The Tub Ch. 02

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After that wonderful bath, a nap was definitely in order. Candy turned on the ceiling fan on low and lit some incense then dropped her robe to the floor. She pulled all the covers off of the bed and slid sensuously between the satin sheets. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was in dreamland.

In her dream she is sitting on the beach watching the sun set; movement to her left catches her eye, and she sees a man walking slowly up the beach watching the same setting sun. He’s wearing long loose swim trunks and a short sleeve button up shirt, halfway unbuttoned, and can see a nice patch of chest hair peeking out. She licks her lips and stares at him, hoping to make eye contact.

Finally, he sees her and stops in his tracks. “Beautiful sunset, isn’t it?” He asked. Her words catch in her throat, but she is finally able to reply: “Yes it is; would you like to watch it with me?” “I’d love to,” he replies, and sits down next to her. They sit together in silence until the sun is down, then turn to face each other.

Neither one speaks as he takes her poker oyna in his strong arms and kisses her firmly. She eagerly accepts his kiss, opening her mouth and passionately returning the kiss. Their tongues meet and she moans softly and places her hand on his chest. Her hand relishes the touch of his skin, slipping under his shirt and running her nails across his hardening nipple. He places his hands on her neck, kissing her deeper now, then moves his hands and slips her bikini straps from her shoulders.

He lays her down gently and pushes the bikini top away and takes her breast in his hand, teasing her nipple with his thumb. Her breathing quickens as she moves her hand down his chest to his swim trunks, where she feels his hard cock throbbing steadily. She breaks the kiss and pushes him onto his back and rips his shirt open, buttons flying every which way. Her hands move up and down his stiff cock, feeling it grow below her touch. She trails her tongue down his chest, stopping at each nipple and biting it lightly. He moans as his fingers flow through her canlı poker oyna hair. She keeps moving her tongue down his chest, following the treasure trail to his navel as she adeptly unties his swim trunks and rips open the Velcro.

She reaches inside and pulls out his hard, throbbing cock, stroking slowly up and down. Her tongue moves down to his balls, licking and sucking lightly as she continues to move her hand up and down his cock. She licks slowly all the way up his shaft to the head of his cock and swirls her tongue around it, then takes it into her mouth. He moans louder now as he throbs harder.

She takes him deeper into her mouth, swallowing more as she moves down to the hilt. Using her throat muscles, she begins to fuck him with her mouth, feeling the head of his cock swell as he approaches climax. She stops, not wanting him to cum yet, and removes her mouth. He moans and whimpers, gripping handfuls of sand as he tries to stave off his climax.

She is very hot and wet at this point, and while still holding onto his stiff cock, she internet casino removes her bikini bottoms and kicks them aside. She slides her hand down her stomach and bites her lip as her fingers slide easily between her wet pussy lips. Moving her fingers up and down, she returns to his cock. She takes him into his mouth, sucking long and slow, up and down, moaning against his skin as her fingers find her swollen, throbbing clit. She rubs her clit in rhythm with moving up and down his cock, the pace quickening as they both get closer to climax. She then shoves two fingers deep into her hot pussy and uses her thumb to abuse her aching clit, cumming hard again and again, moaning and screaming against his cock.

He can’t hold back any longer as his hips buck up, exploding into her mouth, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. She takes all of his cum expertly, moaning and swallowing, as she continues to fuck herself with her fingers. She continues to stroke his cock, milking every last bit of cum from him, swallowing it all, as she recovers from her incredible orgasms. She lays down next to him, both of them completely spent. As he takes her hand in his, he sucks and licks her sweet nectar from her fingers, his cock beginning to stir again, but they doze off in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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