The Twins Invite part one

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So I was set up! I don’t know how but I was…I’m not complaining by all means though. In fact if I was set up it was a blessing in disguise. I mean kissing and making out with two 18 year old twin brunette women at the same time…come on! The thing is it was who they were that makes it strange and hot at the same time. In fact I knew them very well but not lately however….Sally and Susan was about to have their way with me and I was not going to fight them at all. Because these two women who had the greatest asses and tits I have ever seen that made my cock stand at attention when I saw them look at me as I was talking to their mom made it so.
I went up to visit my parents about two weeks ago to which turned out to be a fix everything before I go on vacation trip…you know the ones. Well it was later on in the week mowing grass with my shirt off where I heard laughter coming towards our fence that we have with our neighbors. So I investigated the laughter and I looked over the fence and saw two unbelievable hot women putting up balloons and streamers. What they were laughing at beats me. Anyway the back sliding door open and out come the Mrs. she saw me standing there behind my fence and said,” Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” I spoke,” Hey Mrs. longtime no see!” She said,” How long has it been since you have been gone from this place?” I said,” quite some time but I came back to help my parents…there going on a vacation soon so they needed some stuff done so here I am” I then said,” So where are the twins, I haven’t seen them in years?” The Mrs. said as she pointed them out to me, ” right here.” All of a sudden the beautiful women that caught my eye and something else turned around and right then and there my heart sank to the ground. The twins that I use to babysit at 13 were now 18 and hot as you know what. Sally and Susan smiled as they looked at me…they came down to the fence to talk with me and I tried not to look but Damn!. So the twins and I sat there talking for at least 15 minutes and then the Mrs. told them to nicely get back to work and they walked back and got to it. I just shook my head as I watched them. I said,’ Well Mrs. and you two you all have a good rest of the day!” Mrs. spoke,” You too…oh are you all coming over for the birthday party?” I said,” I don’t know…my parents are still packing and Mr. slave boy here has a lot yet to do before they go.” The Mrs. said,” Well your welcome to come over if you want to.” I said,” Ok thanks!” and the twins spoke up,” please come over, it’s gonna be fun!” I nodded my head and continued to mow the lawn.
Three hours and a shower later I was sitting out on the lawn in a lawn chair relaxing when my parents came out and asked me if I was gonna go over there to the party and I said probably not…they sort of insisted I go. So there I went…I walk in and immediately Sally and Susan jumped me, grabbing me from the front and behind. I was a hug sandwich. They thanked me for coming and told me that I wasn’t gonna be disappointed that I did. The smell of their perfume and their touch seduced me. So I asked,” where is the Mrs. and Mr.?” The Twins said that they went out for as they walked away my eyes glanced at the swaying of their tits and the absence of their bras, I shook my head.
Three hours later and many games later I was having a good time there…just then the twins announced that we were gonna play the Kiss and tell game to which two people are blindfolded and put in a closet. They must kiss at least once and come out and identify the kisser. Well I shook my head at the twins and they winked back at me. Anyway several players later my name was called and I waved my hand saying no I didn’t want to play. Everyone encouraged me to play and a did much to the smiles of the twins. So there I was blindfolded and in a closet awaiting for the kiss. Suddenly the door opened and the person came in. They put us together and closed the door. I said to the individual that we didn’t have to do this but a soft finger to my lips and a hush denied that. Almost immediately the person kissed me…the soft and moist lips sent shock waves down my body that I haven’t felt in years. I knew it was a woman kissing me. Another kiss happened and another…I lost count and before we knew it we were making out passionately. Her lips crashing hard against mine, her tongue making mine its lover and her hands feeling me which I now had a hard cock saying hello. Then the door opened and she was gone. They came and got me after and I couldn’t name the person who was in there with me. So I lost…yet I won cause I had the hottest kiss ever! So the game continued and my heart was looking all over for her and those lips. The last name in the game was mine. I was immediately transfixed on who it was…so was my cock. I entered the closet and waited…my heart was pounding fast as my excitement grew. I wanted that kiss back! So the door opened and they brought the person in…I was nervous. We kiss instantly(it was a woman’s kiss)and we didn’t stop. We deep kiss and tongue kissed like it was the last day on Earth. I fell into her…her hands found my now throbbing cock and began playing with it. I was amazed how her hands found my pants button and zipper but said nothing of it…not to mention wasn’t our time up. Then the set up was about to be clear at least I think it was.
Suddenly as the woman I have been making love to with my mouth shifted I felt another pair of hands grab my ass and begin squeezing. I wondered what the heck was going on and spoke out about it but when the front woman pushed me back I felt another woman’s body collide with it. I felt her Tits, her hard nipples press up against me and then as I moaned the behind woman grabbed my neck and began sucking it. I was done… all of the kissing and touching of my ass and cock was enough. I said,” please ladies if you want to fuck me then let us do so…stop teasing me I’m already putty in your hands.” Just then the behind lady grabbed my head and brought her lips to mine and kissed me passionately. So a pause came into the room…the ladies left me. I tried to catch my breath as I heard pants being unzipped and whispers afoot. Suddenly the ladies came back to me and held me close…their bodies were now naked and pressed up against me. They immediately stripped me of my clothes and then whispered in my ear. You are our birthday gift.

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