Steamy Shower

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“Why do I continue to taunt myself by going to his dorm room?” I questioned. I continued on my path to Stone Hall. I was determined to make Alex notice how badly my body craved his touch.

Knock knock. Even though it felt like an eternity, it took Alex only 45 seconds to open the door. Alex stood naked except for the stark white towel that barely covered the span of his muscular hips. He was unbelievable. Tall, dark, and very naked instantly popped into my mind.

“Oh I did-didn’t realize I came at a bad time,” I stuttered as a rash of heat began to creep up my neck and materialize into my rounded cheeks.

“I was headed to the shower,” Alex responded bringing me out of my shocked stupor. “Care to join me” he quizzically stated.

“Heaven’s no!” “We’ll get caught by the RA” I responded blushing even more at the mere thought of seeing Alex’s erect cock.

In response, Alex grabbed silivri escort my delicate little hand; slipping it between the opening of his towel upon his flaccid member. Transfixed, all I could do was slowly begin to awaken the resting appendage by manipulating my fingers up and down, over and under. Alex grinned mischievously as he pressed his growing dick further into my hand.

Alex bent to place a soft kiss upon my ruby red lips. As his tongue became more insistent at urging my lips to open to explore my moist inner cavern, his hands slinked around my hips, over and under my buttocks. His hands pulled me up onto his erect shaft. In fact, Alex’s raging hard on could support my entire body solely by itself without the aid of his hands.

I vaguely remember being carried into the men’s shower. All I could feel were Alex’s merter escort hands grazing my breasts, drawing the nipples into hard puckered buds, and that damnable stiff piece of flesh roughly scraping my pussy.

Thud! I was slammed up against the wall of the shower stall. I began to rip the buttons off my shirt as Alex’s tongue continued to coax my tongue to mimic his assault upon my inner core.

Alex’s tongue licked along my neck in between the valley of my breasts, hiking up to the peak of my nipple that was rapidly quivering under his tongue’s attentive ministrations. My hands of their own volition pulled Alex’s head closer to my taut peak and forced it further into his warm moist mouth.

I arched back against his probing hand, as I felt the first of his fingers push in between my throbbing labia. He began to stroke my mecidiyeköy escort inner walls bringing me to the brink of frustration and then retreating. I moaned my frustration as my hips began to gyrate with increasing speed onto his fingers, forcing them further into my engorged sheathe.

As I moaned, “No please don’t leave,” I felt Alex’s swollen cock creep into my screaming cunt. Every nerve became enraged with blood and juice as his skilled shaft slid up and down against my walls. He increased the motion and touched every single area inside my aching cunt. He grabbed my ass using it as leverage to shove himself deeper inside of my begging twat.

I grounded my hips impaling his throbbing cock against my aching cunt. Alex’s lips covered my own to keep my cries of ecstasy from giving away our activity. Our bodies begging for release continued scraping into each other faster and faster. Slamming my cunt further onto his erect cock, I took him in to my womb squeezing until his man juice exploded from the depths of his loins into my sobbing wet sheathe.

We stood there perched against the wall for support while trying to regain our strength. I licked my lips and snuck out of the shower. Alex slapped my ass in parting. I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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