A Birthday Present for Mother Ch. 03

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When we got into the elevator I noticed it had a floor to ceiling mirror and our reflections caused me to start snickering. Helen looked puzzled until she, too, noticed our reflections then she started to giggle. Pretty soon our snickers and giggles had progressed to belly laughs because we looked like hell.

Her hair was tousled and the top of her tube dress was pulled down while her hem had ridden up and it looked as if exposure of both her breasts and pussy was a heartbeat away. She had a suspicious looking wet stain on her dress at what would have been groin level and I wasn’t in any better condition for I had lost three shirt buttons and sported an equally suspicious wet stain on my trousers.

The elevator opened and we spilled out into the hall laughing like lunatics. Mom looked at the cardkey for the number and, dragging me along, quickly found our room. She swiped the lock and made to push the door open but I stopped her and said “It’s the honeymoon suite, right?” She nodded and I swept her up into my arms. “I believe it is traditional for the groom to carry the bride over the doorsill.”

She gave a delighted grin, her eyes sparkled, and she cooed “Oh my, am I your bride now?” as I carried her through the door.

I kicked the door closed with my foot, leaned my head down, and softly replied “Yes, Helen, tonight you are my bride.” before gently kissing her.

She ended the kiss and stared into my eyes before saying “Put me down, please.” in a tone of voice I had never heard before. She stepped back a couple of paces and slowly turned around. “Unzip me.” My hands were shaking as I moved the zipper down to its stop and when I had finished she turned back to face me again. She held the dress up with her tiny hands and, as I watched, she let the dress drop to lie in a puddle at her feet.

Oh man, she looked exquisite standing there wearing only her pearls, earrings, and stiletto shoes and I was mesmerized as she stepped out of her discarded dress. “You’re so beautiful.” I told her as she posed for me. Her shoes made her legs appear longer than they were, and as she slowly twirled I noticed they made her butt look tighter and tauter, while her hips only emphasized how incredibly slim her waist was when compared to them and her shoulders.

I wanted to drool as I saw her extremely erect nipples capping her beautiful breasts and felt a surge of animal lust sweep through me. I felt an almost over-powering urge to suckle upon them like a starving infant but I managed to control myself as she faced me again, smiling mysteriously, and her eyes were deep pools of desire in which I longed to drown in.

“My goodness” she said in a sultry voice which made my blood burn with desire “I see I DO meet with your approval.” Her eyes were focused on my crotch and I became aware my dick was so hard I ached while I drank in her beauty as my inner selves battled for control. The son in me wanted to make love to her while the Dom wanted to ravish her, take her, and make her mine.

“Come here.” I demanded, toeing off my loafers, and when she did I swept her into a fierce embrace and kissed her. “You have one minute to find a bed.” I said as I released her. She looked startled yet pleased so I added “In sixty one seconds I will either take you, or spank you for disobedience, so choose your door wisely.” I looked at my wrist-watch and told her “Tempus Fugit, woman.”

I almost laughed as she ran (how women can run on 4 inch stiletto heels is one of the many mysteries of life) to a door which opened onto a bathroom. She lost precious seconds while she stared at the opulent bath. “45 seconds.” I said as the second hand touched the dial mark. She dashed for the other door and tripped, landing face down, and then looked at me. “30 seconds.” I announced. She kicked her heels off and casino oyna dashed for the other door, threw it open, and gleefully yelled “I’ve found the bed!”

I slowly walked towards the bedroom, timing my steps so that I reached it with 5 seconds left and saw her standing by the king sized bed desperately striving to fish the egg out of her vagina. The second hand swept past the mark and I gave her an evil grin. “Time’s up.” I told her.

“My fingers aren’t long enough to reach the egg!” she told me and I had to laugh.

“I warned you that I would take you, or spank you, after one minute and one second. I can’t take you when your hand is in your pussy so I’ll just have to spank you.” I was actually very excited at the thought of seeing her ass turning red and listening to her squeal as I told her “Get on the bed with your ass up and your face down. Do it now.”

She complied, slowly and reluctantly, and I patiently waited as she assumed the position. “Hmm” I said “So how many swats do you think are appropriate?”

“One?” she replied hopefully.

I chuckled and shook my head. “Oh no, Helen, you certainly need more than one.” I stepped up to the bed to caress her toned ass and she flinched. “I think ten is just about right.” I ignored her gasp and continued “Now the second question is do I use my hand, my belt, or maybe there’s another option. Don’t move, Helen, I’ll be back in a moment”

I knew I was going to spank her with my hand but I wanted her to suffer the anticipation of impending punishment so I walked out of the bedroom then turned around so I could watch without her knowing. She shifted position a couple of times and after a few minutes I walked back in, positioned myself, and brought my flattened hand down in a forceful swat.

She screamed, startled by the unexpected swat, and she started to lunge forward but father had trained her well and she remained motionless. I was delighted when she said “One.” in a determined voice.

“That’s very good, Helen, very good indeed.” I complimented her as I watched the red hand print form on her right cheek. I repositioned myself and delivered a second swat, this time to her left cheek, and she rocked forward a bit but only said “Two.” in that same determined tone of voice. I gently rubbed her ass so her flesh tenderized because I did love her so I wanted to deliver the maximum amount of pain with the least amount of damage.

It took almost twenty minutes to administer the ten swats to her but she took it like a trooper. She was crying, and her voice was quivering as she counted the tenth spank, so I raised her up and gently took her into my arms.

“Thank you for caring enough to punish me Master.” she said softly as she pressed her face into my shirt. I lifted her tear-streaked face to gently kiss her tears away and she responded with a soft moan.

I brushed her hair out of her face and replied “We have to talk about that, Helen, because I’m a very unconventional Dom.”

She thought about my statement than nervously asked “What do you mean?”

I looked into her deep blue eyes and saw the shadow of fear my words had evoked. “I don’t want to be a 24/7 Dom and I don’t want a 24/7 sub.” I told her.

Mother laughed gently and said “I’m glad to hear you say that, Ron, because if you’re expecting something like the Gor bondage fantasy books from me I would almost be required to castrate you with a dull knife.”

“I need to buy you a collar Helen.” I said with a smile.

“It sounds as if I need to start dulling a kitchen knife!” she replied as she returned my smile.

“The collar is the key, Helen, for when you wear it, wherever you wear it, it tells me the bedroom door is shut and I can be your Master. I view a Dom/sub relationship as the spice which keeps sex hot, kind slot oyna of like a well cooked meal is enhanced by herbs.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek as she answered “You really are like your father. So you’re saying that you don’t want me to be your slave but your slut and, even then, only if I agree?” I nodded yes and she sat up straight. “My safe word is yellow. The contract is when, or if, I use it you stop at once. I will not indulge in piss or shit games nor will I allow you to punch me, beat me, or cause me to be permanently scarred. Spanking is allowed but only on my butt or thighs.” She grinned and added “Is that acceptable?”

I smiled back at her and replied “Completely. I will add the condition that I won’t gag you because, at my level of experience, that is too dangerous. Do we have an agreement?”

She nodded yes and answered “We do, and you don’t need to buy me a collar because your father bought me a very pretty one years ago, which I now consider his gift to you.” She wrapped her delicate hands around my erection still trapped in its prison and, looking at me, said “Even though I haven’t your collar I’m your slut tonight. Does my Master desire relief?”

I nodded yes and as she opened my trousers added “I will cum in your mouth but you will NOT swallow until I say so.” With the housekeeping chores settled I felt, and knew, I would feel better once I had emptied the massive load that had built up in my balls.

Damn, mom gave good head, and I moaned in pleasure as she licked and sucked my cock. Most women tried to swallow cock but Helen had an entirely different approach. She took just my head into her mouth, sucking hard and using her tongue to lash the sensitive area located just under my slit, occasionally probing it, all the while teasing my nut sack with one hand while with her other hand she jacked me off.

I knew I wouldn’t last long, given the sexual tension that I had endured all night, and her oral skills soon had me curling my toes and thrusting upward. I groaned as my climax sent scalding bursts of hot sperm up my shaft and into her mouth, threw my head back as contraction after contraction emptied my balls, and when I had finally finished felt cool air on my tip as she allowed it to slip out from between her lips.

I sighed and opened my eyes. I almost giggled at the sight of her, her cheeks bulging out as if she were a squirrel storing nuts for winter, as she waited for my command to swallow. I took her head in my hand and said “Tilt your head back.” and when she had done so told her “Open your mouth.”

When she did I saw my sperm, dammed by her tongue, pooled up in her oral cavity like a pool of milky white water and I smiled. “Now” I commanded her “Swallow.”

She took my load down with one massive swallow and I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her to her feet, bent over, locked my lips upon hers (tasting my sperm on her tongue as we swapped spit), and she moaned. After an interminable deep French kiss she broke away and her eyes sparkled as she told me “Your father would never kiss me after Cuming in my mouth until I had brushed my teeth.”

I stroked her cheek and laughed. “Hell, if a woman is willing to gobble my goo I figure the least I can do is give her a thank you kiss.” I turned her around and gently pushed until she was on the bed and flat on her back. I hitched my trousers up enough so I could kneel down and gazed at her womanhood. “It’s your turn now.”

I knelt on the floor, placed her where I wanted her to be, looked into her pussy and saw she was definitely aroused. Her outer lips were swollen with desire, seemingly aching for penetration, while her inner lips were flushed red from arousal. Her clitoris was swollen, begging for attention, and I looked up at her. “I’m going to take you to paradise.” I promised canlı casino siteleri her and watched as she smiled.

I used my tongue to penetrate her vagina and we both moaned as I tasted her for the first time. She wasn’t just wet she was dripping and I savored the taste of her sex as it oozed onto my tongue. She gripped my head in her hands and guided me to her favorite spots.

I believe a woman knows what she likes so I willingly allowed Helen to guide and direct me as I pleasured her with my tongue. She was not hesitant at all as she used her hands to guide my mouth and her voice to spur my mind.

“Oh, yes, right there.” or “Oh god so good.” with the occasional “Oh fuck yes. A little harder baby.” while all the time she used her hands to guide me as if I were a horse and she was a skilled teamster.

As she approached her climax she became more vocal, her hands more urgent in their direction, and I sneakily pulled the eggs’ controller out of my trouser pocket. When her climax started she tried to stuff my face into the vagina I had been born from and I triggered the on button of the control unit.

She went wild. Her hips started bucking like a wild mustang being saddled for the first time and I used my right arm to pin her mid-section to the bed so I could suck on her vaginal opening. I could feel the heavy vibrations of the egg still set on ‘earthquake’ mode as I struggled to keep my mouth attached to her pussy while she convulsed with pleasure.

Her scream scaled several octaves up while her legs clamped around my head so strongly that I felt as if my brains were going to pop out of my nose and then it happened. I tasted, and savored, her nectar as she squirted into my mouth not once but three times. She was climaxing so hard I had a tough time keeping my mouth where I wanted it and it took several moments for me to realize she was screaming “Off, off, for the love of god, shut it off.”

When I shut the egg off she collapsed like a puppet whose strings had been cut then, after a few moments cupped her hands over her vagina in a protective motion, drew her legs up, and rolled over onto her side in a fetal position. I knelt at the edge of the bed and watched as her body shook while she experienced quite a few post-climatic after-shocks.

About five minutes later she rolled onto her back and stretched like a cat. “Oh my god, I haven’t cum like that in a long time.” She finished stretching and winced “I think I may have pulled a muscle.” she complained then smiled. “An orgasm like that is worth a few sore muscles.”

She rolled onto her side, propped her head on her hand, and smiled at me. “Do me a favor, baby, and take this damned toy out of me?” When I nodded she lay on her back, spread her legs, and added “Be careful, honey, because I’m really sensitive down there right now.”

Somehow the egg had migrated way up into her vagina and I had to really stretch her out before I could grasp it and when I did I found it slippery from her secretions. She grimaced and groaned as I struggled to remove it then finally sighed in gratitude when I accomplished the mission.

The egg made an obscenely wet popping sound as I pulled it out and she sighed in relief as it left her body. “I suppose I should clean it.” I said uncertainly and she nodded yes.

“After you’re done could you bring me a glass of water, baby, I’m really thirsty?” she asked sleepily. As I got up to walk to the bathroom I heard her mutter under her breath “and tired. God I need a nap.”

I was smiling as I cleaned the toy in the bathroom sink. I’m a man and having a woman admit I had worn her out was a tremendous ego-boost. It got even better when I walked back into the bedroom with a tumbler of water and found her sound asleep.

I set the glass on the night stand, stripped, and laid down next to her. I wrapped my arms around her until her head rested on my chest and she moved her leg so it draped over mine, shifted a bit, and sighed in her sleep.

I lightly stroked her hair until sleep claimed me as well.

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