1982: Exploring into the Taboo Zone

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Her name was Gabriella, but for almost everybody she was Lella; she was my little cousin, the second child of one of my mother’s younger sisters.

I was much closer to her brother Daniele, who was one year older than me, and basically represented the closest I had to a brother. We basically grew together, even if we saw each other only for the summer holidays, and we were both best friends and harsh rivals at the same time, with a lot of competition and of common ideas between us. You may synthesize like this: we were looking forward to seeing each other for eight months, and then fight five minutes after finally meeting.

He was the tall and handsome one, popular with other boys and always good at sports; I was the quiet good student, mature and in good relationship with the adults. The same, old story.

My father was nagging me about Daniele being so active and successful at sport, and my uncle was nagging Daniele about me being so clever and successful at school… Sometime I wonder how we never came to hate each other…

Lella came as Daniele’s small attachment.

For years, being the youngest of the family and the only female in our generation, she was more a nuisance than an asset.

Later, we found a use for her, as a backup and an extra companion for our boyish games.

She didn’t mind: she was very quiet and sweet, eager to join us but not intrusive. It was evident she was eager to be accepted by “the older ones (us)”, and we took advantage of her, always assigning her the less interesting tasks. She was the one who had to look for us at hide-and-seek, the one to be scared in the dark room, the prisoner to be tortured or the enemy to be shot at.

She never complained.

Time went by, but things between us never really changed much.

We grew, though. And if I never really spent time noticing that Daniele was growing taller and taller, at a certain point I started noticing that Lella was developing into quite a cute girl.

Understand me: our family is quite a close one, and Lella being my first and only cousin made her completely off-limits… Not that anybody ever told me, I just felt like that. She was by far closer to a sister than to a friend for me, and fell completely into the taboo zone, where you don’t even look (or you are supposed not to) under the sexual point of view.

But again, it was pretty evident that Lella was turning into a damned good-looking little thing.

Even having her own circle of friends, she was still eager to join Daniele and me every time I came by. I understood she wasn’t much around with Daniele alone any more though, so in a way it was clear she was basically eager to join me.

I suppose that all her parents nagging about me being so good at school (I wasn’t, but still I was far better than Daniele, who hated studying) turned me into a good model for a good little girl.

Plus, being eager to be a good girl, Lella was choosing her friends within the local church environment, so I suppose I represented an interesting change in her usual frequentations.

Whatever the reason of Lella’s interest in me, I was in the teenager time when often boys start having problems with girls (how to talk to them, how to move and behave in front of them, how to positively impress them, and the like), so I felt that, even if falling within the famous taboo zone, Lella was interesting enough, in a way more than her permanently study-frustrated brother.

So I started spending some time with her alone. And I discovered she was nice company.

This went on through high school, and I suppose I can say that Lella got an influence on my puberty. I was to realize I got even more on hers.

I passed my exams and high school was history. Daniele was already messing around at University and was permanently unavailable, but I was in the mood to relax and party. I got my diploma, my driving license and I was on my way to the Army Academy; plus, as you may have red earlier, I had my first complete sexual experience, so you may understand I wanted to enjoy my summer.

As usual, I decided to spend a few weeks in Rome with that branch of our family there, and probably the idea to spend some time with my cute cousin was part of the reason which made me left my hometown in the North after some camping in the Alps with my school friends… That camping made me loose both Daniele’s twenty-one and Lella’s eighteen-year birthday, but at the time I didn’t care much.

It was a hot summer, and August can be really hot in Rome… That’s why so many Romans vacate the city in that month, and tourists have it all for themselves.

While Daniele was horribly busy with Uni, Lella was fully available until September, when her last year of high school was going to start… But by then I was going to be at the Academy too, away and inaccessible for quite a long time.

The pure idea of me joining the Academy was a damned good score for me: since I had been talking about doing it since I vas five, according to her parents it showed not only good sense and responsibility, but güvenilir bahis also character.

For all these reasons, Lella appeared to be very happy to have me around for some time… Almost as much as her own mother and all my other aunts!

It turned out quite nice to spend time together walking in the city centre, having an ice cream or a pizza together, chatting about anything, and feeling like being finally grown up and free.

Lella had grown up all right. At 18, she was really a cutie: shoulder-long, soft brown hair, hazelnut sparkling eyes, and a light, clean skin which turned gold in the sun; she had a slim, lean body but was far from the skinny birdie she used to be as a child.

A pretty girl to go around with and I noticed with some satisfaction the looks of envy some boys were throwing at me.

Pity she was my little cousin, and henceforth untouchable.

On the other hand, my recently-acquired self-confidence in my relationship with the other sex made me notice a previously unnoticed malice in my little cousin behaviour and demeanour.

She was finding the best way to position herself towards me to show the best of her, she was looking at me more consciously, her voice turned sometimes quite sultry, and her dresses became more sexy. Her jeans were getting more and more tight, showing her long legs and her well-built, shapely bum; her skirts weren’t too short, but turned out rather transparent; her shirts were quite open to show her perfectly proportioned cleavage, and her shirts were modelling and enhancing her pert, proud small tits.

I became a man, but Lella had become a woman.

A couple of days after my arrival, I proposed her to go to the beach.


We took the underground to Ostia and strolled along the overcrowded seafront until we found the resort we liked the best, and went in. I paid for two sun beds, and we settled in our place, just a few metres from the water.

Lella slipped out of her skimpy sleeveless summer dress and ended up in her bikini.

I almost choked.

She was a knockout. Her dark orange bikini enlightened her already perfect suntan, but that wasn’t what hit on me. It was the remarkably small percentage of skin the bikini was covering.

Lella’s breasts weren’t by any means big; but still they were full enough to make her A-cups explode. If the top was just on the edge, the bottom was quite over it: the front triangle had exactly the size of her pubic mound, and just the consistence to contain her young bush without really hiding it; a pair of thin golden chains connected it to the — even smaller and thinner — rear triangle, which just covered her perky ass crack. It wasn’t a g-string, but was close to be.

Lella smiled at me, wore a pair of very dark sunglasses and lay down on her belly on the sun bed; offering me a nice show of her cute ass.

I gulped and got undressed too, and then I got hold of the sun protection.

“Good idea,” she said from behind her sunglasses “Can I borrow some of your cream? I forgot mine…”

But she didn’t move from her bed.

Well, she was my cousin all right, but creaming her back with sun lotion wouldn’t put me into the taboo zone, I thought…

I started putting oil on her back, and immediately she undid her top, to allow me to properly massage her shoulders.

When I first put my hands on her naked skin I shivered, feeling all the warmth emanating from her body.

I carefully rubbed her shoulder blades, her ribs and then I went down along her spine… Her shapely ass cheeks were getting closer and closer.

My cock stirred, and I got worried.

I was wearing my trunks. It would be visible!

I decided to crouch next to her bed and took my time to let my friend deflate quietly.

My fingers reached the golden chain under her waist.

Rather than deflating, my friend stirred harder.

I sobbed and went on my knees, moving down to the bottom of the bed to cream her legs.

I started from her calves, to give time to my manhood to get wiser.

It worked as long as I was below her knees; once I reached the rear of Lella’s thighs the goddamned thing started ramming against the elastic of the trunks.

I swallowed hard and moved up. I placed my hands on Lella’s buttocks.

My cock was hurting bad by now, but I couldn’t help it: rubbing my cousin’s asscheeks was such a turn-on, such a deeply erotic feeling that I couldn’t care to embarrass the whole roman crowd on the beach.

Lella moaned.

I shivered, even under the banging August sun.

“Nice…” she whispered.

Then she rolled over, lying on her back to offer the front of her body to my sun lotion… And to my hands.

She was there, lying almost naked in front of me, eager to be caressed and massaged in front of thousands of people, all but unaware of the game this young girl was playing with her favourite older cousin…

Moving my knees on the sand, I reached for her shoulders, pouring a generous amount of sun lotion on her chest.

Thanks God, she helped türkçe bahis me by rubbing some oil over her exposed breasts while I creamed her arms and ribs… And then she placed her oily hand over my shoulder, moving down on my chest!

It was an absolutely innocent movement, and still gave me one of the most erotic feelings of my youth. Her fingers indulged quite a lot on my chest, as if for cleaning of the oil, and again I shivered; only this time she felt it.

I slowly rubbed her flat belly, down again towards her outrageous bikini bottom, and my cock went berserk into my swimming trunks.

“My legs…” Lella whispered, in her newly-acquired sultry voice.

I panicked.

My cock was exploding out of my trunks, there was no hope to hide the raging erection I was experiencing, and it was going to take half an hour to get back into my ordinary size.

My knees started aching, but I hardly realized: my cock hurt much worse.

Doing Lella’s small feet didn’t help much. She got beautiful feet: for the first time in my life I realized what foot fetish is all about.

Feet are alive; they are shaped and silky…

I kissed them.

Lella laughed softly, both pleased and surprised; that has been the first time I kissed her other than in a brotherly way.

Unreasonably, I happened to wonder what my uncles would think about that.

I went up, reaching for her knees, both fearing and dying to reach higher up along my pretty cousin legs.

My hands moved up, caressing Lella’s silky thighs.

Her skin was so smooth, so warm…

I sighed.

She sighed back, louder.

My cock broke through the trunks elastic, and the cockhead broke loose out of it.

I blushed violently. I was going to stay in that position for the rest of the day!

Well, that also meant I was going to keep my hands on Lella’s inner thighs, so wasn’t that bad, right?

Excitement and embarrassment mixed up inside me, rising almost as violently as my poor cock.

I must have been oiling and caressing her inner thighs for at least ten minutes now.

She whispered, “Your hands are so warm…”

Am I such a dirty-minded motherfucker if I think she was provoking? She could say, “Enough”, or “Thank you”, but no, she comments on my hands being warm! Almost asking me to go on…

The torture had lasted far beyond Geneva Convention boundaries. I literally jumped up and fell on my bed, lying on my belly to hide my raging erection to the rest of the world… But not to Lella I suppose, since she perfectly knew what was going on, plus she got the chance to scan whatever she wanted, through her sunglasses.

I lay on my sun bed, excited and frustrated, trying to think of something awful – like my Philosophy teacher naked, for example — in order to cool dawn… But not, the only naked body I was seeing was my cousin’s.

I thought it couldn’t get worse, but it did.

We went for a bath.

We swimmed, joked, sprayed and laughed for a while, until she said she started feeling cold and needed to go out.

It was when we came out of the water, that I realized the goddamned bikini was transparent.

I believe Lella wasn’t aware of it, since she walked out quite nonchalantly… Until she shivered at the thin breeze.

She got goose skin all over her body, and her nipples popped put, heightening the already very evident shadow of her areolas.

That very second she held herself with her arms, realized how exposed she made herself and blushed.

“Oh my God!” she stumbled “I’m so cold… Would you mind to take a towel for me?”

“Of course…” I smiled and run to oblige.

She staid standing in the water at her heels, her arms around the shoulders to hide her tits, waiting for the towel.

I later thought I should have taken my time to exact revenge, but I didn’t think of it at the time, being just eager to help her out of her embarrassment.

I handed over the towel to her and she wrapped herself into it shivering badly (she’s always been a cold type) and smiled a shy, embarrassed smile.


“You’re welcome,” I said, putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her against myself to help warming up.

It was the first time our naked bodies came to contact. I felt electricity run through our skin, just like a discharge, and she felt it too.

We stood still, our feet in the water. I felt her arm encircling my waist, and her face sink into the side of my neck.

She didn’t move for quite a few seconds, which felt like centuries.

Then, she slowly pulled herself loose, and lightly kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you, cousin…” she whispered again, with a thin smile.

We went back in the late afternoon.

In the underground we sat in front of each other, and we got somebody standing between us.

It was all a game of seeing and not seeing: sometimes she completely disappeared to me, and sometimes she was there again, her shy smile unchanged on her pout lips.

There was absolutely nothing provocative güvenilir bahis siteleri in her smile or in her posture, and still, she was so damned erotic in her eyes!

She simply never stopped staring at me, for the whole trip. She may disappear behind another passenger for minutes, and again once the passenger moved away her eyes were looking straight into mine.

It was like a spell.

Her thin, shy smile never left her face for the whole day.

Once we were back downtown, rather going home we went for an early dinner out.

We got a pizza in a pizzeria close to her home, and we got also a couple of draught beers to wash out the day heat.

At a certain moment, after cheering and swallowing a long gulp of Stella Artois, we put down the mugs on the table, and our hands touched.

Another electric wave crossed our bodies down to our heels.

I saw Lella shiver again in the warmth of the roman evening, and her nipples hardened up through the fabric of her summer dress. I knew she was wearing no bra under the thin dress, since her bikini top was still humid and she had no change from home… I wandered weather she was actually naked under the dress.

The simple thought made my cock surge again inside my jeans.

Lella took my hand across the table and smiled.

“Thank you for the beautiful day,” she said.

I offered her a bitter as a digestive, and she surprised me by accepting.

For being your typical “good girl”, Lella was pretty open to suggestions on the alcoholic side…

When we walked back hole, I casually passed a hand behind her back, and she drooled into my embrace.

Before walking back to the other aunt I was sleeping at, we stopped at her doorstep to say goodbye, and she quickly agreed to see me the day after.

Then, she rose on her tiptoes, and kissed me goodnight: fully on my open and surprised mouth.


I usually have no problems sleeping. I almost never had, but after my basic army training I just realized that sleeping enough is all what happiness is about.

At the time, my basic army training was a few months to come, so Lella’s kiss prevented me from sleeping all night.

I was just thinking and thinking about it, trying to find a meaning for what happened during the day. Why was Lella so sexual with me on the beach? Was it intentional or it just happened? Was she OK with it, or would she be upset with me now, after thinking it over? What did her last kiss mean? And, most important of all, was I in the taboo zone now?

I was also wondering about what was going to happen the coming day. Was Lella going to insist on her provocations? Was she going to be upset? Or maybe she was just going to be back the ordinary Lella I always knew: friendly, adoring and still detached?

It proved to be something else, totally unexpected.

She wanted to introduce me to her new boyfriend.

“Nobody knows about him yet,” she told me, matter-of-factly, “I just wanted you to meet him first, and hear your impressions… You know how fussy my parents are about boys. Besides, he is so much similar to you!”

I was speechless. The day before she was kissing me, and now she was going to introduce me to her boyfriend, who was supposed to be like me!

I wondered weather playing in the taboo zone made Lella turn a bit strange… But on the other end, I was somewhat pleased to be the first to meet her very first boyfriend: it showed she really trusted me.

We went, and I must say, I got slightly offended.

What, this podgy bookworm was supposed to be similar to me?

OK, he had my same name, and was good at school, but besides that, I could see we had very little in common. He was a church-going, hard studying, sexually repressed goddamned nerd.

Okay, I was studying quite hard too, but hey! I had to go through the admission exams for the Academy. And I hated studying… It was just a price to pay to reach my target.

But again, I could see her point. He was a good boy, as much as I was supposed to be, according to her parents’ daily drill.

She wasn’t really wrong about him: he was a hapless “good boy” all right, a very safe guy to be with if you want to reach the altar as a virgin.

She was just totally confused about me… If she thought about her cousin as a “good boy” in the same way.

As I said before, I felt slightly offended.

We staid for a couple of hours; the other Roberto showed us his studies in literature and religion, lectured us about evil in the world, was quite horrified about my idea to join the army and carry weapons against fellow human beings, told us he needed to study and when we left he nicely kissed Lella on her cheek.

After we left, she asked me what I thought about him.

“Good boy,” was all I could say.

It seemed enough for her.

What was Lella really thinking about me? The doubt really troubled me while we were sharing a die-cut pizza next to San Giovanni Cathedral.

I asked her weather, since her boyfriend was so busy; she wanted to have a walk in Villa Borghese, the largest and nicest park inside Rome. She was all for it.

We took a bus and took a long walk around the inner lake, until we reached the boats docks. I rented a boat and we oared towards the centre of the lake.

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