Wicked stepmother -part 2

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You are invited to read part 1 first


Ella had discovered that whilst her new step mother was very relaxed and liberal that did not mean she was a push over. The afore mentioned step mother was usually called Sal and when relaxed had a broad Essex accent. However Sal despite outward appearances was a very able professional. IF Ella displeased her she suddenly turned into a precisely enunciated and formal person.

“OK Sal I know that wasn’t quite fair I am sorry, the problem is I had to listed to my fathers opinions for years.”

“Not really an excuse though. Your old enough and intelligent enough to have your own judgement of what is acceptable.”

“OK it was lazy parroting Dad’s opinions but clearly you don’t think blokes dressing up as women is weird.”

“No its just different and nobody comes to harm. Also being trans is a but more than just cross dressing. People who are trans are a different gender to their birth physical appearance. Surely they know better than us what they are. The mind trumps the physical body in this.”

“I hadn’t though of it that way but yes. Lets face it we both like our own gender sexually and there are many who disapprove of that. You know that when you are talking like that you sound awfully middle class.”

“Up yours darling I am just a plain Essex girl.”

“And the rest, I think half the time you are deliberately thickening the accent because you sometimes forget and speak like a lady”

“Oh the accent is genuine but I suppose I had to learn correct pronunciation for all the technical terms plus of course speaking Latin correctly probably changes things.

“Nolite loqui volubiliter Latine”

“Yes I do speak Latin fluently I have a talent for languages. I also speak French, German and Italian with varying competence.”

“and mathematics and law. A simple Essex girl you are not, whatever you might claim.” Sal just shrugged. “Talking about being attracted to our own gender looking at how excited you were the other day when we were just masturbating together. Come in lets go to my bedroom I think its about time we explored your sexuality.”

Whilst clearly a change of subject Ella was not complaining as having admitted that she was attracted to girls and well as guys she was quite keen to explore a body other than her own. Once in the bedroom Sal started to undress Ella who quickly started to do the same for her. The two women kissed at first gently but it was Ella, the virgin who pushed for more passion, opening her lips and trying to stick her tongue in Sam’s mouth. Sal gave what appeared to be a little giggle and opened her mouth.

Once they were both naked she swung Ella round and gently pushed her onto the bed before climbing on herself and kissing Ella’s belly button before working her way up with little kisses to the breast which she started to nuzzle gently. Knowing that Ella was a complete virgin Sal was being careful to be gentle and playful. Having paid attention to both breasts she then moved back to kissing her mouth. Gently went out the window as Ella was having none of it being very turned on.
Ella enthusiastically sucked and nibbled at Sal’s large breasts whilst fondling her fanny. Not to be outdone Sal snagged a dildo that had rolled under the bed and went to work herself using it very effectively on the virgin pussy to Ella’s loud delight . They quickly got into a sixty nine and worked away giving each other considerable pleasure. What Ella lacked in experience sh emade up for in enthusiasm. As for Ella she had both.

Later when they had both had multiple orgasms they were lying back totally whacked. “God I am knackered you are one hungry girl.”

“Oh come on that was a few years of frustration and apparently I really like girls. Actually you seemed pretty keen considering you claim to prefer men.”

“I did, didn’t I. That was much more than I have tried before so possibly its you corrupting me. How do you feel about having your pussy shaved I want to try eating you out preferably without a mouth of pubes.”

“Yuk not a pretty image. I like the idea of mine being like yours nice and smooth and bare.” Sal got a towel razor and shaving foam. Working methodically soon Ella was completely hairless and once Sam had finished she kissed her clit. This started them off again and quickly moved in to a 69 so each could excite the other something that was clearly going to be a favourite. They spent most of the morning exploring each other bodies.

After lunch they went outside to see the horses. Sal got Ella to saddle up gentle little palomino mare. Once satisfied that Ella did know how to tack up properly Sal did the same for her chestnut gelding. They road across the paddock to a gate that led out onto a public bridle way and they had a pleasant time hacking through the Surrey countryside.

As they were rubbing the horse down Ella asked about who looked after the horses since it was clear that Sal was not always at home to do the job.

“Like a lot of horse owners I take advantage of the number of horse mad girls who cannot afford their own nag. In this case I pay a young girl called Lucy in both money and rides to do the hard work.”

The next day Sal went up to London to give evidence in her official capacity. It was unusual for a barrister to also act as an expert witness but her understanding of the law and finance as well gave her a considerable insight in to the difference between sharp business and sharp practice. In this case a sophisticated fraud had diverted £40,000,000 into off shore accounts. With the help of a computer expert they had worked out how the fraud had operated and who had been involved.

They hadn’t been enough evidence to convict the perpetrator beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal case but this was a civil case to recover the money and the burden of proof was balance of probabilities. If successful they could go after any money the fraudster left lying around which was very little. What he didn’t know was that they had a good idea where the money had been stashed and if successful here then they could go after it.

Whilst Sal was away Ella did not have a great deal to do so she pulled on some wellies and wandered down to the stable were she found Lucy mucking out

“Hello I’m Ella, Sam’s sort of step-daughter.”

“Sort of step daughter? I didn’t know Sam had any sort of step-daughter?”

“Neither did she or that I had a step mother. My father was rather economical with info. Though technically since she hadn’t yet married my father she’s not but being the lovely person she is that hasn’t stopped her treating me as if she had.”

“I know what you mean about lovely. Most girls do a lot of work just for the rides alone but Sal insists on paying me and quite well.”

“Do you want a hand mucking out.”

“Surely you don’t want to do that. I am getting paid for it.”

“Well I will feel guilty if I just stand here watching you do all the work.”

“OK then shall we go for a hack afterwards. That’s my reward so you should share in that as well.” They did just that going for much the same ride as yesterday with Sal.

After Lucy had gone home Ella decided to go for a swim luxuriating in the naughtiness of skinny dippng. How things had changed in a week from being a frumpy school girl she was enjoying wearing sexy clothes or casual nudity.

Returning home in the evening Sal was tired having been grilled by the defence barrister fro most of the day. Fortunately Sal knowing all the tricks of the trade had stood up well to cross examination far better than the defendants expert whose alternative theories were possible but not convincing. There was plenty of evidence to go but all theirs was pretty convincing. The head of her chambers Michael Askew QC was firing all the ammunition but it was Sal that had loaded the guns. To be hones she preferred it that way as though she was brilliant with law and finance she was at best a mediocre advocate.

To her delight she came through the door and smelt cooking, very good cooking if her nose was any good at judging.

“Hello lovey that smells so good. I am knackered and a nice meal is so appreciated. I would have gone for a takeaway normally.”

“Well here I am being supported by you at least I can ensure you are well fed. My school didn’t hold with this food design technology crap it taught us to cook whilst explaining the technical side of cooking. If you have any talent and pay attention after Miss Bernier finished with you then you should be more than competent. I am afraid I raided your freezer and wine cellar. I didn’t open the bottle in case you didn’t want wine, so it can be put back.”

“Oh I want wine, I really want wine.”

“Over a companionable meal they discussed Ella’s future and came to the conclusion that Sal should employ her as a secretary. Since Sal was doing a fair few things other than being a barrister the clerk in chambers didn’t cover all her needs. Also their definition of secretary was somewhat wider than the norm and would include jobs more normally associated with a house keeper.

“If you have a genuine job then you will have your own money to spend as you wish. I am happy to still pay for your keep so even a normal secretaries wage should be enough for you to be comfortable.”

“Lucy said that you were generous.”

“Oh you two have met have you.”

“Yes, I helped her muck out and we went for a hack together.”

“Good I am glad you two get on as I would be more comfortable if you had a friend of your own age. It would be good for her to. Lucy family are a trifle odd and don;t pay her much attention. I suspect her only friend is her cousin Alex.”

“In what way are her family odd.”

“Well I suspect that her parents and Alex’s sort of share. That would be fine by me but they tend to pay too little attention to the two k**s which isn’t on. Talking of attention how do you feel about a cuddle. I am to tired to try anything much more but I would like a bit of affection if you feel the same”

Ella did feel the same and in the end they slept together in the master bedroom naked in each others arms but having done nothing more erotic that a swift good night kiss. Sal having completed her evidence the previous day they did not need to get up early after a leisurely breakfast that included an equally leisurely snog thy decided to go down to the stables.

Lucy as surprised to have them both help her. Ella discovered a bit more about the girl. Apparently she worked for Sal in the morning and as a barmaid a few evening a week. The surmise that she didn’t have many friends was pretty spot on and with Sal’s permission Ella invited Lucy and her cousin to make use of the swimming pool the next day.

Sal was back in London the next day so it was just the three of them. Alex whilst nineteen like his cousin looked physically a lot younger. About five foot seven and with a very slim build he didn’t show much sign of growing a beard and certainly didn’t have chest hair. They spent an enjoyable day together. Ella discovered that both sets of her friends parents were away together leaving their c***dren at their respective homes. Of course they were adults so this was fine but it gave her an idea. A text conversation with Sal led to an invite both to stay for dinner.

With two willing helpers Ella as able quite to go to town. Having been shown which wines were for keeping Ella had otherwise carte blanche to raid the wine cellar.. Sam was not nearly as late as before and was much lest tired.

“My, you have been busy. I feel that we should dress up. I can lend you two something nice if you want too. Though quite what we can do for Alex I am not sure.”

“You could lend him a dress as well.”

“Shut up Luce.”

“Lucy unless that is true that was not a nice tease.” Alex was going very red which made her wonder.

“Come on Alex they are not going to be nasty I am certain this is one house where you can be yourself. Alex would be happier in a dress”

“If you like wearing dresses I will lend all three of you one. Lucy is right Ella and I believe in letting people be themselves.” The net result was four pretty young ladies sat down for a meal all beautifully made up. With the help of Sal’s brunette wig Alex didn’t look out of place and was clearly enjoying himself. Having disposed of a bottle white with the starter and red with the main as well as desert wine the younger people were much more relaxed. As they were sitting on the sofa Alex’s situation was explained.

Alex was physically male but both felt female and was not developing much in the way of masculine traits. It was almost as if he was in between. One thing that Alex was clear on was that sexually he was very much into women.

“So you see I am really screwed up. If it wasn’t for my sweet cousin I would have difficulty standing it.”

“Well now you have two more friends who know and understand. When you here we are very private, thanks to the nice long drive. The nearest people can get is the side of the paddock and the gardens are hidden by the walled kitchen garden. That means that you can experiment in safety with your friends I will help you get some clothes and you can keep them here. Now would I be correct in guessing that you two would like to share a bed here rather than go to your respective homes.”

“But surely you wouldn’t approve of that kind of thing as were cousins.”

“Which is perfectly legal under English law if a trifle unusual. Aunt nephew or the like no, but cousins yes. Actually if you are in France the law doesn’t proscribe any relationships but I wouldn’t want to try it openly.”

“Hey it would be worth staying a man if that meant that we could marry Lucy.”

“Did you just propose to me?”

“No but this is.” Alex wearing a cerise chiffon dress and long wig got down on one knee, took Lucy’s hand in his and asked her to marry him.

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