4 Moments with 2 Lovers

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“Can you reach my pussy from there?”

Bram reached a hand over in the sand where it fell short from Alla’s hip by four inches.


Alla scooted her hips six inches to the right. “How about now?”

Bram got a finger under her bikini bottom and cupped her sun-warmed little pussy. Immediately she abandoned the pretense of convenience and scooted right up to him, and he got serious about getting his hand all up in her softly furry little pussy.

Her juice came to him and he stirred it around and moved all the lumps and bumps against each other and held her whole pussy in his hand and pressed a part of a finger into her. She wiggled with happiness and he dug in with soft fingers.

She rolled up almost on top of him and started to rock as he got some rhythm with her. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and she was ready to pop like a cork. Sometimes he really knew what to do, he just held her sex and she felt almost whipped around by pleasure as he gave of his hand to give her cunt some love.

“Whoooooooooooo.” she finally said and BANG, she could swear her vision went out for a second. She snuggled into him. That was a good man she had there.


“Hey honey, can you come in and fuck me for a second?”

Bram wiped his hands off on his pants and let the lawnmower die. “Sure.”

He grinned a little and hopped up the front steps. “Cleaned up or illegal bahis not?”


Alla lay down on the floor and scooted her panties out from underneath her skirt. She said, “Man, I’m glad you’re around.”

His pants were down in a second and he got on his knees and put a palm right away against her crotch.

“Just get it wet and put it in. Please.”

He needed no more prodding than that. He lay forward and put his gasoline and grass smelling body against her and went ahead and got it wet and pushed it in.

“Oh yum…ass ass ass,” she prayed.

He reached under her with strong arms and got one warm ass cheek under each hand. In her favorite way he pulled up her cunt into him so all she had to do was spread and let go. He rode her up on his cock, just getting himself off and taking his time. It was her desire to be fucked like this sometimes, just plundered for her pleasure.

He came into her so juicy.

“Thanks. Now go finish the lawn.”


“You want some asshole?”

His eyebrows raised. “Fingers?”

She looked him straight in the eye, “Cock.”

He was already hard. He wrapped his hands around her waist under the covers and pulled her naked morning body towards him.

“Go slow!” she reminded.

He rubber her all over for a moment but it wasn’t too long before he was licking her bottom and letting his tongue be the relacation illegal bahis siteleri machine all over her ass and pussy.

She did not regret the decision. His wild adoration and desire did relax her and he licked her so goddamn good she hardly wanted him to go slow. But he sure did go slow. He was not going to blow this. He filled her body with hands and her little pink asshole with tongue.

“Fuck my pussy a little first.”

She stayed on her tummy and lifted that ass up a little. He made it wet and got up in her little cooch just like she likes. She swiveled for him for a little while, pressing her asshold up against his tummy to make him hungry for it. He was hungry.

He wet a finger but good and started working his magic, until he had Alla good and penetrated and feeling wild and ready to buck.

He emptied her pussy and slid his cock head all up and down her crack, getting it so slippery, and when he pushed in and she bit her lip he just stayed still for a little while, until she stopped holding her breath and started to massage his horny cock with her ass wigglings.

He worked his way in, slow like a champ, until he finally had his nice, warm cock tunnel. He was so tender, his big long slow even strokes, giving her time to adjust before going back in, even reaching around and getting good handfuls of her juicy titties before pressing his pubis all the way up flush into canlı bahis siteleri her.

After a little while of his steady, sweet working, she finally said, “Okay baby, do it like you like.”

He worked his way up to it, but he got in a fury, and coming in her ass felt like coming like a lion in a lioness to him. He filled his hands with titty and his cock with warm, tight, ass. He fucked that warm ass and brought himself to the brink.

She felt it coming and lifted up for him. He exploded with coming. Like a lion.


Bram woke in the middle of the night. He nudged Alla with abject, uncontrollable horniness.

She awoke enough to understand the situation. Ever a good sport, she said, “I’m kinda sore…just do it between my legs?”

He was amenable to that, and she squeezed them together sleepily on her tummy and soon felt slippery cock all over her ass crack and thighs. It was kind of nice, she hoped he would wipe up.

He was excited and happy for her help at this late hour. Her strong, plump little thighs were a pretty nice offering. He plunged his entire cock and balls into the sweetness of her bootie and she managed to give a nice wiggle and undulation without hardly waking up at all. He gratefully came to delicious pleasure in her warm crevasses.

She had such wonderful legs and he felt so lucky that he got to slide in between them when so many men had see them come out from beneath her bathing suit and silently wished for the same thing. Oh, her tasty little ass he thought, blissfully, and came. He was polite enough to pad off to the kitchen and get a towel to wipe the sleeping Alla off.

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