A Convention to Remember

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A year after Sandy and Jeff’s wedding, Anne stood behind her own new husband, his arm around her waist as Zander introduced her to one of his new friends and the man’s girlfriend he had met at a concert in Wheeling. The four of them had been in such animated chatter at the hotel lobby as they were checking into the hotel for a musician’s convention.

Anne loved her husband and supported his own career, basically all but giving up her own aspirations and vocations to support him in his budding career, but once in awhile when she went to any hotel or event in a hotel, she couldn’t help but let her mind drift back to the singer whom she had spent the night with and the incredible sex they had had the night of Sandy’s own wedding…


Even the times when she and Zan had made love–which was VERY often–it was all Anne could do not to call out the other man’s name in the throes of orgasms. Though she and Con had had sex only that one time, he still had that effect on her.

Zander broke her thoughts after he had signed the charge slip that they were ready to go. Tonight, they would join his new friends for dinner. Tomorrow, he would be off on the whirlwind of the convention, then the four of them to the dog races at Wheeling Downs.

Anne looked around the lobby as a bellboy collected their bags.

A familiar man was staring…at her.

“My God…” she whispered. Was she hallucinating? It looked a lot like…Con!

“Did you say something, hon?” Zander asked.

Anne shook her head sharply. “Uhm…no. Just thinking to myself out loud.”

She then looked back to see if the man was still there while Zander chattered on to the other couple. He was.

Con met her gaze with a smile, figuring she was stunned by the sight of him being there. But this was a convention after all; many singers and musicians would be here and she shouldn’t be surprised if he was there as well.

But something about Con’s face struck a whisper in her thoughts. She knew what his expression meant, but couldn’t seem to recall it.

What was it?

Both the sly smile and his unblinking eyes suggested he was thinking about; he too had remembered their night together a year earlier, and despite her weight loss, he didn’t fail to recognize her…

Con wanted to fuck her again.

Anne finally broke her gaze when Zan tapped her on the shoulder, saying they were ready to go upstairs.

She güvenilir bahis smiled at her husband, then followed him to the room.

By now, Anne was quite aroused. Very, very horny.

They hadn’t been in the room long after dinner when Anne fucked her husband well, thinking about the encounter with Con a year earlier the entire time she had sex with her husband.

She and Zan made love passionately, as Zan fucked her in bed, then on the floor, against the wall of the room, and then finally, in bed again. They drifted into sleep as their naked bodies clung to one another.

The sounds of the running shower pulled Anne from her state of sleep late the next day. She thought about joining her husband, but was quite thirsty and, throwing on some random clothes, she grabbed the ice bucket and made her way out to the hall to get them both some soda and ice.

She stepped out into the hall, not noticing her surroundings, before sprinting to the nearest vending machine. She dropped in her change and bent over to grab her purchases before filling the ice bucket.

She didn’t notice the man down the hall watching her as she made her way back to the room.

It was Con.

He walked quietly behind her in stocking feet, keeping a safe distance in order not to startle her, his otherwise silent stride indicating confidence.

She still didn’t notice when she had closed the door to her room once she had returned.

Con now knew where her room was. But Anne didn’t know that. Yet.

She closed the door in a lackadaisical fashion, not bothering to lock it; both she and Zan were both here after all. And if anyone did try to push their way in, Zan would probably kill them in less than five seconds.

She wondered if Zander would come out of the shower a rejuvenated sex machine before he went to the first workshop. In the even he did, she peeled off the ripped jeans and long blouse and threw on a sexy robe, naked underneath.

The door opened; Anne froze for a moment with terror before she looked in the mirror and saw Con. She was a little surprised, but she was no longer afraid.

“Anne,” he mouthed silently.

He seemed hesitant, as if her rebuke of him in the lobby the previous evening had been the final stage of their brief affair a year before. Anne looked back at him in the mirror. He was dressed in those wonderful jeans and a sexy shirt–minus his shoes, his hair loose and türkçe bahis tousled the way she had remembered it.

She stood up, walking over to him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she whispered. “My husband is in the shower…how did you find our room?”

He opened her robe wordlessly, grinning, and pulling it to the floor.

“Don’t say you weren’t expecting me, love. I saw the way you looked at me in the lobby downstairs,” Con finally said. “You loved it last year, and your eyes said yesterday you wanted more.”

“But I…” she began before his mouth was on hers, silencing her and assaulting her tongue and mouth with his.

Anne had about five seconds before he was on her. He kissed her even more passionately as his hand groped and squeezed her breasts. Anne grabbed it, but didn’t move it off her.

She spread his open palm over her nipples, wedged it in her cleavage, and massaged herself with his forbidden touch. Her breasts moved and shaped to his eager grasp. Her nipples bent under his fingers. Then she brought his hand to her mouth, and sucked his fingers, her intense blue eyes never leaving his dark ones.

He threw her onto the bed. Anne’s body bounced on the mattress, her breasts swaying, then he ripped off his clothes.

She wanted to cry out as Con penetrated her and to vocalize the absolute pleasure she felt as his cock slid into her, but she knew her cries would bring Zan out and he would kill this guy for sure, assuming Con was raping her.

Con fucked her hard, his thrusts pounding into her, burying his cock deeper in her. Anne wrapped her legs around his shoulders as her breasts bounced wildly up and down as he fucked her.

Anne’s thoughts were gone. Her body quivered and trembled from the greatest sex she had ever known. She wanted his cock so badly now. She wanted to fuck him over and over again as that magnificent cock slipped in and out of her cunt.

Those eyes… That damned eye fucking and cock fucking of his…Anne felt his lust reach for fulfillment with each stroke in and out of her.

The bed squeaked as loudly as a bed had ever seemed to squeak; she was surprised Zan hadn’t come out then while she and Con were in the throes of wild, forbidden fucking.

Anne forced Con’s cock in harder. Fuck me.. fuck me, she screamed silently. Dammit, fuck the hell out of me!

Con was deliberate and frenzied in his pace. He was aware of Zander in güvenilir bahis siteleri the shower, and knew he had to fuck Anne quick and good. Con focused his eyes on her bouncing tits and her eyes.

“Oh…” Anne moaned quietly with his thrusts. “Fuck…!”

“Enjoying this, aren’t you, love?” he panted as he continued to thrust in and out of her now-willing pussy.

She nodded wildly underneath him, knowing damned well she was.

Con then grunted. His seed shot into her, licking the walls of her soaked cunt. She felt it ooze inside her, tickling her clit and thighs. It made her so strangely alive to feel another man’s cum deep inside her.

Anne then moaned gratefully as his fingers pushed his sperm into her. Con rubbed her hard and fast. He then moved his body up hers, his cock hard once again, his swollen cock slid between her breasts.

She pushed them together, tightening them on the slippery length. His hands joined hers, and massaged her tits while his cock fucked them.

The shower stopped. For a moment, Anne panicked, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying what was being done to her as Con kept thrusting between her tits.

Anne kept up as Con assaulted her breasts with his massive cock while she heard the sounds of Zander pulling back the shower curtain, shaving and drying his hair before she returned her focus on Con’s cock fucking her tits.

Con’s sperm shot off, leaving a glistening trail of white on her full breasts. She dipped her head, and tasted the amount of cum that spurted into her mouth. Con then sat up and moved is cock to her waiting mouth. Anne then sucked the sperm from Con’s entire length.

The hair dryer in the bathroom shut off.

“Anne?” Zander called out. “You still out there, babe?”

“Uhm, yes.” she called back, hurriedly arranging herself and throwing back on her robe as Con quickly threw on his own clothes and took off out the door. Anne wrapped her cum-covered tits in the robe as Zander emerged from the bathroom.

“Mmmm. I know I just showered, but you want to have some fun before I leave for the workshop, babe?” He then reached out for her.

Anne grabbed his hand, and pushed him aside. Con had given her enough great sex in a short time only moments before; Zander didn’t seem to be of interest to her right now.

She headed for the bathroom to wash Con’s cum from herself before she joined Zander’s friend’s girlfriend for a day of shopping while their men were at the workshop.

In a little while, she would go for a soda before she and Zan went down to see his music buddies and they headed for the race track…and maybe scout out Con’s own room in the process…

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