The Awakening Ch. 02

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Laura excused herself from the room closing the door behind her. The two women didn’t notice her leaving as their lips met and their eyes closed. All they heard was the door closing as Laura shut it.

Laura walked out to the backyard and sat down in a lounge chair; she looked up into the clear blue summer sky and wondered if she’d done the right thing. In the back of her mind, she’d always wondered about Julie’s sexual persuasion. It never crossed her mind she would become actively involved in it.

She thought Julie was too busy with sports and school to have a serious sexual relationship with anyone. Julie had boyfriends during high school and college but none that were serious and they never lasted more than six months. Laura closed her eyes and tried not to picture Julie and Susan in bed together. It was hard not to think about, Susan was just as lovely as her pictures. Julie was obviously smitten with her just as her mother was when she first laid eyes on Susan.

Laura began to wonder how Julie would react, she had seen her enjoy kissing Susan but actually making love was a bit different. Her heart began to race as she continued picturing the two of them undressing each other and exploring. The first soft touch, sweet tender lips against each other, hearts racing.

She tried to think of other things, but to no avail as a warm delicious sensation began within her. Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they moved over her body feeling her own curves and warm skin. Visions of Susan and Julie making love flashed through her mind; arousing her. She thought it wrong to think of them being intimate but it seemed very erotic and lovely at the same time.

Her hands slowly moved over her thighs as she lay in the warm afternoon sun, a pleasant feeling growing as she imagined Susan introducing her youngest daughter to the joys of a feminine touch. She knew Susan would be gentle and patient with Julie. She trusted her new friend and didn’t think Susan would betray that trust. Julie seemed so enraptured with Susan, as if they were destined to be lovers.

Just as she was about to slip her fingers under the waistband of her skirt the phone rang, bringing her back to reality. She got up and walked inside to check the caller ID. It was her other daughter, Becky. She picked up the receiver and answered hoping not to sound like something was amiss.

“Hi mom” Becky started.

“Hi Sweetie, how’s your day going?” Laura answered back.

“Not too bad, it’s a little slow at work and I thought I’d call and see if your friend got in ok.” Becky replied.

“Yes, Julie picked her up at the airport while I was busy with a client.” Laura responded.

“That’s good, I could have left work if you needed me to, and so what are you guys doing now?” Becky wondered.

“Oh, Julie and Susan are talking while Susan unpacks and I’m just relaxing out in the backyard.” Laura stated trying not to let any emotion show in her voice.

“Well, I maybe over after work, what are you doing for dinner?” Becky asked.

“I thought we might go out, I’m not sure how Susan and Julie will feel later on.” Laura caught herself and tried not to imply anything.

“Yea, jet lag can be bad, she’s from the east coast right?” Becky wondered.

She didn’t notice anything wrong with Laura’s statement as she finished checking in with her mother.

“Yes, she is. I’m not too worried about dinner right now. We can always throw something together or do take out.” Laura replied.

She sounded a bit more relaxed knowing Becky had to get back to work. Her boss was a stickler for not wasting company time talking on the phone, which forced Becky to make her calls short.

“Well, count on me being there later, love you mom. Say hi to Jules for me. Bye.” Becky waited before hanging up.

“Love you too sweetheart, I will. Bye for now” Laura ended.

Laura hung up the phone and began to think back on Julie and Susan still behind closed doors. She wondered what Becky’s reaction would be if she knew, her sister was in bed with Susan. Becky was liberal but this might be a bit of a shock for her.

Laura waited a bit and since she didn’t hear anything from the room and was somewhat curious, she decided not to peek in instead, she went to her room to lie down. She fluffed up her pillows and propped them against the headboard of the bed. Sitting down and sinking back into them, her thoughts returned to the two lovers in the other room. She closed her eyes as her mind focused on Susan. She had seen her partially dressed when she talked to her earlier. She remembered the soft curves of Susan’s body; her bra and panties just hid the sweetness of her delights. Laura pictured herself as if she were Julie, watching Susan slowly undress in front of her. The warm feeling between her legs returned as she let out an audible moan.

She reached down to her waistband and flicked the snap loose from its position, opening her skirt. The sound of it opening as her hands moved ataşehir escort to widen the waistband pleased her. She rose up on her bed and wiggled the skirt down her hips and off her legs, tossing it onto the back of a chair. Her hands massaged her thighs and tummy as she pictured Susan slowly reaching back and unhooking her own bra. She imagined the lacey cover gently sliding down Susan’s arms and onto the floor, exposing perfectly shaped breasts with solid erect nipples longing to be touched.

As she lay back on the pillows, she imagined Susan posing for her, topless, cupping her lovely full breasts and teasing her with them. Laura’s right hand felt the soft material of her panties as she slipped her hand between them and her skin. Her left hand moved up under her blouse and pressed against her breast. She slipped her anxious fingers further below between her panties and her warm skin. They crept down over her pubic hair to her damp lips that had swollen from the images that kept running through her mind. She tried not to picture Julie but couldn’t help imagining her reaction to Susan’s charms.

She slowly loosened the buttons on her blouse, sitting up, she unhooked her bra, exposing her own ample breasts and hardened nipples. Her left hand caressed each breast, pinching and tweaking her nipples as her right hand continued its delicious exploring. Laura gently pushed one finger between her lips as she visualized herself kissing Susan knowing Julie was probably doing the same thing. She moaned softly as her fingers came back up to her mouth and brushed her lips. She imagined her warm moist lips against Susan’s as their tongues entwined, warm saliva slowly dripping down their chins as their passion grew with each movement of their lips.

Her fingers slipped back between her legs and began following her labia up and down as she eased inside her moistness. The feel of her fingers were arousing her more as she pictured herself lowering her lips to Susan’s breasts, taking each nipple in turn between them and gently tugging.

Laura’s left hand duplicated her dream, pretending to be her mouth on Susan’s dark brown nipple, tugging and teasing each one.

Laura slipped deeper into her dream as her finger inched closer to her clit. The warm wetness surrounding her finger felt so good. She massaged herself very slowly imagining Susan moaning just as she was, delighted at her touch. Her vibrations grew more intense as she drew herself closer to orgasm. The thought of Susan’s warm soft skin against her lips took her over the edge and into self-fulfilling bliss.

Laura kneaded her breasts, squishing them slowly together and gently pinching her solid nipples. She massaged her extremely hard clit causing her to shiver as the vibrations coursed through her body. Her back arched as her finger’s intensity on her clit drove her over the edge and into her first orgasm in quite some time. It was short but so very intense. It felt so delicious and satisfying; she hoped that the two lovers were feeling half as wonderful as she was feeling at this moment. She giggled to herself and smiled knowing that they probably were if not more so.

Laura lay there and savored the moment, her hands continued rubbing and caressing. The images of Susan and Julie in bed continued to wind its way through her thoughts. There were still so many questions; How would she react once they came out and had to face her? How would they react? What would Julie do after Susan left?

She kept asking herself questions and going over what she might say as she closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, her hand still between her legs.

* * *

Laura woke up a short while later; she didn’t hear anything from the rest of the house and decided to take a shower. It was late afternoon and she thought that Susan and Julie would have been done by now. She hated to think of it as a chore; she knew it was far from that. She was having a hard time dealing with it on certain levels. Her shower was long and luscious; the hot water against her skin felt so nice. She wished Susan were there to enjoy it with her. She began thinking those sensual thoughts once again and then decided she just wanted that feeling of clean after making such a delicious mess of herself.

After her shower, she got dressed and went back out into the living room, noticing that the door to the spare room was still shut; she quietly walked to it and cupped her ear against it. She listened for a moment. Not hearing anything, she grasped the knob and turned it.

Laura walked in slowly; peeking around the door to make sure everything was all right. The two women lay there smiling in each other’s arms as she spoke, “Well, I guess things went ok?” Susan and Julie looked at each other and giggled.

Susan looked at Laura and with a sly smile, “We’re not done talking yet Laura.”

Laura blushed, as she turned and closed the door behind her leaving the lovers alone.

Laura sighed as she avcılar escort closed the door and went back into the living room. It was getting closer to dinner and she needed to decide what to do.

She made up her mind to just relax and try not to think about the two lovers. She went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, pulling out an opened bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. She had started it a few nights ago when she was anxious about Susan’s visit and couldn’t sleep. Now she was opening it again thinking about Susan and Julie, together, in bed, in her house, making love.

She went back out and sat down with her wine; turning on the television to see what could take her mind away from her current thoughts. She flipped through the channels sipping her wine and not seeing anything of note; she turned the television off. Sitting alone with her thoughts Laura concluded that all would work out in the end. It had to, Julie was a good daughter and she believed Susan was a good friend. Susan had reminded her that this was supposed to be a weekend for Laura and her. This “thing” between Julie and Susan was for Julie’s benefit.

“Ha!” Laura laughed aloud with that thought; they were both benefiting from their time in the bedroom.

Laura thought Julie was discovering more about herself, she had always been so quiet and reserved. Maybe being with Susan would help open up her world a bit more. Laura wanted Julie to be happy just as any mother wants their child to do well and succeed. She thought back on a few of the moments in the past when Julie had accomplished things she didn’t think she could. Now her mother was a cheerleader for her daughter’s sexual well being.

Laura reminded herself of Julie’s sports activities and all the awards she had received over the years. She had even received a few academic awards along with her teammates and friends. Laura then thought back about a few of Julie’s friends. She had always enjoyed when the girls brought their friends over, especially in the summer. Not that she was a pedophile by any means but the girls had some very cute friends. She had never flirted with any, mostly out of fear of being rejected and embarrassed in front of her daughters. However, one of Julie’s friends in particular she had become emotionally attracted to, Rachel.

Rachel was a shy and chubby red headed eighth grader when Julie had first brought her over. Laura loved talking to her, she always seemed to listen to every word Laura said and was such a polite girl.

During the next few years of high school, Rachel had grown into a stunning young woman. Her parents never attended her sporting events, having more work related activities to occupy their time. Rachel didn’t show any signs of missing them but Laura felt she did.

Rachel continued to say hello to Laura and ask about Julie whenever they met around town. She hadn’t gone to a four-year university like Julie but had gotten an associates degree and was working locally in a dentist’s office. Laura enjoyed taking to her, and made sure, when she saw her, she took time to chat. She seemed to feel that Rachel enjoyed these encounters, even going out of her way at times to say hello to Laura.

Her thoughts drifted back to her current situation. She finished her wine and sighed again, she needed to get motivated and decide on something for dinner. She went back into the kitchen and looked through the cupboards. She originally had planned to take Susan out somewhere nice where they could talk. Unfortunately, this thing with Julie changed all of her plans. She walked back out to the living room and decided to peak in on the lovers once again.

Laura looked in on them one more time, she couldn’t help but see how lovely they looked sleeping together. Not having the heart to wake them, she closed the door and let the two lovers dream their sweet dreams. Talk could wait as well as dinner.

She strolled back into the living room, grabbing the remote and flicking on the television one more time. Scooping her empty wine glass, she went back to the kitchen and poured the last bit of wine from the bottle. Opening the refrigerator, she took out some cheese and an apple. She needed to eat; the wine was beginning to cloud her head and she didn’t want to be tipsy at all when the two lovers emerged.

Laura took her snack and sat down at the kitchen table, watching the news and thinking more on her situation. She thought more about Rachel, how nice it might be having a younger lover, a relationship similar to what Susan and Julie were now experiencing. A relationship with a younger woman that was sensual and loving. Someone like Rachel, not some lust filled night of wild sexual abandon.

She had never contemplated a long-term relationship with a girl as young as her daughter was. However, seeing Susan and Julie together began to make her think more about it. She smiled to herself, picturing the great sex with an enthusiastic and youthful partner. It would be a avrupa yakası escort change from the other girlfriend she had had in the past.

However long term, might be difficult to deal with. A younger lover would have so many dreams unfulfilled, which might ruin any plans they made together. Laura couldn’t stifle anyone’s potential; it just wasn’t in her. If word got around town that she and any local girl were lovers, they would never hear the end of it.

All of Laura’s lovers had been women close to her age; the greatest difference was a few years back with an aerobics instructor at a gym she was going to. The woman was thirty at the time and Laura was forty-five. It didn’t hurt that Diane was youthful and in great shape, Laura remembered how limber she was but how quickly Diane seemed to lose interest when Laura kept canceling dates due to her family commitments.

Laura sighed as she finished her apple and cheese, placing the dishes and silverware in the dishwasher. She stopped for a second as she heard a door open and close. She peeked out into the hall and noticed Julie slipping into the common bathroom.

Finally awake she thought, now we can get on with our lives. She wiped off the kitchen table and sat back down on the sofa, waiting for the two lovers to emerge from their rendezvous.

* * *

Susan and Julie woke from their sweet dream state and snuggled for a bit. Susan kissed Julie’s forehead and caressed her sweet skin. Julie cooed softly with the warm loving embrace. They talked softly about what Julie had just experienced. They kissed and gently stroked each other as they lay there talking. Susan answered Julie’s question honestly, when she asked about continuing their lovemaking during her visit. Susan would love to but it wouldn’t be fair to Laura.

Neither one wanted to hurt Laura, although Julie was a bit reluctant, she agreed with Susan. They continued their cuddling for a bit, enjoying the time spent in each other’s arms. Grudgingly, they decided to get up and shower. A shower together would have been fun, but they knew Laura was waiting for them and they didn’t want to disrupt the situation more than they had already. Julie reluctantly slipped from the arms of Susan, grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom clutching them under her arms.

Susan sighed, hoping that what she had done hadn’t hurt Laura too much. She found Julie to be very cute and exciting but her inexperience showed. Time and a gentle touch would correct that. She wanted Laura and the emotional connection they had shared.

* * *

Laura waited on the sofa to see if Susan was going to join Julie. After a few minutes she heard the water running and realized Susan was still in the bedroom. She slowly got up and walked to the bedroom door, opening it slightly to see Susan sitting on the edge of the bed deep in thought.

“Well, is everything alright?” Laura asked.

Susan looked up at her and smiled. “Julie is an amazing young woman Laura. I’m surprised she hasn’t discovered this side of herself before our, um meeting.”

Laura moved towards the bed and took a seat next to Susan. She could discern the sweet smell of sex in the room. Susan was slightly ruffled from the past few hours and Laura didn’t know whether she should touch her or not.

Susan looked at Laura and managed a soft smile. “Laura, you know this was totally unplanned, I would never want anything to come between us. Julie is very special and you are more than special to let us have these past few hours alone.”

Laura sighed, “Susan, I wasn’t really sure about it. But, I could sense the chemistry between you two and I didn’t want Julie’s curiosity to be dealt with by someone who wouldn’t treat her with love and respect, like I knew you would.”

Susan’s smile grew larger and tears began to well up in her. “You are such a dear sweet woman Laura.”

Laura blushed as Susan caressed her cheeks with the palms of her hands and slowly moved to kiss her. Laura smiled and eagerly returned the kiss. Their tongues played as Laura’s hands moved over Susan, exploring her warm soft skin. Both women began to feel the inner warmth and excitement building within them.

It was then that Julie walked back in and coughed to get their attention.

“The shower is free Susan,” Julie stated as a matter of fact. She seemed a bit terse in her tone of voice. This was something completely new to her. Making love to someone and then walking in while they were kissing another. It was made stranger when the one she was jealous of was her mother.

Julie’s face changed from one of jealousy to one of sadness. Tears welled up and she began to cry.

The two women on the bed broke their embrace and looked at her. Both saddened but not really surprised at the reaction from Julie. Laura got up first and went to comfort her daughter.

Opening her arms, she wrapped them around a teary-eyed Julie.

“Sweetie, I’m so sorry. I was wondering if you might react like this.” Laura whispered to Julie as she held her close. Julie wrapped her arms around her mother and held her tight. She hadn’t had anything so emotional happen to her since their dog died three years ago. Laura comforted her, massaging her back and quietly reassuring her everything would be all right.

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