The Babysitter Ch. 02

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Carol paced the kitchen nervously, fidgeting with her coffee cup. The last two weeks had been a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. Her initial reaction was to put what happened with Lisa behind her, find another babysitter for the summer and get things back to normal. After all, Lisa was half her age, and a girl at that. Carol had never considered herself bisexual. Sure, in the past she had entertained fantasies of being with another woman, but they had been just that. Fantasies. Every woman, or man for that matter, has fantasies from time to time. However, down deep, she knew it wasn’t the fact that Lisa was a woman that kept drawing her towards this weekend without making a move to stop it. It was the control Lisa seemed to have over her. The fact that no matter what she herself thought she should or shouldn’t do, Lisa seemed to have the power to make her do anything the girl wanted. Add to that, the fact that the sex was probably the best she ever had, and the two reasons together, was why Saturday had come, and Carol had not done anything to stop it.

It had been uncomfortable at first. The first couple of days after that weekend, she avoided all eye contact with Lisa and got her out of the house as soon as she could after getting home from work. Then, after a few days, the whole thing seemed like it had just been a dream. Yesterday, Friday, she had gotten home, and after greeting the kids and getting dinner on the table, she wandered upstairs to change for the evening. The first thing she noticed was a note laying on the nightstand. On her way across the room to grab the note, her eyes caught something out of place on the ceiling. Screwed into the ceiling, were two large silver rings. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out where they came from, or why they were there.

Opening the envelope, she forgot all about the eyelets in the ceiling and started to shake.

The note was short and simple.

My dearest slut,
I will be here tomorrow night at six pm sharp.
I expect you to be bathed, shaved totally bare
and wearing only your robe. Be in your room
and have it well lit with only candles. You will refer
to Me as Mistress, or Mistress Lisa, only.

Carol glanced at the clock, noticing it was only ten minuets to six. She lit the candles in the bedroom and waited nervously. She felt scared, but excited. At exactly six sharp, she heard the back door open and close. As the bedroom door opened, she looked up to see Lisa enter the room, and then nervously looked down.

Lisa was dressed in a black-buttoned blouse, over a tight black, leather skirt. Her blond hair was pulled back tight, and she wore more makeup then carol had ever seen on her before. Her eyes looked beautiful and piercing, and her lips were a dark ikitelli escort red.

She quickly approached Carol and dropped her backpack on a side chair. “There’s My little slut. Are you ready to learn new ways to please Me?”

Carol bit her lip and looked down.

“I asked you a question, slut”, Lisa demanded.

“Yes”, Carol replied.

Lisa sighed and shook her head from side to side. “Yes, Mistress”

“Y-Yes, Mistress”, Carol nervously replied.

Lisa traced a finger softly down Carols face.” You will learn, slut. Now, turn around”

Carol turned her back to Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa stepped to the chair and grabbed a few things from her backpack. Stepping up behind Carol, she slid the robe off the woman’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Moving her hair to one side, she pressed her open mouth against her neck and traced the skin with her tongue. While gently licking and kissing Carols neck, she placed small collars around the woman’s wrists. She then knelt down and placed two more around her ankles.

“Now, turn around, slut.” Lisa demanded.

Carol turned to face Lisa, feeling very naked and very exposed. Lisa simply smiled, reaching into the backpack and removing a couple lengths of rope with latches on both ends. She hooked a rope to each wrist and then climbed on the chair to attach them to the rings in the ceiling. Carol was now very nervous, yet strangely excited.

Lisa stepped back, blowing out a couple of the candles, effectively dimming the light in the room a little more.

Carol kept her eyes towards the floor, shaking a little.

“I want you to look at Me, slut”, Lisa demanded.

Carol raised her eyes from the floor and looked at Lisa. Lisa looked directly into Carol’s eyes and slowly started to unbutton the blouse. The blouse fell to the floor, revealing a black leather bra with cutouts for most of her breasts. Carol couldn’t help but stare at the full, round breasts. Her finger then unhooked the skirt, letting it fall and reminding Carol how bare and smooth she was.

Lisa reached in the bag again, and removed a black leather belt, which she fastened around Carol’s waist. She traced Her fingers across Carol’s shoulders and down her arms. Reaching up, she unhooked one of Carol’s wrists and hooked it to a small tether attached to the leather belt, giving Carol about 12 inches of movement with her right hand. Lisa then moved the side chair in front of Carol and sat down. She let her eyes wander up and down carol’s exposed body and smiled.

“Did you enjoy shaving yourself, slut?” Lisa asked?

“Yes”, Carol replied.

Lisa rose from the chair, took what appeared to be some kind of leather tassel from the bag, walked behind Carol and istanbul escort snapped it across the woman’s exposed ass, with a loud crack.

“You will learn the proper way to address Me, slut”, Lisa demanded.

“I’ll ask again”, Lisa said. “Did you enjoy shaving your cunt for Me, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress”, Carol replied, her voice shaky.

“I knew you would”, Said Lisa.

“Have you been looking forward to today?” Lisa asked?

“Yes, Mistress”, Carol replied.

Lisa took her breasts in her hands and kneaded the firm flesh, taking the nipples between her fingers and thumbs; she pinched and rolled them, making them stand out long and hard. “Did you miss My tit’s, slut?”

Carol stared at Lisa as she played with the young, firm breasts and could feel her heart start to pound. “Yes, Mistress”

Lisa sat down in the chair and slid to the edge, opening her legs and showing the older woman her bare, smooth pussy. She wet a finger in her mouth and started to slide it up and down her clit, looking straight at Carol. “How many times have you played with yourself in the last two weeks, while thinking about Me?”

Carol watched the young girl play with herself and stammered. “I-I’m not sure. A lot, I guess”

“Good”, Lisa said. “Do you want to touch yourself now?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Carol replied, very proud of herself for remembering to say Mistress.

“Then, perhaps I’ll let you, slut”, Lisa said, getting up and walking close to Carol.

Lisa slowly circled Carol, letting her fingers trace the woman’s skin, stopping when she was directly behind her. Lisa pressed herself against the woman, and Carol could feel the firm breasts pressing against her back. Lisa reached her hands around and started massaging the woman’s breasts. She squeezed them for a bit, and then began working the nipples until they were hard. She took Carols face in one hand and turned her face around close to her own, opening her mouth and offering Carol her tongue. Carol took the offered tongue into her mouth and sucked.

Lisa pulled back a little and whispered into Carol’s mouth. “Go ahead, slut, play with your clit.” Carols hand reached to her pussy and her finger found her own clit, rubbing it until she started to moan into Lisa’s mouth. Harder and faster she rubbed, getting herself close.

Lisa reached down and pulled the woman’s hand away. “I said you could touch, I didn’t say you could come.” She whispered into Carol’s mouth. “You are only allowed to come when I say, understand, slut?”

Carol whimpered out a “Yes, Mistress”

Lisa continued to play with Carol’s nipples and whispered into her ear “Would you like to come, slut?”

Carol moaned “Yes, Mistress”

“Then you have to earn kadıköy escort it, slut” Lisa replied.

Lisa reached up and unhooked the wrist snap, then walked around and unhooked the snap between her other wrist and the belt. She then walked to the chair and sat down across from the whimpering Carol.

“Come here, slut” she commanded.

Carol started towards her, but Lisa snapped at her. “No, slut. I want you to crawl to Me”

Carol stopped, unsure what to do.

“It’s simple, slut. Crawl to Me on your hands and knees” Lisa commanded, again.

Carol slowly lowered herself to her hands and knees and started to crawl to the chair.

“That’s a good slut. Now, get over here.”

Carol crawled closer, and Lisa slid to the edge of the chair, opening her legs. She threaded her fingers into the older woman’s hair. “Show Me how good of a slut you are. I want you to use your fingers to open My pussy, then lick Me with that slutty little tongue of yours.”

Carols heart was pounding as she used her thumbs to spread the girl’s pussy open. She reached out with her tongue and licked across Lisa’s clit. Lisa let out a small moan and Carol reacted by licking faster and harder. As carols tongue worked harder, Lisa grabbed her by the hair and pulled her further into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around the woman’s neck and ground her pussy into her face.

“That’s it, slut, eat Me! You are a hungry little bitch, aren’t you? Fuck that feels good. Come on, slut, fuck me with your tongue!”

Carol licked and probed until Lisa arched high off the chair, drowning the woman’s face while Lisa screamed out.“Fuck yes!”

Lisa slowly relaxed and gently combed her fingers through Carol’s hair.

“You did well, slut,” Lisa said. “Would My little bitch like to come, now?”

Carol looked up from the floor, the lower part of her face soaked with Lisa’s juices. “Yes, please, Mistress”

“Lay back” Lisa said. “Lay back on the floor in front of Me”

“Very good, slut” Lisa said. “Now, open your legs and show Me that nice smooth pussy”

Carol let her legs fall open, her knees slightly raised.

“Let Me see how you played with yourself the last couple weeks” Lisa said. “Show Me now”

Carol closed her eyes and let her hand slide down to her wet pussy. As she started to slide her finger across her swollen clit, she moaned and writhed on the floor. Harder and faster she rubbed, sometimes dipping one or two fingers inside herself. Soon she was moaning loud and raising her ass off the floor. All at once, she arched high and screamed out, coming hard, before collapsing onto her back, trying to catch her breath.

Lisa smiled. “Does My little slut feel better?” She asked.

Carol simply moaned out a “Yes, Mistress”

Lisa rose from the chair, grabbing her clothes and getting dressed. “You were a very good slut, tonight. Get some rest and I’ll be by in the morning. I want you freshly bathed and ready for Me at nine sharp.

With that, she grabbed her backpack and slipped out the door.

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