A Couple’s Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 01

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John sat apprehensively awaiting a text from his wife’s would-be suitor. It was a strange feeling, waiting to receive a dirty text from another man who would give him instructions on how his wife was supposed to prepare for their date, but that was part of the game he was so excited to try out.

Just two days before John and Danielle had met a stranger at a coffee shop after finding him on Craigslist. John had always been the submissive one in the relationship, but had just recently told Danielle of his cuckolding fantasies.

In a way it was strange it had taken him so long in their relationship to mention it, but he himself had only recently noticed how much the thought of another man using his wife turned him on. More than that, though, the thought of being forced to do as the other man pleased, effectively becoming the slave to both his wife and her lover and becoming even more submissive turned him on more than anything else. He wasn’t afraid of having to touch another man, but it didn’t turn him on specifically. Being forced to pleasure another man was a whole different story.

The terms in the craigslist ad were quite clear for this encounter and Tom in no uncertain terms laid out his rules for being a bull in a new relationship. Tom wanted the power dynamic to be immediately obvious from the first time they met, even if the parties decided they weren’t comfortable continuing the cuckold journey any further. As per Tom’s request, John was in his chastity belt (something he both hated and loved to do anyway) wearing his wife’s panties (something he wasn’t very comfortable with, mainly because feminization wasn’t an insult to him), and Danielle was in a skirt going commando. At some point during this encounter John was to go to the bathroom and wait for Tom to come in. Danielle would flash Tom discreetly, to prove their commitment to the new relationship, and then Tom would follow John into the bathroom to prove he was wearing the panties. The line that John kept remembering was, “You’ll give up your access to both your wife and your manhood, and in return I’ll please her more than you ever have.”

The thought of having a new dominant player in his sex life made John strain against the cool biting steel of his chastity device, which forced his gaze away from the door of the coffee shop for a second to look at Danielle’s ankle. Around her right ankle was a simple silver anklet, and would look like any other anklet except for the tiny key dangling on it, the only key able to open up his chastity device, aside from the one spare in Danielle’s personal safety deposit box.

“He’ll be here soon, how are you feeling?” Danielle asked while shifting in her chair, a little uncomfortable to be so exposed in public.

“Pretty horny actually,” canlı bahis John replied softly, though they were in a fairly vacant corner of the shop.

“Good, and you’re not allowed to back out after he gets here unless I do. That’s an order.” She said the last sentence with an authority John knew all too well and it turned him on even more.

They continued to make small talk until Tom walked in. They recognized him immediately from the pictures they had exchanged, but his room presence was more imposing than John had expected. Tom was 6’2″, with the build of a soccer player. Not overly muscular but he definitely was in control of his fitness. He had a rugged look, which may have just been from his stubble, and his dark brown hair was also well kept, but a few inches long. He got a cup of black coffee and put in a little cream before making his way to the agreed upon corner of the room.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you in person,” Tom said while reaching his hand out to shake Danielle’s, which she took. He pulled a chair next to Danielle’s and sat down next to her. She could smell a hint of fragrance coming from him which she immediately noticed smelled good to her.

John shook Tom’s hand next, noticing the strength of it, which he was pretty sure was on purpose. Tom had great posture, and seemed to take over the presence of the table. John and Danielle were new to letting others into their relationship, but Tom made small talk about all sorts of things without mentioning why they were there. After 10 minutes John started to wonder if Tom was even interested in the sexual dynamic.

Danielle was trying her best to not be nervous. She hadn’t slept with anyone else before, or ever really had a serious relationship aside from her husband. While the small talk took place she kept trying to picture herself with Tom. He was a very handsome man, and fit her preferences nicely. Tall, dark and handsome, but not too muscular, and now that they were talking in person, quite witty. She adjusted her posture a bit, to make her cleavage more visible to him if he wanted to look down and toyed with the idea of leaning into him or touching his arm. Her heart raced with these thoughts, the idea of getting physically close to another man had just been a recent fantasy, but right now she was confronted with it. She looked over at John, only mildly interested in their conversation of a recent sports game and decided she might as well go for it.

Danielle’s arm slid around Tom’s side, and she could feel the toned body under his shirt. Tom didn’t flinch away and accepted her hand naturally. John stopped midsentence as his wife leaned into Tom, smiling as he realized this relationship really was going to be happening. Tom put his arm around Danielle’s bahis siteleri shoulder, pulling her in, and they finished their coffees as if it was completely natural.

“I think it’s time for you to go to the restroom, don’t you?” Tom ordered more than asked John.

“Right. I’ll be right back,” John said awkwardly, knowing his wife was likely going to show Tom more than anyone other than him had seen in a sexual way before.

John looked back as he entered the small restroom. It made him feel good to see Danielle acting so comfortable around Tom, apparently fitting into her role as cuckoldress naturally. The door closed on the single bathroom, and John felt awkward. He didn’t have to use the single toilet, and he couldn’t lock the door since Tom was going to enter next, but his instructions were quite clear, “Take off your pants and wait for me in just your wife’s panties so I know you’re taking this seriously.” John carefully slid his pants off, startling as he heard someone walk by, hoping that person wasn’t going to open the door on him. He saw himself in the mirror, the bright pink panties were thin enough that his steel cock cage bars were extremely visible. His penis tried to throb from all of the added excitement of possibly getting caught, remembering that at this very second Tom might be looking at his wife’s pussy, but the personally fitted cage he was in prevented any erection whatsoever. After another 30 seconds, the door opened and Tom walked in.

“Your wife seems very nice, I think this will work out,” Tom said, locking the door. “That is, as long as you are equally nice… how willing are you to give her and yourself over to me?”

John paused for a second looking down at his panties, feeling quite vulnerable, “Completely.”

“Good, then come over here and show me a bit of that devotion.” Tom unzipped his jeans, clearly expecting John to do the rest.

Obediently, John walked over to Tom, not entirely sure that what he thought he was supposed to do was what Tom wanted. John reached his hand into Tom’s pants, his cock bulging quite apparently, and pulled it out. Tom had a 7.5″ circumcised penis, slightly longer than Johns, but what surprised John was how thick it was. John always thought his own cock was pretty big, but Tom’s massive girth was almost twice as large circumferentially. John carefully stroked it, looking up to see if Tom was satisfied with his act of devotion.

“You can do better than that, let’s see you gag on it, slave” Tom said as he pulled a small shiny object out of his pocket. John noticed immediately that it was the key to his cock cage. Thoughts rushed through his head at the sight, did that mean Danielle was really into this happening? How long was this relationship going to last? Would bahis şirketleri Tom let him out of the cage as long as his wife was getting fucked? Did Tom understand how often John needed to be let out to at least check skin health?

“Now,” Tom ordered.

John swallowed hard and realized that he no longer had a choice. The power was now Tom’s, and if he was disobedient it would come back to haunt him. John opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around the end of Tom’s cock, stroking slowly with his right hand and cupping Tom’s big balls in his left. The tip of Johns tongue slid across Tom’s frenulum, massaging slightly and feeling the throbbing pulse as it got more engorged. He slowly worked the shaft into his mouth, only really getting about 4 inches in before hitting uncomfortable places in his throat. John began thrusting his head backwards and forwards in an unnatural motion trying to emulate what his wife would do to him.

“That’s good enough for now, you’ll definitely have to practice this before we try it for real.” Tom said, pulling away and putting his dick back in his pants.

“Now put your pants on and join us out there again, we have a couple things to discuss.”

John did as Tom said, waiting a minute before coming back out. The coffee shop was fairly empty, and it didn’t look as if anyone noticed anything unusual happening. John found Tom with his arm around Danielle, Danielle was laughing at something he said.

“I heard you were a good slave in there!” Danielle said as John sat down, “It’s too bad I won’t be able to reward you for it tonight” she finished with a wink while crossing her right leg in an obvious fashion to reveal the anklet that once held a key.

“He wasn’t bad, but his technique definitely needs work. But you said you’d see to that for me,” Tom shifted his gaze from Danielle to John.

“So it seems like this dynamic is going to work for all three of us,” He said, pulling Danielle tighter to him, “so your orders now are to find the hottest piece of lingerie that you can for your wife and order it. I’ll come visit you two at your house when it arrives so if you want a chance at freedom anytime soon you might want to do it quickly. Text me when it’s there and I’ll let you know any further instructions.”

He shifted his gaze back to Danielle, “When that’s ready I’ll take you out someplace nice. Naturally your slave will help you get ready. Have him pick out everything you wear and make sure your makeup is just how he likes it. He can earn bonus points from me if he does a good job.”

Danielle smiled, “Oh, I’ll make sure of it. He’ll be picking out everything I put on.”

“Also in the next few days you may want to make him work on his form. He was fine but lacks practice. Maybe loosen him up a bit with the strapon if he’s complaining about frustration too much. Maybe I’ll warm up on him before we get to the main event.”

Soon they said their goodbyes and agreed to meet when John’s task was done.

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