The Picture Ch. 03

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Alice was surprised when her phone rang early that morning and she saw it was James calling. After the first date when she asked him back to her apartment and it degenerated into what she thought had to be a sexual fiasco for James, she didn’t figure she would hear from him again. Sure it was different and very exciting for Alice to masturbate in front of a man, especially so because it was James, but she figured the reason they both masturbated was that he wanted to avoid having sex with her. Even though James told her he had a wonderful evening, she didn’t figure she would hear from him again.

“You want to go out again tonight?” she replied on the phone. “Oh no, no, I’m not surprised, I just didn’t expect to hear back from you so soon,” she continued, trying to hide her surprise.

“No, no, it is not too soon and yes I would love to go out again tonight. Seven O’clock, yes that will be fine,” she said to him before saying, “Goodbye.”

Not wanting to be late for work, she quickly undressed and hopped in the shower where she ran the Ankara escort events of the previous evening through her mind. Well, as the warm water began splashing on her breasts and running down her body, she actually pictured James as he stroked his cock. The image of his fist sliding up the long length of his shaft, the bit of pre-cum that ran down his fingers and the way his face looked as he responded to the sensation had her beginning to feel a tingling in her stomach.

While still seeing his hand move over his cock, banging down onto his balls and then sliding up over the purplish head, she arched her back and let the shower stream splash directly on her nipples. She then soaped up her hands and slowly moved them up her stomach, then in wide circular patterns around her breasts and then slowly moving inward until she was finally running her soapy palms over her hard nipples.

Remembering how the thick vein running down James’s cock seemed to pulsate as he moved his hand, Alice grabbed the shower nozzle, turned it upward slightly and detached Ankara escort bayan it, holding the wand in her right hand. Picturing how James’ hips rocked back and forth as he fucked his fist like she wanted him to fuck her, Alice gently spread her lips apart with her left hand exposing her clit. She then turned the wand so the force of the water began splashing on and around the sensitive nub.

Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the wall of the shower, flinching a bit as the cold tile touched her warm skin. Feeling the warm water splashing on her pussy, on her sensitive lips and her clit she let the sensations wash over her as she remembered the expression on James’ face as he got closer and closer to coming. Oh how she would love to see his face like that as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

As she got closer and closer to orgasm she pictured him, as he inched stroke after stroke to his orgasm. Letting the vision play in her mind she moved the shower wand slightly, varying the amount of stimulation on her clit as she Escort Ankara timed herself. The pleasure was building as she got closer and closer to the edge until finally she could hold out no more. James’ cock suddenly erupted and his cum spurted way out onto the floor and then onto the Polaroid photograph and Alice came, the warm shower spray sending jolts of electricity deep inside her, causing her to pulsated, her pussy contracting again and again.

She pushed two fingers into herself as she turned the wand away from her now overly sensitive clit. Feeling her pussy contract again and again she imagined James’ cock inside her now, making her cum, filling her with his cum. The sensations then began to subside and she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Carefully reattaching the shower wand, she grabbed the soap and quickly washed under her arms, between her legs, up the crack of her ass and then down her legs and over her feet.

Alice quickly rinsed, dried off and dressed hurriedly. She then packed up her things, pulled together a lunch while taking a quick bite of toast. After a sip of coffee, she placed the cup in the sink and headed for the apartment door. While riding into work she wondered if she would get much accomplished when all she could think of was James.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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