A Day at the Gym Ch. 03

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After a long week of waiting for Kath to call me I rang her, as per usual the answer phone picked up “Hi this is Kath, please leave a message after the tone.” Rang through my head, as I put the phone down, annoyed at myself for not waiting for her to call me.

I was just about to go to bed when the phone rang; it was Kath, my heart jumped at the sound of her voice, as I had been waiting so long for it. I almost slammed the phone down but I decided to listen to what she had to say hopping that she would apologise for the way she left when she called on me, but it didn’t happen “I am taking a long weekend this weekend and going hiking in the Yorkshire Dales, are you coming or don’t you want any more of what we had last time? Kath said bluntly.

Without thinking I replied “Yes.”

“Be ready on Friday I will pick you up.” She said putting the phone down before I had any chance of replying.

I rang her back but got the answer phone once more, so I let it go and waited until Friday.

When Friday came I woke up in the early hours of morning to what I hoped would be the first day of an adventure that I would never forget. I had got my hiking gear ready and by 8 o’clock I was dressed ready for what ever the Yorkshire dales could throw at me. By 1 o’clock there was no sign of Kath and I guessed that I had been stood up, but as I finally gave up her car pulled up on the drive.

“So sorry Linnet, things just got out of hand today come on lets go.” She said as she pushed her way through the door grabbing my hand and rucksack pulling me out the door as if I was a child having a tantrum. I pulled the door behind me as she yanked me towards the car.

Four and half hours later we were pulling into an elegant Georgian Country House nesting in surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Yorkshire Dales. “This is us.” Kath said, not giving me chance to say anything she was out of the car and walking up to the hotels doors.

Seconds later a porter came out and collected our bags and I followed him into the foyer sheepishly, Kath had booked us in and the porter escorted us to our room and laid our bags on the bed. I looked around and thought the hotel was beautifully furnished with English antiques with a stylish warm décor the weather looked bleak but I was assured that it was going to change for the better on Saturday.

“Ok what’s going on you don’t return my calls and you just leave me after almost putting me through a wall last week, and now this.” I asked. Without saying a word she walked over to me kissing me deep and full on the lips and all my concerns disappeared.

We made love passionately for the next three hours ending up in the bath with bubbles and our two steamy body’s güvenilir bahis pleasured and satisfied. I had fallen for this woman big time her hard body exited me the way very few other women had ever done before, she was not my normal type of lover I usually go for girly women but although Kath was not butch she was very strong and could overpower me very easily and when she wanted my body that is what she did.

We got dressed and went for dinner as we sat in the restaurant I felt the other guests eyes on me, it was as if they all knew what we had been doing but Kath and I talked ignoring them and she flirted with me all the time we sat there after our meal we went into the bar Kath held my hand all the time making known that we were a couple but this didn’t stop two guys coming up to us asking if they could join us. I was about to say no but Kath got in first inviting the two men to sit down they ordered a round of drinks and we got to talking about nothing really important, but I was sure that thought they were on to a good thing.

As the evening progressed we all got a little drunk and we paired of me with Peter and Kath with Colin he was a professor at a university although he did not look old enough to be a professor, he told me about some of the offers he had when it came around to marking some pupils work, the chat degraded into a sexual chat and he went into great detail about one of his more forward students.

Peter told me how he took his profession as an educator very seriously. And how he owes his students more than the mere contents of a history course books, he went on to explain that to some of them he imparted some knowledge of life, as it really is outside of the classroom. And because of this dedication, he had feasted on the firm, taut, nubile flesh of freshman for years and it was on offer all the time.

He was 45, looked very fit, with sandy coloured hair cropped short and tidy, he told me how he had been a college professor for nearly 20 years, and how in that time, he had sampled the hungry mouths, the milky breasts and aroused hardened nipples, the firm, ivory thighs, the slick, slippery cunts, and even sometimes, the tight, resisting arses of more than one of the young students. I’ve loved every minute of our conversation and as he went on about how he had perfected a selection technique into a science, and he could predict, almost infallibly on the first day of class, which sweet, innocent young girl would be his before the end of the semester. I didn’t believe him so stupidly I asked what he thought he was going to get from me? To that he said “Well my dear Lin that question has already been answered.” As he pointed to where Kath and Colin had been sitting, I couldn’t say anything so türkçe bahis I grabbed his tie and pulled his mouth to mine slipping my tongue into his parted lips.

“Shall we go to my room?” Peter said I think knowing I was going with him regardless of my initial reluctance, we got to his room and sat together on his bed, he pored the remains of the bottle of the wine we had been drinking in the bar into our glasses, and we began talking once more. He placed my arm on around my shoulders and I leaned into him. I was tense, but in myself seemed determined to be cooperative with this man I didn’t think I was going to be with a man this weekend and not one so soon after my break up with Richard. We talked about our homes, and my break up he seemed gentle, and a good listener. Soon, we were lying on the bed, my head on his lap, and he began gently stroking my cheek and running his hands through my hair. I felt relaxed like a little girl talking to her daddy about a nasty boy who was picking on her we were now sharing one glass of wine as we continued talking. He put the wine down and placed his hand on my waist. He moved it up, under her top, until he felt the warm, smooth skin above the waist of my jeans. I tensed as his hand rose along my bare tummy, and halted at my bra.

“I’m a little scared and a very nervous, Professor.” I said pretending to be one of his little freshmen in his office pleading for him to improve my grades on a test paper

“I am, too, Lin. But I won’t deny that I’m enjoying this very much.” I smiled up at him somewhat weekly. Staying in character I said “Me, too. More than I hoped.” He lifted my top up and I helped me remove it over my head and off my arms.

My bra had a front clasp and he opened it with ease and lifted the soft cups off my burning flesh. “You breasts are magnificent Linnet I don’t know why you wear this thing your breasts should be always free to the touch.”

My nipples gave just a hint of hardening. I felt my skin blushing under his inspection and I let a tiny moan escape my lips as he brushed his fingers lightly over my nipples. As normal they hardened and then commented that they looked like two pencil erasers. he caressed all of my breasts with his hands, pressing, gently squeezing. my breathing became rapid as he slowly lowered his face down to one of my nipples, I moaned loudly as he sucked it into his mouth, he held it between his teeth. Peter then shifted out from under me and knelt beside the bed. I closed my eyes and put my head on a pillow as Peter opened my jeans and slid them taking my knickers with them they soon were down and off my hips and legs. I was Naked; he was so tender I knew I was truly going to enjoy the rest this evening of pleasure! Peter returned güvenilir bahis siteleri his attentions to my breasts, licking and sucking on one nipple, while caressing the other breast with his hand. his other hand slowly traced its way over my flat tummy, over my navel, until, finally, it entered my curly pubic hairs. I groaned as he softly pushed a finger into my already wet slit. I relaxed my legs as I allowed his hand to part my thighs. he found my clit and my hips immediately began a subtle humping against his touch. A second finger joined the first, gently squeezing my hard, slippery clit between them. I tensed as the first strong sensations of release came and I felt the stirrings of a orgasm flowing away from my clit.

As the pressures of his fingers sent me towards my climax, my thighs locked tight on his hand, and I tried to pull my breasts away from his caresses as I cried out into the pillow that I was now biting into. Slowly, so slowly, the wave receded and my body settled loosely into the softness of the bed.

I watched as he stripped off his shirt and dropped his trousers and underwear. he stood beside the bed and took my hand and placed it on his cock. I jerked it of for a while, as it got harder and burned in my hand, I pushed my face towards his cock and took the head of it into my mouth but he didn’t want that he wanted my cunt and as I offered no resistance he crawled between my legs and licked my wet pussy. I gasped as he found my clit and then buried his tongue deep inside of me. my legs spread wider, until I let them settle on his shoulders, and pumped my hips pushing my wet slit onto his mouth.

Just as I was again nearing orgasm, he lifted himself over her body and paused. “Should I wear protection, Linnet?” I didn’t care by this time I didn’t care any more all I wanted was to feel his cock inside my cunt. “Just fuck me, please just fuck me” I shouted. As he resumed his position, with hi cock head resting at my cunt lips. He had pulled my legs up on his shoulders and almost immediately, my hips thrust up off the bed to take his cock into me, and he reciprocated by thrusting his hips down into mine. He buried his cock to the hilt into my hot, pussy, my head snapped out of the pillows, and my eyes opened and I just looked at him not changing my glare I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs slipped down around his waist, and he fucked me hard not caring who I was or what I was doing there, the game was over he had got his goal and my cunt was his prize and I gave it willingly.

“How did I do professor will you improve my grades?” I giggled a little girl giggle slipping back into the game I had started earlier.

“Ah! Success, again!” he said adding “that depends on what you are like cleaning up.” I smiled a little girl smile and took his cock into my mouth cleaning the taste of our sex off his member.

What else happened on this trip I will tell you in another chapter.

Love Linnet…

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