A Couples Journey to Cuckolding Ch. 02


Second part of a story about a young couple I recently wrote in german. For all international perverts now the English version, enjoy.

FAQ: Happy about feedback, don’t steal my story, maybe partly true, enjoy.

I did my best so please be kind.

All characters in this story are purely fictional, any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are over 18 years old.

Warning this story contains scenes that some people might find disturbing, in a positive or negative sense.

Part Two- Depper down the hole

In the days after Anna’s adventure with Kai, her mood was so good that she didn’t even mind the man flu and Sven’s whining. Sven, on the other hand, was still a bit pissed that Kai had kept the key to his penis cage and that Anna didn’t even want to hand over the spare key.

“You are still Corona positive and as long as you are you have to wear the penis cage anyway, so don’t make a fuss,” Anna told him. “Besides, I let you lick my cunt clean with Kai’s sperm, so that’ll have to do for now. Anyway, I promised Kai that I’d save my holes for him until we meet again.”

“If you were a little more dominant, you wouldn’t be in this situation now Sven. As soon as Kai has visited us and sees that your cock is no competition for him you may surely play with your little cock again.”

“Just admit that the situation excites you beyond belief, I know your preferences!” she urged him.

Sven had to admit that the whole situation made him incredibly horny especially when Anna told him in all details about her evening with Kai, and then ordered him to lick her breed cunt clean. He had dreamed of this for a long time and slowly he had also gotten used to wearing the penis cage permanently.

“You’re right,” he said to Anna, “the situation makes me incredibly horny. And I’m also glad that we’ve finally found someone who can give you the dominance you lack with me.”

“There you go,” Anna said softer again and stretched her foot out to Sven. He got down on one knee and kissed her foot, since his Corona infection Anna did not want to kiss him and somehow it had crept in by now that she let him kiss her foot instead.

Anyway, Anna appeared much more dominant since she had slept with Kai which pleased him very much. It wasn’t that Sven wasn’t dominant at all, after all he had broken in all three of Anna’s holes and also had a lot of fun using them, stretching them and humiliating her, but his submissive streak was simply stronger and if Anna’s stories about Kai’s best piece were true, he couldn’t keep up anyway.

The next few days not much happened Anna hung on her cell phone a lot and Sven suspected she was texting with Kai, but Anna didn’t comment on it. Every time he asked about it, she just told him that he would find out soon enough.

Anna went jogging again every day and since she knew her fiancé had a weakness for, walked around in the sports clothes afterwards before ordering him to lick her sweaty feet. Sven loved these occasions because it was the only way for him to caress his Anna, even if it was only her feet. Also, in these days many packages arrived for Anna, but she kept their contents like a state secret.

Three days after her meeting with Kai and shortly before Sven’s quarantine officially ended, Anna told him that she would meet with Kai again. Since Sven was still under quarantine, he would have to stay at home. Of course, Sven was very disappointed because he had hoped to be present at the next meeting of the two. But it didn’t help and now he sat in the bathroom watching Anna shave her immaculate pussy until there was not a hair left. He would have loved to lick her, but Anna forbade him that very determined as she came out of the shower. Today only Kai would be allowed to touch her holes, she told him.

Next, she kicked him out of the bathroom and ordered him to wait in the office so she could get ready for the evening with Kai. Just thinking about it made her pussy wet and tingly. Anna briefly considered whether she still had enough time to masturbate, but quickly dismissed this thought after a glance at the clock. Kai wanted to see her at eight o’clock in his suite in the hotel where he had stayed the last time.

She still had a good hour to get ready and take a cab to the hotel. She finished her makeup quickly, deep red lips smokey eyes and a little blush matched perfectly with the lingerie and dresses she had ordered for Kai. She put on black stockings, a black lace slip and a black semi-sheer cocktail dress. The bra she left out on Kai’s instruction, and even though it was unusual, it somehow felt good how the fabric of the dress brushed over her breasts and her nipples. As for the shoes, with a smile, she again opted for the red leather pumps from last week.

Before letting Sven out of the office, she put on a long dark coat and zipped it up tight. She thought it was a shame that she couldn’t tease Sven with her outfit to see his little cock twitching Bostancı Escort in its cage, but Kai had instructed her that he would be the only man that evening to see her outfit and touch her.

Just before she opened the door, she remembered how she could comfort Sven at least a little. With a smile, she retrieved the panties she had worn on her first meeting with Kai from the mountain of dirty laundry in the bathroom. The panties were completely soaked in her cunt juice and Kai’s cum, and the smell awakened in her, lustful memories of the last night with Kai.

She opened the door to the office and threw the panties on the floor in front of her. “There you have a little reminder of me. I won’t be home until tomorrow morning. And remember to keep your hands off your penis cage.” Sven looked at her a little disappointed since he couldn’t catch a sneak-peek at his hot fiancée’s outfit but then wished her a good time and knelt to kiss her shoe goodbye. With a mischievous grin, Anna promoted the panties that were in front of her to the top of her shoe and held them in Sven’s face. He made a brief grimace, but then kissed the panties on her shoe without any objections.

At that moment the doorbell rang, and Anna left without another word to her fiancé for the waiting cab full of anticipation of what awaited her that evening.

In the cab Anna thought about the events of the last days and her chats with Kai. Already on the day after her first meeting with Kai he had started texting to her. Apparently, he had enjoyed the evening as much as she had. The big age difference and how willingly Anna let herself be used by him had impressed him a lot. Kai already had experience with cuckolds and was therefore very curious to meet Sven to see if he really likes it when his wife is fucked in front of him by a real man.

The two had made each other so hot in the chats that Kai proposed a second meeting between the two even before the already agreed meeting where Sven would be present. Anna immediately agreed, because she had to think about Kai’s cock all the time anyway.

Anna went through the lobby of the hotel to the elevator and prepared herself for the last instructions Kai had given her for the meeting. After the elevator doors closed, she quickly took off her panties and shoved them in her purse. Then she pulled out of her purse a black leather collar with a ring at the throat and put it around her neck. As if in a trance, Anna walked from the elevator to Kai’s suite and knocked. Kai opened the door after a moment that seemed infinitely long to her and immediately pulled her in to kiss her passionately. Anna returned the kiss and brushed off her coat while Kai closed the door.

After a while Kai let go of her and took a step back and looked at her. What he saw apparently pleased him, because Anna saw how a slight bulge formed in his dark jeans. In general, Kai looked really good again, he wore dark jeans and white shirt, where the top buttons were open and showed his muscular chest.

“Anna!” he snapped her out of her thoughts, “did you follow the other instructions I gave you?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said with her head down and lifted her dress up so he could see her shaved cunt, “no one but you has touched me or seen this outfit today.” Kai reached between her legs to check how well she had shaved. He noticed Anna flinch under his touch and felt the heat radiating from her little girl cunt.

He had to restrain himself not to fuck her right there on the spot, but he wanted to enjoy the evening and so he pulled himself together.

“I am proud of you my little girl you did well he said to her”. Anna curtsied and said “thank you daddy” lowering her eyes again. She didn’t know exactly why she reacted that way, but Kai’s presence made her want to be submissive to him like a student in one of the old movies who is afraid of being beaten with a cane by the teacher or a daughter who is afraid of her strict father. For Kai, she wanted to be his little girl and do everything for him that he asked of her so as not to make him angry.

Kai smiled contentedly and then led her to the terrace of the suite, where a set table with candles was waiting for them. They sat down and Kai poured her champagne from an iced bottle and toasted her. “Here’s to a wonderful evening Anna,” he toasted her with a smile. “Here’s to a wonderful evening Kai uh Daddy,” Anna said looking a little embarrassed. Kai just laughed and said: “at dinner you can call me Kai, you will learn with time when you have to address me how. I am sure you will learn that very quickly.”

“Then I look forward to a wonderful evening with you Kai,” Anna said with a smile and toasted him.

During the meal they chatted with each other like on a normal date. Kai told her that he had grown up half in Germany and half in Great Britain, had been a teacher at a girls’ boarding school for a long time, and had never had the time to start a family. In the meantime, however, he worked Anadolu Yakası Escort for the Ministry of Culture and was therefore in the city more often. Anna told him how she had met Sven at work years ago and that he was her first boyfriend, which obviously amused Kai. He then also wanted to know from her if she had ever slept with another man, which Anna somewhat embarrassingly denied.

Kai then wanted to know how Sven had reacted after their last night together. Anna had already texted him a little bit about it, also that Sven couldn’t wait to meet him but not much more.

She told him how she had told Sven about their night together, that he had licked her clean and that he was not thrilled to have to wear the penis cage any longer.

Kai started to laugh and said: “apparently he got what he wanted so his little cock can wait a little longer to be released again. Tell him that I will decide if he is released and if he is allowed to sleep with you again, according to your description his little cock is no competition for me, but I don’t like it when your holes are made dirty by another cock, do you understand?””

“Yes Daddy,” Anna replied immediately with her head down, she should disagree with him after all Sven was her fiancé, but she just couldn’t resist Kai’s charisma, his dominance, and if she was honest with herself, she didn’t want to resist at all. Anna shrugged her shoulders; she was sure Sven would understand once he got to know Kai.

In the meantime Kai had stepped next to Anna and attached a black leather leash to her collar. He pulled her up by the leash and led her to the black leather sofa, where he left her and disappeared somewhere in the suite, Anna didn’t dare to move and stood with her head down in front of the sofa waiting for what would happen next.

When Kai suddenly started to open her cocktail dress at the back she flinched because she hadn’t noticed how he had approached her. He took off her cocktail dress, put her hands on her back and tied them with soft leather cuffs. Except for her red shoes and black stockings, Anna now stood completely naked in the room and trembled with excitement.

After a while, she couldn’t tell how long she had been standing there, Kai sat down on the sofa in front of her, put a glass with a golden liquid and ice cubes on the table next to him and told her to sit on his lap, which Anna did immediately.

Kai ran his hands over Anna’s naked girly body, extensively kneading her small breasts and buttocks, before he slid one hand between her legs and traced her cunt with his fingers. Anna moaned lustfully and willingly opened her legs. Kai stuck first one and then two fingers into her wet hole. A pleasant shiver ran through her body, and she nestled against Kai’s chest put her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the feelings that his touches triggered in her. Kai fucked her gently with his fingers for a while before fishing an ice cube out of his glass and holding it to her nipples. Anna yelped out startled by the sudden cold feeling on her nipples, but Kai held her tight and stroked her hair. “Don’t be scared my little girl I just need to cool you down a little, so you don’t get too hot,” he said to her. Anna bit her lip and nodded shyly, if Kai knew how hot it made her when he called her that, she thought to herself as a sudden cold shiver run over her. Kai had pushed a large ice cube into her cunt and was now holding her lips shut so that it wouldn’t slip out again.

Time for you to take care of me!” he said to her and pushed Anna down on the floor between his legs. There she sat helplessly with her hands tied behind her back, looking up at her Daddy expectantly. Kai opened his pants and took out his semi-stiff cock and huge balls. He pulled hard on the leash attached to her collar and commanded, “lick it!”

“Yes Daddy,” Anna breathed and immediately started licking and kissing the shaft of Kai’s cock. The smell and warmth of his cock and balls really hypnotized her as she sucked frantically on his now hard cock.

Without her hands it was hard, but she managed to take the thick head of his cock into her mouth and tried to get as much of his cock into her little mouth, just like the first time. Kai gave a pleasant grunt and watched contentedly as the young girl between his legs sucked wildly on his cock. He pulled the rope around Anna’s neck to sink more of his cock into her throat which Anna returned with a quiet gag. Her frightened look when he thrust his cock down her throat drove him incredibly wild. He grabbed her head between his hands and began to fuck Anna’s mouth slowly at first and then faster and deeper. He noticed that she tried to resist but couldn’t fight his strong hands, which only made him hotter, and he felt that he would cum soon. With one last thrust he shot his sperm into her mouth with a loud moan. He pulled his cock out of Anna’s mouth and looked at her face. Her lipstick was smeared a little cum dripped from her mouth and single tears Pendik Escort rolled down her face. So freshly used she looked beautiful and vulnerable he thought. “Swallow it all, don’t you dare lose a drop!” he said to her.

Anna swallowed the warm salty cum and looked bravely up at him. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said and licked the rest of the cum from her lips. Kai grinned he had figured the little girl would enjoy being used like this. “Lick my cock clean!” he ordered her leaning back on the sofa, enjoying the feel of her greedy little tongue on his cock.

After she had cleaned his cock to his satisfaction, he stood up grabbed Anna’s leash and led her towards the bathroom. “You need to freshen up a bit,” he said to her, “you look like a cheap street whore.” He untied her hands, and she washed her face and applied some fresh makeup and lipstick.

When she was done, she stood a little embarrassed in front of Kai and said with lowered eyes: “I have to go to the bathroom daddy”.

“There’s the toilet,” he said to her, pointing next to him.

“Yes, but I can’t go to the toilet with you watching Daddy,” she said and squirmed a little, apparently she had to go to the toilet very urgently. Kai pulled her close to him by her leash looked at her and said to her, “as long as you wear this collar you are my property and do what I tell you do you understand!”

Anna nodded quickly and said, “yes daddy anything you want.” She sat down on the toilet with her eyes downcast and her legs closed, whereupon Kai immediately ordered her, “open your legs I want to see my little girl pee.” Immediately she opened her legs and gave the view of the jet that poured out of her girl cunt.

When she was done, she looked bravely at Kai and said, “done daddy”.

“See, that wasn’t so difficult, but I don’t ever want to hear those words from you again, do you understand me?”

“Yes Daddy,” Anna said, looking down at the floor.

“Stand up turn around and bend down!” he ordered her. Trembling and at the same time aroused, fearing punishment, Anna did as ordered propping herself up on the washstand and stretching her bare ass out to Kai. Kai tied her hands together and then disappeared into the suite. When he came back after what felt like an eternity, Anna could hardly stand the tension and breathed: “I was naughty, please Daddy punish me”. The blow on her butt hit her completely unprepared and she let out a sharp scream. She was immediately hit by the second blow on the other cheek followed by the order to open her mouth wide. She opened her mouth as far as she could, and Kai pushed a rubber gag into her mouth and fixed it so that she couldn’t spit it out.

At the sight of Anna trembling awaiting her punishment and her ass cheeks already turning red Kai immediately got a hard cock. He hit her again with the flat of his hand on each ass cheek which now only elicited a stifled scream from her.

Kai reached between her legs spread her labia and watched with satisfaction as her juice began to run down her thighs. “I guess it makes you horny to be spanked,” he said and slapped her ass hard. Anna only managed a mumbled, “yes daddy” and stretched her ass out to him a little more. Kai started massaging her clit with one finger and at the same time slapped her a few more times on each ass cheek until he noticed that her legs started to shake and she screamed louder and louder into the gag in pleasure and pain.

Just before Anna’s legs gave out, he grabbed her hips and rammed his cock all the way into her tight cunt in one go. For a moment Anna’s little body went limp and he thought she had passed out, but she whimpered softly into her gag which was enough for him to continue. He pulled his cock completely out of her cunt again before sinking it back into her with one thrust.

He stayed like that for a while until he noticed that Anna started to move again and tried to push her little ass further onto his cock. The little girl is really insatiable Kai thought to himself contentedly and began to fuck Anna with deep thrusts.

If he counted correctly, Anna came three times before he unloaded in her girl cunt with one last deep thrust. He pulled out of Anna and let go of her hips apparently, she was completely exhausted as she collapsed on the floor shaking. He looked at Anna’s young body lying on the tiles in front of him. She was still wearing the red shoes and stockings that were stained on the inside of her thighs from her juice and his cum that was slowly flowing out of her gaping cunt. Her ass cheeks were bright red and showed imprints of his hands.

Her hands were still cuffed, and saliva from her gagged mouth along with tears flowed down her face.

Kai was about to pick her up when an idea came to him, he took Anna’s cell phone out of her purse that was still on the vanity table and took several photos of the used girl lying there on the floor in front of him. The photos would surely please Anna’s fiancé he thought to himself with an evil grin. In any case, he found the sight very arousing.

After enjoying the sight for a while, he carefully picked Anna up and took her to the bathtub, where he gently took off her cuffs and gag, took off her shoes and stockings and started to wash her carefully with warm water.

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