Wife exposed shoe shopping

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Me and Anne were getting ready to go shopping in Leeds. It was a sunny, warm day. Anne was wearing a red, flowery, button down the front summer dress that came down to her mid thighs, it was shorter than she normally wears, and it accentuated her long legs. Underneath she wore a sheer white lace bra and matching thong. She was cleanly shaven and her slit was clearly visible through the lace. I told her she looked fantastic and wasted no time taking her into my arms, giving her a long, wet kiss as I groped her arse and boobs while grinding myself against her. I ran my hands up her long, smooth legs and began to finger her through her thong, I could feel the fabric become moist. I pushed the material to one side as I rubbed her clit. I felt her become wetter as I fingered her. I wanted to throw her onto the bed and fuck her right there and then, but she brushed my hands away and told me we didn’t have time. We needed to catch the next bus, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to get all her shopping done.
Went we got to Leeds, we walked down some of the shopping streets, guys were checking out Anne as she walked. The heels she was wearing made her legs seem even longer, and gave her bottom that extra little wiggle, and her boobs bounced with every step. She was enjoying the attention she was receiving, I wasn’t jealous by this attention, I was enjoying seeing her happy smiling face. She was growing in confidence, and a confident woman is a sexy woman too, so I knew I would reap the benefits later on. She was really enjoying strutting her stuff and I enjoyed watching her.
Then something happened as we walked down a crowed street, a gust of wind came up from nowhere, Anne’s dress blew up over her waist, exposing her sheer lace thong and bare ass to everyone on the street. Her thong was so sheer that her pussy and her lips were exposed through the lace. It looked incredible. I saw several guys in front of her stop and openly stare, as my wife froze, trying to push her dress down.
She pulled it down at the front but she was still flashing her arse. Then she tried to hold down the back but the front blew up again. I saw the guys in front smiling as she struggled to stop flashing everyone on the street. I turned around to see who was behind us and three guys looked at me smiling. One winked at me, another gave me a thumbs up, while the third stood there with his mouth open just staring. Women were elbowing their boyfriends and husbands as they glared at my wife’s accidental exposure. It only lasted about 10 seconds, if that, but those seconds seemed like my wife’s were exposed for 10 minutes; time seemed to stand still.
I have no idea how many people saw my wife, but it had to have been dozens, on that crowded street. The wind died away and her dress came back down and she blushed when she saw everyone looking at her. Then we hurried along and blended in with the crowd as we continued down the street. Everyone on the street that day seen my wife’s pussy, and I had enjoyed it immensely. As a matter of fact my dick was getting hard thinking about all those people looking at my wife’s accidental exposure. My heart was beating fast, the adrenaline was flowing and I was proud that so many guys were staring at my exposed wife, most likely wanting to fuck her. The fact that she was desired by so many other men made her even more desirable to me. I found it to be exciting and exhilarating. It was like taking a d**g; the high was indescribable, I was instantly addicted and had to have more, but I was afraid my wife wouldn’t let it happen again, let alone expose herself purposefully.
We talked about what happened over lunch when Anne had gotten over her initial embarrassment, and we had a good laugh over a couple of beers. She told me no matter what she did, her dress kept blowing up. She was so frantic for those few seconds. I told her how all the guys really enjoyed the show and were staring at her arse and pussy. I told her how sexy she looked, and how guys are always undressing women with their eyes, and with her incident, she cured their curiosity.
I then confessed, “To be honest Anne, I got really turned on seeing all those guys looking at your exposed body. They were almost drooling over you. I could tell they would love to fuck you.”
Anne blushed as I was telling her how turned on I got but she also confessed, “As long as we are being honest with each other, my pussy got a wet too. I felt kind of sexy with everyone watching me. I saw the guys staring at me. It was embarrassing but exciting with it. So you don’t mind if other men see me that way?”
My cock began to get hard. “It didn’t bother me one bit. All of those guys wished they were me. Knowing they want to fuck you makes me want you even more. It really turned me on and it’s getting me excited just talking about it now.”
“So you would be ok if I did something like that again? I don’t want you saying yes and then getting angry at me later.”
I looked into Anne’s green eyes and said, “I would encourage you to do it again. I’m so horny right now and it’s all because of how hot you looked, and all those guys wishing they could have seen more. Just knowing you were turned on from your flashing is driving me crazy!”
Anne looked deep into my eyes for a moment, then reached under the table and rubbed my hard cock through my pants, confirming I was serious. She then excused herself to go to the ladies room; I watched every sexy step she took.
Upon her return I noticed she had undone a few buttons on her dress, a few from the bottom, a few from the top, and had something in her hand. She passed it to me under the table. I looked down to see that she handed me her bra and thong. Initially, I was stunned but then I almost came in my pants when I realized my wife was naked underneath her dress. I hurriedly stuffed them into my pocket as she went to the bar to order some more drinks. I watched her standing at the bar with her back to me wondering how much of her breasts the bar man could see. We teased each other under the table as we drank.
Her nipples had got so hard that they now poked through the cotton material of her dress. I managed to unbutton a few more buttons on my wife’s dress under the table before we finished our drinks and headed out to carry on with our shopping. I don’t think she was aware that I’d undone more buttons. If she did, she pretended not to know.

As we walked down the street I noticed that guys couldn’t take their eyes off my wife. Her long, shapely legs were on display and her tits bounced freely under her dress. The slight wind was in front of us and pressed her dress against her body, making her nipples more visible through the thin cotton material. I was proud as hell and so was she. Then I noticed that with so many buttons unbuttoned on my wife’s dress, not only was she flashing her long legs and thighs, but with every stride her dress opened up enough that she was also flashing her her bald pussy.
I wasn’t sure if Anne knew how exposed she actually was, but I wasn’t going to say anything that would ruin the fun of watching the exhibitionism of my wife. I remained silent and kept watching the looks on people’s faces when they noticed her exposed pussy. I would glance down to get a view of her myself just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination. I got a rush of desire each time I caught a glimpse of her pussy knowing other people could see it too. Her hard nipples poked through the top of her dress and her breasts moved freely with each step she took. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her dress. I was so proud that my wife made other guys want to fuck her. She was mine; all mine and I loved showing her off. Her blatant exhibitionism fueled my desire for more; the more she displayed, the more I wanted.
We walked into an indoor shopping centre and did some window shopping, when we came upon a shoe shop, Anne instructed me to wait outside but where she could see me. I was curious but followed her instructions. She walked around the shop looking at the selection of shoes. A young salesman, probably only in his teens, noticed the gap in her dress and quickly offered his assistance. Anne showed him a pair of shoes and he went into the backroom to see if they had her size. When he returned, Anne sat down and the salesman got down on his knees in front of her. As she sat, the front of her dress opened up almost as far as her waist, her long legs exposed.
The salesman helped remove her shoes, her legs parted exposing her bare pussy right in front of his face. You could tell he’d got a glimpse and my heart rate double. I was shocked but excited by her boldness. He slowly removed each shoe while secretly peeking up my wife’s dress. He then maneuvered to spread her legs even further apart, as he helped her slip on the new shoes by lifting her foot onto his thigh one at a time. My wife was a great actress by pretending she didn’t know how exposed she really was.
She got up from the chair and began to strut around the store with the salesman’s eyes fixed upon her every move. She even bent over to adjust the straps on the shoes, so the salesman could see up the back of her dress to her bare arse. I was dying of excitement watching my wife exposing herself to this young man. The look on the salesman’s face was priceless; it was like he was hypnotised, and the rest of the world didn’t exist. His attention was 100% fixated upon my wife and what she may expose next. She then sat down and leaned over to take off the shoes and as she did, she gave him a great view down her dress of her soft 32FF boobs.
She asked him for another pair of shoes, he had to cover his erection with a shoebox as he went of the get them. He came back with another pair, but a colleague followed right behind him, and placed himself behind a rack of shoes, but in a perfect place to watch my wife. My cock was rock hard just watching my wife’s new found confidence. She knew she had the power over them now and she was playing her sexiness card to its fullest. I’m not sure if she noticed the second salesman, but it doubled my pleasure watching all of this unfold.
Anne was now in full control of the situation as the salesman helped her to put the shoes on her feet and her legs parted again, but not only flashing her salesman in front of her, but also his friend hiding behind the shoe rack. The friend’s face was priceless as he got a full view of Anne’s cunt as his friend helped fit the shoes on her feet. His jaw dropped and eyes widened as her pussy was fully exposed. She then leaned over to expose her tits once again. My dick was so hard just watching this take place in front of me and I was loving every second of it. The addiction of her exposure was intensifying with her every move. I couldn’t get enough and I wanted more. At one point, the salesman even got a little bold by openly ran his hands along my wife’s feet and calves.
Anne tried on several more pairs of shoes, but the highlight was when she tried on a pair of boots. She raised her leg really high and opened them wide; even drawing the attention of a few of the customers too. My wife was now putting hero on public display and I wished it would never end. As word spread around the store several more salesman would, at times, put themselves in a position to catch a glimpse of my wife’s exhibitionism. She might as well had been completely naked. She did end up buying a of pairs of shoes but at that point I would have let her buy a dozen pair just to see her on public display.
When she came out of the store she had a devilish grin on her face and asked, “Well, did you like the show? I was afraid you might get jealous but I was having such a good time, I couldn’t help myself.”
There were beads of sweat on my forehead as I responded, “Anne, you were fabulous. You are such a cock tease. I loved your performance and I love you. Those guys wanted to fuck you right there in the store and I don’t blame them.”
She winked at me and said, “You better carry the packages,” as she looked down at my obvious erection. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was afraid you’d be mad.”
“Mad is the furthest thing from my mind right now.”
We were both so horny by now that we almost ran back to the bus station. I even lifted the back of her dress a few times along the way to give the passersby a view of Her naked behind. She would playfully slap my hands and tell me to stop but there is no doubt she was loving it. I played with her soaking wet pussy on the back of the bus as we went home. The seat was rather wet when she stood up.
As soon as we got home and closed our front door we fell into each other’s arms and started mauling each other while stripping off our clothes. I threw Anne down on the bed and immediately began to lick her pussy, stopping at times to tell her this is what the men she flashed wanted to do to her. Each one wanted a taste of her pussy and to finger fuck her. Anne was dripping wet, hot and horny. Her exhibitionism lit a fire in both of us that we hadn’t felt in ages. It didn’t take her long to cum as I sucked on her clit. I didn’t stop eating her pussy until she had three orgasms. She was still on fire as I climbed between her legs and began to fuck her.
I kept telling her how hot she looked showing everyone her pussy and bending over to let them look at her tits down her dress. I told her what a slut she was as I was fucking her hard. I told her how each guy she flashed wished he was fucking her right now like I was. The kept thinking of the shoe salesman fucking her. I tried to ignore the thought of watching him pound her pussy, but the image in my mind kept coming back of my wife’s legs spread wide open, her juicy pussy on display as he climbed between them and started fucking her. I had never had a fantasy like this before. I tried to get that image out of my head but I had lost control of my thoughts.
I then bent her over to fuck her doggie style; her favorite position. I was fucking her so hard our skin was slapping together, as I fondled her tits. I imagined the young salesman touching her feet and legs and knew he wanted to touch more. As I fondled my wife, I secretly wished he was the one groping her while he fucked her from behind. It didn’t take me much longer to cum, but I imagined it was the salesman filling her pussy with his seed. Anne’s teasing had helped build a sea of cum in my balls and I grunted loudly as I released my sperm deep into her love hole. We both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavy to catch our breath. We hadn’t fucked like that in months. I knew at that point we were both addicted to Anne’s exhibitionism and I wondered what she would do next. My addiction had to be fed and I hoped Anne felt the same way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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