A debt repayed

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Marie’s hazel eyes widened at the monster owen had produced from his pants. A good eight inches long, and thicker than she could fathom, it made the redheaded teen gulp. It wasn’t even hard yet. The thought of
what was going to happen next terrified the girl. owen, on the other hand, smiled, his teeth straight and
gleaming white. “Go on, pay your old man’s debt…’

The girl looked to his face, pleading with her eyes that he’d show mercy and allow her to keep her purity, but to no avail.

She hated her father in that moment, the sleazy drunk who spent more time at bars than at home. He thought he was being smart, entering into a backroom poker game with a loan shark, betting eight grand on a pair of nine’s. It was fucking foolish, but that didn’t matter to Owen. Her father couldn’t pay, so he demanded collateral. What was even more foolish-if that were possible-was the fact that the drunk had offered his sixteen year old daughter to him as a payment, and instead of hurting him, Owen had agreed.

So tonight, Marie was Owen’s. “Go on, girly…make up for your pussy of a father.” Tears formed at the corners of Marie’s eyes. The degradation her father was putting her through, she’d never forgive the bastard.

She breathed in, and, opening her mouth, lowered her self to Owen’s semi-aroused manhood. She’d never done this before, and owen picked up on that. “No,’ he snapped, pulling the girl’s hair-and her-from his
crotch to look into her eyes. “First, you have to play with it, I’m not going to get hard if you don’t.” He pulled her hair again, this time around so that she fell from the couch to the floor between his legs, and held her in front of his cock.

“Lick it, kiss it, jerk me off a bit whore,” The tears that had grown even thicker when Owen had pulled her hair were now streaming down her porcelain cheeks. She reached out to take the still somewhat soft shaft in her hand, and began running her thumb up and down it, massaging the flesh gently. “Oh, yeah bitch, make daddy
proud,” he grinned, nearly laughing at the innocence he was ruining.

Owen’s cock grew in her small hand, from soft and floppy, to hard and throbbing. “Now, lick the head,” He pulled Marie’s hair towards him, dragging the girl’s mouth to his purpling head. She struggled with herself for a moment, closing her eyes again as her tongue slipped between her lips, the very tip touching Owen’s head. The thought of what she was doing was to much, and she tried to pull away. But Owen still had her hair tightly in his grasp, and she cried out as he yanked her back towards him.

“Don’t like sucking dick whore?,” he grabbed his dick and angled it to her face, pushing her head down onto the beast and into her throat, making the girl gag. “I guess you’ll just have to learn to like it,” He began pulling her head up and down on his manhood, lifting her up by her hair until his cock head began to leave her mouth, then slamming her back down, all eight inches disappearing into gaziantep escort the now sobbing teen’s throat.

owen began groaning, the warm moistness within Marie’s mouth creating an unbelievable sensation, sending pleasure all through his body. He started to get even rougher, twisting her hair-and in the process, her head-left and right, making the girl’s mouth stimulate even inch of him. Marie was now crying out in pain and humiliation,but, with Owen’s cock filling her throat, hardly a sound escaped her.

As the speed in which Owen fucked the teen’s face increased, so did the pleasure inside him. And, after a good ten minutes of endless slamming on his dick, his entire body tensed, and he let out a colossal moan. In his state, he released Marie’s hair, and she pulled away from him as he exploded, streams of thick, gooey cum spurting from him like water from a hose over himself and the couch. Marie scrambled over to the door, hoping to escape, but Owen-his pants still around his ankles-leapt the length of the room and grabbed her around the waist, dragging the bawling girl back to the couch.

He threw her to the couch, and climbed in behind her, grasping her hair even tighter than he had before and rubbing her face the pools of his cum. “What kind of slut are you?,” he growled. “Don’t you know you have to clean up?,” he held her face in the warm, gooey mess that covered the couch seats. “Lick it up, or I’ll fuck your arse so hard you’ll never walk again,”

Still crying, Marie opened her mouth and let her tongue lap up the sickly mess. The taste was gut wrenching, salty, bitter, and the consistency of raw egg. She almost threw up right then and there, but she knew inside that it would just infuriate the man even more, so she cleaned the cushions as quietly as possible, which was hard with the pain from Owen’s hand in her hair and the sickly taste on her tongue.

When the couch was clear, Owen turned her to him, and shoved her face into his crotch once more, forcing her to clean the mess that had landed on his thighs and stomach, then pulled her hair back-making the girl whine-to look at her face. “Now slut, from what I can tell, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?” Marie’s eyes widened as Owen smiled that gleaming white smile once again. “Well, sixteen is a great age to learn the ways of the world,”

He walked around her and sat down on the freshly cleaned couch, spreading his legs to open up the way to his already re-hardening dick. “Now, climb up on top, I want you to do the work.” Marie whimpered, she’d hoped that the blowjob would be enough, and that she’d be able to keep her virginity for her first love, but that obviously wouldn’t be the case.

She slowly edged her way up onto him, and he lifted the hem of her dress, revealing a pair of lime green panties. “Ohh, you know my favorite colour,” Owen chuckled, sticking his thick, caloused fingers under the sides and tearing at them, somehow pulling the fabric from Marie’s body. She gasped a litte, and he laughed, then raised the torn fabric to his nose, inhaling Marie’s virginal odour. “Delicious,” he muttered, looking the still crying girl in the eyes. “Isn’t it?,” he pressed the panties up into Marie’s face, her stench invading her nostrils and making the girl gag. She tried to force his hand from her face, but he was much to strong for her.

“Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever smelt? nod if you think so,” Marie nodded, her eyes closed. She knew that Owen was looking for a way to hurt her again, so she tried her hardest to go along with it.

owen smirked. “Good little slut, now, spread your legs and climb on me.” Marie lifted her leg and postioned her fragile, little body over Owen’s dick. “Go on,” he snapped, pulling down and dragging her to him. She reluctantly lowered herself onto Owen’s thick, throbbing cock, which spread her pink lips as he entered her.
For a second, as he slid her down onto him, it didn’t hurt, then all of a sudden, the feeling that she was being torn in half made Marie scream into her panties. The pain of her hymen being torn was the worst thing she’d ever felt, but it didn’t hinder Owen in the slightest.

“Isn’t it good?,” he moaned, the tightness of her sex massaging his massive cock. “Start bouncing,” Marie-still crying-began to slide up his dick, then down again, every stroke tormenting the girl’s insides.”No, I said bounce on my dick slut,” he snapped, angry. Marie cried even louder into her ruined underwear, and began to push herself up and down, until she was springing up and down on Owen’s dick.

The pain was so intense, she felt as if she were about to pass out, but she managed to keep her conciousness as he forced her to ride him like a whore. Owen began to moan as she did so, letting out his pleasure each time her tightness slid down onto him. After a good fifteen minutes, when the pain inside her was unbearable and the pleasure inside him was too much, Owen moaned one long moan, and Marie cried out as his seed filled her. It was the most tormenting feeling she could ever imagine, even worse than his dick in her throat, or the pain of losing her virginity by force. The feeling of his cum inside her was plain disgusting, and it made her feel dirty even more so than anything else Owen had forced her to do this evening.

Owen threw his head back as he recovered from his orgasm, his hands still grasping Marie’s red hair and holding her panties to his face. After a moment, he looked her in the eyes and smiled. “You did well slut, but I still have one more thing to do to get your daddy’s payment.” Marie’s eyes widened. She knew that there was only one more thing he could do to her. One more sick, depraved thing that the simple thought of made Marie scream again, shaking her head frantically.

Owen just laughed. “You know what it’s time for don’t you?,” he pulled her off of his dick-his cum beginning to ooze from her sex- and threw her face down into the couch. He began to massage himself as he climbed down behind the teen, and used his other hand to hold her face into the cushion. “I’ve never taken a black cherry before slut,” he said, his cock growing with each second. “But I’ve heard that lubrication is extremely important,” he moaned again at the sensitivity of his spent cock. “But, that’s only what I’ve heard,” he grinned, then took his hand from his cock and spread Marie’s pert, pale cheeks, revealing a tiny pink arsehole. He lowered his dick to the hole-the size of his cockhead already bigger than the entrance-and began to push, sending horrific pain through Marie’s body and making the teen scream into the cushion.

“Relax, anal sex is all about relaxing your muscles,” Owen chuckled, his dickhead spreading Marie’s arsehole and slowly disappearing inside her rear. Marie screamed even more, and tried her hardest to pull away, but the man was far to strong for her. Tears filled her eyes again as his girth tore her arse apart, sliding slowly into her until two thirds of Owen’s cock filled her. “Should I wait a litte?, perhaps let you get used to it?,” Marie tried her hardest to nod, but Owen’s grip on her hair was far too tight, and she couldn’t move. “No, well, I am proud of you for that,” He pushed his entire body forward, slamming himself into the teen’s rear, and groaned
at the tightness that encased him.

Imediately, he pulled back, then slammed into her again. The girl’s screams were being muffled by the cushion, but they were still audible, and he laughed as fucked her relentlessly, picking up his speed as the girl’s sphincter gave way to him. “There we go,’ he moaned. ‘You’ve relaxed, now this will go much easier,”

Now, he was pounding into her, and the pain was too much to bear. Marie began fighting him off, reaching behind her and feebly grasping at his face, the process of which making him laugh. “You like it whore?,’ he cried, half-moaning, half-laughing. “Perhaps we should speed up?,” he leant down over her body, his chin in her back, and began thrusting even faster. Marie’s screams had turned to sobbing by now, and the pain in her ass was just numbness. Owen worked himself to orgasm once more, bursting in her rear with whatever cum still inhabiting his balls, then collapsed onto her back.

“Good slut,” he gasped, regaining his strength and retracting from her arse. He watched as the small load he’d filled her ass with seeped out, and smiled. “I’m proud of you, you did your daddy solid,” he took the panties from where they lay next to Marie’s face, and smelt them once more before cleaning the excess cum from his softening cock. “But, as good as it was, it really wasn’t worth eight grand…” Marie just lay there, broken, tears trailing her face and numbness in her body. “So, I guess I’ll just have to come back next week, when your arse has tightened up a little more, and get the next payment.”

He laughed once more, then pulled his pants up and headed for the door. “Until next time,” he closed the door behind him and turned off the light, leaving a broken young girl alone in pitch black, crying silently for the loss of her innocence.


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