Still bi-curious..Ready for bi-serious!!

Ekim 11, 2018 0 Yazar: admin

Between my bad luck and the fact I’m being picky, I’m still waiting to feel a warm and hard cock slip past my lips and hit my tongue. Still waiting to feel a throbbing cock rubbing my asshole and then slowly easing into me. I dream of a well trimmed smooth looking cock. Im tired of bi-curious..I am now bi-serious!! Ive been curious for waayy too long. I’ve only had 3 opportunities to enjoy a cum swapping fiesta.
The 1st guy wanted me bad. I got picky and couldn’t do it though. He was just too friggin hairy. I’ve trimmed myself for over 20 years and don’t have much body hair. I just don’t like excessive body hair.. especially pubes. I thrive on the skin on skin’s very sensual to me. Hair gets in the way of that feeling.
The 2nd guy had the perfect cock for a first timer like me to slobber on and for that first cock to fuck me senseless. It was a little less than 6 inches and not too fat. We worked together and I wanted his cock in my mouth so bad. We finally quit bullshittin around and arranged a get together a few days down the road. However, before we hooked up, a bunch of us were shootin the shit at the time clock. He tells us all that he only bathes twice a week. Once again, I got picky and backed out. I wasn’t about to mess with a nasty ass or a cock that probably smelled like piss and sweat. I want my 1st time to be enjoyable and make me want to do it some more. I don’t want to be turned off from the beginning.
The 3rd time was my best chance so far to suck a dick. We hooked up and started out on his bed with him sucking me. It was so friggin awesome that my eyelids we’re quivering. Once I got myself together, I spun around 180 using my cock in his mouth as a pivot point. I opened my eyes and there it was…my first cock to suck. I reached out and grabbed it and started stroking it. I leaned over it and drooled on it, so I started rubbing it. I leaned over and parted my lips..only 6 more inches and that cock would be in my mouth. All of a sudden, someone starts pounding on the bedroom door. It is a roommate hollering to my “supposed” first cum donor, that the police are at the door looking for him. Fuckin dealing in stolen property and burglary…WTF
I probably could have had a few cocks by now if I wasn’t being picky. I just know what I want and I won’t settle for anything less. I’m a very sensual and sexual person. That first skin on skin feeling is heightened when you don’t settle for anything less than what you lust for. I have always been a little picky when bedding a woman too so being picky with a guy isn’t odd I guess.
I’m no beauty contest winner, and I’m not in the best of shape( not bad for a 50 yr old grandpa) and I don’t have any experience sucking dick, but I learn quick. I know how to stroke, rub, massage, milk, and make my cock twitch. My cock absolutely loves me!! I’m pretty sure that I can make your cock love me too. Go ahead and slip your slobber covered cock into my ass…when I get comfy with a cock in my ass, we gonna get some fuckin done!!
After I get my first dick, I’m going for Bi-MMF..licking pussy juice off of a hard cock is fuckin hot. I want my face all up in the action. MMFF.. so many holes to fuck..mine included. She-males…mmmm(timeout while I rub my cock)..A dick to ass to fuck.. AND tits?;?! Hell yeah!! Trannies..Hmmmm..only one way to find out.
Please feel free to send lovely cock pics to my profile. I probably won’t ever get to suck your dick in real life, but if I have a pic and it catches my fancy, I’ve more than likely already sucked and fucked you!!!
Well, I guess it’s obvious…I NEED SOME DICK!! I WANT SOME COCK!! Until that happens, I’ve got my lube, my fingers, my trusty little bullet, my imagination, and I’ve got xhamster!