500 Miles and 6 Floors Ch. 05

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Part 18: The Overpriced Gift Shop

They dashed down the alleyway back toward the hotel. They were holding hands, twisting in and out of parking meters and street lamps. Only when a crowd of tourists invaded their world did they let go of one another’s hands, the temporary separation tangible and empty.

As they entered the lobby, Lauren switched the bags to her other hand and grabbed Christopher once more. Taking charge, she led them to the small gift shop tucked in the far corner of the ground floor. Everywhere around them were signs and arrows directing them to the conference, like danger lights warning them not to veer off course, but they were not – and never were – for turning. Gripping his hand even tighter, as though absorbing Christopher’s own guilt with hers, Lauren pulled him into the store.

“What are we getting?” he asked, inquisitively, an unmistakable smirk etched hard upon his face.

“Oh, just a few things. Trust me!”

He had never trusted anyone more.

Lauren moved with purpose and grabbed two big bottles of water, a couple of pairs of cheaply-made, ridiculously-expensive pantyhose, and a sleep mask. Charging them to her room, she handed Christopher the bag and led him straight back out to the elevator where two men were already ensconced, their conference lanyards staring out from their chests like police badges. Polite nods exchanged, the journey upwards passed in a loaded silence, Lauren and Christopher, like two fugitives, retreating into the corner of the tiny space.

Lauren lifted herself on tiptoes and put her mouth to Christopher’s ear.

“Fucking makes me thirsty.” she whispered, tapping his bag with her knee.

Christopher felt his cock begin to harden as the elevator reached the next floor. To his relief, the men got out and, for the next twenty seconds, the two of them were lost in a delicious haze of groping, mauling, breathing and impossible impatience.

Opening the door to his room, Christopher was desperate to pin Lauren against the wall and repeat what he’d done to her the night before. Damn, that seemed like a lifetime ago, he mused but, before he could refocus, Lauren had already grabbed the bags and was setting them down on the desk.

Turning back to him, she took his hands and led him over to a padded, high-back chair which sat invitingly in the corner. As she pushed him down gently, Christopher let his arms fall obediently to the sides, watching her as she stood between him and the bed and began to undress, theatrically, tossing her top to the floor, loving the tease of her own performance.

“Stay in the chair, OK?” she purred. “You can do whatever you want…and I mean, whatever you want…just don’t move from that chair or there will be…consequences.”

Lauren kicked off her shoes and started working on the button fly of her jeans.


Her hands slid down her hips, her body shimmying slowly as her jeans fell to her ankles. Keeping her eyes fixed on Christopher, she wavered just slightly as she tried to extricate her feet from the jeans, her concentration intense but impatient. Mission completed, she pulled herself up to her full height once more and let Christopher drink in the sight of her standing there in her bra and panties.

He squirmed in his seat, his burgeoning erection making it uncomfortable to even sit.

“Baby,” said Lauren. “I said you can do whatever you want in the chair.”

She güvenilir bahis unclasped her bra, slowly, and let it fall to the floor.

“Do my…tits…give you any ideas? The last time you saw them, my mouth was around you…”

She was delicately running her fingers under her breast, now, letting a fingernail drag across her skin.

“Do you remember?”

“Yes,” replied Christopher. “That was so…fucking…hot.”

He began to unbutton his own jeans, but there was no performance, no teasing, no anticipation to savor, simply an urgent desire to hold himself as he gazed upon this gorgeous creature.

In seconds, his jeans and underwear were crumpled around his ankles, his shoes still on and his shirt hitched up just above his belly so he could get to work on his cock as he watched her.

“Here, help me with these,” Lauren said as she turned and pushed her tush into his face. “Pull these off for me, baby.”

Leaving his cock for the moment, Christopher hooked his fingers into her panties and slid them down her thighs, exposing her smooth, silky ass just inches from his mouth. He leaned in, desperate to taste her, but she turned away, cruelly almost, sitting down on his thigh so she could wriggle out of the panties.

Widening her legs, she leaned down slowly to pick them up, forcing her ass even closer to his hardening cock, keeping her position as long as she could to make sure he got a perfect, prolonged view of her asshole.

Stroking himself once more, Christopher positioned his cock towards the sweet opening in her cheeks but, before he could even brush her skin, Lauren stood up and faced him, her eyes widening at the sight of Christopher sat before her, legs akimbo, his erection pointing directly towards her.

“I think you said something before…about panties, honey?” she breathed. “Oh baby! Do you know how hot that got me?”

She held up her panties, swinging them freely from her fingers.

“Do you know how wet these are, now?” she continued, “They’re soaking, baby, I’ve soaked them right through…”

She knelt down beside him and drew the panties up the inside of his thigh, then cupped his balls with them. Christopher let his hand fall again as Lauren slid the warm, moist fabric across his straining cock and put her hot mouth to his ear.

“Do you like this?” she asked. “Was this what you wanted? Do you want to cum in them, is that it? Or do you want to taste them, taste me?”

She drew the panties up across his chest and under his chin, sliding them over the edge of his jaw, up to his lips and pressing them delicately over his nose. Even if he’d wanted to, Christopher had no choice but to savor the sweet and musky smell of her. As the scent hit his brain, his hand wandered back and he continued to fuck his fist with his prick.

Lauren stood up and dropped the panties onto his lap.

“I think you liked that,” she smiled, “Do you know how I know? Because I liked it, too.”

She walked over to the bed, took a pillow and laid it down at the end of the mattress near Christopher’s chair. Then she lay back, the pillow beneath one side of her, so she could face him as he got an elevated view of her naked body splayed out before him.

“That was so amazingly honest, and vulnerable, of you to tell me about the panties,” she said. “But it was so hot, baby, so hot! Can you tell how turned on I am?”

She squeezed her legs together, stretched and stroked her breasts, before türkçe bahis looking directly at him, her eyes half-closed in a kind of hazy ecstasy.

“So I’m going to tell you my five, super hot, decadent wishes…” she went on, her legs opening wide now, “…while you stroke yourself in front of me. Is that OK with you?”

Christopher nodded, unable to even form words. If he ever wanted to quit smoking or lose weight, this would be the way to hypnotize him.

“Oh, but one more thing,” Lauren said, quickly, sucking slowly and deliberately on her finger. “I kinda lied when I said you can do…whatever…in the chair, because no matter what…you cannot cum. Do you understand me? That’s for me, you have to wait for my…help…OK baby?”

Christopher couldn’t even hear her, but somehow he understood.

“So, my five things…”

Lauren steadied herself with one hand as she lay across the bed and started rubbing between her open legs with the other, her palm applying pressure across her pubic hair.

“Don’t my legs look smooth, Christopher?” she asked, as her hand continued to work herself. “Someone shaved them for me, just yesterday. Maybe I should go all the way and shave, here, too?”

She let him get a longer look at her pussy as her clit grew redder and redder.

“What do ya’ think? Or should I just leave a small patch up here? Either way my…pussy…would be all open and exposed. But seeing as you’re such an expert, that might be my first super…naughty…fantasy, to have some guy come and shave me. That would be…fun.”

As she said ‘fun,’ Lauren slipped a single finger between her folds and curled it up to her clitoral hood, resting it there before allowing her other fingers to join it.

Christopher simply stared at her, his breathing growing ever shallower. He was aware of a wetness on his lips, although his mouth felt dry and rough. He was paralyzed, from the neck up at least, as he struggled to maintain his composure.

“Second fantasy…hmm…” Lauren continued. “This might be hard to explain and it totally won’t ever happen but, I want three or four guys to…attend to me, all at the same time, but it would be all about me, totally me, everything I want, and more. I would have to know them, trust them, but it would be like, well, you…and three more…of you. I want to be caressed and stroked and spoiled…and held down.”

She began to masturbate more urgently, her fingers running quickly up and down her vulva.

“But I want hands all over me, every inch of me, and mouths on my…tits…kissing me, sucking me…eating me…and you, fucking me…holding me down so I…can’t move…and…oh, ohhhh…give me a minute, baby…”

Losing herself in her own pleasure, Lauren’s head fell back, her hair cascading behind her as she continued to rub herself furiously, Christopher watching in awe as her body writhed upon the bed, her pink pussy growing plumper and damper.

“OK, OK…” she breathed, eventually, her fingers settling into a rhythm she could stay in control of. “Where are we…number three, right? OK, yeah, OK, I want someone to…uh…take me. To own me. I don’t mean anything aggressive, I don’t mean for them to…hurt me. I mean aggressive, like assertive…like, oh god, like they, like they know what they want and they know that…mmm…mmm…they know that I’m going to give it to them. But when the…mood…ohhhh…I just want to be…fucked! Taken!”

She was using her other güvenilir bahis siteleri hand too now, to pull her lips apart as she danced her fingers furiously over her clit.

“Ohhh fuck…I’m close…I’m close…” she panted, “OK, I can do one more…I want…danger. Caught…in public…mmm…ohhh…a movie theater, a restroom…to get caught…someone watching me…watching us…blowing…fucking…oh god…fuck, yes…YES! FUCK, YES!!!”

Her whole body buckled as her orgasm hit, her hips thrusting upwards and her weight forced onto her shoulders as wave upon wave of pleasure engulfed her. Christopher watched her cum and cum, her face a picture of beautiful agony as she surrendered entirely to the intensity of her climax. His hand still gripped tightly around his cock, Christopher wanted desperately to jump from his chair and shoot himself all over her wet, prone body but, as Lauren began to come down, he forced himself to stay seated, his hand now pressed rigid against his thigh and his cock standing angrily to attention, slapping firmly against his belly in furious abandonment.

Fighting the urge to bask lazily in the glow of her orgasm, Lauren slid off the bed, her legs pretty shaky but her pussy still feeling the pulse of her pleasure. Stepping silently over to Christopher, she straddled him – her thighs wet and warm – and slid him inside of her. Moving her hips, she began to grind down on him, gripping his huge, hard cock with her muscles, desperate to feel him as deep inside her as he would go.

Christopher’s hands were on her immediately, poring, mauling, his fingers digging into her hips, her back, her legs, closely followed by his rough, damp lips buried deep between her hot breasts. The warmth around his cock and the desperate, wet sounds of him slamming up into her, fueled his lust, his thrusting becoming more urgent, more invasive, his mind, body and soul wanting to consume her entirely.

But before he could permit his own surrender, Lauren suddenly placed both hands on his chest and pushed her body back before lifting herself off his cock.

“What the-?!” Christopher panted.

But Lauren was already between his open legs, where her panties were, turning them inside out with one hand as she began pumping him with the other, her thumb brushing rhythmically against his head on every upstroke.

“I still owe you one.” she gasped, her breath hitting hard on his cock. “My fifth naughty fantasy… is…everything to me…it’s what I desire so bad, so fucking bad!”

She began stroking him faster, harder, he couldn’t hold it much longer.

“I want to make you…shoot…your…cum…right…here…!”

Lauren positioned her open hand like a back stop, her panties draped over her fingers like a veil over a mouth, as she continued to masturbate the magnificent, huge prick she’d gotten to know and love so intimately over the last twenty-four hours.

“Cum right here!” she begged, holding the panties just inches from his cock. “Cum in them…for me!!”

Having teetered on the verge of oblivion ever since she’d walked over and sat on him, it took Christopher just a few seconds to pass the point of no return. A loud, guttural groan emanated from his chest as he ejaculated hard into her panties, the force of his climax throwing his hot, heavy cum all over her hands, her breasts and down onto her thighs. As his body shuddered violently, his cock desperate to expel every last drop of himself upon her, Lauren knelt motionless, a smile spreading itself from ear to ear as she held the soaking, sticky panties in her hands, her world – at that moment – complete and content.

For Christopher…he was someplace else entirely.

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