A Conversation Online – Paula

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By marrying James, Paula had expected to lose her interest in other women. That’s what happened, at the beginning – her sex life was great. Everything she had hoped for – but as sex with James became more mundane, her thoughts had recently drifted back to the sex she used to have with the two lady friends she made love with before meeting James. She found herself yearning for a return to lesbian love.

So it was, some years ago, that Paula turned to reading internet erotic stories, particularly those about lesbians, to rouse her fantasies – and, of course, to fire her need to masturbate. Wow! They were really something! Then, she thought it would be fun to write her own stories. Her first attempt got mixed comments from the readers, so she decided to ask Sarahloveitt, whose stories on Literotica she admired immensely, for private comments. When Paula got a reply to her email from Sarah, she was delighted and more than a little excited. Although brief, it was really sexy and made her feel rather horny. A quick feel between her warm thighs confirmed that! It had turned her on! But with husband James around, there was little she could do to develop the relationship with Sarah.

Then, a second erotic email from Sarah set her heart beating faster. Here, she felt, was a woman she would dearly love to chat with. Exchange erotic thoughts. It was almost eerie – Sarah began to almost dominated her thoughts! Wow! Yet another email from her – oh, how she wanted to sit at the computer and exchange instant messages whilst fingering her wet labia. But James took over the computer for long stretches, leaving Paula feeling frustrated. She couldn’t have James finding out her renewed interest in bi-sex! She had never told him of her earlier love life. And in some ways, the secrecy was an added stimulus to her sexual urges. She would have to be patient – ‘but fucking hell,’ she told herself , ‘I need to chat to Sarah. I really, really need her! It’s totally irrational, I know but… there it is!’

There was no rhyme nor reason to her yearning – it was just a heavy feeling in her bosom.

‘God! This is awful,’ she thought. ‘I don’t even know the woman.’

A fantasy e-mail from Sarah really turned her into overdrive! In it, Sarah described slipping into Paula’s bedroom in the middle of the night, intending to feel between Paula’s thighs, to plug the vagina with her tongue. As she did, she persuaded Paula’s body to turn on her side, spooning into the back of her husband, then pushing her pert bottom to the edge of the bed. The duvet was lifted sufficiently for Sarah to put her head beneath, pushing it between Paula’s damp, hot thighs. There, she replaced the palm cupping her vulva, with her mouth, allowing the contents of Paula’s vagina to dribble into it.

‘This is fantastic,’ she thought. ‘So sexy.’ Sarah’s tongue was exploring the whole area, probing into her dripping passage and rolling round her clitoris. ‘Fucking hell! I can smell it!’

Paula was filled to bursting with lust and desire. Her whole body was alive with severe nervous trembles, her loins ablaze with lechery. She knew she would have to come soon – her body would demand it.

Fuck!’ she thought, ‘I’ll wake James. He’ll wonder what the hell’s happening. He’ll find Sarah making love to his wife. Oh no!! No!! I mustn’t!’ But the orgasm was not to be denied. It was building up relentlessly from the very depths of her loins. Getting more and more intense. She was shaking inwardly, her whole being was trembling. She tried flexing her vaginal muscles to stop it, but it wouldn’t be refused. With a stifled exploding groan, her orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt! Her body jerked several times as the succession of spasms racked her body. ‘Oh fuck!’ She couldn’t help it.

Paula felt Sarah brush her cheeks and ear with her soft lips.

‘Dream on darling,’ she whispered to ear. She desperately wanted to feel Sarah. Fondle her genitals – play with her labia. But she was out of reach. Her arms stretched out, groping in the dark. Where is she? She almost wept with frustration.

‘Sarah,’ she cried out.

Paula woke up in a sweat, her body trembling. Her hand was between her thighs holding onto her genitals. They were oozing. Very few rubs were all that was needed to bring her to a fluttering climax. With a succession of deep sighs, her mind full of Sarah.

‘Fucking hell,’ she thought, ‘I need that woman.’ She had so much wanted to show Sarah an uninhibited orgasm, repaying her with one of her own.

Paula e-mailed Sarah: ‘Oh fuck Sarah – that was just sensational – more than sensational. I’ve got up early to check the computer and can hear James in the bathroom. But I’ve read and re-read your story and have already cum twice. And if he stays in that bathroom just a little longer, I’m gonna cum again!! I’ve tried IM to see if you are there but it tells me you are not signed on. But I am signed on, switched on, turned on, hot and fucking horny. You’ve got me that way, Sarah! Sorry I’m being rather girlish! But I do want you so much! Write me another story.’

Sarah replied: ‘Oh Paula! You emailed me ten minutes illegal bahis before I logged on, desperate to see if there was a message waiting for me from you!!! I would have been miserable all day without hearing from you. But you’d gone. Delighted you liked my story, though, and that it caused a triple. I have to tell you darling, that I’ve been awake half the night thinking about you Fingering myself and dreaming of your pussy.’

Early on Sunday morning, with James out of the house for a while seeing a client, Paula emailed Sarah with her latest fantasy. Sarah had called around to see her.

‘No sooner have I opened the door than you take me in your arms and give me a long sensuous kiss. I’m still in my pyjamas and you slip your arms around my waist and begin to stroke my perky bottom through the thin material. The way you gently stroke and squeeze me feels sensational. I am so horny and just can’t stop my loins from trembling at the sensations created by your stroking hands and continuous kisses.

‘Suddenly I feel your hand slide inside the waistband of my pyjamas, and I shiver with arousal at the feeling of your stroking fingers as they slide like feathers down the soft silky skin of my thighs and bottom. Your caresses have me wet already. The way you sneak your hand into the cleft of my buttocks, slipping down the crease and over the puckered rosebud has me almost ready to cum.

‘Then your fingers slide to my soft, warm pussy lips and I know you will be able to feel that they are so soft and damp. I groan and cling onto you as your middle finger prods between my fleshy lips, as if searching for the dark secret entrance to my inner mystery. I jerk as you find it, warm and wet. Your slow, gentle touch feels divine and I press my head against your shoulder as my teeth bite on my lower lip. I just can’t stop whimpering at the sensations you’re creating in my overheated body.

‘”Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” I moan into your neck.

‘My stomach is a sea of emotion and when you lower your head and take my dark right nipple between your lips, I nearly faint. I know I can cum from just having my breasts played with and I can’t help but give a little jerk and grunt of delight. Your hands are peeling off my pyjama bottoms as your lips pleasure my boobs and I step out of them and kick them away. You have complete control of my body and press me into the corner of the settee, gently prizing my willing legs apart.

‘You whisper that you have been anxious to see me and it seems your eyes examine my secret treasure for ages before, finally, you lean between my trembling thighs and plant a soft kiss on my vulva lips. The feeling is simply sensational, almost too much, and you have my stomach trembling and loins shaking with arousal. I can’t help myself and am ready to cum just from the anticipation of what you are doing.

‘Your pleasuring has my clit poking out of its sheath and as your sensational tongue touches it, my body jerks high. I feel myself gasping loudly and wrap my fingers tightly in your hair. My God! You have me ready to cum already! I just can’t stop it, don’t want to stop it, and as you suck hard on my little button, my hands are pressing your head hard against my spasming vulva.

‘FUCK!’ I hear myself cry into the electrically-supercharged air. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ My legs are trembling, my feet resting on your lower back as I thrust myself against your magical lips. ‘Sarah,’ I scream. ‘I’m cumming….!’

The following morning, when Paula logged on she found Sarah waiting – available. Chance for a chat with James out of the house.

“Hello Paula.”

“I’m here Sarah – James is in the garden. Quick! Feel me!”

“The idea of making love to you has been haunting me.”

“Take me, for fuck’s sake, Sarah. NOW! I can’t wait!”

“Let me give you a long sexy kiss. I know you’re still in your pyjamas.”

“Your arms are round my waist, stroking my bottom – mmm”

“Gently stroking and squeezing. You like having your bum stroked.”

“Fucking hell!!”

“It gets you all horny! As we kiss and kiss and kiss, mouths open, I can feel you loins trembling. My hand slides inside the waistband of your pyjamas, feeling the soft silky skin of your thighs and bottom.”

“Oo Sarah… yes PLEASE. I need you. Do it to me.”

“It sneaks into the cleft of your bum, slipping down the crease, over the puckered rosebud until it finds the soft, warm lips protruding from the gash of your pussy.”

“Fucking hell Sarah …that’s fantastic … so … WICKED!”

“Mmm! Lovely and soft – and damp. My middle finger prods between the fleshy lips, searching for the dark secret entrance to your inner mystery.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes … do it … do it.”

“There! I found it. It’s wet. Warm and very wet. Divine! Just a little prod for the moment. Not too quick. I’m going to make love for at least an hour!”

“Don’t stop. Harder!”

“You’re whimpering. You’re murmuring in my ear.”

“Yes! Oh yes! I love you Sarah – love you. Adore you. Fuck me. Please.”

“You’re breathless. Your belly’s churning.. I’m lowering my head to illegal bahis siteleri search for your nipples.”

“I love my tits being sucked.”

“The small boobs with their hard brown nipples. Very sensitive. As my lips close over the right one, you give a little jerk and grunt of delight. I am now peeling off your pyjama bottoms.”

“I’m stepping out of them”

“I’m pressing you into the corner of the settee. Prizing your legs apart.”

“I’m all yours… take me.”

“I gaze, at last, on that part of you I have been desperate to examine – to kiss – to play with. It’s so very beautiful!”

“Fuck me Sarah … please – please!”

“Just to look at it for ages, before leaning my face between your thighs to kiss the lips of your vulva. Delicious! Heavenly!”

“DO IT NOW, Sarah … do it. Oh my God!!”

“Your belly is trembling, your loins shaking.”

“Fucking hell! I can’t hold back.”

“My tongue touches your clit, poking out of its sheath, your body jerks high and you gasp loudly.”

“My God! I’m coming already! I can’t stop it.”

“I’m sucking hard on your little button. You are pressing my head hard against your vulva as the spasms slam into you.”

“FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!”

“Your legs are wobbling around.”

“Sarah!! I’m coming! – yes yes yes! Oh fuck fuck fuck!”

“I love you darling. Come for me.”

“Don’t stop – DON’T STOP!”

“You’re beating my back with your fists!”

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Of fuck fuck fuck.”

There is a pause in the conversation.

“Next time, Paula, it’s my turn to have the orgasm! You sexy little beast! You fucking lovely woman!”

“You’re wonderful, Sarah!”

“And I want you badly – do you hear? BADLY!”

“You must be wet through!”

“I am. Dripping!”

“Go for it then!”

“Oh God! I need to finger myself now!!! Ahhhhh! Paula. You are so …”

“Yes – it’s me! Fingering and licking Sarah!”


“You came for me Sarah. You came! You came! Fucking hell! Wonderful!”

And they played with each other online for another half hour, exchanging words of love! And masturbating like there was no tomorrow. Paula went wild with lust. Until the closing back door forced her to turn off the computer and run upstairs into the bedroom.

After that, Paula would come on line in the early morning whilst James was showering and shaving. Sarah would join her. They had urgent, wild sex with explosive orgasms for fifteen minutes or so, in their dressing gowns. Paula was becoming obsessive – so much so that she even managed a quick online session with Sarah whilst week-end guests were eating breakfast across the room! She had practiced being able to have an orgasm without making too much noise. A cough perhaps. Or maybe two!

Sarah promised Paula another fantasy.

Paula arranged for Sarah to call in for coffee on the morning she knew her husband, James, would be out for the day. For some reason she didn’t understand, she was very nervous at meeting her face to face. She chose her thong with care. The one with a matching baby doll top would be provocative, she thought. Yes! That’s the one. Purple silk, heavily embroidered across the top with a motif of autumn leaves, the top in matching silk, of course, with an embroidery of the same design of autumn leaves across the top. The cups were plain satin. Not that her 32″ B breasts really required any support. But the garment should turn Sarah’s head. Make her curious about the contents. Although, from what Sarah had said, her head had already been turned!

She would wear a casual day dress, almost like a robe, which was easily opened. The anticipation of the meeting had made Paula rather horny – having re-read Sarah’s last erotic fantasy. Fucking hell – it was so arousing! She remembered having had three orgasms when she first read it! She had a quick rippling orgasm in the shower – mmmm – she enjoyed using the shower jet to bring her to a quiet orgasm. A kind of trailer for the main event to follow. A light breakfast of a banana, fruit juice and muesli, followed by coffee.

The room was ready. The bell rang.

‘Fucking hell,’ she thought. ‘She’s a bit early!’ With her heart in her mouth, Paula answered the door. There stood Sarah. ‘So very sexy.’ There was no doubt the older women turned her on. Perhaps it was the mother-daughter thing. A winning smile. ‘Hi, I’m Sarah.’

‘Yes! Come in! I’m Paula.’ With a fixed smile, Paula felt rather awkward and nervous for some reason she couldn’t understand. ‘You’re a bit early.’

‘Couldn’t wait! I hope I’m not too early though?’

‘Oh, of course not! I’m glad you were. It gives us more time to get know each other.’

Sarah stepped into the hallway. As Paula closed the door and turned, Sarah faced her, held her gently by the shoulders before kissing her on the lips. That did it! That broke the ice! Those lovely soft lips lingering on hers. Paula returned the kiss, pressing her mouth against Sarah’s. The two women moved closer together, bodies touching all the canlı bahis siteleri way, lips meeting in a light kiss, time after time.

Paula hadn’t been kissed like this since before her marriage. She missed those wonderful sensuous kisses between women. No man can possibly kiss like that. Then she felt Sarah’s hands smoothing over her bottom, stroking the cheeks in a suggestive manner.

‘Fucking hell,’ she thought, ‘I’m getting wound up already.’ Breaking away to get her breath back, she suggested coffee.

‘That would be nice,’ Sarah agreed, slipping off her coat. ‘After all, we have all morning to explore each other.’

‘Here! Give me your coat.’ As she hung it on the hallstand, Sarah admired the shape of Paula’s pert buttocks.

‘Perfection,’ she thought. ‘I shall enjoy stroking those later.’

Over coffee they chatted about all sorts, getting to know one another. Sizing up each other. Sarah approved of Paula’s youthful face, her perfect complexion, her clear eyes.

‘Her slender body and long legs promise much,’ she thought. ‘Smallish but well rounded breasts, and I wonder what her vulva is like. Her lips are full, so I expect plump labia that can’t be contained withing the outer lips! Nice and crinkled!’

Her belly churned at the thought.

Then, without warning, Sarah asked if she might kiss Paula again. Rather flustered, before she could reply, though given the chance it would have been yes, Sarah leaned over to cover Paula’s mouth with her own. Mmm. Sarah loved kissing soft young lips. So fresh and clean! As they chewed on each other, Sarah deftly unfastened the belt of the robe, before slipping a hand inside the top of Paula’s dress, eager to feel those young boobs. Pleasurably surprised at encountering no bra, her palm slipped over the left breast, encompassing it wholly, rolling the nipple in the palm.

Feeling less nervous, Paula entered into the spirit, returning Sarah’s kisses with eagerness. And when the hand found her breast, kneading the nipple, her body reacted with an involuntary leap for joy. Mmmmm! This was fucking great! Her own hand found its way into Sarah’s blouse, dipping into the bra to scoop the breast into her own pal. What wonderful tits, she thought. I must have a suck of those!

Paula leaned across, unbuttoning the blouse, to expose the flimsy black bra. That obstacle was soon discarded, allowing Sarah’s full breasts to be seen in all their glory. The large pimply areola with their topping of chestnut nipple were soon filling Paula’s mouth, her lips nibbling hard. Sarah leaned back to wallow in the sheer delight of having her breasts sucked.

She knew that her vagina would be working overtime, the inner glands releasing the juices so much enjoyed by her lady friends. Perhaps Paula would find their taste to her liking, she thought. But time to explore that gorgeous body beside her. Her hunger could not be held back much longer. Before pressing Paula back into the corner of the settee, she slipped Paula’s dress from off her shoulders, admiring the baby doll top.

‘My goodness, Paula. You look too young to be engaging in sex! You are so very beautiful. I love the top, but it has to go!’ The clasp was easy to unfasten, the top discarded to uncover those charming breasts, now heaving with Paula’s heavy breathing. Now caressing the breasts with one hand, the other was reaching down into the top of the thong, exploring the trimmed thatch of hair.

Sarah was kissing her face again, whispering to her.

‘You’re so beautiful, I could make love to this body all day,’ brushing her lips over Paula’s cheeks, behind her ear lobes, the nape of her neck, her warm breath fanning her face. Down her body, lingering over the nipples of each breast, murmuring sound of approval and enjoyment. The tongue finally reached the groin where the hand had pushed the thong away, through the light covering, onto the real center of Paula’s being. As here tongue touched the clit, Paula’s loins jerked. A loud gasp escaped her.

‘Fucking hell!’ she muttered hoarsely.

Paula’s body was responding like crazy to the sheer eroticism of being caressed with hands, lips and tongues. Her belly was squirming, her loins trembling. When the tongue reached the vestibule of her vulva, exploring every little crevice, before reaching the epicenter of her body, the oozing vagina, Paula couldn’t stop the orgasm suddenly catapulting her loins into space! She cried out.

‘Fucking hell!’ then, with each spasm, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!’ her head lashing about. Sarah was eating her like there was no tomorrow!

‘Crikey,’ Sarah thought, ‘that was quick.’ And very satisfying to have this gorgeous young body squirming at her touch. And yes, it would squirm some more before she’d finished. ‘Mm, that was good Paula.’ come one, stand up and undress me.’

Paula stood before her friend, gazing into her gleaming eyes, as they she slowly undressed the older woman. Slipping the blouse from Sarah’s shoulders, she enjoyed the many light kisses on her face and neck whilst unclasping the bra, allowing the soft breasts to slump over her rib-cage, the areola swollen with desire and the nipples hard as hazelnuts. Sinking to her knees, Paula released the side catch of Sarah’s skirt, drawing it over her hips and thighs, uncovering the white frilly knickers hiding the most desirable part of her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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