watching this.


I wanted to please her, so I started moving Savannah faster on my cock.


Done. Savannah was now slamming down on me with a speed and force that could not be done by an actual woman, at least not without causing me serious internal injuries.

Megan was concentrating so hard on the action, and she was getting even more aroused. She had one hand running through my hair, while the other rubbed and pulled on her nipples.

I so wanted to help her, but I knew my job at the moment was to put on this show for her. I continued the assault on my cock with Savannah’s pussy. Megan started rooting me on.

“Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. Do it. Do it.”

Megan had also started furiously rubbing her clit, rubbing her finger in circles right on the button. For such a sweet, delicate, feminine girl, she was very rough with her nipples and clit. That combination was a huge turn-on for me.

I could feel myself getting close, and I had figured out by now that she wanted me to cum using Savannah’s pussy. But did she want to see it? I figured she’d let me know.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Good. Do it. And right before, move Savannah and let me see it.”

She rubbed her clit harder and faster, and now she was emitting those sexy, breathy “ahs” that I remembered from yesterday indicated impending orgasm. After a little bit more time, she grabbed my shoulder with one hand to steady herself, and her “ahs” got louder and faster. I new it was time. Her face screwed into concentration and her body started convulsing in orgasm. I could see her muscles clenching and releasing. The “ahs” finally died down, and she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

The sexy sight of her cumming, along with feeling it through her hand on my shoulder, pretty much put me over the edge. After she opened her eyes, I stroked my cock three or four more times with Savannah’s pussy, and then lifted it up just in time for my cock to send a stream of semen straight up in the air. Three more followed, each decreasing in height, until my stomach and thighs were covered in droplets of my cum. Megan smiled at me and started gently rubbing the cum into my skin.

“That was so freaking hot.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I had quite a sight to inspire me.”

“Come on.”

Megan took my hand and we made our way to the shower. I ran the water, made sure it was hot, and we stepped inside. She carefully cleaned all the cum off my body, and I ran my soap covered hands all over her. We stepped out, clean and fresh, and I started toweling her off. Her hair, freshly wet again, gave her that angelic look once more. I just stared at her face with those amazing eyes of hers, as well as her body. I thought to myself that she was as perfect a woman I had ever seen, seemingly inside and out.


Oh, I was staring again. This could start getting embarrassing.

“I’m still sticking with cute over creepy, but what gives with the staring? Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before?”

“Not one as incredibly beautiful as you.”

Megan’s expression changed. Did I freak her out? Apparently not. She launched into a deep kiss, with me meeting her tongue movement for tongue movement. Our hands roamed over each other’s naked body. I decided it was my turn to do what I had been wanting to do since she came through the door yesterday.

I picked her up again with her legs wrapped around me, and I carried her to my bedroom. I could feel her pussy lips on my pubic hair and I loved it. I gently set her on the edge of my bed.

“Much better.”

“I’m a quick learner.”

“I can tell.”

I took a second to look at this naked, sexy woman on the edge of my bed, leaning back on internet casino her elbows, her breasts rising and falling gently with her breathing, those arresting blue eyes looking up at me, her electric smile, legs dangling over the edge, her perfect feet just making it to the carpet. I then moved forward and continued kissing her. We traded saliva for a while, but I was intent on my goals. I started kissing down her body, but I knew I was going to avoid her nipples and pussy. It was my turn to do some teasing.

I started nibbling on her neck, inhaling her clean scent. I ran my tongue around her soft skin and took her earlobe in my mouth. After kissing and nibbling on it a bit, I exhaled hot air onto it. Megan moaned in pleasure.

I kissed down the center of her chest, between her beautiful breasts, but I didn’t touch them at all. I ran my tongue over her navel until I reached her little tuft of blonde pubic hair. I ran my nose over the tuft of hair, and she prepared for me to begin stimulating her where it counted most. She was in for a surprise.

I lifted up my head slightly so that I was an inch or two from her beautiful, wet, engorged, pussy, but I didn’t make any contact at all. I’m sure she could feel my breath on her, and I think it drove her a little crazy. I could smell her, and it was making me lustful beyond belief.

She let out a low, plaintive groan, like she had figured out what I was doing and realized it would be a little while before she got some relief. But, she didn’t move or complain. I loved that she had faith that what I had in store for her was worth it.

My lips landed on her beautiful thigh, and my hands took hold of the backs of her knees. I love the soft skin there, and I have found that women love being touched there. I massaged the backs of her knees as I kissed down her legs and over her defined calves. When I got to her ankle, I extended my tongue, licking my way around. She squealed a little.

“That tickles!”

“Does that mean you want me to stop?”

“No way.”

“Didn’t think so.”

Megan flashed that sexy-sweet smile of hers, and I continued working on her ankles, eliciting giggles of pleasure from her. Then, when I think she thought I was going to work my way back up, I lifted my head up and moved my hands down to her foot.

As I said, she had the most perfect feet I had ever seen in my life. There wasn’t a hint of callus anywhere on her toes or heels. Her toes were perfectly in proportion, and her feet weren’t too big or too small. They were tanned, and the skin was soft. And, the purple polish on her toes was a sexy, sweet and slightly mischievous bit of icing on the cake.

I started running my hands on the souls of her left foot. She closed her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure.

“That feels so good.”

Little did she know, I was just starting. I started rubbing a little harder, kneading the muscles in the bottom of her foot. I then slowly bent back her big toe, stretching it while continuing to rub the bottom of her foot. She let out a bigger moan and looked down at me with a look of lust.

I then moved each toe back the same way, on both feet, while continuing to rub the bottom of her feet. Her moans intensified. Anyone in the next room would have thought the woman making these sounds was having her clit sucked, not getting a foot rub.

“This is such a turn-on. Nobody has ever rubbed my feet like this before.”

I just smiled. I’m sure she thought I was done with her feet and was going to work my way back up, but I had one more surprise in store for her.

I took the tip of her big toe in my mouth and exhaled hot breath over it. She let out the loudest moan yet.

“Oh, fuck, that is so good. I’ve never had my toes sucked before. I ‘m so wet right now, you have no idea.”

I swirled my tongue over her toe pad and breathed hot air again. She moaned intensely again.

I gave each of her toes the same treatment, her loud and guttural moaning continuing to intensify.

When I finished her last toe, she grabbed me by the hair. She got a huge smile on her face and said with a passionate, husky voice:

“If you don’t get to my pussy in the next ten seconds, I’m getting my vibrator and doing it myself.”

I knew I had teased her enough. She was flush and it seemed like her whole body was on pins and needles. I kissed, licked and sucked my back up her left ankle, left calf, and left inner thigh, until I got a whiff of her. I knew she was turned on. Megan had a fairly light smell to her pussy, but it was distinctive. I don’t know if it was some kind of product she used, or she was naturally endowed, but no woman I had ever been with had smelled that good. But when I got close to her crotch, the alluring smell was the strongest it had ever been.

When I finally reached her pussy lips, they were engorged and protruding, and she was as wet as she said. It looked like we were still in the shower.

I ran my tongue strongly up her slit. She let out a moan of relief and arousal.

“Yeah, that’s it. Keep going.”

I licked up and down several times, using a lot of pressure, and then I plunged my tongue inside of her hard. She let out an “unh” sound, followed by a moan.

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