The Blizzard

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They are calling it possibly the worst blizzard in decades and telling everyone to stay off the roads. I chose to ignore their warnings and drove to see you. I arrive at your door just before the height of the storm. You hear the knock on your door and come running to answer it. You swing open the door and I blow in like the snow. I pull my hat and coat off only to have you wrap your warm arms around my cold body. My cold nose and cheeks nuzzle against your neck as we hold on another in the foyer. You can’t believe I actually came.

As I wrap my arms around you I tell you, “of course I came, how could I resist your invitation.” I just hold you warming my body against yours. I love how you feel in my arms. It’s not often that I can just hold you and breath in the sweet scent of your hair. As my nose and cheeks warm, you feel my lips kiss you gently against your neck… then your cheek. My hands then take your face and hold you close to mine. I look into your eyes and smile, just then the power goes out. Your arms hold me tighter and the silence fills our ears. A lone candle you had going in the living room now is the only source of light. I continue to look into your eyes and watch as the candle light dances in them. “You look so beautiful in the soft light. I could stand here forever holding you.” I watch a smile come across your face and we walk together into the living room.

I start a fire in the fireplace as you put together a bed on the floor. Next you pour a couple of glasses of wine and change into your pajamas. We then sit together on the couch; you sitting between my legs as we sip on the wine, talking but mostly listening to the fire pop and crackle in the fireplace. I put my glass down and wrap my arms around you from behind. I rest my head on your shoulder with your soft fleece pajamas against my face. You can hear me breath you in deeply. The smell of your shampoo and the scent of your body wash intoxicates me more with every breath. As I breath you can feel my warm breath against your skin. You get goose bumps as I just hold you. You turn your head and kiss me gently on the lips, “Lets lay together.” You rise, take my hand in yours and guide me over to the bed you made on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Before we lay down together I take you again in my arms and hold you tightly against me. You lay your head against my chest and I just hold you. I lean down and kiss you gently on your head. You look up at me and start to drop down. Taking my hand in yours you guide büyükçekmece escort me down with you. You turn your back to me as you lay down and I drape my arm over you. I slide my body tight up against yours. You can feel my body move as I breath in and out. Only the sound of the fire and the wind blowing outside can be heard.

The soft skin of your upper arm is too inviting as we lay there together. You shiver as I take my finger tips and glide them gently across. Back and forth my fingers travel, I feel your body react to my touch. I nuzzle my nose into your hair and find my way to your ear. I gently kiss your ear lobe before I take it in my mouth softly sucking on it. My lips caress against your ear and neck as my ability to resist your beauty is lost. Feeling your warm body against mine has my heart pounding in my chest. You start to react to my kisses and touch. You reach back and caress my leg as I caress your upper arm. My lips then find their way down and to your arm.

You roll over to face me and our eyes lock. I take my fingers and brush your hair out of your face and off your shoulder. I take your face in my hand and guide you to my lips. Our lips meet and the rest of the world fades away. What starts as just a kiss quickly turns into more.

Our mouths open eagerly to accept the others advances. My fingers run through your hair as your tongue enters my mouth. I lift myself as you roll to your back and position myself over you. My body hovers above yours as we kiss. I reach down and begin to unbutton your pajama top. As I unbutton you my lips follow. With each button I gently kiss the soft skin of your chest. I make my way down between your breast. As your top opens I softly cup your breast in my hand. I kiss my way around to the outside of your breast then back in again. I only tease your nipple with my tongue as I go back and forth between them. My wet tongue slides down your body and back up again kissing as I go. “You are so beautiful, your curves, your eyes, your cute smile.” I take to your lips again and grasp the back of your head. I just want to drink every drop of you in.

My hand slides down and between your legs and you open them willingly. You enjoy the touch of my hand against the soft mound between them. The silky feel of your panties, the heat emanating from you. You then feel my hand slip under the waist band and touch your soft bare skin. You sigh softly as my fingers find the soft fatih escort folds of flesh hidden underneath. The more I touch you the more aggressively you kiss me. You then sigh deeply as you feel my finger press between the folds of your now wet lips and penetrate you. I quickly find your excited nub hidden inside and make circles around it causing you to moan loudly.

Your fingers dig into my skin as you enjoy the feeling of me caressing your most sensitive parts. My lips find one of your exposed nipples and I take it tightly between then. You feel the pressure as I roll it between my lips and tease it with my tongue. As my fingers work your insides I begin to kiss my way down your body. As I inch my lips down your body you tremble with anticipation. I remove my fingers from inside you and your lips release a disappointed moan.

I grasp the waist band of your clothing and you lift your luscious bottom up as I begin to remove them. I pull your pajama bottoms and panties down and my lips follow closely behind kissing your outer thigh, down to your knees, across your calves, and down to your toes. As I slip your clothing off I hold your feet in my hand and you giggle as I rub my beard against them and lightly kiss your toes. Your anticipation grows as you feel me begin to kiss my way back up your legs. As I reach your knees you again open your legs and allow my lips access to your inner thighs. As the space narrows you feel my beard make contact with your soft skin.

Your entire body shivers as you feel my tongue make contact with your exposed womanhood as I run my tongue up and down the outer folds. My tongue then slips between them and you sigh as I taste your sweet nectar. Your body reacts to every touch my tongue makes. My tongue is now making circles around your now energized nub and you press your waist into my face wanting more. The moans and sighs coming from you tell me you are enjoying my tongue lashing. I look up and watch as you grasp your breast and tweak your nipples. Your hips begin to buck wildly and your legs clamp down on my head. You cry out as your orgasm pulses through your body. Your juices flow freely and I am right there to lick them up. I listen to you whimper as your body begins to fall limp. As your grip releases on my head I caress my way up your body and our lips meet. After we share a long and passionate kiss you forcefully push me to the side and tell me it is my turn.

You reach down and find esenyurt escort my hard and throbbing member still encased in my clothing. You gently rub me, further exciting me. You begin to remove my clothing so you can see your prize. Once your prize is revealed you grip it in your hand and stroke. The feeling of your grip drives me insane and I moan as you work. You notice a bead of my excitement on the tip and I watch as you bend down and lightly lick it away before you begin stroking again. You repeat this process a few more times and I groan frustrated by your teasing licks. Knowing you have complete control of me you surprisingly take the head of my manhood fully into your mouth. I feel the warmth of your mouth surround it and your tongue moving against it. I watch as you move self around never releasing your hold and straddle my legs. When you release my member it glistens with your spit and you slide your way up my body. As you move up I can feel the warmth of your warm and wet mound come in contact with me and your lower lips now surround my wet shaft.

While thrusting your hips you stroke my shaft with your still sensitive womanhood being careful not to let me slip inside. Our lips lock and we kiss wildly as we both enjoy the feeling of our bodies pressing together. After several minutes of anticipation you slide a little further up and we both can feel the head of my manhood pressing against your opening. Slowly you slide back and allow me to penetrate you, we both sigh as we enjoy the feeling. With me fully inside you sit up and begin to rock your hips against me. Your breast swing freely so I grasp them in my hands and roll your nipples between my fingers. I then thrust up as you ride down hard on me. I watch as you reach down between your legs and play with your love button heightening your experience. You then lean over and brace yourself against the headboard with your hands, this allows me to suck and lick your nipples as my beard tickles your breast. It is a sensory overload and your moans become louder and louder.

I feel your walls clamp around my shaft as you cry out in another orgasm so I thrust as hard as I can feeling myself coming close to the cliff. You then beg me to fill you… hearing that drove me right over the edge and you then feel my manhood throb as I deposit everything trapped in my loins into your waiting nest. You feel the warmth deep inside as I coat every inch. My entire body shutters as you continue to milk my shaft slowly rocking your hips till I fall still beneath you. You then lay against me with me still inside you. My head rest on your chest and I look up into your vibrant eyes. You can feel me soften inside you and then fall out. I reach down and pull a blanket up and over us.

The musk of our love making fills the air and there we both lay for the next couple of hours holding one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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