A Day at the Lake

Big Tits

Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.


Hello. I’d like to tell you about something that took place this past summer, the summer after I graduated from high school and turned eighteen. My name is Miguel and I came to the United States from Puerto Rico at the age of three with my mother, after my father was killed in a fishing accident. My mother was quite young at the time, having married at eighteen and having had me a year later. After the accident, she felt she needed a change of scenery and she was interested in pursuing better job opportunities in the US. We quickly settled in Boston and became integrated into the large immigrant community.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Like many Latin women, she is not tall, standing only 5′ 3″ but she has beautiful dark brown hair. He breasts are not huge, but they are round and firm. She has beautiful legs, and a classic Latin rear-end. She always has her toes and nails painted bright red to match the lipstick she seems to wear everywhere. She looks beautiful with her hair down or up. She favors large loop earrings and a lot of jewelry. Her skin is permanently tanned, except in the regions covered by her bathing suit.

Despite my mother’s good looks, I have never known her to date anyone.

Over the years, whenever I hinted, she would always respond “Maybe later. For now, you are my priority.”

Mom worked a series of menial jobs, rising to supervisor of a department store. Money always seemed to be tight, but we managed. When I finally graduated from high school, she couldn’t have been more thrilled (maybe anticipating now having a life of her own). The past summer, at the age of 37 she was the picture of mature Latin beauty.

On a blazing hot weekend this past July, we were invited with friends and extended family to spend a day at a lake in New Hampshire. We were eager to escape the sweltering heat of the city and we headed north, early. We arrived and spent a pleasant afternoon eating and socializing. Being a horny 18 year old, I couldn’t keep my eyes off my cousins as they ran into and out of the water or as they lay on their blankets. I spent the day with an almost continual hard-on, but I didn’t mind. I kind of hoped some of the girls would notice, or maybe even one of my aunts, many of whom were quite beautiful, as well. More than once, I thought about sneaking off to the restroom to beat off, but I kind of liked feeling hot and horny all day.

Also getting some notice was my mother. She wore a simple red bikini and she kept a yellow t-shirt on for most of erotik hikayeler the day, tied fashionably at the waist and revealing her navel. Whenever she took the t-shirt off to take a swim, I noticed many of the older men, and several of the younger ones as well, looking her over. All day, she was friendly but not flirtatious, approachable but unavailable. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

As the afternoon wore on, people began drifting away. Around four, my mother said it was time for us to head back. I had just gotten out of the water, so my trunks were soaked. We gathered our things and headed for the small changing huts. I knew my mother would fix her makeup and hair while I changed.

Once I entered the hut, I realized I had forgotten to bring a change of underwear. No matter, I thought, I had gone without before. I kind of liked the idea of being “free” on the ride back to the city.

As I stripped off my suit, I eyed my penis. The cold water had shriveled it dramatically. My balls were stuck inside my body, and my sack was rock hard. Again, I thought about jerking off, the visions of my cousins’ firm bodies filling my head, but in this sorry state, it would take me awhile to get going. Also, where would I come? This wasn’t a restroom with toilet tissue. As I pondered these things, the decision was made for me.

My mother called “Miguel!”

I grabbed my shorts and pulled them on in one motion.

“Just a min…” I began to reply as I zipped, before I was cut off by excruciating pain.

“Aggghh…” I shouted.

In my haste, I had zipped past my shriveled penis, but I had gotten the zipper badly caught in my pubic hair. The more I writhed, the worse it seemed. Unfortunately, my mother heard my cry and gently tapped on the door.

“Is everything OK?” she asked softly.

“Uh, yeah…no…Uh…I don’t know!” I shouted, in spite of myself.

“Miguel, what is wrong?” she asked through the panel.

“Uh, I’ve had an accident” I managed to reply.

“Do you need help?” she asked.

“Uh, you can come in” I replied, after all, nothing was showing.

She gently opened the door and peered in. In an instant, sizing up my condition, she thought she understood.

“Miguel, is your pe…” she began.

“No Ma. I’m OK. I forgot to bring underwear. I thought I’d be OK, but I was rushing, and now I have made a tangled mess of things”

The zipper wouldn’t budge, up or down, and every time I moved, pain shot through my body.

“Do you need help?” she tried again.

“I’m not sure” was all I could manage.

“Do you think you can make it home, like that?” she asked.

“I doubt it” I replied. “It really hurts.”

“OK Miguel, sit down” she commanded.

Obediently, I gently sat down on the bench as my mother climbed into the hut in front of me.

“I’ve got some sewing scissors in here somewhere” she said as she fished in her huge purse.

“Here we go” she said as she produced a tiny pair of scissors.

“Now, do you think you can do it, or do you want me to?”

In pain and a little frustrated, I asked “Can you do it?”

“Of course I can” she replied. “Now, sit still.”

On her knees, my mother knelt before me. She grasped the waistband of my shorts with her left hand and slowly peeled the shorts down as far as they would go, exposing the beginnings of my pubic hair. With the scissors in her right hand, she carefully began snipping each row of hair. In this position, the heel of her left hand was resting directly on my penis. In spite of my predicament, my penis began to grow. Whether or not she noticed, I have no idea. As she continued to trim, she would puff gently or use her right pinky to clear away the cut hairs. I could feel her breath on my stomach and my penis continued to grow. As she progressed, her left breast, inside the yellow t-shirt, made its way down my left thigh.

Gently, slowly, she worked her way down to the last row. When the last row was cut, she fell backward a little and my shorts dropped to the floor.

“Free at last” she laughed and I sighed with relief.

My half-hard penis swayed above what was left of my pubic hair.

“Now, let me make sure I haven’t done any damage” she stated.

As I was still sitting, to my surprise, with the thumb, index and middle finger of her left hand, she carefully lifted my penis and held it to the side. With her right index finger, she traced through my pubic hair, inspecting her work.

When done, she looked up at me and flashed me her million dollar smile and declared “You’re fine.”

My penis was almost fully erect by now, and it had slipped into the craw of her hand. Absentmindedly, she looked over at what she had in her hand and, without any hesitation, she planted a kiss right on it! I couldn’t believe it, and apparently, neither could she! The happy, delighted look on her face changed almost immediately to a look of concern.

Slowly, she turned to her left and peered over her shoulder at the partially opened door, as if to see if someone were there. There was no one there, and as she turned back around, as if in slow motion, her eyes began to close and her mouth began to open. She guided my penis right into her mouth. Rocking forward and back, in perfect time with her left fist, she began to suck me! Her eyes were closed and her bright red lips were wrapped around my penis. She was doing something marvelous with her tongue. She didn’t say a word, but she moaned softly. I could hear her breath escaping her nostrils. I saw her right hand begin to cup her right boob.

At this point in my life, I had had no sexual experience at all. I figured that would come later, perhaps in college. I had jerked off countless times, imagining a scene such as this, but not with my own mother! Still, I couldn’t believe the feeling! My mom may not have had a man for fifteen years, but she could really suck a cock!

I wanted it to last forever, but, all too soon, that familiar feeling began to well up inside of me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to break the spell, but for my mother’s sake, I thought I had better warn her.

“Ma…I’m going to cum…”

Instantly, her eyes opened, and the spell was broken. She sat up and pulled my penis from her mouth. She laid my penis flat on my stomach, her index finger, with its long red nail, along its length. I hadn’t jerked off for several days, so I came in huge gobs, now. My mother continued to jerk my penis until I had stopped coming. Then she leaned back. Slowly, she wiped the back of her hand over her mouth and tried to stand up, staggering slightly, her eyes never leaving my penis.

“We have to go” she said softly as she gathered up her things and slipped out of the hut without looking back.

I sat there stunned, for a minute or two. What had just happened? Had it happened? Then I looked down at the cum covering my stomach and realized it HAD happened. I still had no way to clean up, so I wiped the cum on my bathing suit, folded it and stuffed it in my bag. As I exited the hut, I saw my mom ahead in the sunlight. Her bag was over her shoulder, her arms were crossed and her jaw was set. She had put on her sunglasses and she looked absolutely beautiful.

“Ma…” I started, before she stopped me.

“Not now…in the car”

And talk we did, in the car. From what I remember, it went something like this;

“Miguel, I love you. No, I adore you. Since you were born, I have devoted my life to giving you the best I possibly could. I know that what happened was wrong. But while I was doing it, it didn’t feel wrong. You know I would do anything for you. I couldn’t stand seeing you in pain. Now, I certainly didn’t plan for that to happen, but I’m not sorry it did. This must be our secret. Promise me you won’t ever tell anyone what happened.”

I promised, and I never did, until now.

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