St. Armands Circle

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I picked you up at the door, waiting patiently as you finished dressing and preparing for our evening together. You were very nicely dressed, a pink skirt with a light pink blouse, tastefully hugging your wonderful body but not garishly and rudely showing it off. Your heels were quite erotic, I do love those 1940s mock heels, especially when they’re 4 to 6 inches high, plus they were pink and white to match your outfit.

We drove through Sarasota to one of my favorite places, St. Armand’s Circle. As I paid attention to the traffic and driving, it was difficult to forget you, sitting beside me, talking about the weather, how you loved the beach, the sparkling water, all in that honey-dripped accent that I found so exciting. We drove through the city and you remarked on many things you saw, gently touching my leg or my arm. Each touch sending a spark through my body that I felt down to my toes. As we got closer to our destination, your touches were more frequent, as you saw the effect you were having on me. You leaned forward just so and I turned to get a glance at your fantastic breasts, revealed between the buttons of your blouse.

We drove across the Ringling Causeway to our ultimate destination. As we arrived at St. Armand’s Circle, I parked the car and opened your door. Looking down at you, I was treated to your lovely eyes looking back at me with nothing short of smoldering desire, as well as a lovely look at your very sexy breasts once again. I laughed and told you that you were teasing me. You smiled and as you stood, you brushed your breasts against my chest, touched my face, and said, yes, you were.

We started walking around the Circle, slowly drifting with and against the foot traffic. Looking at purses, you decided to do some more direct shopping, so I accompanied you into the shoe store. You browsed the shelves, pursing your lips and looking at shoes that were definitely not your style. The boxy, plain low heels were laughable, and as you leaned in to whisper in my ear about them, your breasts rubbed against my arm and your breath caressed my ear. Your simple presence was sensual in itself. The active teasing you were doing was driving me crazy. My pants were a soft gabardine fabric, designed to be cool and relaxing, not contain a throbbing cock. I tried my best to think of other things, but as soon as I did, you touched my arm or lingered just a bit long while kissing my jaw line.

Hundreds of stores awaited our perusal around the circular block. We looked in toy stores, checked out the cute baby clothes, and stopped at the Tommy Bahama store for a moment. As I tried on a new shirt, you touched my chest and back; the tactile feel of your hands and the silk fabric of the shirt were amazing. I tried to pull you into the changing room, but you smiled and shook your head slightly.

I placed your arm in the crook of mine and we continued our very leisurely stroll. Walking around the circle, I became adept at hiding the growing in my pants as you continued to tease and tease me with nearly every step. We stopped, at your insistence, at Ben and Jerry’s, and if not for the people walking by, I would have sat and drooled over the way you ate your single scoop of ice cream. Your tongue and that spoon were almost pornographic and by the time you were done, several men (myself included) would have killed for the chance to take you right etiler escort there on the bench! The women that passed us were not as pleased, but they were quite envious as they watched us together. The sensual play between us was almost palpable as we continued to walk around the circle.

The stroll occupied at least three hours, but the time passed without notice to us both. We were completely absorbed in every touch, every nuance, and every breath we shared. The simple touch, the eye contact, brushing against each other, all a dance that we shared. We kissed, our lips only briefly touching, and the spark between our lips shot through our bodies like lightning. My cock jumped in my boxers and I noticed rather quickly that your lovely nipples were very hard and pressing against the bra and blouse that were restraining them.

I took your exquisite hand and we walked to our first destination. Dinner was a typical Spanish affair, starting just after 9:00. The Columbia Restaurant, one of the first to locate on the Circle, was one of my favorites and I hoped to introduce you to some of the finest cuisine in the state. Our table was discreetly located, only a couple was nearby, and we sat across from each other, laughing and enjoying each other’s company to the hilt.

I took the liberty of ordering for us both. For you, the Shrimp Criollo, and I decided on the Palomilla steak. I also asked for a nice bottle of water, a couple of mojitos for us to drink with our 1905 salad, and a pitcher of Sangria to go with dinner. Our sumptuous feast started with the Cuban bread and butter, which you attacked with relish. Mojitos followed, along with the fabulous salad, mixed at our table by Manuel, our waiter. Drinks, salad, and now the main course, all were interspersed by your wondrous teasing. The touch of your hand to my arm, my cheek, the lilt of your laughter as you smiled was like music to my ears. Your smile caused me to smile even more. Watching you enjoy the food and the atmosphere was wonderful. Feeling your knee touch mine was unbelievable. As the waiter took our salad plates and brought our meals, I felt your foot slide up and end pressed gently against my crotch. Your toes started to knead my balls and your foot slid up the length of my cock as it started to grow. While we ate, you smiled a wicked smile and stroked my hard cock with your foot. I tried to enjoy the sensations, but the strolling guitar player’s stand just behind you and play for us.

I could tell that stroking my cock with your feet, both of them unshod and in my lap was having an effect on you as well. Your flush wasn’t all due to the wine in the sangria and your nipples were showing through the bra and your blouse. I could only think of the slight bit of dampness that was starting to slowly spread between your legs. I started to move my hips against your feet, feeling the slight pull of your stockings against the fabric of my pants.

We finished our meals and I ordered a couple of café con leche for us. We sipped the strong coffee and I looked forward to the rest of our time together. The check paid and our after dinner stroll before us, your teasing continues unabated. Brushing against my arm with your breasts, touching my face with your hand, all the ways that you make me feel your passion coming forth. We walked by the halkalı escort car and I picked up a small bag. Walking to the beach at the end of Lido Key in the darkness, our way lit by streetlights, we could hear the waves crash against the shore before we got there. Making our way onto the sand, your shoes and mine in my hands, we find a spot at the high tide mark and I spread the blanket out. You recline and I can barely see your silhouette as your arms spread wide and you whisper your invitation to come to you.

Our lips meet and the fire that has been stoked for nearly 5 hours blazes forth. I lay between your legs and you feel the hardness of my cock pressed against your pubis as I start to rub my hips against you. Your mouth opens to me and our tongues dance together as your breath deepens with the passion you feel. My fingers fumble with the buttons of your blouse, but you gently take my hands from your breasts. Moving to lay me back on the blanket, you smile sweetly. Your words are drumming against my eardrums as the blood rushes through my veins, you tell me that you’re going to reward me for my patience with your teasing.

Your fingers pull at my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling my boxers down. Freeing my cock, you smile as it stands at attention for you. You gently kiss the head of my cock and touch my balls. Your mouth slides over the swollen head of my cock and you take me into your mouth. Your head moves slowly up and down as you lick and suck me with wild abandon. Stroking me and sucking me, you play with my balls and start to moan, very low in your throat. You shift your ass slightly to me and I start to explore with my fingers. Gently, I push the damp fabric of your panties to the side and start stroking your clit with my fingers. Your head moves up and down on me, swallowing me as my hips move with your head. You taste my pre-cum as droplets of my juices flow from the swollen head of my cock.

I push your head up as I am carried away with the passion of the moment. The crash of the waves on the beach, the smell of the gulf as it rises and falls just feet away from us. The power of the tides drives me as I push up your skirt and tear your panties from your waist. Your pussy waits for my mouth as I slide a finger inside you and start playing with your g-spot. My lips and tongue attack your clit and you start to cum almost immediately, your moans and groans louder in the night air. I taste your juices as you explode on my face and your soaked pussy throbs as I raise up my face to see your hands pulling at your breasts through your blouse and bra.

I kneel between your legs and reach down to pull off your blouse. Raising your arms, you allow me to take off your top. I simply use my hands to scoop your fantastic breasts from the bra you have on and my mouth finds your nipples quickly as the air dances across them. Your hands guide my mouth as I lick and suck your tits and move my throbbing cock to your soaked pussy. I push inside you and feel the slight resistance as you spread your legs for me. With my mouth on your nipple, I start to fuck you deeply. Sliding my cock in and out of your wet pussy, I move faster as your voice drives me. “Fuck me harder, Bryan. Take that pussy make it yours, baby. Fuck me so hard”. I lift your legs up and start slapping against you. innovia escort The sound of my balls on your ass beats a syncopated rhythm with the sound of your breasts bouncing against my mouth.

Your moans are louder as you start to explode. I feel your thighs tremble as I fuck you harder and harder. Your legs wrap around me and your hips slam against me as you explode all over me. Your juicy pussy drenches my cock as you grind against me, feeling the orgasm wash over you. Your breasts heave with your breathing and your body tenses and loosens again and again. I wrapped my arms around you, putting my mouth on your nipple, and rolled us over so that you are riding on top of me. Your feet find the sand and gain a sure foothold as you raise your dripping pussy over my hard cock. Sliding downward, you settle me deep inside your still pulsing pussy. The passion reflected in your eyes is incredible as you grind your clit against the base of my cock. My hands pull at your hard nipples as you move your hips in circles and back and forth. Your hips rose and fell as you started to orgasm again. The juices squirted from your soaked pussy as you came again and again on my cock. I could hear the slurp of your orgasm as I felt the heat spread across the base of my cock and my balls. Feeling the wetness spread over my balls was incredible and I started pulling your hard nipples. You rode me harder and faster as the waves crashed on the shore.

Moaning and crying out my name as you soaked me again, you continued to fuck me harder and harder. Watching your pussy lips part for my cock and swallow it completely was so completely sensual, I almost exploded deep inside you. Sensing that I was very close to exploding myself, I moved you off me and knelt beside you, stroking my cock over your heaving breasts. You reached up and took my cock in your hands and stroked me, knowing I was going to explode all over your breasts. I reached down and held the back of your head as you opened your mouth. The moment was so incredibly erotic, my hips started bucking and I exploded. My orgasm spewed forth in your mouth, across your chin, and on your breasts. You took me in your mouth to drain me completely as my orgasm finally subsided.

I took your face in my hands and kissed you deeply. Tasting your cum in my mouth and mine in yours, the mingling of our juices as our tongues caressed each other. Taking a towel from the small bag, I caressed your breasts while I dried the cum from each, kissing the still hard nipples as I slid each massive breast back into the cups of your bra. While you pulled on your blouse, I stood and tucked my cock into my boxers and buckled my belt. Pulling up my zipper, I caught your eye and nodded my head over to the left where there was a couple standing in the edge of the light of a streetlamp, obviously watching us. I helped you up and folded the blanket. We walked to the sidewalk, where I appreciatively watched you slide those incredible shoes on your very sexy feet. I trailed behind you for a moment so I could see how incredible they made your ass look as you sashayed away from me.

I caught back up to you as we entered the cone of a streetlight. I slid my arm around your waist and you mine as we walked back to the car. Opening the door for you I couldn’t help but notice that you had not buttoned your blouse up all the way and the cleavage you were flashing me was incredible! I drove quickly back to my place as I felt the familiar stirrings in my cock that you always cause. I checked the clock as we got out of the car and hoped that I could get up in the morning, after all, it was going on 2 am and I intended to fuck you seriously in the pool and the Jacuzzi before we even got to the bed!

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