A Family Destroyed Ch. 03

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The piano echoed out an eerie melody as Simon’s fingers moved over the ivory keys. Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” filled his grandmother’s house. Tears reamed his eyes as every note rang out. The argentine rays of the moon crept along the floorboards as he poured every ounce of emotion into his movements. He had learned to play this song for his grandmother long ago. Her smile flashed in his mind as his fingers hit the keys. The tapping of her finger echoed in his ears as she kept the beat as the strings hummed. The serenity on her face as she sank into the flow of the melody. Those salt filled drops striking the keys as he poured his grief into the music.

Amy stood in the shadows as she watched as her brother played. It had been years’ since she heard him play. Wiping away her tears, her lower lip trembling as his hands moved across the keyboard. Her mother’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. Pulling her close, placing a soft kiss on her temple neither dared to interrupt Simon. They knew how he need this. They could see it in his eyes at the funeral yesterday.

Simon’s mind flashing back to her words as he struggled to walk. Her encouragement as his body grew stronger. To the night in his hospital bed. Where they both gave into their needs. He knew how he had acted when he found out his family. How he felt like a hypocrite. Yet as the days passed he couldn’t say it was wrong. He had found something in her eyes he couldn’t possibly think to find. She had nursed him back not only from the injury he had sustained, but also, from the dark place he had fallen into from that fire fight that felt like eternity to him. Where every second felt like hours, minutes felt like days, as every bullet seemed to leave the breach of his gun in slow motion. How Simon prayed she could hear this wherever she was. Sighing heavily as the last notes died away. Wiping away his tears, breathing in as he was posed to start a new song. A small smile graced his lips as the first notes of “Vide Cor Meum” rang out. Simon knew she loved this song.

“Simon?” Pamela asked softly so not to distract him. “What song is that?”

“It’s a song called Vide Cor Meum. It’s based upon Dante’s first sonnet La Vita Nuova,” Simon said, hearing the Latin lyrics in his head.

“It’s beautiful,” Amy said moving up to him, gently placing her hand on his left shoulder.

“I know,” Simon nodded.

“But why are you playing it?” Pamela asked sitting down next to him. Resting her head on Simon’s shoulder. She couldn’t agree more with her daughter, it was a beautiful song.

“It’s something grandma would always play,” Simon said, leaving out the fact it was normally followed after they had horizontal refreshments.

“I never heard her play it before?” Pamela asked perplexed at Simon’s smile.

“She told me it was only for special occasions.”

“Well,” Amy said sinking down beside him, “Will you play it again for… me?” she asked her index finger brushing along the edge of his ear.

“Okay,” Simon said pulling out his phone, opening his YouTube app typing the song into the search bar. “I think you would like to know what the song is about,” he said, placing his phone on the music desk so they could see the English translation of the lyrics.

“And Mom would play this… for you?” Pamela asked eyeing her son. Wondering why her mother would play something that was so very personal, so intimate for her son.

“Yes,” Simon said closing the cover down over the keyboard.

“Why? Simon, why would Mom play this for you?” Pamela asked as Simon reached for his cane.

“Maybe I’ll answer that… some day just not today,” Simon said sliding off the bench.

“Simon?” Pamela said forcibly as she rose. Yet as he turned she saw the hurt, the lost, the sorrow. It wasn’t the kind of grief for a family member, but of someone very close. “I’m sorry, I won’t pry,” she said, watching Simon walk towards his bedroom.

“Well, I need to get to bed,” Amy said, noticing the time, wondering what was going on in that head of his.

“Me too, yet I don’t want to leave Simon here all alone,” Pamela said, hating the fact her time off had ran out. She had no wish to leave her son alone in the state of mind he was in.

“I’ll come by on my lunch break and check on him,” Amy said sharing a nod with her mother.

“Simon,” Amy whispered sweetly as the new dawn’s light filtered through the windows.

“Hmm?” Simon mumbled in his half sleep state.

“I made french toast for you, some eggs and bacon,” Amy said resting on the edge of the bed, her fingers weaving through his hair. “It’s in the oven for you whenever you get up,” she said, wondering how she was going to get him to talk about whatever was on his mind last night. “I was hoping maybe I could come by and have lunch with you?”

“Okay,” Simon yawned. Amy fought herself from smiling.

“Burner Boy is still open, I know how you liked their barbecue. Would you like for me to bring some home?” Amy asked her hand running down his bare arm. She couldn’t help it she loved the feel illegal bahis of his skin underneath her touch.

“Sure,” Simon said smacking his lips in his semi-like dream trance. “Don’t forget the sauce,” he muttered rolling onto his back.

“I won’t,” Amy said, out of the corner of her eye her gaze caught sight of something. “You don’t have to worry, Simon,” she said leaning forward, “I’m going to…” her lips softly pressed against his, her hand moving down his chest. Gently wrapping around that covered hard rod, that she hoped to one day feel deep inside of her. “Always take care of you baby brother,” Amy whispered as she pulled away. Looking back one last time as she closed his bedroom door.

Amy’s mind flashed back to when Simon was fourteen. To the day she was getting harassed by the boys at her high school. How he shoved and pushed them away from her when they had her backed against the lockers. The way he stood up to boys that were older, taller, and stronger than he was. Yet that didn’t stop Simon, no, he got in their faces and told them what he thought of them. Granted he did get beaten up, it still didn’t stop him. She knew most of the fights he had gotten into was because of her. How he had won her heart that day. Always flashing her a smile no matter how painful those bruises must have felt. Amy hoped he could come to see that. That all these years’ she had loved him. Then just maybe they could grow closer as it should have been all those years’ ago.

Simon sat at the kitchen table chewing on the breakfast his sister had made. He had to admit she did know how to cook. The french toast was especially good with the cinnamon mixed in. He was going to have to ask Amy how she did that. For now regular french toast wouldn’t hold a candle to it any longer.

“Thanks for breakfast, sis.” Simon typed out a text as he bit into the bacon.

“You’re welcome Simon, I hope it was good.” Amy sent back.

“How did you get the cinnamon on the toast?!”

“I added it to the egg mixture *giggles* silly.”

“Oh… that makes more sense then what I was thinking,” Simon admitted wiping his mouth as he laid down his fork.

“So… then you wouldn’t mind if I cooked for you?”

“You know you don’t have to, right?”

“I know, but I want to Simon. I want to take care of you.”

“There’s no way I can talk you out of it, huh?”

“Nope!” Amy texted back with a smiling emoji. “I have to go, work calls. I’m glad you liked your breakfast Simon. I’ll see you at lunch!” A flood of kisses bombarded his screen. Reaching into the cabinet after he had cleaned his dishes. Opening his pill bottle, quickly downing the two pills as he felt the effects of the nerve blocker starting to wear off. Reaching for his cane that hung on the lip of the counter as the doorbell rang.

“Hello Simon,” his aunt stood at the door. Her brown eyes running down Simon’s body. A sinful smile graced her lips knowing how he was going to enjoy what’s to come. Her thin pink summer dress clung tightly to her body, accentuating her 38C cup breasts, her flat stomach, and her alluring hips. Her smooth tone legs felt the warmth of the morning sun as its rays bathed her exposed skin. Every item on her body matched her outfit from: her pink pumps, to her pink clutch, the frames of her glasses, her pink sapphire earrings, the pink opal rings that lined her fingers. To Caroline her attire had to be perfect.

“Hello Aunt Caroline,” Simon said perplexed as to why she was there. He had thought they had left town after the funeral, apparently he was wrong.

“May I come in?” Caroline asked her pink hued lips flashed him a warm smile. Yet Simon knew not the hunger behind them.

“Sure,” Simon said stepping to the side, “So… what brings you here? I thought you and uncle had left after the funeral?”

“Robert, is trying to contest the will. So we’ll be here for a few more days. However, I know it’s iron tight. Judy, was a smart woman in business and other things. She wouldn’t have left it all to you without making sure there were no loose ends,” Caroline said stepping into the house. Her clutch slid down the back of the couch before bouncing on the cushion.

“Not that I’m happy to see you aunt, yet why are you here?” Simon asked closing the door.

“You know I tried to make things work with me and Robert,” Caroline said ignoring Simon’s question, “Yet after six years you would think he would’ve learned his lesson,” she said, her fingers trailed along the back of the couch. Slowly sauntering along wondering how he would react. “And still that man thinks he can cheat on me! The nerve of that man, to think I wouldn’t notice some other woman’s cunt juice on his cock!” Caroline hissed angrily, “If it hadn’t been for you Simon,” she said turning towards him. “I would’ve never have known Robert was being unfaithful to me,” Joan said, her eyes running down his body wondering if his injury affected his manhood. “Now I’m done with Robert’s infidelity!”

“Okay…” Simon said, a little unnerved how her eyes followed him as

he illegal bahis siteleri walked over the chair. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Why? I do wonder…” Caroline said, her hips swayed, her eyes lustered, her mouth watered as she viewed Simon. Her hands rested on the armrest of the chair as she leaned forward, filling Simon’s gaze with her breasts. “If your cock still works?” Caroline whispered lustfully into his ear. Reaching out softly caressing Simon’s phallus through his shorts, urging it to awaken from its slumber. “It seems it does,” she cooed as Simon’s rod grew in her hand. A gasp resounded from her lips. Her eyes widening as his girth expanded her hand. “That’s not possible!” Caroline’s mind was in a state of shock. She has never felt something so thick before. “It has to be twice the thickness of Robert’s!”

“Well, just what do you have here nephew?” Caroline purred.

“Umm… that’s my cock you have in your hand,” Simon said tilting his head.

“Yes, yes, it is,” Caroline said hungrily pulling down his shorts, “Oh my! Simon, that’s… a fat cock!” she gasped as Simon’s cock swung back and forth as the waistband left the head of his rod.

“Oh, you think so?” Simon said with a coy smirk.

“Mmmhmm,” Caroline muttered salaciously turning around, “Unzip me Simon, I want to be naked for you,” she said peering over her right shoulder. “Can you stand long enough to fuck me?” Caroline asked as her zipper lowered

“No,” Simon lied. He was wondering how far she was going to take this.

“No worries,” Caroline said, turning back around holding her dress to her chest. “It’s been some time since I’ve rode a cock,” she said her eyes dipping low, “And baby you do have one hell of a cock,” Caroline said releasing her hold on her dress. “So tell me nephew does your aunt have a sexy body?” she asked running her hands up her stomach.

“Yes…” his eyes running down her naked body, “You do,” Simon nodded.

“Mmm… good,” Caroline said smirking, noticing how Simon had yet to soften. If it was Robert sitting before her his cock would have lost its hard-on by now. Yet no, this wasn’t Robert, no, this was a cock she hungrily wanted to ride. “Come taste your aunt’s pussy, Simon,” Caroline said, placing her right foot on the seat cushion. The heel of her pump decompressing the cushion as she spread her labia open. Her left hand ran through his hair as Simon leaned forward. Her body trembled as she felt his lips wrapping around her clitoris. It’s been two years since she laid with her husband, after the last time she tasted some strange pussy on his cock. She knew then Robert was never going to be faithful to their marriage even after she gave them another chance. Yet now it appear she would have to destroy him in court to show Robert the errors of his ways. “Yes, Simon, doesn’t it taste good? Doesn’t your aunt have the sweetest juice?” Caroline moaned as she held his head to her cunt.

“Yes! Get that tongue inside that pussy!” Caroline’s body quaked as his tongue probed her hot channel. “Oh god! Simon! Yes, fucking eat that pussy!” she howled her juices flowed, “It’s been to fucking long since I’ve had a man’s tongue so deep inside of my pussy!” Caroline moaned sensuously as she ground her mound on his tongue. “Oh fuck! Yes, Simon, make me fucking cum on that tongue!” she said grabbing hold of his shoulders to steady herself.

“God! That was good,” Caroline said catching her breathe, “I so needed that,” she said flashing Simon a satisfied smile. Her tongue ran through her juices that coated his chin before lips captured his. She wondered if he had watched the DVD Judy had left for him. If this was why he wasn’t pitching a fit. Not that she was complaining she was about feel that beast deep inside of her. “Now I think I should repay you, don’t you think?” Caroline cooed pushing Simon back against the chair. Her body sank to her knees as her hand ran down his chest. Her tongue ran along her lips, as her fingers curled around the shaft of Simon’s cock. Caroline was a little taken back when Judy had suggested her scheme to her. Now, however, as she licked up the back of her nephew’s cock. She wondered how Judy had come up with her little plan.

Swallowing Simon’s cock, how she loved the feel of it on her tongue. The way his heart beat against it. The way his girth stretched out her mouth. The feel of his pre-cum coating her tongue. Her hand working his shaft as her head bobbed on his pole. Her left hand cradled his balls, massaging them as her mind started to go blank. She wondered if Judy knew she would become addicted to her nephew’s cock. That the moment she tasted it, did Judy know she would hunger for it?

“Now I think it’s time for the main course, don’t you think?” Caroline purred giving that bulbous crown one last hard suck. “Look at it Simon,” she said bending over in front of him. Filling Simon’s view of her ass and her light pink, wet lips. “Doesn’t this call out to you?” Caroline asked running her middle finger through her labia. “Simon, this pussy needs to be fucked! You’ll let canlı bahis siteleri your aunt fuck that cock of yours won’t you?” she asked looking between her legs.

“Sure,” Simon said patting his legs.

“Excellent!” Caroline purred. Eyeing the chair then the coffee table knowing it was the perfect height. “Give me one second,” she said gesturing to him with a finger. Dashing over to her purse, snapping open the button, digging her smart phone out she wanted to rub Robert’s face in this. Grabbing some books from the mantle, resting her phone against the spines of the books. Her ass wiggled giving Simon a show as she opened her camera app. Making sure the camera was only capturing her in the screen. She didn’t want this to come back on Simon. Caroline thought if it did he wouldn’t want to fuck her again if it brought to much grief to him.

“Hello Robert,” Caroline said coldly into the mic of her phone, “So you think you can keep cheating on me, and I wouldn’t fucking find out?! Did you think I won’t taste that woman’s pussy on your dick! Haven’t you ever wondered why I haven’t fucking touched you in two years? Now I’m done with you! You’re going to watch as someone with a real cock fucks me, like I had to watch as you fucked your sister with that limp noodle you call a dick!” she said, her dangling breasts filled the camera as she backed up.

“Look at it Robert! This is a cock!” Caroline said taunting him as her labia glided along Simon’s cock. Her body blocking out his face so Robert wouldn’t know who was going to fuck her. Her hands held onto the armrest as she placed her right foot then her left onto the seat cushion. “Baby, don’t worry I want your hot cum deep inside of me. So, don’t worry if you cum to quickly. My pussy…” Caroline gasped as she slowly lowered herself onto that stiff, fat, stout rod of her nephew’s, “Oh god! It’s so fucking big!” she moaned loudly as Simon’s cock stretched her out. “Oh… I’m so going to cum on this cock,” Caroline muttered salaciously passing the halfway point of her nephew’s delicious cock. “You like that tight pussy don’t you, baby?” she asked her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Sucking in a breath as she rose to were only where the tip remained inside of her cunt, then slamming back down on that hard rod of his. “Oh fuck! Yes! You could never fuck me like this Robert! No, when was the last time you could keep a hard-on without the help of a pill, hmm?” Caroline asked losing herself in the ecstasy that was flooding her body.

“Oh god! I’m going to cum!” Caroline shouted tossing her head back. Her grip tightened on the armrest of the chair as her hot white cream smeared Simon’s cock. “Look at that Robert! In less than five minutes this man has got me off. When was the last time you even tried to give me an orgasm?” she asked breathlessly her hips slowly regaining their momentum. “Baby? I want you to fuck me. I mean really fuck me. I want to feel you for days…” Her jaw hung open in a silent surprised moan as Simon hammered his cock upward into her cunt. His hands held her hips to keep her rooted in place. “Oh… god! Oh yes! Pump that cock into that pussy!” Her head jerked erratically, her muscles rippled, her face contorted as if possessed. “Fuck! God! Yes! Don’t stop… fucking… me!” Caroline howled as her womb detonated in the most explosive orgasm she had ever felt before. For fifteen minutes Caroline howled like a banshee as Simon ruthlessly pounded her cunt. Her sex resounded through that house in loud wet slaps as Simon hammered his aunt.

“I can feel it!” Caroline purred with a blissful look on her face as Simon’s hot cum flooded her womb. Quickly scurrying off of his cock, talking her phone from the table. “Look at it Robert! Look at all that hot rich cum my man dumped inside of my fuckable pussy,” she said placing a leg on the table. Filling the screen with her wet, throbbing, satisfied lips as Simon’s cum slowly dripped out of her canal. “Now you can expect to hear from my lawyers, Robert. You should have tried. You should have never have broken my trust. Now I’m going to take everything you have. Maybe then you’ll learn to keep that limp thing you call a dick to yourself! Now if you excuse me I have a cock to clean!” Caroline said shutting off the camera.

“Now…” Caroline said spinning on her heel. Tossing her phone onto the couch. “Where was I… ah yes, I need to clean something,” she said licking her lips. Her hands rested on Simon’s knees as she lowered herself between his legs. “There all clean,” Caroline said after his cock left her lips. Rolling her tongue in her mouth loving the taste of her sex, and the last beads of his cum mingled together. Feeling his cum running down her thighs as she gave his rod one last lick. “Zip me up Simon,” Caroline said, standing with her back to him holding her dress to her chest. “Thank you, Simon, now I hate to fuck and dash, but I have papers to get served to a deadbeat,” she said, checking her makeup in her compact mirror applying a few touch ups. “But don’t let that mean I didn’t love being fucked by you, nephew,” Caroline said, filling his gaze once again with her breasts. Flashing Simon a smile, staring into his eyes hoping he be eager for a round two tomorrow. “Now come walk me to my car,” she said patting his hand. She started to help him up, but Simon waved her off.

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