7:14 AM

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It was early morning when I arrived for my photo shoot and I was sleepy. I looked at my phone. 7:14 am was way too early for me. I had my cup of coffee in my hand as I texted my photographer, Anton so he could come down to meet me.

“I’m so glad you came out! I’ve been dying to take pictures of you and that sexy ass.” I blushed. I had a big ass and black guys like Anton seemed to like it.

“Thanks,” I said sheepishly as I opened my trunk so he could see all the outfits I’d brought with me.

“Let’s get you inside so I can take a look at everything.” I nodded and followed him up the stairs. He was a good looking black man and there was definitely some attraction between us. We’d fucked on several other occasions but I hadn’t been sure if he would fuck me today or not. I looked around at the new apartment. It was spacious with a lot of natural light. Anton was right. This apartment was perfect for a shoot. “I brought my massage table so I can give you a massage like I promised I would.”

“I thought you were joking,” I giggled but I was secretly glad that he hadn’t been joking. I’d had a tough week and I really needed it.

“I never joke about massage,” he laughed heartily as he grabbed a sheet and proceeded to put it on the well-used massage table. “You need to get naked though if you want the full effect.”

“Okay,” I shrugged. I was a model and I was used to getting naked for shoots. It didn’t really bother me.

“Before I forget, this is Lonny. He’s going to be helping me out today with the shoot. This is also his apartment.” Lonny gave me a wave. He was thin and small, the way older people get as they age.

“Hi, Lonny! I walked over to the older black man and shook his hand. I couldn’t tell exactly how old he was but my guess was that he was in his seventies.

“Hi there, beautiful girl! You’re like a ray of sunlight in here! I’m glad you’re here.”

“Thank you! I appreciate you letting us use your apartment for this shoot. It’s lovely.”

“You can come by here anytime, beautiful.” I took a izmir escort bayan few lingering sips of my coffee before I got up onto the massage table, face-down.

“Here we go. Just relax,” Anton coached me. His hands were magic and I could feel myself relaxing past the point I had planned to relax. I felt like I was in another realm, one in which I barely existed. His hands kneaded my sore muscles until I melted into the table. I could barely breathe, it felt so good. That was when I felt Anton’s dick on the side of the table pushing against my arm. I didn’t move. I waited to see what he would do. His cock was rubbing against my arm. He wasn’t being subtle. He was using my body to rub his cock against. He rubbed it on my legs, my feet and then he pulled it out of his pants and presented it to my mouth. “Suck my cock.”

“I didn’t know it was that kind of photo shoot,” I murmured. I didn’t care that it was, I just hadn’t been expecting Anton to do something in front of the old man.

“Well, it is. Open your mouth and take my cock, slut.” I tensed up. Did I want this? Was this going to take my career to the next level or was I just sucking another dick? I didn’t know but I was tired. I’d been trying so hard to be a successful model and it had been so hard. I opened my mouth for him and he pushed his cock in and sighed. “That’s nice, slut.”

Anton fucked my face slowly, working my throat open until I was taking him nice and deep. He was holding my face with both of his hands, pumping his hips and using my mouth like it was a pussy. I felt so disgusted and so used. I hated myself for giving in and letting him do this to me so that I could get my photos but I needed them.

“Lonny, come on over. I think this slut wants to say thank you for letting her use your apartment for her photo shoot.”

“Hell yeah!” Lonny called and before I knew it, he was presenting his much older cock to my face.

“Open your mouth and suck his dick, you slut!” Anton encouraged me. I opened my mouth and took Lonny’s cock. He fucked my face hard izmir escort and fast like he really believed that I was a slut and that he could do anything to me. Anton was opening my legs and trying to get his cock in me. “Let’s move to the bed,” he suggested to Lonny, “I can’t get my cock in her on this table.”

“Sure,” Lonny agreed and I knew I should call the whole photo shoot off but I just couldn’t do it. I got onto the bed and let them use me, Lonny fucking my face and Anton fucking my pussy. It felt good and I came pretty hard, screaming as I sucked Lonny’s cock. I could taste his cum as he emptied himself into my mouth. “I just nutted down her throat!”

“Good work, Lonny. Now it’s my turn to use her.” Anton fucked me hard and fast, twisting my body into all kinds of positions. Lonny joined him again when he was hard enough and I found myself stuffed with both of their black cocks. “Hey, old man, you ever done a DP?”

“A what?” Lonny asked. Obviously, he hadn’t.

“Oh no!” I tried to protest but there was a cock in my mouth.

“Lay down right here,” Anton pointed to a spot on the bed and Lonny followed his instruction.

“Now, get on top of him and get his cock in your pussy,” Anton gave me the order and I paused, unsure if I was ready for what was about to happen. I followed the directions and slid down the old man’s black cock. It felt pretty good as Anton backed me up and pushed his cock into my asshole. It hurt a bit having those two black cocks inside of me at once. I made a few noises of discontent but I felt everything stretching out and it began to feel good.

I was shocked at how good it felt to have two black cocks sawing back and forth inside of me. I was screaming as I buried my face into Lonny’s neck. I screamed right in his ear and it seemed to make his cock even harder. Anton was pounding my asshole harder than I was used to but it only made me cum. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming and I could feel the old man nut up inside of my pussy and then go limp.

“Did you cum?” Anton asked Lonny.

“I escort izmir sure as fuck did!” he laughed.

“Okay, let’s take a break. Get cleaned up,” he told me. “Let’s get this photo shoot underway.” Finally, we were going to shoot some photos! I grabbed one of the bikini’s I wanted to shoot in.

“Okay, sure.” I slunk off to the bathroom to clean up my holes. I heard the men talking and laughing.

“She’s the best!” the old man cried.

“I told you I’d get you pussy. Didn’t I?” I heard Anton brag.

“Yeah, you did. Thank you, son!” That was weird. Why had he called Anton son?

I came out of the bathroom in my bikini. Both men made sounds of appreciation as I walked out, twirling around to show off my juicy ass.

“Damn girl, that bikini looks great on you!” Lonny praised me.

“Thanks. Wait. So how do you two know each other?” I asked.

“This is my dad,” Anton laughed.

“Wait, what? This is your dad and you just fucked me together! That’s kind of weird.”

“Yeah. Well, you told me once you’d always wanted to have sex with a father and son, that it was on your bucket list,” Anton smiled wickedly. “Now you can cross that off your list, you slut.”

He was right. I had said that to him.

“Damn. I wish you would have told me before so that I could enjoy it more!”

“Don’t worry, beautiful lady. We can definitely give you some more in a few minutes!” Lonny chimed in.

“I’m sure you will!” I shook my head in disbelief. “Anton! I can’t believe you! I’m in shock.”

“I know you’re not mad. You’re too much of a slut to be mad. You wanted this. It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“Good. Now get up on this counter right here in that bikini and let me get some shots of you.”

“Okay, sure,” I shrugged and hopped up onto the counter he had pointed to. I looked at the camera, disarmed by the liberties Anton had taken with me. I was turned on by it. My pussy was so wet I was worried it was soaking through my bikini bottoms. I had fucked a father and son! Finally! And I was about to do it again! It had definitely been worth waking up early for. 7:14 is awfully early but I’d been waiting my whole life for the experience I’d just had. It had been completely worth it.

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