Susan’s first night out

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I had arrived late in Manchester and after some time found the small motel I had been booked into by the company, I asked the man on the desk if he knew of anywhere nearby to eat, he said there’s only a fast food joint down the road nothing else so I headed there, I ordered a meal which consisted of two burger buns a cone of greasy chips and a non alcoholic drink, the young man took my order and turned away, I walked over to a table and sat down and waited, the place was near empty with just a couple of nosy k**s at the other end, after a few minutes a young waitress came over and placed a tray in front of me enjoy she said and walked away, as she did so I glanced at her ass which I have to admit was very shapely I could also see the outline of her panties through the uniform skirt she had on she obviously didnt care about VPL.

By the time I had finished my meal the two k**s had gone and the waitress was cleaning tables in readiness to close, I was about to get up when I saw her bend over one of the tables to clean it giving me a great view of a her legs which went all the way up to a pair of colorful panties, she looked round and saw me looking and smiled, I smiled back then I picked up my tray and wondered over to the collection point, I turned and walked towards the door the waitress came over and used a key to unlock the door then as I was about to walk out she whispered going anywhere else now, no I said just back to the motel, wants some company she asked with a huge smile on her face, I looked at her and she said sorry that didnt sound right I’m not trying to score I just wondered if you fancied some company, I smiled at her and said sure why not, give me five minutes and I’ll be with you, she said.

It didnt take long once we arrived back at the motel, her uniform almost fell from her body a body that was to say the least just beautiful, she looked remarkable as she stood in front of me in just her bra and panties, we went two rounds and both times I came deep inside her I didnt care and I dont think she did, after that we both fell into deep sleep, the following morning I rolled on top of her and gave what I thought would be last load but no we went together into the bathroom and as I brushed my teeth she squatted over the toilet, the sound of her pissing into the bowl was truly wonderful, its was like the thunderous sound you hear when you visit a waterfall, by the time she had finished my cock was hard and ready to go again and as she reached for the tissues I took her hand and said no you dont.

Half an hour later we left the motel and as I drove her home she opened her bag and took a wedding ring out and slipped onto her finger, how you going to explain that load of cum inside you I asked with a huge smile on my face, no worries she said hes away wont be home for a few days, I dropped her near her home and bid her farewell and thanked her for a wonderful night she opened her bag again and took out pressed a pair of panties into hand, my numbers on them she said give us a call sometime, I looked at the panties opened them up and sure enough a number was printed on them, are these the ones you had on last nigh I asked, she didnt answer she just lifted the hem of her skirt allowing me to see that beautiful pussy again then without another word she smi0led and walked away.

So what has this to do with Susan’s first night out I hear you asking, well the sound of that young woman pissing stayed with me all that day and the next in fact until I arrived home and that night alone in my apartment dressed in womens lingerie including a looped pad and belt, suspenders, stockings, bra and a lovely pair of nylon panties, I made my mind up, I went into my bedroom and from the wardrobe took off a hanger a black PVC skirt and a long sleeve satin blouse in gold and put on, I went to the dressing table and made my face with lots of foundation cream, eye liner mascara and a deep red lip balm, I wanted to paint my nails but it was a getting bit late so instead I put my blonde wig on, a pair of three inch black patent court shoes and finally a long length ladies coat then with a bag over my shoulder I left the flat for Susan’s first walk.

I went into the court yard and got into my car and soon I found myself parked along the local promenade, no one was about when I got out of the car so I headed in the direction of the public toilets hoping they would still be open, sure enough they were, I looked about and waited a few minutes before walking into the ladies, it was empty all six cubicle doors were open I opted for an end cubicle and took off and hung up my coat I lifted my skirt pulled my panties down and moved the pad to one side then I sat down, I was about to piss when I heard the sound of running feet coming into the toilet, the door next to mine was thrown open and I heard the rustle of clothing then that delightful sound of a woman pissing, my cock was hard and I longed to know what this woman looked like, slowly and carefully I removed my shoes and stood on the toilet seat and looked over the wall, she was in her middle to late fifties with grey hair and as I looked she pulled a handful of tissue from the dispenser, I wanted so much to whisper let me lick you dry but I reframed, and as I watched she pulled the tissue between her legs and then threw it into the bowl, she pulled what looked like a pair of white cotton sloggis up flushed the toilet then she disappeared.

I left the toilet a few minutes later after making a purchase from the machine by the sinks of two sanitary pads, I started making my way back towards the car, the wind had picked up and I could feel it blowing up my skirt and it was just an amazing feeling, I could see a young lad coming along the promenade towards me and I started to panic but then I noticed he was weaving about and it was obvious he had a little to much to drink, as he walked past I heard him say in a semi drunken stammer, hey gorgeous give us a kiss, then as I looked over towards him he said come on babe get your lips round this, I hadn’t noticed until then that he had his cock out and it was surprisingly erect, I walked over to him and put my hands on his cheeks and I kissed him and as I did I felt him slide his tongue into my mouth, I dropped one hand and took hold of his cock it felt so nice so hard and so long, I squeezed it hard then put my hand inside his jeans and felt his balls which I also squeezed, I got no money left so it’ll have to be a freebie he said, we walked to my car and got in as I stared the engine he put his hand on my leg what was I doing I thought.

I drove to the old yacht club and pulled into a shaded area out of sight the place was in darkness, this was exactly what I wanted to not only feel like a woman but to be used like one and thats exactly what happened, we started kissing again and soon the young man had his hand up my skirt, I could feel his it on my panties, I worked his zipper down then lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him for awhile, I could taste the precum that was coming from him and it was so delicious, after a few minutes I worked his jeans down then his boxers pulling them off I left them in the well of the car again we kissed then he whispered come on babe lets fuck I know you want it, I slid my leg over his and positioned myself on his bare lap, then as we again kissed I lifted myself up as the young man slowly pulled my panties down, I moved my pad to one side then took his cock and slowly positioned it against my bum hole then I slid my ass down over it, unfortunately he didnt last long and soon I felt him cum inside me.

My cock was bursting to say the least and I so wanted to cum, I slid myself off his lap and holding my hand between my legs I adjusted the pad to catch his cum then put on my panties, I walked around to the opposite side of the car and opened the door, the young man looked up at me and without any hesitation on my behalf I again lifted my skirt I took my cock out and put my hand behind the young mans head and pulled him forward allowing my cock to slip between his lips, he brought his hands up and placed them on my hips and lovingly sucked my until I cum, I drove him back into town and dropped him off, thanks for a great fuck he said, thank you I replied for a great blow job, hope we can meet again he said and slammed the door too, I drove away happy and contented happy in the knowledge that Susan had satisfied not just me but also the young man.

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