A Crazy Life Continues

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Due to much appreciated comments and praise, I have decided to continue the ‘Crazy’ series with this next, anticipated installment. For all of my followers, I hope it was worth the wait.


As I rested my head against the glass of the car, I sighed in sadness. If only I kept telling myself. If only it was rainy that day, would things be different now? I knew I’d never know the answer to that question. But that didn’t stop me from wondering. As the car stopped at a red light, I stared out at the street and hoped things would change. Though my hope was growing weaker by the day, and I was afraid I may be facing my last chance.

I knew the amazing life I had found myself living only a year ago wouldn’t last forever; couldn’t last forever. It was way too good to be true. Living at home with my father and his girlfriend for the summer was probably the most incredible experience of my life to this point. After our unforgettable journey aboard the sail boat last semester, our lives had all changed incredibly. Not only were my dad and Renee lovers, but we all were, my father, his girlfriend Renee, Kristen my best friend, and me, his daughter.

It was an absolute amazing life. Clothes were very rarely worn in the evening hours at home, and we had crazy unbelievable sex almost every night. Kristen would be over almost every day to join us, and we’d swap partners a lot. Renee had become much more than a possible step-mother to me, she was one of three incredible lovers I got to fuck every night. My life at home with my father had gone from what would be considered ‘normal’ to outright unbelievable in only a matter of months. It all had started when my friend Kristen had the bright idea to turn our mutual crush for my father into something more one crazy day by the pool the previous summer. Our lives would never be the same again, all of us. Now, months later our family life has turned into a daily orgy of amazing sex, and I never wanted it to end.

Our lives at my house had to be limited to the weekends when school started, but Kristen and I kept things going in our dorm room, just the two of us. Before long practically everyone on campus knew we were more than friends, since we didn’t try hard to keep it a secret. We didn’t care for the stares we got from some girls who found it disgusting nor did we like the attention we got from the guys. But it didn’t stop us. The summer at my house had turned us into sex freaks, and we wouldn’t let it end. We were called everything from lesbos to dykes to freaks. We didn’t care for the comments, but we were in love, and couldn’t keep off each other. Infact, if it wasn’t for the sex with my father over the past year, I would probably think I was actually turning lesbian. I didn’t look at any of the guys at school anymore. I didn’t need to, I had everything I wanted already at home. Then it all changed.

We were at the beach one weekend in late September, the very same beach where I first dared to go topless for my first time only a year earlier with Kristen and our other friend Rachel. Kristen was with me again as usual, but this time my father and Renee came along. We had been to South Beach a few times already that summer together, and we had fun watching Renee experience going topless in public for her first time. Like me, the thrill had invigorated her, and she found it difficult to wear a top after that.

We had set up a large blanket on the sand and Renee, Kristen and I, as well as many of the females in the immediate area, had our tops tucked away somewhere. After a little while the four of us would venture to the water, leaving our tops behind, something Renee and I took a while to get used to. But once we tried it, it became addicting. The feel of the waves rushing against our almost naked bodies was exciting, and seeing Renee’s exposed tits in the surf was very enticing.

In the waves we would splash each other and have fun, but kept it strictly non-sexual in public, though it wasn’t easy. My father and I headed back to the blanket first, leaving Kristen and Renee wading a while longer. Back on the blanket moments later I turned on my stomach as I usually do and my father squirted some lotion on my back and rubbed it in. It was something he did for all of us whether we were tanning nude poolside in our backyard, or at the beach. The only difference was at the beach we had to do our own fronts, which I hated. I loved the feel of my father’s hands on my breasts, and on this particular day, I couldn’t take it.

“Daddy PLEASE!” I begged him with a flirtatious and horny smile.

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea right now Melis,” he said despite the lump in his trunks that told me he desperately wanted to grant my request.

“Oh c’mon, nobody’s lookin!” I begged him more, pouting my lips. My father gave a quick survey of the immediate area. Directly in front of us were a thirty-something couple who were sitting in beach chairs and facing away from us. To our left were two guys who appeared to be sleeping on their backs. I had noticed them when we first arrived and judging by their illegal bahis speedos, I knew their only interest was in each other.

Behind us was a single woman with large breasts tanning topless with her face in a book. In the distance to her left were two guys with bathing trunks on just sitting there apparently for no reason. The beach was prone to its gawkers, and once my father had to punch a dude and take his camera when he tried to snap a shot of me and Kristen walking up from the beach. I was glad he had caught the perv, but it wasn’t uncommon on this beach.

The guys here didn’t appear to have a camera, and their main interest seemed to be the three girls who were sunbathing about fifty feet in front of them, off to our left. There was probably about a hundred feet or so between us and the girls, who appeared to be around my age. All three of them were topless and tanning on their backs. Nobody, it seemed was paying us any mind except for those horny guys every once in a while, and it apparently it was good enough for my dad. He gave in.

“Ok fine but don’t tell Renee or Kris, or they’ll want me to do it to!” he said with a wry grin.

“You do it at home Dad,” I said laughing.

“Yeah but home is different,” he replied with a smirk.

With a last glance around he squirted some of the lotion in his hands, rubbed them together and then placed them on my bare breasts. The feeling sent shivers down my spine to my pussy, and I closed my eyes as he rubbed it in. I was so incredibly horny at the moment I couldn’t stand it, and as his fingers passed over my nipples, sparks were shooting from my cunt. When his hands were removed I opened my eyes and squealed in delight, “Thank you!” And without thinking I hugged him and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

He couldn’t resist the kiss, and soon I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth, and I savored it for a few seconds. It’s when our kiss broke, my eyes widened.

In the distance behind my father I noticed only two girls on the blanket now; the third was walking my way with Kristen and Renee! And the shocking thing was, I KNEW HER.

“Hey Melis, remember Tami?” Kristen said in a suddenly uneasy voice as she became close enough.

Tami was a mutual friend of ours, who we used to hang out with in school a lot. Being only eighteen, she was a year behind us and was now a senior while we were in college. She was a thin girl, probably about 105 pounds wet, with pale white skin and straight dark brown hair. She was definitely a hottie, and now she was standing in front of us in a tiny red bikini bottom, and nothing else. Her breasts were on the small side, probably an A cup, and her soft pink nipples looked amazing. What the shocking thing about her was, she was my father’s student.

“MR. B?” she said with a puzzled and awkward look on her face when she noticed the man I was sitting beside was my father, her gym teacher.

I instantly looked at my dad as he replied with a face that seemed to have been in more surprise than my own.

“Hey Tami, funny seeing you here,” my dad said with an uneasy voice.

I knew it was difficult for my dad to handle this situation. Here he was on South Beach with his topless daughter beside him, being encountered by one of his high school students, who also happened to be topless. I wasn’t sure what Kristen was doing bringing her over here, but I was sure to ask as soon as I could. Kristen looked like she wanted to hide, and Renee was puzzled.

“Yeah, I…I’m surprised to see you here too,” Tami said with an uneasy voice, now lifting her arms slightly to partially cover her exposed breasts in embarrassment.

“Hi Tami, how’ve you been,” I said trying to break the odd tension.

Although Tami was one of our friends from high school, we never cared for her too much. She usually spent her time with her two friends Jessica and Cassie, and I could only assume they were the other two girls sunbathing in the distance. Some of the guys in school would often refer to them as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ because of their slim physiques and their hair color, though none of them dated a Charlie.

Tami was the brunette and probably the most vocal of the three; it became known fact that she couldn’t hold a secret longer than 30 seconds. Jessica was the blonde who was also the school flirt. Not only did she date half the football team, there were even rumors she slept with the math teacher, though they were never proven.

My father used to tell me things she had said to him on occasion in the gym. I was so grateful my father had morals, or at least I thought he did until last summer. And then there was Cassie, who had hair that changed color with her period it seemed. Today it was strawberry blonde. Although she was the most voluptuous of the three, she was also the most reserved. Though once you got to know her she could get chatty.

“Hi,” was all Tami could say back, apparently at a loss for words with the shock of suddenly being found practically naked in front of her teacher.

“Who ya here with?” my dad asked her with apprehension.

“Umm…some illegal bahis siteleri friends,” was all she said, though we all knew who they were.

“You enjoying your weekend?” my dad asked, apparently unsure what to say himself.

“Oh yeah, it’s been alright,” she said still uneasy.

“Are you still with Chris?” I asked her referring to the boyfriend she had been dating the previous year.

“Nah, he was an asshole,” she said turning her attention to me.

“I could’ve told ya that,” Kristen jumped in, “He dump you?” Kristen never hesitated before asking what was on her mind.

“No, quite the opposite,” Tami replied looking a little annoyed by the question and distracted enough to let down one of her arms.

“Good for you girl,” Kristen said happily, though I could still tell she was as uncomfortable as us all.

“Where are you going next year?” I asked.

“It’s between Miami U or Dade, depending on whether I get in,” she said.

“Well good luck, it was nice seeing you again,” I said, hoping to end the awkwardness of this meeting.

“Yah, same here,” she said before looking at my dad and slightly lifting her arm again, “See ya later Mr. B.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you on Monday,” my dad said, hoping to end this odd conversation.

“Yeah, see you Monday,” Tami said still partially covering her breasts before she turned away from us and dropped her arms.

My father was silent as she walked away and I could tell he was a bit shocked at the surprise of meeting one of his students on this beach. We had been to South Beach together a few times now and although I knew the possibility was there, I never really expected it. After all, the beach often was pretty crowded. Though in the late summer it was more sparse. I guessed it was only a matter of time before we ran into someone we knew. I just knew a dozen girls I’d rather have had seen us than Tami.

When she left I immediately said to Kristen, “Please tell me you didn’t see anything.”

“See what?” she asked.

My father looked nervous and gave me a look that said this is why I don’t want to do that in public!

I couldn’t believe the bad timing, but even if Tami hadn’t seen us kiss, or the tit massage, she had seen us at the beach together, this beach together. God what a difference a bikini top would have made at this moment.

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?” Renee asked looking confused as I’d ever seen her.

As my father tried his best to explain what happened to Renee, I took a walk with Kristen to discuss the situation, and distance myself from my father now that I knew three of his students were a frisbee throw away.

As soon as we got out of ear shot of my dad Kristen turned to me nervously and said, “I am SO SORRY! I didn’t know she knew your dad!!”

“What were you thinking!” I said to her with a nervous anger in my voice, “We were in school together!”

“I know! It’s just…she asked who I was with…and I said Melissa…I didn’t think…”

“Why the hell would you bring her OVER?” I asked raising my voice a little and drawing the attention of the thirty-something couple.

“I didn’t!” she said trying to lower her voice as our feet hit the incoming tide. “When I told her I was with you, she just said she would come say hi, I didn’t realize I probably should stop her until we got half way there! I figured it’d be odd seeing you with your dad, but I didn’t realize she knew him! I wouldn’t have said hi when I noticed her!”

“So you went up to HER?” I was actually getting upset with Kristen for my first time in years.

“Melissa please, I’m so sorry, I was stupid!” she cried.

I realized she wasn’t thinking, I was just upset and didn’t know what to say.

“Just tell me something, when you were talking to her, was she looking at us?” I asked nervously.

“I’m not sure Melis…I don’t remember,” she said honestly.

“What about Jess or Cass?” I asked.

“Again, not sure,” she said.

I glanced at the girls and I could see them now sitting up and chatting. They appeared to be giggling a little bit and I noticed Jess looking towards my father. It didn’t surprise me, like many of the teachers in the school, she also had a crush on my dad. But Kristen had as well. Many of the girls in school did, possibly even Tami.

As Kristen and I went into the water together once more and talked about the situation, I noticed the three of them get up and make their way towards the water as well.

“Shit, they’re coming!” I said to Kristen.

“So what?”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Just act natural, you’re at a beach with your dad, no biggie,” she said.

But what if one of them saw me kiss him I kept thinking to myself. Explaining being topless with my dad was odd enough, but if they saw us kiss, that was unexplainable.

As I watched them, I noticed my father watching them as well, and couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw Jess walk extra close to my dad, still completely topless and canlı bahis siteleri not covering herself and waved at my dad. He didn’t wave back.

As the three of them were coming into the surf, the butterflies in my stomach began to intensify. Although I was extremely nervous with the situation, I couldn’t help admiring their exposed breasts. Next to Tami’s cute pair, Jess had gorgeous C cups with slightly larger nipples than Tami. Her tan line around her breasts showed that she usually sunbathed with a triangular top bikini on, like I have. Jessica’s breasts were smaller than Cassie’s, but larger than Tami’s. Probably about a B I’d say, and being the darkest of the three, her olive breasts looked outstanding and delicious in the sun. Though my mind was focused elsewhere today.

Jessica spoke first as the girls approached us. “Hey Melissa, hey Kris, enjoying a day with Daddy?” she smirked.

“You only wish you were,” Kristen shot back immediately at the wise crack, and aware of her crush on my dad.

Jessica just laughed.

“So you usually go to the beach with your father?” Tami asked as her breasts sunk below the water line as we waded.

“Yeah, why is it a big deal?” I asked trying to play it off like Kristen had just said to me earlier.

“No, I guess it isn’t, it’s just a bit weird, that’s all,” Tami said back.

Cassie, the quietest one of the three just waded and stayed silent for the time being.

“What’s so weird about it?” Kristen asked. “Because he see’s our tits? Big deal.”

“Well, I guess it’s not a big deal to go topless around Daddy, but it’s a little weird when he puts lotion on them,” Jessica came out and said.

My stomach dropped as Cassie’s jaw fell. Apparently from their giggles earlier she already knew what Jessica had witnessed from her beach towel, but she couldn’t believe Jess said it.

“So she’s comfortable with her dad, so what? You’d probably dream of him doing that to you, you slut!” Kristen defended me when I couldn’t muster a word.

Jessica clicked her teeth, “YOU’RE THE SLUT!” she said back.

“Well apparently you’re really comfortable with him, so I’d say it’s weird,” Tami interrupted.

“Well mind your own fucking business!” I shot back.

“Who’s the other girl?” Cassie finally spoke.

“What the fuck do you care?” Kristen asked.

“I’m only asking a question, no need to get snotty!” she said back.

We didn’t tell them about Renee, and throughout the rest of the conversation they never mentioned the kiss. I hoped Jessica didn’t see it, but Tami’s ‘really comfortable’ line could have insinuated that. I couldn’t know.

Eventually Kristen and I left the girls in the surf as we headed back up the sand toward my dad and Renee. Our talk with the girls didn’t reveal what I was hoping to know, if one of them had actually seen me kiss my dad, but now I knew they saw the lotion, or at least Jessica did, and that was too much already. While part of me wanted to blame Kristen for stupidly approaching them, I mainly blamed myself for being unable to withstand my temptations and having my dad touch me. And had I been able to resist kissing him as well at least I would have had less to worry about. I couldn’t believe the hole I had dug so quickly.

The encounter with Tami had definitely changed the mood of the day, and I could tell my dad was as uneasy with it as I was. What made it worse was only hours later Tami and the girls walked by our little area on their way off the beach. This time they were all wearing their tops. They didn’t say anything as they passed and I’m not even sure my dad noticed them because he was laying on his stomach and apparently sleeping, but Renee, Kris and I all did. The three of them glared in our direction and snickered a bit in the distance as they all now witnessed me still laying out topless next to my dad. I wondered as I lay there afterward if I should have worn my top the rest of the afternoon just as a precaution. I hated to change my ways for them, but had I only known what was to follow, I would have.

It didn’t take long for the rumors to fly around the school like a nasty swarm of hornets stinging every student they passed. Only a week after our trip to South Beach did word of ‘Mr B and his daughter’ make its way to my father’s ears by way of his coworker’s mouth. Apparently one of the other teacher’s, Ms. Wade over heard some of the gossip that had all the girls in the hall buzzing and she went straight to her good friend with it, my dad. Thankfully she didn’t believe the rumors, or at least my dad hopes didn’t believe it. Either way, the thought of our relationship becoming known at my old school, my dad’s place of employment, was enough for him to come to his senses and cease everything sexual between us.

I’ll never forget the discussion that evening. Renee was there and understood. I secretly hoped she was as disappointed as I was, though I know she couldn’t have been, after all, she would still get to fuck him. I could however tell she was a bit upset that all the fun would have to end. No more sex, no more walking around the house nude, no more cuddling on the couch together. The scare of hearing about him being involved with his daughter from fellow teachers at work made my father come full circle and realize how insane our lives had become.

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