The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 7)

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(John gets what he earned)

After such a wonderful day of lovemaking with my beautiful girlfriend Kathy, I was reliving the day in my head while my husband John cut a piece of cheesecake for me. I went to the sofa in the living room with my refreshing glass of white wine and snuggled into my favorite spot in the corner. Slipping my feet out of my kitten heeled slippers, I rested my feet on the cushion next to me. John delivered a nice big piece of his famous cheesecake topped in strawberry sauce and an ice pack. He returned with his glass of wine and sat at the other end of the sofa facing me.

I gingerly placed the ice pack on the upper part of my left breast. That side was the most painful from my first ever flogging. John just stared at me as I ate the cheesecake. “You are sure you are ok MJ? I mean those look very painful,” he finally said. “Yes, Sweetheart, I am more than ok. They are sore but in a very good way and the intensity of the experience was amazing. You are so sweet to be concerned but I am fine,” was my reply. He continued, “Well you look amazing. I never thought I would be turned on by seeing you bruised, but that is definitely very hot. I can’t wait to hear more details, but the sounds coming from the bedroom were insane.” I could see the outline of his chastity cage changing as he was obviously becoming aroused. He had been so attentive today I was thinking he needed a little treat.

I took my half eaten cheesecake and placed it on the cushion just in front of my feet, and now with both hands free, I started to slowly rub the icepack across my chest from side to side. Looking down, I could see that the bruising was still forming and they were even more red and beginning to look purple in some areas. The pain was still pretty intense but in a very good way.

I had John’s full attention now and his eyes were fixed on me. While still rubbing my battered breasts, I took the toes of my right foot and pressed them into the strawberry sauce that covered the cheesecake and then slowly guided it up toward John’s lips. He opened his mouth wide and extended his tongue. I pressed my big toe and as many of my toes as would fit passed his lips. I held it there for a few seconds, then with four or five quick motions I fucked his eager mouth with my toes. He held his mouth open wide and tongue extended as I had trained him to do until I said, “Clean up.” His lips closed quickly and his tongue greedily cleaned each toe. I withdrew my toes and as I was scooping them back into the cheesecake I said, “Clothes please.” He stood, dropped his shorts to the floor and as he stepped out of them also removed his shirt. I admired my handsome husband for a few seconds, his caged cock was so hard it was pressing between the bars of the cage and a long rope of precum was beginning to form. I wanted his hard cock in my mouth, but wanted more to feel the pleasure of controlling him for a bit longer. “Sit please, closer,” I said and he quickly obeyed. I now rested my left foot on his chastity cage and began rubbing my toes over it and then under his balls again and again. My right foot dipped into the cheesecake again and again and repeated the previous process fucking John’s mouth with my toes before allowing him to clean them up. By the time the cheesecake was gone John was clearly as excited as he could possibly be while constrained by his cage.

“Get a shower and meet me in bed,” I directed as I rose from the sofa. I went to the bedroom to straighten up and arrange for the finale for the evening. I removed my panties and gently removed my bra fully exposing my breasts which were continuing to change colors, and the stripes and raised whelps were still more obvious. John’s shower was quickly completed and my beautiful handsome man joined me in our bed. “On your back please,” was my request. I wrapped a leather restraint on each of his ankles and snapped each of the straps to the rope which was secured to the foot of the bed. He knew the routine and raised his arms high over his head. Straddling his chest I leaned forward over his face, my now fully purple beaten breasts inches from his face and the key to his chastity cage resting on his lips. “God, those are sexy,” he said. “Don’t move,” was my reply as I lowered my 46DDD breasts onto his face. I pressed my full weight onto his face as I snapped shut the handcuffs on each of his wrists securing his arms to the reinforcement John had added to the headboard. I raised up and now dangling my breasts an inch from his lips I instructed, “Tongue only! No sucking, no biting. They are too sore for that.” “Yes, Ma’am,” was his reply. With the rules set, I began to alternate my nipples pressing them against his tongue and lips. The warmth and his gentle touch felt good. He was obviously enjoying it too and I think the fact that his chastity cage key was also swinging off its chain and hitting him in the head was a huge turn on for us both.

I had in the past locked John away for a couple of weeks at a time, but not with this level of teasing from both my beautiful girlfriend Kathy and me and all in the same day. And he had given us both so much pleasure today, so I decided I was going to unlock him. I raised up from John’s mouth and climbed off of his chest. He looked around wide eyed as I asked him, “Should I unlock you?” He first blurted out, “Yes Ma’am…” and then quickly corrected himself, “I mean only when you are ready for me to be unlocked.” His devotion and submission was touching, so I took the key from around my neck and put it into the lock. He watched as I unlocked and removed the lock. The part of the cage covering his cock spung up under the force of what had to be his tenth restrained erection of the day. I slowly worked the cage off of his hard cock which was marked with indentions in each area it was hitting the cage. Next I pulled off the spiked pull-out guard. I gently squeezed his balls but realized there was no way the ring was coming off as long as his cock was this hard. I climbed back onto his chest although this time with my ass in his face and I leaned down with my face just inches from his now freed cock. I pressed my ass and pussy back toward his mouth and I immediately felt his tongue moving in long strokes up from my clit all the way to my ass where it circled a couple of times and them moved back toward my clit. I slide back a tiny bit further and then began rocking back and forth on his tongue. Each time I raised up I could tell my weight was forcing my big round ass over his mouth and nose and although it was cutting off his breathing he would plunge his tongue as deeply into my ass as he could. He held there as long as I had his face smothered and then when I would lean forward his tongue would pull out of my ass and I would hear him gasp for air. Once he regained his breath he would be immediately back on my clit and again I would rock back to meet his tongue filling my ass. I could tell my ass was opening more and more and although I am not a huge fan of anal, I was thinking tonight might be the night, My breath control game continued with each time I pressed back my ass and John’s masterful analinguis was non-stop.

I reached over on the night stand and retrieved a bottle of lube and slowly dripped it onto John’s throbbing erection coating his entire cock without ever touching it. One more time I pressed back onto his long tongue and this time bounced there enjoying the feeling of his tongue fucking my ass. I leaned forward and turned around again to straddle his waist and face him. “Do you want to fuck my ass? You have earned a treat.” I said. “Yes, please,” was all I needed to hear him say.

I raised my ass and slipped back over his wet cock. I reached behind and with one finger raised it to rest against my now open and wet asshole. I moved down just enough to feel myself start to spread ever so slightly. I raised my arms up to ensure John had a full view of my purple, beaten breasts and then dropped all my weight onto his hard cock. His cock was instantly balls deep in my ass, where it had only been four or five times in all the years we had been together. My drop onto his cock caused more than a little pain in my breasts, but I could tell John was really enjoying watching my tits swing. I gave him a few more seconds to compose himself, not wanting him to cum quickly even though he had earned a release. I slow began to raise and lower my hips, feeling his huge ridge cock being gripped by my extremely tight ass. I gradually increased the speed of my movements and the height I was raising my hips, faster and faster, harder and harder I rode his cock. His hips were now also rising to meet me and when I stopped with my ass elevated, he continued to thrust his cock into my ass. “Do you like watching my abused tits swing while you fuck my ass?” My question was apparently too much for mine because I felt him tensing and I again dropped my weight onto his hardness and felt him exploding inside my tight wet ass. His orgasm was clearly intense and lasted for what seemed to be minutes. He finally began to relax and my evil side had one more idea. I raised off of his cock slowly but immediately guided it into my wet very pussy that had been so well used all day. He said, “No, no, no, that’s too much,” I just said it is still my cock and I began his post orgasm torture by riding his slowly softening cock. His hips were bucking and moving side to side and he was pulling hard against the handcuffs. I wanted one final orgasm for the day and I wanted it while riding his cock, so rather than slowing down I sped up my riding. I reached to stroke my clit and in seconds felt my face filling with the rush of adrenaline as I started to orgasm. The shuttering warmth built very slowly and then suddenly I was in the depths of my orgasm. As quickly as it had built it passed and I collapsed onto John’s chest kissing him deeply. As he does every time, he whispered, “Thank you.”

I slid up John’s chest to place a knee on either side of his head and lowered my well fucked ass and pussy onto John’s face. Eager as always his tongue was instantly at work retrieving every drop of our juices. Knowing most hot, thick cum from John’s long awaited orgasm was still deep in my ass, I spread my cheeks directly over his mouth and slowly pushed and flexed my ass to expel the treasure it held. As soon as the deposit began to ooze from its hiding place, John’s tongue was again probing my ass hunting for every last drop. Satisfied he had done his duty, I retrieved the key to the handcuffs and released him from indenture. He removed the last part of his chastity cage from around his now limp cock and emptied balls, while I removed the cuffs from each of his ankles.

I crawled into bed next to him and pressed my back and ass back against him. “Hold me please, but don’t touch the boobs”, I said as he wrapped his strong arm over me and I was asleep in seconds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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