A Blackbird Learns to Fly

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About four months ago I dreamt that I kissed a niece of my girlfriend, no true blood relation, and as we kissed she foamed at the mouth, and turned into a spittlebug. I couldn’t remember if it was the beginning of a wet dream or the end of a nightmare. It was the only image that stayed with me after I woke up and I had a bad taste in my mouth the rest of the day.

Funny thing was, two weeks later my girlfriend, Regina, our cocker spaniel, Mik and I visited that same family, her brother’s, to house- and baby-sit for a long weekend. Actually neither the house nor the kids needed sitting. The parents wanted to have a long-weekend vacation in Germany, and we wanted to have the same in their house, in the north of Holland. The babysitting would consist of occasionally saying hello to their young-adult children, if they were around, and maybe cooking for them on the odd day.


When we met, I shook hands with Jake and son Yelmer and gave Ellen three cheek kisses. And then came their daughter Meryl, which is Dutch for Blackbird. We gave each other a typical Dutch kiss, which meant three air kisses on alternating cheeks. Only on the third kiss, instead of planting it somewhere wide of my cheek, she put it smack on my lips, tilted her head about 20 degrees and stuck her little tongue in my mouth. She produced saliva like I did not believe.

I gently pushed her away and said,

-It’s good to see you, too.

Her parents told us where everything was and what kind of meals could be found in the refrigerator. Then they took off. Yelmer took off shortly thereafter, to who knows where.

We parked in the living room and chatted with Meryl a while about her education. She was studying physiotherapy, was just back from an apprenticeship in Germany and had plenty to tell.

I usually walked our dog only early in the morning. It was four in the afternoon, but I offered to walk the dog, anyway. Regina didn’t object.

Meryl said,

-I’ll go with.

No-one objected.

Outside I asked,

-What was that about?

-What was what about?

-That French kiss of yours. What was that about?

-Oh that. Nothing.

-You call all that saliva nothing?

She was silent for a while.

-I wanna ask you about sex. Let’s turn left here.

We turned left.

-About sex?! Why? Why me?

-You’re safe. You’re not really family. And aunt Regina says that you’ve had lots of girlfriends before her. Lots of experience.

-Or lots of failures.


-OK, what do you want to know?

-I have a new boyfriend. And before we do anything I wanna know what I’m getting myself into, how it feels, if it hurts.

-How old are you?


-And you’ve never slept with anyone?

She laughed.

-Only with my brother and that was probably 10 years ago.

-But never any sex?


-Any kissing with your boyfriend?

-Not really.

That sounded vague, but I let it go.

-We can turn left here, she said.

I had the impression she was about as introvert as I was, only a lot younger. And insecure, even though she wore the gear of her self-centered generation and gender: long blond hair with a streak of red through it, Nikes, jeans split at the knees, a translucent top with plenty of bra showing and a small, black, fake-leather jacket.

-So what do you think I can do for you?

-Maybe teach me how to kiss.

-That’s it? Teach you how to kiss?

Then both of us were silent for a while.

-I suppose I could do that, but not now. And not while your aunt’s around. She’d kill me.

-So like when?

-Regina walks Mik three times a day. I usually only do him early in the morning. Maybe while she’s away tonight. That’ll probably around nine-thirty.


We had leftover lasagna for supper. We killed time on-line, watching TV and fiddling with stupid smart phones. At 9.45 pm Regina took off with our dog. That gave us about 15 minutes.

-Let’s go upstairs to your room. I said. And listen for the front door opening.

I was a bit taller than her so I sat on her bed. She stood in front of me.

-Pucker up your lips, nice and stiff, give me a nice solid kiss and make a good smacking sound when you do.

She did, all of it.

-Now that’s actually what we don’t want to do. The pucker, the stiff lips, the smacking sound. That’s what you do with family, but not with your boyfriend. Now relax your lips. And trill your lips with your forefinger like they used to do in cartoons when they were slightly cuckoo.

She didn’t know what I meant.

-Like this, I said. Bubbubbubbubbubbubbubb…

She imitated me.

-Those are relaxed lips. Now open your mouth a little and do that again.

She did.

I kissed her underlip.

-Now kiss my lip back. Grab my upper lip with yours, nice and soft and don’t make a sound.

She giggled, but she did it. Not bad.

-Now we do it to each other.

And while we were nibbling at each other’s lips I slid my tongue across one of her lips. She got the picture and imitated me.

-That’s two thirds of the picture. Only thing left to do is bedava bahis let your tongue explore my mouth. Don’t stick it in like you’re fucking me. Just let it explore.

And what followed were five very sensual minutes. Soft, relaxed lips do wonders! And look, ma, no spit!

I pushed her softly away.

-That’s it. You’ve graduated. You’re there.

I got up, gave her a nice hug and we went downstairs.

Regina came home with Mik about 10 minutes later and didn’t notice a thing, didn’t smell any extra sex hormones in the air. At about 11.30 we all went to our beds and slept happily for a nice eight hours.


I woke about 7.30 and was ready to walk Mik at 8.00. Meryl was downstairs, dressed and ready to go.

-I wanna go with.


We went out. We took the same route as yesterday.

-I want more, she said.


-I want more. You’re a good teacher. I could learn a lot from you. I want to know about normal sex, oral sex, anal sex.

-Whoa, slow down! Are you tryin’ to give me a heart attack?

-No. I just want to know…

And she pulled a piece of paper out of her jacket…

-If normal sex makes me bleed the first time. Or any time.

I was taken aback by her directness, even if it was from a piece of paper. I did my best.

-No, chances are small. Especially if you take it nice and easy the first few times.

-OK. Oral sex. If my boyfriend cums in my mouth, do I have to swallow it?

I sighed, a delaying tactic.

-Nobody has to do anything. That’s up to you. If you want to get rid of it, do it in a nice way that won’t insult him. Like lick it over his stomach or something. I’ll admit, you’ll probably earn more points if you do swallow it. But it’s up to you.

-Next question. Does anal sex hurt?

-Have you been watching porn lately?

No answer.

-My experience with anal is limited. Reg doesn’t like it, so it’s been years back. But I guess I could say that the first few times it hurts. Your boyfriend should take it nice and slow.

We were almost home and Mik was pulling on his leash.

-I want you to help me practice, she said.


-You know, pretend, do as if, help me out.

-Like how?

-How would I know? You’re the one that knows everything!

-Cunt fuck!

-Excuse me?

-Oh, Forget it.

We were home. We ignored each other the whole morning, but the whole time I was thinking about it.

After a boring lunch of cold sandwiches Regina took Mik out again.

-OK, I have an idea, I said. We have about an hour. Let’s go up to your bedroom again.

Meryl was eager.

-Close the door, close the drapes, turn the light off. We’re gonna learn how to touch.

The afternoon was suddenly dark. Meryl was facing me.

-Now turn around and take your clothes off. All of them. I’ll be doing the same behind you.

Her face grew even darker. She turned around slowly and did what I told her. I was a bit turned on by her removing her bra and stepping out of her panties.

-Close your eyes. Now this is me.

I put my hands on her naked shoulders. And let them go down her arms, while lightening my touch.

-It tickles!

-Just breathe in and out and relax.

I came back up with only my fingertips. I went back down and moved over to her ribs, just under her breasts. My fingers went up to explore the folds under her breasts. And then my fingertips went up her breastbone and back down to her nipples, to tickle them at first, then to make small circles around them. And then to suddenly pinch them a few times. Her nipples stiffened slightly and she made a short moaning sound.

Then I finger painted over her stomach, thighs, pubes and breasts with the lightest fingers I could manage. She let her head fall back. I planted one hand in her crotch, with a finger between her labia, wrapped my other arm across her breasts and drew her to me. My stiff cock fit nicely in the crack of her ass. She didn’t resist.

I was aware of my own heartbeat and could feel hers, pounding against the arm across her breasts.

Then I let her go.

-Now we turn around and you do the same to me.

I turned around. It took her a while to get started. She imitated me, almost by rote. Shoulders, upper arms, shoulders and down again. Then my nipples. She finger painted for a while. It felt OK. She held me tight and her breasts flattened against my back.

But she was avoiding my dick, which I guess was understandable. I gently took her right wrist and helped her find my balls. She fingered them for a while. Then I helped her find my shaft, and she stroked me lightly upwards.

When I knew that she knew my dick wouldn’t kill her I let go of her hand.

She actually did quite well. With her left hand she tickled and juggled my balls and with her other she lightly stroked my cock.

-OK, let me help you out, I said.

I took her right hand off my cock.

-Make an O with your thumb and first two fingers.

Then I placed those fingers on the head of my cock and helped her go up and down on me. She was very lightly jerking bedava bonus me off.

When I heard the sound of our dog barking through the window, I said,

-OK, that’s it. Get dressed. Every man for himself.

I turned around and gave her a quick kiss. She peeked down at my dick and let out,

-Oh, nice!

Saturday evening I cooked pork chops, fried potatoes and cabbage. It was OK.

After washing the dishes Regina took off again with our dog.

Meryl sat down next to me on the couch, threw an arm around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

-I want more, she said. You’ve got me hooked.

-Oh, God. I hope this is for your boyfriend.

-I dunno. Maybe just for me.

-OK, lets go up to your bedroom. We’ve got about 15 minutes.

Once there,

-Take off your shorts and your undies. Lie on your back on your bed. And close your eyes.

It was midsummer night, and who knows maybe this was a dream in the half-light of her bedroom. But I got on her bed and eyed her young blond bush, then stroked it lightly with my fingers. Nice and soft. Aroused, I planted my nose in her Y and breathed in deeply. Oh, musky light. I brushed my nose across her pubes.

Then I spread her legs with my hands, got her knees in the air and wrapped my hands around her thighs. I smelled her pubes one more time and then put my tongue on the spot where her clit should be and held it there.

-Oh, Jesus!

And then I slowly licked that spot. She put her hands on me head.

-Oh God! This is too much!

I started with slow vertical licks and then switched to quicker, horizontal ones. When I heard her gasp hard enough to know I’d got her, I stopped on top of her clit, sat there a while and then gave her beautiful bush a kiss.

-Oh, go on, go on! Why are you stopping!?

-Cuz your aunt’s coming back in a few minutes. Get dressed.

-I can’t believe this! I almost explode and you stop. I want more!

-I gave the open lips of her cunt one last kiss and said,


-Oh, fuck you!

Regina came back with our dog to see the two of us siting far apart, watching idiocy on TV, with my breath smelling of cunt and Meryl looking cross-eyed like she’d just been fucked by the devil.

-Everything OK?! asked Regina.

-What?! I asked over the noise of the TV.

-Oh, forget it!


After lunch my girlfriend took off with Mik, and Meryl and I had about an hour. We went up to her bedroom.

-Now you’re going to learn how to suck cock.

-God, you talk dirty!

-You’re the one who wants to do dirty things!

I shed my clothes while Meryl watched with eyes wide open. I sat on the edge of her bed, naked, with my legs spread.

-Shouldn’t we be using a condom? she asked.

-OK, good point. I tested seronegative 10 years ago and haven’t had any new partners since then. And if we take this any further, I had a vasectomy. I’m as sterile as a surgical glove. Are YOU clean?

-Me? I’m a virgin!

-I’m supposed to believe you?

-Oh fuck, if you’re clean, I’m a virgin.

She was starting to sound like me.

-OK, Come here, I said.

She knelt in front of me with my cock in full view.

-Stroke me until I’m hard.

Which she did, in her own way.

-Now give my head a kiss, I said, pointing to what I meant. Now lift me up and lick me like a lolly… Now take my head in your mouth to see what that feels like… And?

-Feels OK.

-OK, improvise, but no rough stuff!

She went down on me once and took me deep in her young mouth. Then she started going up and down on me when somebody knocked on her bedroom door and entered. She stopped on the down stroke, with my cock deep in her mouth.

-Hello?! What the fuck are you doing?!

It was her younger brother, Yelmer, back from nowhere.

Meryl disengaged.

-What are you doing here?! This is my bedroom!

-I always come in here after I knock. What are you doing?! It’s sick!

-He’s not really our uncle. Not a blood relation. And I’m old enough. It’s like Woody Allen.

-Well, Woody Allen was a dirty old man. If mom or aunt Regina finds out, they’ll kill you.

-So help me out and don’t tell.

-You guys are sick!

And with that Yelmer left her room and slammed the door shut.

Funny thing was, while Meryl was talking, she kept holding my stiff dick in her fist the whole time. After Yelmer left, we looked at each other.

-Party pooper! I said. It’s OK, we can stop.

-No, I want to know what your sperm tastes like.

-Probably like the beer your parents buy.

She looked up at me with a devilish smile, let go of my cock and removed her top and her bra. She leaned back and brushed her long hair back to show her bare, pointed breasts.

-I like your tits. They look good on you.

-I like your cock. It feels good to me.

We laughed. She grabbed my dick again and let it disappear in her mouth. She bobbed away, enthusiastically. When I shot my wad we both moaned. I felt her swallow.

Long pause.

-Tastes OK. Real beer tastes better.

-Get cleaned up. Your deneme bonusu aunt’s coming home soon. You think Yelmer will spill the beans?

-I don’t think so, she said, while putting her bra and top back on. I’m older. I’d kill him if he did.

-When your aunt takes the dog out tonight, we can try to have some real sex.

-Now you’re talkin’!

I botched supper a bit. I undercooked the green beans and totally forgot the gravy for the pork chops. Nobody complained. It was quiet at the table.

My girlfriend left with our dog.

-Up to your bedroom and strip naked. Do you ever masturbate?



-Fine, that’ll come in handy. We’ve only got 15 minutes.

We climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

-Strip and lay down on your stomach.

-On my stomach?!

I looked at her sternly and said,

-It’s less confrontational (as if she’d understand what I meant).

She stripped and laid tummy-side down.

-OK, lick your fingers and start strumming your thing.

My choice of words might have been weird, but she understood.

I sat on her thighs, just under her ass, with my half-hard dick between her cheeks. When I was hard enough, I laid down lightly on top of her, supported by my elbows.

-OK, stop jerking off for a bit.

With one hand from underneath, I guided my dick slowly up her cunt.


-Yeah, it might hurt.

She was wet. I slowly went all the way in.


And tight as a virgin.

-Oh God!

I didn’t take it personally.

-OK, whack away at your clit again.

Which she did.

And I slowly bumped away at her. God it felt good!

I wrapped my arms under and around her, around her breasts. I got into the slow rhythm of fucking her.

I stuck my nose in her hair and smelled her shampoo. I licked her ear and then bit her neck. My tempo picked up.

-Wait, wait! she cried.


-Stop! And stick your thing up my ass. I want to know how that feels.


-Yeah, stick it in!

-It could be even more painful.


So I removed my thing and planted it at the little star-like opening of her ass. I was wet enough to go in unannounced. I pushed in.

-Ow! Fuck!

-Keep masturbating! It helps.


-Oh, God, Fuck!

-That’s what I’m doing.

And once in deep, I went up and down on her. I held onto her shoulders from underneath for leverage.

She masturbated like crazy.

I shot my load up her pristine ass while she came in her own spastic way and cried out,

-God fucking Jesus!

I totally agreed.

We broke up and cleaned up, whatever that means after you’ve had quick anal sex.


Monday was our day to leave. Meryl’s parents would be coming home and we’d be taking off.

While Regina was off with the dog after lunch I took a shower. I thought I heard a knock at the door, so I turned the water off. And while I was doing that the door opened and someone walked inside.

-Hello? I called out.

That someone performed a short pantomime difficult to see through shower curtains before the same shower curtains got pulled open. Meryl, in all her naked glory, got in the shower with me.

-God, you are one fucking sexy bitch!

We kissed.

-It’s you I love, she said. It’s you I want.

And then she put her arms around my neck and hopped up on me, and wrapped her legs around my hips and my back. I hadn’t done any standing sexual acrobatics for the past 15 years, but at least I was stable.

We kissed again.

Her cunt was about level with my stiff dick, and she licked me with her labia.

-It’s you I love. It’s you I want. I want you to stay.

-Honey, you know I can’t stay. Even good things come to an end. You’ll be OK.

She shook her head and gave me a hateful look.

-I want you to stay and be my lover!

-I can’t do that! It’s been fun, but I have to leave today and you have to go back to your new boyfriend.

She was pissed.

-Then I want you to fuck me, right now! she said.

-Well, not like this, because I don’t have any hold. Let me think. Get off, turn around and brace yourself against that wall.

Which she did and I guided by dick slowly up her twat. I held onto her hips and pulled us towards each other, slowly at first. When I was sure we weren’t slipping in the shower, I started thumping away at her, rabbit-style.

One of her hands left the wall and moved to her cunt, with fingers on clit. We whacked away at ourselves and each other. I was thinking this could be heaven or this could be hell.

She came first, and slipped, but I kept her from falling forwards. Her cunt went in spasms and that took me over the edge. I shot my hot wad up that tight little twat of hers.

And then the door downstairs opened. It had to be Regina.

I pulled out of Meryl, slapped her on her beautiful butt and whispered,

-Get the fuck out of here. Take your clothes and a towel.

She left. I assume she wrapped a towel around herself. Then I counted to thirty and turned the water back on. Two minutes later I was even singing under the shower. I had plenty to sing about.

Later, downstairs, If Regina suspected anything, she didn’t let on. And I didn’t notice any of her mannerisms that meant, in a nice subtle way, that she was ready to kill me. So I was probably safe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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