3 Dirty Laborers Enjoy My Girlfriend


3 Dirty Laborers Enjoy My Girlfriend3 Dirty Laborers Enjoy My Girlfriend 23 Dirty Laborers Enjoy My Girlfriend 3

Hey, people, we are back with another sex story. This sex story is partially real and some fantasy added to it. My ex-girlfriend was always interested in sex the kinkier the better. We had a few experiences with laborers, beggars and young boys.

It was all harmless fun and we had a great time doing it too. She was fair and about 5’5, long legs, curvy and had a cute face. Her figure was 36-30-36 and she looked good in any situation. We always shared our fantasies with each other and then fucked while talking about it. She loved to show off her body to strangers pretending an accident. We both loved the shock on their faces. It was priceless.

Well, this particular night we were on vacation in Shimla and we were about to reach a hotel when we saw construction workers on the road sitting around the fire. My girlfriend was horny as usual and we both looked at each winked. We now had a plan ready to have fun for the next few days. We reached the hotel dropped off our luggage and went back to meet the laborers.

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All three were old men maybe between 55 to 65, thin from working all day and black as coal because of the sun. We pretended to be lost so we parked near them and called out to them. One of them came over to my girlfriend side and looked at her first. She had changed into a micro mini skirt, heels, and top. The skirt barely covered her panty. The laborer was shocked and was looking with his mouth open.

He was horny that much was true but I called out to him and asked for directions. He looked at me and gave me the directions but I could see that he wanted more time to keep staring at my girlfriend so he kept telling as the way in a roundabout manner. We thanked him and tried to leave. As soon as I tried to start the car it stalled. It would not start and I out to take a look. I had done something to the car so that once stopped it won’t start easy.

I called the other laborers over and asked them to help give the car a push. They all came and all of them started staring at my girlfriend with lust in their eyes. I could imagine what was going through their head. They kept staring till I finally started the car. I got out to thank them and offered them money, they refused so I told them that dinner for them would be the least we could do for them.

They thanked me and got in the backseat. All three of them kept trying to get glances of my girlfriend and I could see it all from the rearview mirror. They were a horny bunch. We got to our guest house and we came inside the room. We made them sit on the floor and ordered food. We started talking and we found out that they were from the same village in mp and had come to make a living, barely.

We felt bad for them but on the other hand, we could use them too. We asked them to stay with us for the night as it was very cold outside.They were very grateful and we gave them space in the drawing room. We talked a bit more and my girlfriend had gone for a bath, she returned wearing baby doll lingerie in lace.

The laborer’s jaws dropped seeing her beautiful face and curvy figure, thick thighs. She smiled and said good night and they kept following her with their eyes till she entered the room. They were staring at her bubble butt. We went in and we knew we’d be in for a wild night today. I couldn’t sleep so I came out to where they were talking at night. I sat on the sofa and joined them.

I came to know they were called Ram, Vijay, and Vishnu. They were all hard workers and seemed to be good people. Eventually, the topic shifted to my girlfriend. They all commented that she was very beautiful and looked like a film star. I smiled nodded agreeing. Ram came out and said “You are very lucky sir, she is very beautiful”

Vishnu chimed in as well saying “Is she a model because that’s what she looks like” only Vishnu was quiet but he had a big smile on his face. They were taking the direction I wanted to take them to go for. I kept listening and smiling. I was talking to them and we started talking about sex. Obviously, being laborer they could only afford a street hooker for Rs. 150 or so and when they didn’t have money they would give each other blowjobs and handjobs. Finally, we were heading to my favorite topic.

I asked them how they felt about my girlfriend. All three of them smiled big and commented about my girlfriend. I could see they liked what they saw. I came out and asked them if they wanted to see her. They looked at me like I had grown a horn on my head but who could resist seeing a goddess on earth. I got up and told them to follow me into the room. They got up together and came to the room. My girlfriend was sleeping and she wasn’t aware of us that part would come in the morning.

She was wearing her baby doll lingerie and she wasn’t covered by a blanket showing her thighs and legs. All the 3 laborers stared at her sexy body until I asked them if they liked her. They smiled and started rubbing their hands over their cocks looking at her sexy thighs. I was loving that scene and didn’t interrupt them. They kept touching themselves through their trousers rubbing their cock up and down.

I was the first one to take my cock out and move my hands on it up and down. Seeing me all three got the idea and they took out their cocks as well. All three of them had small cocks 4 inches when erect and thin, they were jet black and had white pubic hair around it. They started jerking off watching her sleep but I stopped them and told them to take each other’s cocks and give the other person a handjob.

All three complied and they put their hands on the next guy’s cock. Now that their cocks were completely erect they started jerking each other hard. Their hands were a blur jerking off and all three shot their loads almost together. They looked content and looked at me, I was still jerking off watching them. Within a minute of them, I shot my load too.

We came out of the room together and sat down in the drawing-room together. We were happy and content, me because I got my fantasy and they had just masturbated looking at a model’s sexy body.

I don’t think that they were that satisfied because after some 5 mins all those old, dirty, smelly laborers were ready for another round with my girlfriend and if they were ready so soon at 60+ age then I sure as hell was ready too. There was just one condition, they would give each other handjobs, blowjobs in front of me while I jerked off. I had given them a taste of heaven and they wanted more.

So they all agreed, standing up they took each other’s cock in hands and started jerking each other off. These dirty laborers were jerking each other fast and I was jerking myself off watching them. They were moving their hands up and down fast and they came soon after in each other’s hands. I was still jerking off and seeing them cum gave me a boost too and I started increasing the speed of my hands. I came in another 10 sec.

We sat down tired and we decided to wait for some time before starting the fun again. All three of those old laborers were naked on the floor and their bodies were both gross and fascinating. All of them were thin almost skeleton like, they had dark skins like an African and they had white hair from working in the sun. We were tired but the fun wasn’t over yet, the night was still young.

Will be continued in part 2

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