A Beautiful Flirty Blond Wife

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This is a story primarily of a beautiful black woman forcing herself on to a beautiful blond wife, the wife succumbs. Then her and her husband are taken in and seduced further. The black seductress’s husband gets in on the act.

Kyra Walling was in serious trouble, she had brought it upon herself because of her own actions. She had been warned many times to behave, her husband thought it was funny to see and to witness her carrying on teasing and flirting, but now she had gone too far and her husband wasn’t there to protect her.

Her and her husband were a part of a group of friends, whom palled around together, have parties in each other’s homes, weekends away, holidays etc, not all together all of the time, but if one or more couples had the time or the inclination then together they would get.

And it had been at the weekend when she overplayed her hand, and over stepped the line. Kyra was the epitome of a beautiful sex goddess, five feet five inches of utter blond bombshell, a real beauty, whom was trusted to the very last by her husband, but not by the wives of some of their friends. She loved him, he loved her, she had always flirted wherever they went, but she would always say, “Tony, I might flirt and be naughty, but I will always go home and to bed with you, and never ever anyone else,” and he believed her.

And she never did, never once in their four year marriage, and even before they were married did she never keep her word. But now she was about to have her fidelity removed. And Kyra could do nothing about it, she was panting now, aroused, and ready.

On Saturday night they had been at the home of some new friends, a black couple about the same age as her and her husband, they had known them for about three months and had got on like a house on fire. Kyra had secretly flirted with the husband Mark, but with the knowledge of her husband Tony, who looked on with some amusement.

But what Kyra didn’t know was that Mark had told his wife Melanie, of Kyra’s flirtatious ways. He always told her everything, Melanie was well aware of it, and she didn’t like it, not one bit. Her husband was offhand about it, but Melanie had had a word with Kyra twice about it. Kyra though took no notice, except to be a little more discreet about it.

Melanie was as great looking as Kyra was in her dark chocolate skin, she stood at five feet nine inches so gained a lot in height especially when she wore her heels, and she liked to wear exceptionally high ones sometimes, six inch ones! Her short jet black silky hair was in waves and spiked, her face was magical and full African lips. Her skin was smooth and satiny, and had a sheen to it that made her look as if she was slightly oiled

And Kyra would tease her husband Tony about having sex with a good looking black man, he played along and their sex life improved because of it, not that much improvement was needed. But on Saturday night she had been taken to one side quietly by Melanie, and told to stop flirting with her husband or else! Kyra didn’t like being spoken to like that and went back and flirted even more.

Mark was going along with it, but tried to keep out of Kyra’s way so as not to exacerbate the situation. Melanie had told her husband that she was going to have it out with Kyra the following week. Then she asked him a question that floored him.

“Would you screw her Mark if you got the chance to?” He protested to her she was his wife, and he would not be unfaithful to her, but did admit that if they weren’t married then the answer would be a firm yes!

“What man wouldn’t Melanie, she is sexy and beautiful, but not as sexy and as beautiful as you,” he added, to make sure the peace was kept.

“Would you Mel?” he asked his wife, “you like women, would you, if you got the chance.” She looked at him and smiled.

“She screwing with my mind Mark, but I would fuck her over if I got the chance to, but that’s not quite the same.” She had told him. Melanie kept herself in check, she glowered a couple of times, but at the end of the night when they were all leaving, she cheek kissed Kyra, and felt her bum. Kyra grinned at that, she thought it was bit like telling her off.

On the following Monday Kyra saw her husband off on two day business trip, and started her housekeeping routine. She wasn’t wearing anything special, just a pair of loose cotton trousers, a man’s shirt, no bra and a thong, on her feet were slippers. She had her long blond hair piled up. And Kyra looked fabulous, it didn’t matter what she wore, she always looked good.

Thirty or so minutes after her husband had left her doorbell chimed. She opened the door and there was Melanie. Kyra was surprised but she asked her friend in. Melanie told her she was just passing and had seen her in the window so she had called on her. Melanie was done up to the nines, her face perfect, her hair straight out of the salon.

She was wearing calf length six inch high heeled bahis firmaları black leather boots, black trousers, a black polo necked sweater, and over that a large seemingly baggy black woollen overcoat. She absolutely towered over Kyra. And Melanie had come prepared for her confrontation that Kyra was unaware of, as yet.

“Can I take your coat Melanie?” Kyra asked, Melanie however took it off and lay over the back of a kitchen chair. It had four pockets, in them were the things she had brought that would take Kyra down, and teach her a lesson she would never forget. In the two outer pockets were a length of rope cut to suit, with two slip knots and an extra length, in the other pocket was a butt vibrating plug with an indentation that as soon as it was inserted Kyra’s sphincter, it would fasten itself around it, also in there was a pussy black rubber vibrator, and a black strap on dildo.

In the inner pockets was a ball gag with a breathing hole that Melanie was hoping not to have to use. And a pair of dressmakers scissors, and two clothes pegs, the spring variety.

Melanie had no qualms about what she was about to do, and she was secure in the knowledge that, surprise and speed of her actions would win the day, and Kyra’s lessons would begin. As soon as she had let go of the coat, and making sure the end of the rope was in her view did she grab Kyra, she spun her around and force her down over the table.

She pulled the rope out, slipped the slip knot over Kyra’s wrist and was sliding the next one on before Kyra had time to even think of complaining, or protesting. Melanie let her go, and pulled her up right, now Kyra was protesting, looking down at the ropes around her wrists, wanting to know what the hell she was up to, looking again at the nooses attached to her slim wrists. Melanie continued and ignored her victim.

The end of the rope was crossed over Kyra’s tummy and fastened to the opposing wrist and suddenly Kyra realised she was tied up, her arms were at her sides, and her movements were severely restricted. Melanie picked up her coat, grabbed the rope and yanked Kyra out of her kitchen and into her sitting room. Kyra had no option but to follow, she was drawn into the centre of the room, Melanie dropped her coat on to a chair, put her arm around Kyra and her foot behind and pushed, she lowered the helpless woman to the floor.

“Now Kyra, you are going to learn the lesson of a life time, I’m not going to hurt you, I may slap your ass a few times but that’s all.” Now Kyra found her voice and began to yell at Melanie, telling her she was in deep trouble, and to let her go or else! Melanie just dropped down and knelt over Kyra, knees on either side and smiled her best and brightest smile.

“Kyra I have warned you many times about flirting with my husband, and don’t worry, I know everything because he tells me everything, he even knows I’m here and what’s happening.” She told her, “I asked you to stop, I even told you to stop, but you being you, thought you could do what you want and to hell with anyone else, well Kyra, the chicken has come home to roost!” Melanie kneeled forward and put her hands on the floor next to Kyra’s head, her face just inches above hers.

She lifted Kyra’s head and undid the piled up hair, letting the silky blond hair free. “I do love your hair Kyra, and believe it or not, I love you, I think you are such a beautiful and sexy woman, but you are in need of being taught a lesson, so here I am, I’m going to teach you that lesson.” Kyra began to realise the trouble she appeared to be in, she tried to reason with the black beauty above her, who had her on her sitting room carpet and seemed to be in control.

Kyra put on her best conciliatory voice, and said, “I’m sorry Melanie, I didn’t realise that I was upsetting you so much, please, just let me free and we’ll forget all about this, and I swear I will behave myself, agreed?” Melanie gave her a huge smile that would have dimmed the sun, her dark skinned face, her bright eyes and flashing white even teeth almost mesmerised Kyra.

Kyra thought she had convinced her and that this was over, but she could not have been more wrong. Melanie leaned back and got up, but Kyra soon learned ‘this’ wasn’t over. Melanie lifted her foot and placed her boot over Kyra’s neck, the spike heel on the floor and the instep over Kyra’s throat. She never applied pressure, but the very fact that she had done what she had done, visited fear upon Kyra.

“Now Kyra, let’s begin your lesson shall we?” she murmured, she reached out and picked up her coat, and removed the ball gag. She showed it to Kyra and told her, “If you scream and shout I will stop you with this, do you understand, I don’t want to, but believe me I will!” And all the while her foot was over Kyra’s throat. Kyra suddenly blurted out that Tony, her husband would be back in ten minutes. Melanie smiled and shook her head no, “He’s away until tomorrow night Kyra, he told me that himself on kaçak iddaa Saturday, so let’s stop the pretence shall we?”

The other items in Melanie’s pockets were removed and placed next to her on the floor. Kyra tried to look at what she was doing but the boot blocked her view. “Now Kyra,” she said, “tell me why you want my husband to play your games, do you want him, I know you find him attractive, are you a closet black cock slut, Hmmm?”

Kyra lay there stunned by her words; she couldn’t believe she was hearing what she was hearing. “I have to admit Kyra, black on blond, it’s the classic fuck, my husband, a big dark man with a big black cock, are you so desperate to have his black beauty in you?” Melanie asked her lucidly.

Kyra couldn’t speak, she lay there with Melanie’s’ black boot holding her still. “I’ll take that as a yes then shall I?” she asked her victim. Without saying any more Melanie dropped down on top of Kyra again and undid her trousers, and quickly pulled them down and off. This was followed by her thong which was unceremoniously torn away.

Kyra cried out in horror, she struggled but that did no good what so ever, “I’ve told you, you were about to learn a lesson Kyra, and you will learn it, and you will learn it well!” she said behind her dazzling smile. Kyra was in dread now; she was in dread because she now knew that she really was in trouble, and no apparent way out of it.

Melanie calmly and methodically undid the buttons on Kyra’s shirt, and slid it over her shoulders leaving her proud firm tits open to view. “Please Melanie, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I will never annoy you or cause you hurt ever again, please please forgive me?” she begged heartbrokenly.

Melanie beamed at her, “Oh Kyra you poor sweet darling, of course I forgive you, I know you didn’t mean to upset me, I do forgive you my baby.” Kyra choked a sob back with relief, expecting Melanie to let her go, she thanked her profusely. That was when Melanie squeezed both of her nipples. Kyra nearly took off, her surprise was total.

Her head rocked back and forth, Melanie continued to squeeze and roll the growing buds. “Please Melanie don’t, what are you doing, why are you doing this to me, please stop Melanie, I’m so so sorry,” she wept as tears rolled down her cheeks. But Melanie kept on rolling her nipples and they were growing long, thick and hard with every interminable roll, and pressure exerted over them by her captors fingers. Melanie stared fixedly at Kyra’s nipples, she had seen some good ones in her time, but these, ‘Oh wow,’ she thought, they are sensational, and obviously super sensitive.

“You really are beautiful Kyra,” she told her, “it’s no wonder men fall over themselves around you, but would you tell me something too? Do you, when you look at me, think I’m beautiful too?” Kyra could only nod her head, her mind was closing down, her nipples were aggravating her tremendously, it was becoming almost irritatingly unbearable, and very soon it would be unbearable.

Then Kyra cried out, Melanie had suddenly dipped her fingers into her leg spread open pussy, her knees banged together, but there was nothing to be done about the fingers searching her pussy now, they were in! Melanie bent her head and sucked in the lonely nipple, her fingers secured around the other one, her right hand tweaking her clit and pussy. Kyra flopped and wriggled but there was no escape, and there was going to be no relief now until Melanie decided upon it.

Melanie was in her element, she had never had a blond as beautiful as this, and she had found out in quick time that her new toy was sensitive to her touch; she was going to have fun with her, and lots of it. She was sorely tempted to send the prearranged text to her husband, so that he could come around and fuck her the way he had told his wife he wanted to.

But Melanie resisted it and would send it later; she would have her fun first. They had talked it all over, and had decided that if Melanie got the upper hand and Kyra became pliable, then she would get black cock whether she wanted it or not, and she would become an unfaithful wife intentional or not!

Melanie went to work on her prisoner, Kyra was unable to resist the nipple attacks, or fight the fingers eating away in her pussy, she was trying but she was fighting a losing battle with her equally beautiful black attacker. Then when her first orgasm took its hold Kyra cried out in sheer relief and defeat.

Melanie rose quickly, picked up her things for using on her, and helped the weakened blond wife to her feet. Kyra was groggy, and meekly followed Melanie out of the room, at the bottom of the stairs Melanie pushed her up, she lodged a finger in her ass making Kyra squeal. She guided her into her bedroom, this was Melanie’s intention, to take her and use her in her own marital bed.

She got her on the bed easily, and then ordered her to watch while she undressed, she wanted Kyra to see and understand kaçak bahis now what was about to happen. Kyra was going to be raped, fucked, screwed and made love to by a black woman. She lay there prone no strength to resist, completely captive, helpless and now defeated.

Melanie picked up the butt plug and turned Kyra on to her side, she worked it in. Kyra cried and struggled, her blond hair whipping around, but she was unable to prevent its entry in to her. And then her ass shut around it, and no amount of pushing could move it. Melanie depressed the little button and the plug came to life.

Groans and moans escaped her, Melanie turned her back over and climbed on. Now kneeling astride her captive she got to work on her nipples. Kyra cried, moaned, mumbled, and came, she couldn’t resist it, and when Melanie reached behind and sank fingers into her pussy she begged for more.

“Now Kyra, I want you to tell me about your secret fantasies, fantasies of being black cocked and fucked, come on Kyra, tell me! She dug her fingers in deeper and crushed the nipple.

“Please Melanie, I haven’t honestly,” she bleated through clenched teeth.

“Kyra don’t make the mistake of lying to me, you don’t flirt like you do without having the fantasy to go with it, tell me!” Melanie picked up the vibrator, she showed it to her, she kissed it, licked it lewdly and sexily, then put her hand behind and got Kyra’s clit first time with it. and pressed it ti Kyra’s clit. Every part of Kyra left the bed except her ass.

An orgasm of galactic proportions hit her broadside, she cried out, it was so painful to be made to cum so hard. She begged Melanie to stop, that she would tell her everything she wanted to know.

“That’s it darling,” she said to her, “you just go right ahead and tell me your deepest fantasy, how you want and need to be used by a black person. Your blond hair waving about as you are fucked to heaven and back. Melanie wiggled the vibrator around for good measure.

Kyra couldn’t take any more, “Please,” she begged, “I have thought about a black man taking me to bed and using me for his needs, taking me just how he wants to, and there’s nothing I can do about it!”

“Has my husband been in that fantasy Kyra?” she asked her, Kyra remained silent until Melanie plunged the vibrator right into her, “tell me, and tell me now you slut!” Again Kyra came, and again she admitted to it.

“Yes yes Melanie, I have thought about him having his way and doing what he wants to me, please Melanie, I’m so sorry,” she wept with orgasmic pain, humiliation and arousal, they were all combing to bring her to heel, Melanie’s heel.

She submitted to the sexual stimulation from the black woman above her, she succumbed to the feelings racing through her. Her climaxes were total, and completely at odds to all the climaxes she had ever had. When recovery was under way, she opened her eyes, she could feel warm breath on her cheek, Melanie kissed her.

She had never been kissed by a woman before, it was soft, sweet and she liked it, a gentle squeeze on a nipple made her kiss back willingly. Kyra was on her back, Melanie was lying next to her and on her side, she slid her leg over Kyra’s, and then hugged her. What Kyra didn’t know was, Melanie had put the strap on dildo on, the blond beauty was about to get blacked.

“So Kyra, you have never been to bed with any black, man or woman?” she said in between kisses. Kyra was finding it hard to even think of resisting, it was intoxicating being here like this, in the control of this beautiful black woman who had her at her command. She was her captive, and she was being sexually used and abused.

“No,” she replied meekly, “please Melanie, what are you going to do with me?” Melanie had the biggest smile on her face.

“In a nut shell Kyra, I am going to fuck your brains out, but I’ll make love to you too. You will call my name when I make you cum, or if I decide not to let you cum. You are going to learn a lesson in humility, and you will learn that being given the opportunity to have me in your bed is a gift you will receive with joy.”

Melanie leaned over and kissed her long and deep, her hand roaming Kyra’s luscious white creamy body, taking in her nipples, fiddling maddeningly with her pussy, sucking and kissing her neck. Kyra was hopelessly defeated, and utterly and sensuously aroused by her black dominator. Melanie got over her new sex toy, it was something Kyra hadn’t yet guessed.

She lifted the sleek white legs and put them on her shoulders, Kyra was now bent in half, her hands at either side of Kyra’s beautiful blond head, arms outstretched, she poised for effect. Kyra looked down and saw two things, and both stunned her. She saw the big thick black dildo pointing at her pussy, and she saw her pussy spread waiting to accept it.

It fascinated her to see the round black billiard ball head getting nearer and nearer, then it touched, then she felt it pressing, then it popped in, her head fell back and she saw no more. But she felt it inserting itself more and more. “Melanie, oh Melanie, Hmmmm, oh please oh Melanie, it…. Ohhhhh Ooooh…” Melanie had it all in and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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