Tigerlover takes me in the butt: quid pro quo

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Writers are not only writers, but often also readers. I read a lot of porn stories by fellow writers. Because I am curious as to what they write and how they write, and of course because their stories often excite me.

Some time ago I came across the deliciously horny stories written by Tigerlover. My heart beat went up because of them. By their contents and by her staccato writing style. It was as if she whispered the stories into my ears, intimately and panting. As if some sphlnx like woman grabbed me by the balls. In short paragraphs, no difficult constructions. No long stretches of text, that make you lose direction soon. No abacadabra.

That the stories were written by a woman is quite rare. She is a ‘normal’ woman that is very ‘loose’ in her stories and appears to have orgasms very easily. And she also claims that her stories are not fictitious.

This gave a special flavour to them and made me even more curious about her. I tried to become friends with her on this website and when I succeeded I first complimented her upon her stories. She liked this, maybe because a fellow writer made these compliments. And of course because every woman likes to get compliments.

We started chatting. First about the technical side of writing and she asked me how I had become such a productive writer on Xhamster. I told her I have a very rich phantasy and write quickly.

One thing led to another and after a while she said she wanted to meet me in person, to learn more about writing and maybe to discuss writing a story together. We had been given each other feedback on our stories, but she said this was not enough. S we made an appointment somewhere in Rotterdam (the big harbour town in the Netherlands).

When we met on a terrace (she had brought a fluffy tiger toy as a sign) she struck me by her beauty and natural looks. No bling bling, not a lot of make-up, no tattoos, no piercings. At least not visible. A fine product of Mother Nature, beautiful. Not conspicuous, and yet conspicuous, because of that. It is difficult to explain if you haven’t met her in person. And there is not much to go by on her Xhamster account either. What she found of me and my old body, I did not dare to ask. You should not ask a lady about that, should you?

We had a long conversation on the sunny terrace, about all kinds of subjects. The conversation never got dull. We did not only talk about writing, but also about sex and what we had experienced. Because our own experiences were often the input for our stories. And it struck me that she was very open about her sex life. To a relative stranger like me.

But all nice conversations come to an end and after a while she had to leave. It was a long journey home for her. I found it hard to let her go, and I do not know if she felt the same. After that we kept chatting intensively and during these chats I told her that one of the things on my bucket list was to be fucked in the butt by a woman. A long-time phantasy.

Tigerlover was very cool in her reaction. ‘If a man wants to have anal sex with me, I always react like this: I will get my rubber penis’. And she had never had to use it upto now, she confessed. A nice deterrent for all anally fixated men.

But I immediately said; ‘Ow, I think that is a good idea, I am no coward. Let us do that on our next date.’ She was silent for a moment and gave me no reaction. So I did not give up hope.

For our second date she traveled all the way to my place (she need not have to, I would gladly have come to her, but this was more ‘practical’). And again we talked for hours, as if we were old friends and had known each other for many years. What struck me again, was her self-confidence and of course, her great body. I was very curious how she would look without clothes …

I had to go to the toilet after many cups of coffee and was thinking how I could move the conversation in an anal direction. In order to fulfill my wish, with her. After being taken in the butt by her, I would take her in the butt. Quid pro quo, fair deal.

When I returned to the living room she had unbuttoned her blouse a bit and what I sat down next to her I could see her nice pointy titties. I immediately felt my dick grow in my pants. Mother Nature doing her work. I saw her hard nipples through her blouse and felt a sudden urge to kiss her. Which I did straightaway, without hesitation. Our wet tongues met and I felt electricity all through my body. I had not felt that for a long time.

The electricity automatically reached the tip of my dick, my guide in sexual territory. I let my hands roam over her body and she panted in my ear, telling me to continu. I kissed her neck and in the meantime she took off his blouse. She also unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down, taken her knickers down in the process. Her naked body stared at me, as an innocent virgin that had to be handled very delicately. Her looks had something terribly horny, which was hard to match the innocence her body emanated.

This combination nearly made me come in my pants. But I wanted to postpone this for a while. I dived into her pussy and started licking it. She was aroused by this and I put a finger between her shining labia. And another finger. I also shoved one into her butthole. When I tried to push this finger further inside, she grabbed me by the hair and I stopped this little plan of mine.

I noticed her getting horny and wet by the fingers that were in her tight pussy, and decided to try again in her butthole. Now she accepted my finger and suddenly had an orgasm. I knew from her stories that it did not take her long to reach an orgasm, but I was still a bit surprised. Not so much by the timing, more by its intensity. A little volcanic eruption, registered by my fingers. That I had brought this about in such a short time, made me especially horny.

I waited for the shocks to die down and then took her to my bedroom. I had already put the rubber dildo I had bought on the internet beside my bed. I attached it to her naked body, silently. It was a strange and kinky sight, the black dildo on her lilywhite skin. I undressed, knelt before her and took the big rubber penis into my mouth.

My own hard dick touched her leg. And it seemed to shy away in a reflex. I took some lubricant and applied it to the dildo. I lay on the bed on my back, she came and stood in front of me, took my dick, raised it and put the dildo close to my butthole. She pushed the rubber penis-double inside and started moving back and forth. At the same time she started pulling my dick and I played with the nipples on her nice titties. The dildo in my arse felt different from what I had expected. A bit painly of course, but terribly horny, in combination with her pulling my dick.

I could not longer hold off a orgasm and let my sperm explode into space. Tigerlover took the dildo out of my arse and started kissing me all over my body. I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up, to have her sit with her pussy on my face. I opened her pink pussy lips, again licked her gorgeous cunt, played with her clitoris and shoved a finger into her tight little butthole. Soon she had another orgasm and lay down next to me, quite exhausted.

Within a minute she fell asleep. I looked at her beautiful body, could not get enough of it. I covered her with a blanket and then pinched my cheek, just to make sure I was not dreaming. Soon I fell asleep too.

The next morning I woke up with my usual erection and started fondling her entire body. I pushed my hard cock between the muscular round buttocks. She was still asleep, ignorant of what was coming. I took the lubricant. Suddenly she woke up and saw me put lubricant on my dick. I shoved it between her buttocks, while she turned her back on me. ‘A promise is a promise’, I whispered into her ear tenderly.

I pushed the tip of my dick into her butthole, put my hand before her mouth, because I did not want the neighbours to be alarmed by her moaning. Because moan loadly was what she did, albeit it muffled by my hand.

When I had safely parked my dick inside her arse I started fucking her slowly, while I tried to let her relax and distract her a bit by putting some fingers into her ever-wet pussy. I noticed that I nearly stepped out of myself in the process, because I asked her quite loudly: ‘What are you now?’. When she did not reply, I squeezed her labia between my fingers and repeated my question: ‘What are you now?’. ‘A slut’, she replied. ‘And what kind of slut are you?’ ‘An anal slut’, she replied. ‘Indeed you are, my little anal slut. Now, where do you want my sperm?’

‘In my arse’, she replied. I pulled dick out of her, turned her on her stomach and pushed my hard dick into her tight arse again. But now a bit deeper. She groaned under the weight of my body and my dick giving her a sore arse. ‘You’re my slut’, I heard myself say. ‘Your arse is mine!’. Tigerlover begged me to continue. ‘Fuck my harder. please, put your sperm into me!’. That is what happened quite soon. With a deep groan my hard dick exploded into her arse.

The sticky sperm dripped out of her slowly, in threads. She looked like a boxer after a heavy fight. I looked at her and asked myself what I had done to her. Was it just to get something from my bucket (fuck-it?) list … Something in her eyes told me that she had enjoyed it enormously too and had also triumphed. Because she was the one that had ‘deflowered’ me anally …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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