A Faker’s Progress Pt. 03

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To bring those of you who haven’t read parts one and two up to date… no, it’s far too long a story. Why not go back and start at the beginning. It’s worth it. Honestly.


An hour or so after Bob had his little chat with me, Cassie came dashing up to the studio. ‘How did he know?’ she gasped as she hurried in through the door.

‘He said you seemed a lot happier recently and I think he likes it. He reckons you are as happy together as most couples are and that you have a good life together but he seems relieved that you’re a lot more content.’

‘We’ve argued a lot less than normal and that must have been obvious to him’ she agreed. ‘While you were away we actually seemed to be getting on quite well. Maybe knowing that I had you around made me a lot more tolerant of him and his goings on – even his little trips into the town.’

‘Ah, you know about that, do you?’ I asked.

‘Of course I do’, she replied. ‘This is a small country district where everyone knows everyone. You can’t hide that sort of thing. He thinks that no-one knows but…’

‘So where do we go from here?’

We sat down and talked. It seemed to us that we had two choices. We could continue as we were – Bob having Lindy and his drink, and Cassie having me – but Cassie didn’t know whether she could cope with such a strange lifestyle and she didn’t know if it could be kept under wraps, as her husband had insisted.

‘It just seems weird’, she said. ‘What happens if you and I leave the room in the evening? Is he going to be terribly civilised about it? “Off to have a fuck, dear? Have a nice time.”‘

I could scarcely stop myself from bursting out in laughter. ‘When he heads off into town, do you ask him “Going to have a fuck with Lindy, dear? Try to get back in time for tea”? Of course you don’t. You know what he’s up to but you turn a blind eye to it and he’s offering to do the same, except that in his case the blind eye will be firmly shut in drunken sleep. We’ll be doing exactly the same as we did before.’

‘But the difference is that I’ll know that he knows. How will I look him in the eye over the breakfast table with him knowing that I’ve just come from your bed and that you were making love to me half an hour before?’

‘He manages to look you in the eye over dinner when he gets back from one of his afternoon trysts’, I retorted.

‘But he thinks I don’t know about it. And, anyway, it’s different for a man.’

I looked at her quizzically over the top of my glasses, which led to a few moments’ silence between us. I knew she was struggling with the dilemma and in the end only she could resolve it.

‘It comes down to a choice, doesn’t it?’ I tried to put the dilemma as simply as I could for her. ‘I know it will seem very odd at first and we’ll have to work it out as we go, but it could be a solution that gives everyone what they want. The alternative is that we have to give each other up. I don’t want that and I don’t think you do either.’

Her whole body tensed as she thought long and hard about it.

‘Ok’, she finally decided. ‘I can’t give you up completely but there’s no question of us heading off to bed together every night. I know it’s silly’, she went on. ‘I could cope with it while we were sneaking off and doing it behind his back but going to bed with an ‘approved lover’ just seems wrong. It would be as if he’d contracted out his marital duties to you.’

‘I’m not surprised you feel like that’, I admitted. ‘I knew you would even while Bob was talking to me. In fact, I even wondered if he knew it too and it was his intention to make you feel awkward. I’ve got a nasty feeling that if you do come to bed with me, you won’t feel able to make love. You’ll worry that he’s awake and listening to you.’

An air of gloom settled over her. ‘That’s strange you should think that because I’ve just had exactly the same feeling and I don’t know what to do about it.’

‘The first thing you have to do is to think about is that he’s managed to turn things round so that everything’s back where it was a month ago before we met. And the second is to remember that a couple of times every week he’ll be popping off for his rendezvous in town and he won’t feel any of the guilt that’s weighing on you. I’m sorry, but he’s got you where he wants you.’

‘No’, she looked up at me, ‘I’m the one who should be sorry. I know you’re right but I just don’t know how to deal with it. Can you give me a bit of time to think about it?’


I’d not long settled back down to my work when the studio door burst open again. This time it was Rachel. ‘What on earth’s happened?’ she demanded. There was a stony look in her eyes that I’d never seen before. ‘I was looking for mum and I eventually found her in her room crying her eyes out. Have you two fallen out or something?’

I shook my head and began to tell her the whole story.

‘The bastard!’ she almost shouted. ‘He’s been fucking that bloody Lindy for years – and he lets her have that house güvenilir bahis of hers rent free – and yet as soon as mum finds a bit of happiness, he tries to put a stop to it. I bet he’s had this tactic up his sleeve for years in case mum ever found a lover.’

There was a pause while she let her anger subside. ‘What are we going to do about it?’ she asked when she had finally calmed down a little.

‘There’s not much we can do’, I said. ‘I think you’re right. He knew exactly how your mum would react if he made that suggestion and I don’t really see how we can make your mum feel better about it. That’s how she is and that’s what makes her who she is.’

‘But there must be something we can do.’ Rachel was almost pleading with me. She expected the older, more experienced man to come up with an answer; an answer I wasn’t sure I had.

‘Ok, try this for size’, I said eventually. ‘If your mum were to see everyone else having fun – your dad with Lindy and us two together – do you think she’d be able to resist for long. If we made it really blatant, I mean. It’s cruel, I know, but it’s about the only thing that might work.’

‘You devious, cunning old devil!’ The sparkle was back in Rachel’s eyes. ‘That might just do it – and I want to go on having fun with you anyway.’

‘I did several years in prison for being devious and not doing it very well’, I said. ‘I just hope this works better.’

Rachel looked thoughtful all of a sudden. ‘I’m sure it will but, just in case, there’s something else that might help. Leave it with me.’


That evening Bob seemed to be very pleased with himself. He knew his ploy had worked and to celebrate he knocked back the drink as if it was going out of fashion. We had to put him to bed before ten o’clock and, when we came back down again, Rachel did nothing to hide her closeness to me. She didn’t flirt with me in front of Cassie – she didn’t want to hurt her mother – but she made it clear that we were going to be having sex together. I sat down at one end of the sofa and Rachel joined me, stretching out full-length with her head on my lap. I put my arm round her, stroking her, with my hand very close to her breasts.

When it was time to go to bed, I walked over and gave Cassie a gentle kiss and asked if she was alright. She nodded her head but I could see a lot of sorrow on her face. Then I went back to Rachel, taking her hand in mine, and we followed Cassie up the stairs. There was no doubt that we were both going to Rachel’s room.

‘I do hope this works’, she said when we got inside the room. ‘I feel rotten about doing this to mum but needs must.’ With that, she raised her face to mine and we kissed with a very special combination of tenderness and passion. Then she looked at me and said ‘I’m going to make love to you tonight. I just want you to lie back and enjoy what I’m going to do to you.’

While she unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off my shoulders, I kicked off my shoes. My trousers went next, leaving me with just my trunks. She eyed up the bulge they contained. ‘Yes, I think I can do something with that’, she said with a saucy grin. Then the trunks came off, not without difficulty as they caught up on my erection. It felt odd to be standing naked in front of her while she was still fully dressed. Then she pointed at the bed. ‘Lie down.’

I did as she said and lay down, my cock ready and waiting for her. She slowly slipped off her clothes, which took almost no time, and then she stood by the bed looking me up and down. I reached out towards her but she slapped my hand.

‘No’, she said sharply, ‘I’m doing it all tonight. I’ve noticed how much effort you put into it when you’re making love to make it good for mum and me, but tonight it’s your turn. And you won’t be surprised if I’m a bit louder than usual.’

I thought of Cassie, alone in her bed next door, for whom this extra volume was no doubt intended.

Rachel knelt on the bed facing me, my legs between her knees. ‘Right’, she said, ‘time to find out how much I remember about mum’s lesson number four on oral sex.’ With that, her head bobbed down and her mouth covered my cock. She used her lips to push my foreskin back, exposing the head, which she then began to work on with lips and tongue.

I let her continue for a while before I stopped her.

‘Aren’t I doing it right?’ There was a worried look on her face.

‘Not at all’, I assured her. ‘You obviously listened to your mother’s lesson very carefully and you’ve certainly passed the practical test. It’s just that I’d rather cum inside you than in your mouth, and if you keep doing that…’

‘In that case…’, she said, with a wicked look on her face, shifting herself up my body until she was poised over my cock. She held it upright and sank down onto me with a groan that was loud enough but not too loud. She rode me hard and vigorously and if we’d wanted to keep quiet it would have been difficult. She was totally in control and was determined to discover how türkçe bahis she could get the greatest sensations in that position. At one point she leaned right back so that my cock was pointed in a very unnatural direction – fine when you’re flaccid but not when you’re fully erect – but it was clearly doing very good things for her.

I reached out for her breasts and began to play with her nipples; in her excitement she seemed to have forgotten all about me lying back and doing nothing. Then I slid one of my hands down to between her legs and found her clit while the other continued its attention to her nipple. That did it. She rammed herself up and down on my cock – I began to worry that she might tear it off – and exploded in one of the most intense physical orgasms I have ever witnessed in a woman.

It must have been a combination of everything that was going on; her nipple being teased, my cock rubbing against her G-spot and my fingers on her clit. She let out such a loud scream that Cassie can’t have avoided hearing it, and I don’t think it was in any way put on.

She collapsed forward on top of me. ‘That wasn’t supposed to happen’, she just about managed to utter. ‘What about you?’

In answer, I grabbed hold of her, rolled her over onto her back, and began to pound into her. Within a minute or two she was cumming again, if not quite so loudly this time, and I joined her.

A little time later, we lay together, me on my back with my arm around her, she snuggled up against my side. ‘We are going to do that again, very soon’, she whispered in my ear. ‘It just went to the top of my all-time favourite things list.’


The next morning, a short while after breakfast, Rachel announced that one of her best friends, Lucy, was coming over that afternoon. That seemed like bad news. I’d been going to suggest that the two of us should spend the afternoon by the pool, and swimming wasn’t the only physical activity I’d had in mind. It seemed the perfect day for it – it was gloriously hot and sunny, the staff had the afternoon off, and Bob had said he would need to pop into the town to ‘sort out some business with his accountant’. But it was not to be.

Rachel and Lucy had been friends at school, Lucy being at the opposite ends of the year range so that, whereas Rachel was almost 19, Lucy had not long reached 18. She had the afternoon free and wanted to catch up with Rachel while she was at home.

In fact, Lucy arrived in time for lunch and the four of us – me, Cassie, Rachel and Lucy – gathered in the kitchen-cum-breakfast room and chatted while we ate. She seemed a nice girl. Physically, she was a little more on the chubby side than Rachel and she had brown hair tending to auburn which she wore down to the neck. She was a smiley, cheery girl and we seemed to hit it off well.

After we’d finished lunch, I started to make my way back to the studio when I suddenly realised that I must have left the magazine I’d been reading in the kitchen and turned back to get it. I was about to open the kitchen door when I heard Lucy’s voice. It was a bit of a one-sided conversation; Rachel must simply have been nodding her answers. I shouldn’t have stood there listening but I couldn’t help myself.

‘There’s something going on between you two, isn’t there? I can see the way you look at each other. Oh my God, you’re fucking him, aren’t you?’

‘But he’s much older than you. Is he good at it?’

‘Really? Does he make you cum?’

‘Does he, you know, finish off inside you?’

‘Does he wear something?’

I heard Rachel say she was on the pill.

‘Does your mum know?’

‘What, that I’m on the pill? Yes, she thought it was a good idea before I went to university’, Rachel replied.

‘No, silly, I meant does your mum know that you’re fucking him.’

‘Really, doesn’t she mind? I mean, like, he must be more her sort of age. I’m surprised she’s not… hey, wait a minute, she’s not, is she?’

I heard an indistinct mumble from Rachel.

‘No, come on, tell. Is she fucking him too? She is, isn’t she.’

I didn’t like the direction this inquisition was taking, so I backed off down the corridor so that it didn’t look as if I’d been outside the door eavesdropping and called Rachel’s name. ‘We’re still in here’, she called back.

‘Have you seen my magazine anywhere…?’ I asked as I entered the room. She looked round, spotted it, and passed it to me.

I stayed in the room for a few minutes so that I could safely steer the conversation away from the subject of me and Cassie. I couldn’t help but notice that while we were talking Lucy was taking a close interest in me, presumably as a result of what she’d just learned from Rachel. Not that I minded. I’m always happy to have female eyes focussed on me.

Once the conversation had moved on to less dangerous topics, I went back to the studio. I’d been working away for an hour or so when Rachel came through the door. ‘I’ve got something to show you’, she said urgently. güvenilir bahis siteleri ‘Come with me.’

We left the studio and went downstairs to the main bedroom corridor. Rachel stopped outside her room.

‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘Just wait’, she hissed back.

She opened the door and stepped inside. I followed, to be greeted by the sight of Lucy, spread-eagled naked on the bed, secured to its four corners by scarves tied around her wrists and ankles.

‘What the hell’s going on?’ I demanded to know. It wasn’t so much seeing Lucy like that or the realisation that Rachel must have tied her up – I simply assumed this was another aspect of Rachel exploring her sexuality – but the fact that she obviously wanted to involve me in their play.

‘I’ve got her ready for you’, Rachel informed me.

‘What!’ I was horrified. Except in mutually-agreed play, I’d never taken a woman by force and I had no intention of starting then.

Rachel put her arms around my neck and spoke quietly in my ear.

‘Lucy wants you to take her virginity but she wants to feel that it’s not of her doing. I’ll explain why later – it’s complicated. Just trust me. It’s not what it looks like and I certainly wouldn’t set you up to rape her.’

In my initial shock I hadn’t really taken a close look at Lucy. I know, that sounds hard to believe, but that’s how it was. I made up for it now, though. She was, as I had noticed earlier, a bit on the chubby side, but her breasts were small. Between her legs was a fairly dense but tidy bush of brown hair. The hair did little to hide a pair of meaty inner labia that protruded from her slit. Matching them was one of the most splendid clits I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t huge but no-one was ever going to have the slightest problem finding it and it looked as though it would be a lot of fun to play with. All in all, if a cunt ever looked invitingly fuckable, this was it.

Rachel took off her clothes as I watched and joined Lucy on the bed. She knelt between her friend’s legs, her head between her thighs, her mouth, lips and tongue readying the girl’s sex for me. My cock was stiffening by the second and I was sorely tempted to take hold of Rachel’s hips and sink myself into her but I suspected that this might not be part of the plan. I could see Rachel’s tongue circling Lucy’s clit and flicking across it while she had a couple of fingers up inside the girl’s cunt. The sloppy sounds of wetness that seemed to fill the room as she worked on her suggested that Lucy was becoming very ready for her initiation.

Suddenly, I saw Lucy strain at her bonds, her body trying to arch, her head pressed back down into the pillow.

‘Yessss’, she screamed, ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuckkk me.’

I continued to watch as she collapsed back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She stayed that way for a few minutes, her chest heaving. Rachel got up off the bed and moved across to me. She started to undress me quickly and expertly. My shirt was soon unbuttoned and lying on the floor. My trouser belt was undone in one swift move and the zip followed. Taking hold of the waistband she slipped them to the floor and I stepped out of them.

My underpants displayed a sizeable tent as my cock fought for release. Rachel knelt to one side of me so that Lucy had a clear view of what was going on. She put one hand inside my trunks and took hold of my cock. Keeping it upright, she used her other hand to pull the trunks down. Then she guided my freed cock to her open mouth and. I groaned as I felt the wet warmth envelope me. It brought back memories of the previous night. I began to thrust into her, almost involuntarily, but she pushed against me with her hand to stop the movement. She caressed the length of me with her lips, once, then a second time, and that was it.

‘What do you think, Lucy?’ Rachel said, looking at the girl on the bed. ‘You’re really going to enjoy having him inside you. You’ll be very glad he’s going to be your first. And you’re certainly ready for him.’ She took my hand and guided me over to the bed. She held me close and looked me in the face. ‘Fuck her, do it to her. Take her cunt. I want to see your cock open her up. I want to see it all the way in there.’

Her words ensured that my cock became totally rigid, which was no doubt what she intended. Not that it was really necessary – the whole situation was doing a pretty good job of that.

She motioned for me to kneel between Lucy’s widely-stretched legs. I leaned forward, taking my weight on my hands looking down at the girl whose virginity I was about to take. I looked down between our bodies and saw that Rachel had parted Lucy’s labia ready for me to take her. She slipped a finger deep inside her friend’s cunt and then raised it to my mouth. I closed my lips around it, and sucked the juices off it. They tasted good and I felt a little jealous that it had been Rachel who had got to taste her cunt first, though I had suspicions that this probably wasn’t the first time the two friends had indulged in sexual fun.

Rachel took hold of my cock and I felt the head touch lightly against Lucy’s opening. I was about to press home when Rachel suddenly stared straight at Lucy and a wicked look came over her face.

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