The Survey

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The ringing of the front doorbell stirs Dave from a deep sleep. He opens the door with a bath towel wrapped around his waist.
” Hello my name is Sharon. I work for the Retirement commission and I would like to ask you some questions about retirement this will take about twenty minutes. Would you like to take part?” Her eyes start at Dave’s bare feet and travel up his fit muscular mature naked body to his eyes. Dave is holding a towel around his mid rift.
“Uh. Yeah sure. Come in.” Dave is studying the young petite curvy brunette in company logo polo shirt and skirt.
“Would you like me to come back when your dressed?” Sharon asks bashfully her eyes down. She sees the bulge stirring under the towel.
“Nah, come in ” stands aside let’ Sharon walk in .” Down the hallway to the end. Have a seat while I put some clothes on”.
“Okay. Thank you. It’s getting very warm out here”, says Sharon as she walks down the hallway she notices the erotic art on the walls.
Dave watches her ass sway as she walks down the hallway. He quickly finds a pair of footy shorts and a t shirt to put on as he walks in to the open plan living area of his executive home. He finds Sharon set up at the 10 seat family dining table looking at the outdoor entertaining area where two naked women are sunbathing.
“My flatmate and her girlfriend. We can sit in another room if you like” Dave says indicating the two chairs on the other side of the kitchen. “Would you like a drink? Coffee. Tea. Water. “
“Water please. Can I start with the questions er sir” Sharon notices the head of Dave’s cock hanging out the leg of his shorts.
“Dave ” Dave says” Sir is to formal okay” Replies dave as he fills a glass from the fridge dispenser.
“Thanks. First questions are about you. Age”
“Do you work”
“Yeah Fulltime shiftwork”
“Yeah , Managed funds, Rental Property, Kiwi saver, work superannuation.”
“Do you own your home ? Mortgage?”
“Yeah. Nah”
“Pardon” Sharon looks up from her clipboard her eyes are drawn to Dave’ s big erection that she can see down the leg of his shorts. She can feel her pussy getting moist.
“Yeah I own the house mortgage free. ” He notices that her firm perky breasts now have hard nipples pushing against the taut shirt fabric. Licks his lips.
“How many cars do you own? I noticed the Mustang and the Nissan Titan truck and the Commodore in the drive.”
“6 ” Dave states. Noticing her interest in cars continues” The Mustang, the Titan, a falcon XR6 Sprint, a 1965 Ford Galaxie coupe, a 1969 Mustang fastback, and a Ferrari”
“Not the HSV Commodore SS V Motorsport”
“No that’s mine” says the statuesque tall naked blonde with her arm around the brunette. Her hand cupping a big breast. As the women walk in to the media room and push the door to.
“any other income sources”
Sharon looks to the door where the women went”
“Oh yeah, Flatmate pays rent $350 a week”
“That’s a lot”
“I will show you around.” As they walk around the 1 acre landscaped garden area he points out the lap pool , spa pool, bbq area, tennis court, courtyards etc… Inside the 480sqm house are four bedrooms 3 bathrooms, the open plan area kitchen butlers pantry dining and living spaces , they end up in the snooker room and bar. Through an open door they see on a screen a woman on her knees with a big cock in her mouth. The woman looks not unlike sam. Sharon stares at the screen as Dave stands behind her removes his shorts then rubs his big hard cock against the small of her back.
She turns around, feels his hand on top of her head firmly pushing her to her knees. Her mouth opens as her small hand tries to hold the thick shaft of the big circumcised cock and guide it in.
” Oh yes Sharon. “
“Mmmmmmm” Sharon moans, her hand between her legs.
Dave looks down at his young prey. Places a hand under her chin , tilts her head up, and pushes some of the thick shaft down her throat causing her to gag.
Dave grabs Sharon’s harsh ponytail and tries to force his thick long cock down her inexperienced throat.
“Relax! Open your throat, suck my cock down deep” . Dave realises she can’t take any more.
“Crawl ” his hand holding her ponytail pulls her in to the media room. On the screen Samantha’s bottom is buttfucked by Dave’s thick dick. He sits beside Samantha who has her legs spread ,the big breasted brunettes head between her legs licking her cunt. Sharon sees Dave is seated his big fucking dick standing erect ,he gestures for her to turn around and mount him.
She turns around her hand reaches between her legs for his dick…
Smack! His large hand swats her big ass cheek.
She feels the tip of his large cock against her butt, she moves her weight, Dave grips her hips and thrusts firmly pushing the large blood engorged head of his prick in to her tight little butthole.
Sharon watches the screen Dave pulls his dick out a close up of Samantha’s gaping butthole . At the bottom of the screen cum squirts from the bulbous head on to her back and butt.
Sharon moans encouragement to the woman her hands firmly pulling her head in to her pelvic thrusting orgasming pussy. Watching Sharon getting fucked in the ass next to her.
Samantha signals her brunette slut to lick Sharon’s hot box while she is being buttfucked. The big breasted slut crawls over her head by Sharon’s knee. Sharon looks down as she feels a caress on the inside of her thigh. The brunettes tongue moves towards her wet juicy pussy where her fingers frantically rub her clit.
“OMG . Fuck ” Heavy breathing Sharon feels more cock penetrating deeper, stretching her asshole wide .
“Fucking lick my pussy….. Suck my clit … ” her hands firmly behind the brunettes head ” Stick your tongue in my pussy. Fuck my ass with that big dick. Fuck me!
Dave thrusts into Sharon, a few more inches till he is balls deep in this young sluts asshole. He puts his hands under her thighs and stands holding her in place. Walks out through another door to a room with sex toys on the wall. Standing in the middle of the room is Samantha ,wearing a big strap on dildo. Dave walks toward her. Sharon only twigs to what is about to happen when Samantha moves between her legs guiding the lubricated sex toy against her pussy lips.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please don’t…..” Sharon cries
“Suck it up slut” Samantha grins “My man’s cock is in your ass. My cock is going in your slutty ..” Samantha pushes two fingers in and out of Sharon’s juicy sloppy cunt ” Hmmm good and wet ” puts the fingers in her mouth ” Yum “
Samantha moves the head of the big dildo up and down the length of Sharon’s wet pussy lips slowly. Up and down.
Samantha and Dave sandwich the poor young woman. The dildo splits her pussylips and penetrates deep up to the hilt in one thrust.
Dave and Samantha stroke their hard cocks in and out simultaneously, thrusting harder and faster in to Sharon’s holes harder and faster. They can feel her body having small climaxes. They want to bring her to her final body convulsing climax. They slow down alternate their strokes to full long thrusts One in one out gathering pace and ramming her body harder and faster. Dave can no longer hold back shoots his load deep in her ass. He feels her butt clench his cock milking his dick. Sharon’s body trembles shakes and convulses uncontrollably as she orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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