The Maintenance Man

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Big Tits

I knew I wanted him. His name was Manuel and he works for the property I live in. I met him after I moved in but my things were still in boxes. I had just finished my inspection and turned in my results to the property manager. He came to my door less than an hour later to fix the things I had found wrong.

His head shaved in the heat and those cute glasses, they drove me insane. It took all my strength to stop my self from wrapping my legs around his face. He has little crinkles around his eyes when he smiled, he always seemed to smile. His skin, although sun kissed, was dark with his Puerto Rican heritage. He stood quite a few inches above me at I’m guessing six and a half feet. I wanted him.

I didn’t want him like I’ll date him or I’ll talk to him, no I wanted to make whoopi and have loud rough sex with him. What I wanted to do to him was probably beyond my physical capacity. I wanted to touch his every inch of him with my pierced tongue and bite his nipples. I wanted him to suckle me hard, first my left and then my right breast until my cocoa brown skin became red from the abuse.

I could just picture his smiling face as he undid the snaps that held my shirt together. I’d watch him mesmerized as he slowly buried his glasses between my heavy, Nubian globes licking the sweat off the space between them. I’d place my shaking hands on either side of his face to remove the now fogged glasses then hold on for dear life as he roughly lifts me onto the kitchen counter.

The whole idea of it makes my sex juices flow. Could anything be more fantastic? I wish. I tried to pay attention to the words he said to me about the faucet. I don’t remember what he said. I was thinking of what it would feel like being roughly handled by those capable hands. I almost missed it when he said the he was from my home town. I was too hot and bothered to be home sick at the time.

What would happen if he would place me on that counter and rip my pants, trying to take them off? His strong bronzed arms could do it. He would gasp as the smell of my wetness wafted up to his nostrils. The only thing that would be blocking him from diving into my slick velvety goodness would be some flimsy lace panties. Kneading my breast with both hands he would drink my lips in hungrily and grip my waist close to his body forcing my legs wider apart. There I’d feel the extent of his arousal through his work shorts. The material would feel slightly abrasive against the soft skin of my inner thighs, it would not matter though, I’d be too caught up in the magic he was making taking little bites of my neck.

I was checking out his backside when he went into the bathroom to fix the seat. I almost drooled when he stooped down to look at the problem with it. I do know he heard me suck in a breath when I imagined my hands grabbing his ass and squeezing my legs together around his hips. I know he did because he looked at me and asked if I was okay. All I could do was nod. I was still in the kitchen being man handled by him.

I was running my hands under his shirt up and down his chest and raking my nails across his back. Every time it hurt he’d grunt a little and bite my ear. My nipples would press though the fabric of my lace bra and scratch the buttons on the pockets of his shirt. I cry out loud because the sensation of the buttons would shoot little hot arrows straight to my honey pot. My loins would burst with pleasure. On cue he would rip the lacey barrier of my panties of with his bare hands and slip one finger into my hot tunnel. My eyes would flicker open just in time to see and feel his index finger withdraw and watch him lick the slickness off of it. I’d feel the need to have that finger in my mouth.

Blinking back to reality I had to explain what was wrong with the dinning room window screen. My hand brushed his when we opened it together and examined it. There was a blast of hot air that rushed in from outside. It should have brought me to my senses but it felt like his breath on my belly. I stepped back a little, sliding sex hikayeleri my bare feet on the carpet. I was about to turn and leave but I noticed a golf cart below the window under my apartment. I thought may be if I make some joke he’ll not notice the little ways my body was giving me away. Like the blush I could feel rising from my neck. I asked: “Could I have your Golf Cart?” He said no. His mouth made the perfect little O when he said it and before I could stop myself I said “C’mon… let me ride you.” I did not notice this little slip until he pause to look at me. “It I mean.” I said before he could utter a word, then I hurriedly went to the kitchen to make a drink for myself.

There I visualized that Manuel left my wonton body to get a chunk of ice to cool me down. I pictured him placing the little cube in his mouth and trailing it down my sweating brown skin starting with my swollen lips. There I licked at the ice cube trying to take if from him for I was thirsty and I needed to quench this all powerful thirst. He would trail that ice cube around my neck and shoulders then let the cold water leak down my back. With his teeth he’d break the ice in two and drop one piece in each flimsy cup of my 36D bra. Once deposited, he would gently tug then suck each mini ice cube, snaking his tongue into my bra and playing with my nipples. Meanwhile his hands had been holding me steady began to again to wander to my nether regions. One hand while firmly holding me to the counter nudged my legs a little farther apart. The other hand would gently brush against the area where the outer folds meet then move down to where the inner folds just poked their way out then back up again.

I sighed as the piece of ice I had taken from my lemonade dripped down the side of my face. I rubbed it against my neck and started to enjoy my lustful visions of him. My breathing must have become heavy again because he had come back to the kitchen to ask me another question. He didn’t. He stood there silently watching me as I placed the sweating glass to my forehead to cool my spinning head. I let the melting ice cube in my other hand run down my wrist and arm. I placed the ice cube to my lips, I rubbed it across them. The water ran down my neck into my shirt where he could see the trails the water let behind as it made its descent. I put the ice cube back in my drink, and gulped long draining half the glass.

I looked directly at him with my most alluring look and asked, “Do you want some?” Not really sure what I was offering him he said no thanks. I just closed my eyes and took a smaller but slower sip. I then placed the glass down on the counter and walked passed him. I whispered to him even though we were the only people in the apartment: “When you do get thirsty let me know.” I brushed my wet shirt against his arm when I passed. I moved to another room and I turned on some music. He followed me into the room rubbing his arm as he talked. When I turned to look at him I saw him put his hand down. He said he needed to replace a few things and that he had to go to his cart to get a tool. I nodded and licked the left over lemonade off my lips. I closed the door to my bedroom and leaned against it. I was well into my fantasy again when he returned.

He was plunging two fingers into my vagina now each time he would pause right at the opening and wiggle his fingers. I moaned in ecstasy I wanted more I wanted him naked I became frustrated with this tease he was giving me. I took control in my fantasy. I grabbed his belt and tried to undo it, It did not budge. I began to claw at his shirt trying to remove it. In my haste I’d pop the bottom button off. I was not thinking straight. It was not fair that he was still clothed and I was ready for him. Taking off his clothes would take up more time than I wanted to spare. I moaned in frustration.

Once the shirt was off, I attempted the belt again. This time I got it. Right when it I loosened it, he inserted a third finger. My hands stop their workings. My hips of their own accord bucked forward. sikiş hikayeleri I wanted to bite him, something anything to stop the agony of waiting for him to enter me. I bit his bottom lip, his neck the fingers on his other hand. I tried to scoot down off the counter to bite his nipples. He was in total control of my body. I was paralyzed but aching for release. To calm me he grabbed my face with both hands and smiled at me. A most teasing and sensual smile it was. He would kiss me long and slow and gentle.

Then after I would be calmed he sank to his knees. He extended my legs and beginning at my ankles he would alternate between squeezing and biting them. When he got to my inner thighs he began to make little circles that wound closer and closer to my steaming crevice. He had arrived. There he repeated the same movement he had done earlier with his fingers. He flicked his tongue up and down my wet soaking pussy. He teased me into a frenzy of kicking limbs with his tongue never truly entering me but leaving just enough of an impression to want him to. Then he did it, he rolled his tongue into a circle and darted inward. He did it several times and then spread his tongue wide inside and wiggled it up and down right over my clitoris.

Back in reality we had begun talking through a door. I was in my room furiously rubbing my pussy through my pants while he was trying to talk to tell me about the stuff he was fixing. I know he could hear me gasping, and I’m sure he was trying to remain professional about the whole situation. I could not help it he was so sexy with those glasses, that narrow waist, that dark tanned skin and those broad shoulders. When I finally came out of the bed room I appeared flushed and my brown skin had a thin layer of sweat on it. My fantasy had finally played out. I had this heavily sated look about me as if it had really happened. It went down like this:

After he would finish eating my sex juices he’d rise off his knees and make me taste my own cum. He’d wipe his dripping face all over mine. Then his loosen short would fall to the floor and his stiff member would poke into my stomach. His heavy sack would brush up against my waiting pussy it softness strangely contrasting with the stiffness of his turgid cock. Realizing he was taller than me even on the counter he moved me to the dinning room floor. We slowly fell to it with a loud thump. After much giggling he then spread my legs and slid his hands over my body stopping to possessively grip my center. He left his hand there, occasionally letting his thumb wander into my cunt while efficiently pinning me to that spot. I wanted to move but he would not let me. I pleaded to him, making small sounds and whimpers. I wanted satisfaction, I wanted penetration, I wanted everything he was going to give me and I wanted it now.

He waited until I began to squirm under him then in one swift move he entered me. Forcing my legs wide and impaling me with a suddenness that I cried out not in pain but in surprise. The pain came later. May be he wanted me semi wet so that it could be uncomfortable, maybe he wanted me to not feel the entire length of him just yet. Either, way his cock would be long, thick and it would demand my full attention. He let his cock be still snuggly wrapped in my vaginal walls. Thinking that his girth would be all I could handle he used his muscles to make his cock twitch inside. Instantly my legs fell open and he slid further into my welcoming cocoon.

He began to pound into me raising my temperature with every thrust. I’d scream obscenities at him to urge him on faster and harder. I was driven mad by the strength of his grip on my hips. I began my ascension into my second orgasm that day. Just as I reached the peak and was about to fall into pure white bliss he stopped. After a while I would start to look up at him questioningly, his eyes closed. I could feel his still rigid prick inside me like he was waiting for something. All at once his muscle expanded and jumped again much stronger than before, erotik hikaye I felt my own muscles contract around him.

With out any warning he pulled out turned me over as if I weighed an ounce and placed me in my hands and knees. He put a hand on the small of my back to push my abused twat in the air. He resurged into me pushing out any air that had accumulated with his vacancy. The sound that came was like rubber being dragged over wet rubber. I wanted to laugh but there was no pause in Manuel. He began to ram himself into me in earnest at the same time keeping his hand on the small of my back. I wanted to arch my back in ecstasy but I was held in place. His other hand had found its way to my clitoris and he had begun to squeeze it gently then tug it between his two fingers.

He let go of me to take my hips, I arched my back immediately. His pace slowed a little and then faster again and harder this time, then slower yet again to only this time push his entire length into me in one rough thrust. I closed my eyes and screamed in pain, little white flowers blossomed behind them. Stars shaped like daises floated around the corners when I finally opened my eyes.

He had begun to rub my clitoris faster wanting me to not feel any pain. He was taking long strokes in and out pulling all but his head and then letting me slowly fill up on him over and over it was torment. My muscles were squeezing him I could not stop that any more. I could feel our mixed juices running down my legs. We had begun to make wet squashing noises along with the grunts and the yowls from our mouths. I felt him struggling to control himself inside me the pace getting more and more erratic. I was thrusting back on him by now chasing his member as it tried to leave. He started to grow bigger inside me.

I put my head down and rounded my back I was getting tired I had had three orgasms my body was covered in sweat I could feel another one building with in me. I sank down to my elbows. I stopped moaning. I was breathing out of my nose and mouth I had gone horse. I thought I was done, Manuel would not have that. He sensed my fatigued and wanted to make sure I finished with him. I was not done to him.

He leaned over me and kissed my shoulders and asked if I wanted more. I said I can’t take any more. He kissed the top of my spine and asked again I begged and pleaded no more. I imagined that site of me on my knees with this man inside me actually turned me on. I felt my juices give him more. He then said “your body wants more darlin, I want more. Tell me you want more” all the while he had snaked his hand around my waist to play with my nipples squeezing and twisting them. His other hand had started rubbing the top of my mound right above my clit. He had wrapped his body around me like a cocoon. He was pumping slow enough to talk to me but he started to move again and I moaned. I wanted more now.

As one we sat back on our haunches with him squeezing my breast. I had tried to wrap one hand behind us and work with him my head was leaning on his shoulder. I felt him grow larger inside so I squeezed him tighter. He started a deep growl in his stomach I felt it reverberate though his body. In a moment of clarity I put my hand on his sac and rubbed it in little circles it was hard and almost ready to burst. I began chanting yes over and over. We lost control together he squeezed my breast so hard I thought he might pull it off but it was forgotten when I felt him break loose a volley of hot seed into me in one big thrust after another. I heard him give a throaty yell then throw his head back all the while still filling me with his liquid. I was melting into mush before him shaking and gasping for air. I had let out my own scream to match his, we sounded like two large animals in rut.

He last thrust into me sent the last of his arsenal inside and then we both fell to our sides on the carpet. Still engaged he planted kissed on my neck and shoulders and finally let go of my breast to rub my stomach.

When his now flaccid penis slid out of me it made a satisfying plop noise and that noise was what made me decide that I had better change my clothes before the Manuel in reality got back with the all the things he needed to fix my apartment.

The end

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