A Day in Court

Frank pulled up on the sidewalk in front of Civil Central. God, how he hated the judicial system… fifteen years as a cop kicking the living shit out of scumbags only to see judges put them back on the street. He didn’t hate the judges… 9 times out of 10 they had so little discretion that you had to feel sorry for the overpaid assholes. Almost. But let him get filmed, once!, and it was out the door, fuck the pension, goodbye. He’d barely avoided prison himself. Fucking legislature!

He ignored the stares of pedestrians as he slammed the door shut on his piece of shit Dodge. It would almost be a blessing if it got towed, but he knew it wouldn’t. Sure, he’d get a ticket, but the police wouldn’t tow it. It was a fact most people never learned… park in the red zone, go to impound, park on the sidewalk, go home. For less! He picked up one of the kids he had almost run over when his blaring horn had parted the crowd and stuck him on the hood of his car, waving to the parents who hadn’t yet recovered the use of their resources at his display of blatant disregard and walked towards the entrance.

He sourly watched the parade of traffic that necessitated his need to be gifted with a ticket on this most inauspicious of days. The Mexican community was celebrating their uniqueness, again. The parking lots were packed and the streets were an explosion, an overload, of color, motion, and sound. For a few brief moments he tried to see some kind of feminine form under the myriad costumes swirling past him, but he quickly gave up. Why didn’t feminists ever parade? At least you’d get to see some breasts bounce. Bouncing breasts were never ugly.

He pushed himself through the crowd of people who were largely still glaring at him for taking away their space. A few men found the gumption to scream and gesture at him, but they were universally beside or behind him. The men in front found their courage draining away as he approached them, his flat blue eyes parting the waves as the men viewed his massive frame with trepidation and the women viewed it with speculation. He had a gaze that, as a friend put it, made people fear for their lives. He didn’t see it himself, but he sure saw the effect on others. It was pretty damn useful most of the time.

It was unseasonably cold for the season but that fact had never risen to the level where he noticed until he entered the courthouse. To open the doors of the courthouse was to bathe oneself in the uncaring consumption of the taxpayer dollar, burned for heat. It never ceased to amaze him how such a massive ugly marble edifice could stay so warm. He started down the corridor, wide enough for two cars to drag race side by side, headed for the clerk’s office. His sergeant hadn’t wanted him back at the station and had chosen instead, for some masochistic reason, to meet him here. Officially the court was closed, but in Los Angeles, some things never closed completely. Several court clerks passed him, file folders clutched to their breasts, and he watched them pass appreciatively. The court was famous for beautiful women. He supposed that there were some token ugly women around, but he had never met them. Most likely they were in the I.S. department, where they belonged.


Frank turned around to find his old boss Chalk pulling up his zipper as the restroom door closed behind him. He seemed to be having some difficulty, but then sergeants weren’t exactly drawn from the crème de la crème of officerhood. Sometimes Frank was amazed that Chalk could walk and talk at the same time.

“Chalk!,” Frank stuck illegal bahis out his hand, unsurprised to find Chalk’s slightly damp. He didn’t think it was because Chalk had used soap and water. He slapped Chalk on the back, wiping his hand off in the process, “What the flying fuck am I doing here?”

Chalk chuckled, “It’s not about the job Frank. I don’t want to go there. We both know you got screwed, ’nuff said. This is something else.”


“Let’s go sit down”

Chalk walked across the hall and opened the door to an office that had been left unlocked; a fact Frank found vaguely disturbing for some reason. Chalk closed the door behind them and took a seat on the desk as Frank settled into a wooden chair that must have been purchased during the Great Depression.

“I have a proposition for you.”

Frank cocked his head in position intended to convey that he was listening, but Chalk, as usual, wasn’t too fast on the uptake. “You want to hear it?”

Frank sighed, “Sure Chalk, what’s up?”

“When all the shit was going down you had a disciplinary meeting down here one day, you remember?”

Frank grimaced, shit, how could he forget? “Yeah, Chalk, I remember.”

“Do you remember that cute court clerk who was assisting the judge?”

Frank got a puzzled expression on this face, “That black haired Hispanic chick? Vaguely. Why?”

“Okay old buddy, you need to bear with me here. This is kind of bizarre. In a good way, but… bizarre.”

Frank waved his hand in a scooping motion, asking for more.

Chalk cleared his throat, “Well, listen, you know my wife and I divorced. And I’ve been going kind of crazy.”

Frank was starting to get a bad idea in his head about where this was going. Had Chalk gone over to the dark side?

“I was down here one day filing some administrative bullshit when this girl, out of the blue, asked if she could talk to me for a sec. Really cute blond. Took me into this room… we talked for a good half hour, about all kinds of things. She kind of got it out of me that I wasn’t seeing anyone, then she hit me with the sucker punch.”

Frank leaned forward, this was getting interesting.

“She asked if I wanted to fuck her.”


“God’s truth! Out of the blue.”

Frank sat back, “Then what?”

“Well…” Chalk looked uncomfortable, “I did. Right then, right here on this desk.”

“Whoa. Lucky bastard. Seen her since?”

“Well, yeah. I had been celibate for too long. I never did get back to work, called in sick. I had her on this desk three times that day. And, uh, this is where it gets bizarre.”

It would have taken a bull elephant on crystal meth to drag Frank’s attention away. Chalk lowered his voice.

“I also fucked her friend.”

Frank seemed to be having some problems making his vocal chords work. Chalk didn’t notice.

“You see, they got sort of a club going on here. Well, not just here you understand, this is just one of the, uh, chapters. All over the Civic Center. They call it the ‘Girl’s Club’.

Frank managed to utter a guttural sound that Chalk interpreted as “go on.”

“Once you’re in the club, well, there are some rules, but it’s sex buddy. Sex whenever you want it, almost anywhere you want it. These girls are always up for it.”

Frank finally found his voice, “And???”

“That cute little court clerk, the Hispanic girl? She wants you in it.”

“Why didn’t she tell me this herself?”

“Well, let’s face it. You are one imposing son of a bitch; she’s probably scared illegal bahis siteleri to death. We had just finished up a set last week when she told me. God, that is how bizarre these girls are. Here I am, butt naked, balls deep. Just dropped my load into her. I’m laying on top trying to catch my breath, my face between her breasts, when she asks me if I know you. I mean, you know how beautiful a woman is, the sweat glistening on their breasts, panting, coming down from an orgasm. I could feel my cum trickling out of her and dripping off my balls. And she asks me about you! Talk about crushing your ego! But she made it up to me… managed to bring me to second orgasm with an incredible blow job. She wants you in it buddy! And once your in, oh… my… god!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this club before this ‘invitation’ was extended?”

Chalk shuffled his butt on the desk uncomfortably.

“Be reasonable! You can’t talk about the club. It’s grounds for expulsion. And make no mistake, these women aren’t all court clerks and secretaries. There are some damn powerful women in this club, and you don’t want to cross them, nosiree!”

“Okay, I can live with that. I accept. Damn, I accept! Where do we go from here?”


The door behind Chalk opened and Frank stood up.

“… I’ll make the introductions, and then I’ll leave you two alone!”

Frank was looking at a vision. He hadn’t paid a lot of attention to her at the hearing, which wasn’t too surprising as his livelihood was being ripped away at the time, but he made up for it now. Vaguely he could hear Chalk talking in the background but he ignored him; he need all his resources to look at the girl. She stood about 5′ 4′, maybe 5′ 5″. She couldn’t have weighed much over a hundred and ten. She was dressed in a plain white dress, tight across the bodice, and what a bodice it was. Despite the circumstances she managed to look demur and chaste. She stepped up next to Chalk and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you Chalk.” she said, her dark eyes never leaving Frank’s, “I just couldn’t have done it by myself.” Her voice was music, her skin coffee with cream.

Chalk stood up, looking uncomfortable. “Yes, well… maybe we’ll have a chance to talk later…” his voice trailed off, he walked past Frank, punching him on the arm. “Have fun you two…” he looked around as if he had lost something that he desperately wanted to find but couldn’t, and closed the door behind him. The girl walked over to the door and made sure it was closed tight. She latched the door and turned back to Frank.

“No one will hear us. This room is soundproofed.”

It hadn’t even occurred to Frank to care. This girl he would have fucked on the judge’s bench in open court.

She walked over to Frank and trailed her fingers along his arm. “You’re a scary man. Do you know it?”

Frank stood transfixed. He started to speak then clamped his jaws tight lest he say something stupid. She was playing with the palm of this hand now, feeling the calluses, bending his fingers toward his palm and back again. “I can’t tell you how you made me feel that day in court,” she took his hand and pressed it to her breast, “how you make me feel right now.”

Not only were Frank’s vocal chords on strike, but now his lungs joined in solidarity. He could feel her heart beating beneath the soft warm skin of her breast. He noted abstractly that her nipples were erect. His pants had never felt quite this tight before. Her left hand rubbed his erection through his pants as her right released him so that canlı bahis siteleri she could start to disrobe. He helped her drop her dress to her waist as she settled her rump on the desk.

“I wanted you right then. I’ve wanted you every day since then. I’m sorry I was scared, but I’m not scared now.”

Frank inhaled her rich scent, the scent of woman in need, the undiluted stench of sex. He bent her backward over the desk, lowering his head to her breasts. As though from a faraway land he heard her gasp as he took her right breast into his mouth. He took in every millimeter of flesh that he could, rolling her nipple around in his mouth, gently nipping the very tip. His right reached under her dress to find her dripping with need. He moved his mouth onto hers. Her tongue immediately pushed into his mouth as his hand parted her vagina and gently rubbed between her lips. She moaned into his mouth and somehow got her tongue deeper, humping his hand desperately. Frank took a shuddering desperate gasp of air and backed off to look at her.

She stood up to allow her dress to fall to the floor and stood revealed. Her body was pure and unblemished. Unmarked in any way. Perfect. Frank desperately tried to remove his shirt, popping a button off, and she shoo shooed him, batting his hand away. She nibbled erotically at his shirt as she unbuttoned it before starting to work on his pants. Frank was in agony by the time she finally got him undressed. The second his penis sprang clear she took in her mouth and now it was Frank’s turn to moan. He had never experienced anything like this, never had a hard on like this one, never been this deep in a woman’s mouth. She worked for a few minutes then clamped his penis with her hand unmercifully when she felt he was coming too close to orgasm. Frank nearly collapsed. She stood up and backed up to the desk, wiping her mouth. She motioned to Frank to come closer.

As Frank’s penis pushed into her she started to gasp. It took a few thrusts to settle completely in and Frank took firm grip of her hips as they started their dance. Time seemed suspended, the whole of existence reduced to this woman, this moment. She gasped and met his thrusts in perfect synchronicity, fuck fuck fuck, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Her legs wrapped around his body and pulled him in again and again. She took Frank’s head in her hands and pulled it down to her breasts. He feverishly worked to take both in his mouth and when that proved impossible he moved back and forth and between them as she worked like a machine, the most perfect machine ever envisioned, to bring him to orgasm. For a moment time seemed to stop, then they both screamed in release, in perfect union. Frank felt his penis clench again and again, working to get every drop, every inch of his life into this woman. He shuddered in release and lay against her as she panted helplessly. He moved his penis in and out of her some more and she moaned in painful ecstasy. Gently he withdrew, marveling at the quantity of cum flowing out of her. She lay there in exhaustion as Frank collapsed on the old chair to stare at her, at his cum as it flowed from her to the desk, from the desk to floor.

After a few minutes more she sat up to look at him. Frank had never been in love, and he knew love was not what this woman wanted, but he was having trouble looking at her perfect body, the spasms of orgasm still echoing through his body, still shuddering through hers, and not feel love for her, for what she had done, for what he prayed she was going to do in the future. He stood up and moved towards her, leaned over her and placed his hand behind her neck, pulling her up slightly to kiss her. She kissed him back, and then told him “It was your eyes. I was just so scared of your eyes.”

He chuckled. “Damn my eyes.”

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