By Jamie and Lisa – 3642 words

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters are over 18 years of age. They engage in the sort of activities that we find exciting. In this chapter that means lesbian sex, being physically restrained, urethral play, hard pounding hetero sex, intimate jewelry, anal sex, and sibling incest. Yes, we are exactly the kind of girls your mother warned you not to hang around with.


There I was looking through the transom as Judy was laying back in a black canvas sling holding on to the silver chains suspended from the ceiling. Her puffy fat outer lips were held wide apart, being pierced four times with large silver rings and those rings being attached to polished black leather cuffs on her thighs by two more silver chains. Judy’s legs were spread wide, having two polished black leather ankle cuffs attached by clips to the two large silver chains suspending the sling closest to the door. Her wrists bore identical cuffs and were clipped to the two far chains quite effectively immobilizing her. I took out my cell phone and started recording what I was witnessing. Nobody would believe me otherwise, and I could use the zoom feature to compensate for the distance.

There was a small pale turquoise cart positioned near the sling and a towel on top of the cart was covered by various medical implements. I knew what a speculum and dildos were. There was a stainless steel rod that I recognized as a stirrer from a martini set as well as the spoon from the same set. Paintbrushes and sharpie felt-tip pens sat alongside them. Later, I would find a website and discover that the implements heretofore unknown to me were called sounds and urethral dilators. There was a large collection of them. Some were surgical steel while some were silicone plastic. They were all shapes and sizes, thin and fat, curved and straight, and some had balls or bumps running down their length.

Kate was enthusiastically pushing one of the dilators into Judy’s pee-hole and then pulling it most of the way out before plunging it in again. All while alternately pinching on her clit head and pulling on a large silver ring that seemed to be pierced deeply behind it. A piercing that I later discovered was called a “triangle.” Kate pulled the skinny metal dilator on a thin rod from Judy’s urethra and replaced it with a larger black silicone one covered with bumps. She worked that dilator hard and tugged on Judy’s triangle piercing even harder before she worked a big red silicone dildo into her quaffing vagina just below her urethra.

Kate removed the black dilator from Judy’s piss-hole and the dildo from her juicy cunt and retrieved a thicker silver tube with a ball-shaped cap which she lubricated with jell from a tube on the cart and inserted into Judy’s urethra. Kate stood up, she had been on her knees affording Gabe a great view and me a very good one. She straightened her thick black pubic hair that had been trimmed into a bikini strip and maybe toyed with herself for just a second. By contrast, Judy’s pussy was bald completely shaved or whatever. Kate walked over and sat on Judy’s face after using her fingers to spread four big silver rings that were identical to those pierced through Judy’s puffy engorged pink outer lips.

“That’s your mother!” Eva said referring to Kate as I showed her the video later.

“Yes, I recognize her. Watch, don’t talk, it gets better.”

Gabe stepped towards Judy with a raging hard-on. There was a lot of silver metal in his dick as well.

“That’s your dad!”


“What are all those-“

“Watch, don’t talk,” I repeated. “It gets better.”

“Better?” For once Eva had nothing to say.

Mom was sitting on Judy’s face grinding and as she lifted up a bit we could see that Judy was enthusiastically licking mom’s soppy wet slit as dad took a smaller blue silicone dildo from the cart. He stepped forward and blocked our view, but we could tell from her movement in the sling that he was forcefully entering her. Dad gave Judy a couple of hard thrusts and then backed off. We could briefly see her open cunt as he pushed the blue phallus into the passage his penis had just vacated. Then he began to rummage around her lower hole, more slowly this time. Soon he was pushing himself deep into her anus as mom ground on her face. Then mom stood up grabbed Judy’s nipple rings and released a torrent of pee into her face. This seemed to excite dad and his thrusts became harder and faster.

Then Dad stopped pushing and remained still for a second before resuming at a slower pace. Mom gave each of Judy’s nipple rings another pull before standing up and giving each of her breasts a hard slap in turn. Mom moved around Judy as dad pulled out and began to position himself over her head facing us. For the first time, we could clearly see his dick piercings. Eva and I looked them up together. Dad had a large thick Prince Albert, an Ampallang centered in his head and four Dyodes in an arc across the top of his Corona. He also had several silver rings running in a line down his diyarbakır seks hikayeleri scrotum. He slapped Judy on her facial cheeks with his penis and she opened her mouth happily accepting the item that had just been in her rectum.

Mom pulled on Judy’s triangle ring and then she unscrewed the ball-shaped cap from the metal tube in her pee-hole. Mom looked up at dad who was watching her and she opened her mouth, accepting and possibly drinking the stream of pee that came forth. While using her left hand to fuck Judy’s urethra, mom removed the silicon phallus from her snatch and replaced it with three fingers of her right hand. Judy lovingly cleaned Gabe’s penis with her lips and tongue while mom finger fucked her. Removing the tube before adding her pinky finger and then her thumb and ruthlessly fisting her swollen cunt. Judy must have gotten dad hard again. He reached down grabbed her nipple rings, and began to slowly face fuck her.

We watched for another five minutes as Judy shook the sling in an obvious orgasm before dad came in her mouth. Mom straddled her face again and was rewarded with the delivery of a second orgasm before they unhooked Judy from the sling, removed her cuffs, and helped her to her feet. Mom kissed her and brought her a glass of water from the bathroom before turning on the shower. Dad held her shoulders as the show ended when they walked into the bathroom together.

“Wow, what a performance,” Eva said. “Lisa, do you know who their kinky playmate is?”

“Yeah,” I said, “it’s my Aunt Judy.”


“My father Gabriel’s big sister.”


I wasn’t snooping when I discovered what was going on between my parents and Aunt Judy. I came home from college for the weekend, and I arrived a couple of hours before I had expected to. Obviously, it was also a couple of hours before they expected me to arrive. I went upstairs to my old room and, well, I heard these noises emanating from my brother’s old room. I tried the doorknob, but fortunately for me in retrospect, the door was locked. It was an old house, built before air conditioning with high ceilings and transom windows over the doors. I took a chair from my bedroom and looked through that window. I found the source of the unfamiliar noise, and my life would never be the same.

I went back downstairs and made myself a sandwich in the kitchen while I waited for the three kinksters upstairs to finish their likely shared shower. when they came down they were surprised to see me, although not nearly as surprised as they would have been if they had not thought to lock that bedroom door. The events of that weekend were anti-climactic. Years later I don’t remember them at all. My brother and confidant George was away at mechanic’s school in San Antonio. My cousin Jamie, Aunt Judy’s daughter – who has essentially been my sister since we were small – wasn’t around. My roommate Eva was back at school in Austin and this was the kind of thing she had to see not hear.

My friends Kristin and Lillian were around, and we spent the weekend palling around our hometown together. But I had already decided not to tell them what I had just discovered. At least not quite yet. Even though they were newly eighteen and now presumably old enough to hear tales of such oddly intriguing adult activities. Besides, they were mere babes, seniors in high school, and not exalted college freshwomen. Adding to the “small-p-politics” of the situation was the fact that Lillian is Eva’s little sister. I would never be forgiven if I told her first. And Kristin already stared at my brother like a little puppy-dog, worshiping the ground he walks on. Everything just had to wait until I got back to the university in Austin.


“it’s actually pretty cool if you think about it,” Eva said bringing me back from my wandering thoughts.

“Why’s that?”

“Because they’re like in their forties and they still really care about each other.”

“Yeah, it looks pretty caring,” I said. “Especially the part where my dad is sticking his dick down his sister’s throat.”

“It looked like she was enjoying it. It looked like all three of them were enjoying it.”

“Two wrongs, or in this case three wrongs, don’t make a right,” I said.

“It isn’t wrong,” Eva said, “not so long as it’s what they want. You know Saint Paul said we need to be and to do everything for each other because it’s fulfilling God’s promise to his children.”

Eva knows scripture, if she says its there – it is. The thoughtful calm student of divinity had been the “wild-child” daughter of our pastor growing up. In high school, we shared many a Saturday together in detention for various “thoughtcrimes.”

“Your dad has a nice dick.”

That’s Eva, the nymphomaniac preacher. It’s all part of her worldview. God created sex as a gift for his beloved children. We should partake of often it and be happy. Otherwise, we are refusing a most gracious gift.

“I’d really like for Paul to get a Prince Albert. I bet that a thick PA and an Apradavya feel really good going in and out.”

“I think it was actually called an Ampallang,” I said.

“That’s the crosswise one,” Eva replied, “It’s supposed to be really nice for the woman during anal sex. The top to bottom one, the Apradavya, is supposed to drag on the sensitive tissues around the urethra and be better during vaginal penetration.”

So, I thought, Eva knew a lot more about the subject of genital piercing and intimate jewelry than she had let on to.

“Those Dyodes look yummy too, I bet with that placement that they’re both quite stimulating to the girl and really feel good to the guy.”

“So, you like my father’s dick, huh?”

“Don’t you think it’s beautiful?” asked Eva as she sent a screenshot from my phone to hers.

“Uh, yeah, you know he’s my dad.”

“I mean, your mom would have to be cool with it. After all he belongs to her.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this discussion,” I said.

“It’s all just theoretical. I mean you’d never do it.”

“Would you?”

“Fuck Gabe and let Kate eat me out? In a heartbeat, she’s probably even better than you are!”

“Hey,” I said a little hurt.

“I mean she’s had a lot more time to gain experience. Not that she’d care more, or try any harder.”

“It’s okay,” I said recovering, “Besides, that’s not even what I meant.”

“I’d fuck your brother,” Eva said.

“You’ll have to get in line behind Kristin.”

“Yeah, we should help her out. She’s kind of clueless.”

“Hey, be nice.”

“I don’t mean that in a bad way. I like Kristin. I just mean if you never put yourself out there you’ll never get what you want in life.”

“You’ve had me, and now you want my dad and my brother! It’s like you’re collecting Saunders!” I said in mock horror.

“That’s a funny thought, maybe I should collect Judy too.”

“But she isn’t a Saunders anymore,” I said.

“I’ll trade you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I get to fuck Gabe and George and you can have Paul and my dad,” she said.

“I thought you loved Paul.”

“I didn’t mean to suggest that you got to keep him, just screw him.”

“What would your mom think of that?” I asked.

“Paul?” She said with a shit-eating grin.

“No, your dad.”

“Maybe she would fluff you for my dad.”

“Yeah, I don’t think girls really need to be fluffed.”

“But it’s fun, and it usually gets the guy’s dick just as hard as if he was the one being fluffed. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all of our parents together on a nice warm August day at Riverside Park? They could have a wild orgy in the grass together while we watched.”

“Wow, that’s some imagination you have,” I said.

“You can’t tell me that you’ve never thought about screwing George.”

I waited too long to deny the allegation

“Oh my God, you have!”

I smiled

“Come on, tell me about it how was it.”

“There’s nothing to tell, I didn’t do it.”

“No,” she said, “but you have thought about it. So, I’m thinking that you must have some specific thoughts about it.”

“Sure, I do,” I confessed.

“Would you if you could? I mean if he would.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I love George, it would be really hot. But I don’t know what happens the next day, how can you just go back?”

“If it was great, why would you want it to go back to the way it was before?”

“Because it’s not sustainable, and what would people think?”

“Why would they have to think anything?” Eva said. “Let’s say we go on a double date, George and I, you and Paul, would that be weird?”


“If we all came back here with that be weird?”


“And if I fucked George and you fucked Paul would that be weird?”


“And if we then switched partners and went at it again?”

“Now that would be weird.”

“But nobody would know,” Eva said with a smile. “Nobody outside this room would ever have to know.”

“Well …”

“If they were both willing would you be?”

There wasn’t much harm in agreeing since it wasn’t very likely to happen. “Sure,” I said.

Eva stood up and walked over to her nightstand where she took off her skimpy little nearly see-through tank top that didn’t hide her considerable assets and her soft rolled at the top sweatpants before opening the drawer.

“Which one should I use?” She asked me.

“I think that’s pretty much up to you,” I said.

“But, since you’re going to watch, you might have an opinion.”

“Who said I was going to watch.”

“What?” She said sadly. “You mean you don’t want to watch?”

“I didn’t say that I didn’t want to. But you just made an assumption that I did want to.”

“Don’t you want to?” She said, ‘I’ll even let you help.”

“Help? I didn’t even say I wanted to watch.”

“Of course you want to watch,” she said very matter of factly, “and you do want to help.”

She drives me absolutely crazy because she’s almost always right.

“Maybe I should get my mud flaps pierced.”

“What?” I said.

“There are a couple of tattoo parlors near campus. Maybe I could go get a couple of cunt rings just like your mom has.”

“Yeah, I … I don’t know,” I said.

“You could too-“

“I don’t think so.”

“You know what would be even better than having some stranger do it?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“Having George do it with you helping him,” Eva said.

“Oh my.”

“Well, we can do that on another day. What do you think about the pink bunny?”

“Sure,” I said.

But asking was a formality. Eva had already removed the light pink jelly vibrator with its little protruding nub from her nightstand before I had answered.

“Get naked,” she said.

That was one of Eva’s rules, we had to be naked to play.

So I took my clothes off and laid down face-up on Eva’s bed. She kissed my pointy little nipples. I love the way she always goes to my breasts first. I’m not as big as she is up there, or as big as Kristin is either. It’s something I’m just a little subconscious about. So when she licks and plays with them and spends time getting them warmed up my knees become jelly. Her hands wandered across my belly and across my pussy fur playing with my inner thighs before returning to my belly and mound. It was divine the way that her fingers moved across my lips and traced a line up my cleft teasing the delicate structures within.


We were back at my house and I had just come downstairs for breakfast. My brother George was surprisingly home from San Antonio where he attended school. He was already sitting at the kitchen table, looking very relaxed and wearing a white terry-cloth robe. My father was similarly attired over at the stove making us his famous grape jelly and cheese omelets with pan-fried potatoes with sauteed onions. Mom was not so much sitting as sprawled. Leaning back in a wooden kitchen chair. She was wearing an identical white terry cloth bathrobe. I was wearing my red knee-length sleeping shirt. That they were all dressed identically was rather strange. I guess I hadn’t received the memo. Then I noticed something even stranger was going on.

Eva and my Aunt Judy were both on their hands and knees underneath the kitchen table and they were naked. Judy was obviously directing Eva’s movements as she went about orally pleasuring my mother. Mom’s bathrobe was spread open at the waist exposing her dark black pussy fur and her meaty labia with four large silver rings pierced through them. She seemed to be secure in her “happy place” as Eva’s tongue danced through her cleft in a way that I knew quite well. After making certain that Kate was well taken care of, Aunt Judy untied my brother’s bathrobe and spread it exposing his fully erect and beautifully pierced penis with its Magic Cross and a pair of Dyodes. Then Judy began licking her nephew’s pulsating purple penile head.

I watched in disbelief as my father continue to cook breakfast, seemingly oblivious to what was taking place a few feet behind him. I watched my best friend on her hands and knees lapping the savory nectar from my mother’s swollen cunt. Mom twisted and turned in heavenly pleasure when Eva reached up and toyed with her four big silver labia rings. I watched my aunt lovingly play with my brother’s foreskin. She had it rolled up on his shaft and was licking it as she played enticingly with the stainless steel balls at the ends of his twin Dyodes located at 10:30 and 1:30, his Apadravya at 12 and 6, and his Ampallang at 9 and 3. Needless to say, because of her oral attention George was in seventh heaven.

I was occupied watching the unbelievable antics going on at the table when I heard the cast iron skillet being set on the metal rack in the oven. I turned to see my father close the oven door turn towards me and untie his bathrobe. His magnificent appendage was a turgid purple and fully erect. He stepped toward me kissing me on the sides of my neck and on both cheeks. He ran his hands up along both my hips to my sides and my shoulders.

Then he took one finger of his right hand and delicately traced a line from my shirt collar to my right nipple. It was surprisingly erect. He traced across my chest to my left nipple, which was equally hard, then down on a diagonal to where he knew but could not see my belly button would be. His fingertip then moved straight down tracing the line across my mound and ever so lightly through the cleft of my labia. I started to melt like warm butter.

“How would you like to get on your knees and take care of your dear ‘ole dad,” he said.

“I … I would love to,” I said in disbelief.

“She can’t,” called a voice from under the table.

I looked, no glared back ar Eva.

“She never answered me,” Eva said.


“She never answered me … I asked her if she would … but she never gave me an answer.”

“But, I … I … I …”

“I’m … I’m coming … oh my God …” I said as I orgasmed.

“Fuck … wow …” I panted.

“Oh my God,” I exclaimed.

“Eva, that was great,” I said as I returned to reality. I was lying on her bed looking down my bare belly at her.

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