Surprises for a Stranger

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Author’s Note: The story below includes language often considered “feminine” to refer to FTM genitalia. Enjoy. 🙂


“Can you see me?” I fumble with the laptop, accidentally closing the screen too far, and then too wide, rendering the camera useless. Finally, I think it’s right — the anonymous person on the other end agrees, lightning up the chat box on my screen.

“Yes, I can.”

Geeze. You’d think having grown up with technology, I’d be able to successfully handle a laptop webcam, but alas. Anyway, now that I knew everything was set, I brought my attention to the screen. In a square chat box, I receive camera feedback from someone, from somewhere. It was an angle that didn’t reveal a face, only the bottom curve of breasts, an abdomen, and a hint of well-groomed labia.

On my end, I had my camera fully directed to my groin, still clothed in a pair of boxer briefs, a silicone prosthetic creating a well-defined bulge. I grab at it suggestively, rubbing my palm on the length of the shaft, pressing hard so my t-dick is stimulated against the silicone. I shudder with anticipation.

My company noticed. “Mm, you look like you’re ready for me.” I read the response and quickly typed a reply.

“I am. Let me get you ready?”

A thumbs up emoji grants consent, and I smile to myself as I watch the stranger run her hands up the length of her abdomen, circling her areola, and tugging at her erect nipples. I grab at my crotch more aggressively, strategically angling myself as I pull the prosthetic out of the fly. After spending hundreds on this prosthetic, I was confident it would pass any online inspection, but still — no need to find out just yet.

Sitting directly in front of the webcam now, I watch the rise and fall of the stranger’s breathing quicken, my mouth falling open slightly as she teases me, fingers sweeping below the camera’s lense. Only a few poker oyna seconds pass before she brought her hands to the screen: a telling slickness on her middle and ring fingers.

In response, I grabbed at my cock, spitting on it from above and watching it happen on camera. Perfect aim. I use the spit to lubricate my dick, stroking the length of it as if it were fully attached to me. Each up-stroke pulls my clit with it, suctioned tightly within the silicone “pleasure” hole. Each downstroke presses my sensitive nerve endings to my body and I speed up my hand, grinding furiously as my prosthetic smashed into me. I feel myself panting already.

“Let me see your balls.” The demand pops up on the screen and I hesitate, but fish the sack out of my boxers. Again, passable for sure, thanks to prosthetic technology. As I smack my balls around a little bit, I feel my clit throb, feel my fronthole involuntarily tighten with hungry need. I position myself back in front of the camera, cock and balls hanging out of my briefs, cock slick with my own saliva as I maintain a steady stroking rhythm. To show her appreciation, the stranger shifts back slightly, moves the camera down a bit to show me her fully pussy, lips swollen and glistening, her small nub of pleasure red as if to prove she had just touched herself.

“Fuck yourself to get ready for me to tear you up.” I send off the command and watch as she obeys, two fingers plunging inside of her pussy, knuckle-deep before she begins fingering herself in earnest.

I match her strokes with my own hand. In and out. Up and down. In and out. Up and down. Beneath the backing of the prosthetic, I can feel my wetness, slick and warm, begin to travel from my fronthole down to my asshole, and I grind my hips down, rocking my body against the floor. I moan, a desperate plea, a shudder that registers from the tips of my nipples to the tip of my clit. I feel my cunt canlı poker oyna constrict, tighten against only itself.

“Briefs off.” The next demand the stranger sends will be harder to obey. Though my prosthetic is realistic, it’s attached to me via a silicone tab. I consider my options, still stroking my cock as I watch her hand move out of her pussy to her clit, quickly rubbing in circles before she shoves her hand back inside of herself.

“I have a surprise.” I type to her and before she can say anything, I pull my briefs off and sit squarely in front of the camera. She continues finger-fucking herself as I shift back and lift my prosthetic slightly, spreading my legs to reveal my own cunt.

Her hand stops moving and I brace myself for the disconnection to happen, but instead, she types. “FTM? Hot. Let me see your t-dick.”

Frantically, I peel the prosthetic off and spread my legs for her. My clit stands excitedly, as hard as it can be in its 2″ of desire, and I stroke it for her, pulling back the “foreskin” to better show her my cocklet head. I see her fingers speed up and then, as I quickly dip my finger to the surface of my fronthole to bring my pre-cum to my clit, I watch her force a third finger inside, watch her other hand move to her clit for dual stimulation.

I get on my knees and position the shaft of my own prosthetic beneath me, sliding up the length of it to stimulate my clit before finding the position that presses against my clit and fronthole. I begin rubbing at my clit furiously, matching her speed.

“Show me your ass. I wanna come all over you.” I read the response in surprise, but do what she says, turning around and getting on my knees, reaching one hand around to spread my cheeks for her before spreading my lips, clenching my fronthole so it visibly throbs, glistening in my wet. Glancing over my shoulder, I see myself on camera: my clit hangs internet casino noticeably visible from behind and I groan, the sight of my swollen clit and slick pussy lips, my puckered asshole causing me to harden even more, get more wet. I rock my hips for her, moving my hand to stroke furiously at my t-dick, rub circles around my hard clit..

“I’m gonna cum.” The message pops up and I back up closer to the camera, spread my ass and pussy lips for her before pushing my angry clit into my fronthole, the length of it just enough so the head can rub against my lips. That gets her.

I watch her buck her hips towards the computer, shudder, watch the quiver of her pussy tighten around her fingers as she slows, rubbing the last of her orgasm out on her clit.

Now at the point of no return, I stroke at my clit, flipping around so she can see my pussy, spread open as I stroke, push, and grind. Pausing briefly, I position my prosthetic, check the camera to make sure she can see, and begin to hump my own dick, the head of it pushing against my fronthole, too big to enter my tight hole, but enough to bring me over. My orgasm washes over me in a wave and I grab at myself as it does, digging my fingers into my thigh and trembling as I continue to milk my clit, still cumming as I watch my camera, watch as a clear stream of cum spills out of me and coats the head of my prosthetic dick.

“Damn!” The typed response flashes and, before she disappears, I angle the camera slightly so only my mouth can be seen. Picking up my dick, I bring into my mouth and slowly, inch by inch, take it into my throat. With one hand, I replied to her.

“Wish you could taste this. Next time?”


With that, the chat window disconnects and I’m left with only my camera window. I study it for a second before moving away, watching as I, for the first time, push the head of the cock into my fronthole. The pain sears through me and I gasp, feeling how my cunt stretches around the head. I watch my clit twitch.

I click “Next” and squirm, pushing the dick deeper into me. A new stranger’s abdomen appears on my screen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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