A First Experience with Foot Boys

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Shelby slowly wandered into the dorm hallway, feeling her legs shaking with fatigue as she wrapped her fingers around the door handle and let herself into the room. Walking into her dark room, Shelby extended her arm and switched on the dim light. She walked across the room and sat down on her soft bed, laying down and running her fingers across her long, slender legs. Shelby sighed quietly as she felt her tired feet resting at the foot of the bed.

As Shelby gently closed her eyes in a moment of relaxation the door swung open and in walked a second girl. She stood just shorter than Shelby herself at 5′ 8″ weighing 135 pounds with long golden blond hair and a strong athletic build. She looked so close in appearance to Shelby that many of their friends often mistook them for sisters. The telltale difference between the two, however, was Shelby’s long flowing brown hair that stood in stark contrast to the other’s golden locks.

“Oh, hey there Lindsey” Shelby said sitting up on her bed. “I didn’t expect you back so early on a Friday night, you’re usually hitting up the frats until Sunday” she added with a teasingly sarcastic giggle.

“Actually, I haven’t left yet,” replied the blond beautiful gold standing at the door. “I wanted to wait for you to get back. It’s been a while since we’ve gone out together, why don’t you tag along?”

“Ummm, well… I’m really tired, and I just got back from the gym. I’d really rathe- actually, I think I will tag along with you” replied Shelby with an innocent smile. Finals week had just ended and she felt like she needed to have a little fun before getting back to studying next quarter. The two girls shivered slightly as they walked out into the crisp night air. Lindsey was wearing a short black mini skirt paired with a low cut red shirt sporting a lacey black bra beneath completing her usual drinking attire. Shelby drew a striking difference from Lindsey standing equal in height wearing her pink and white asics gym shoes paired with a baby pink tank top and white athletic shorts. Shelby liked to emphasize the point of relaxation when she went drinking, and always insisted on wearing comfortable clothes when she went out.

Before long, the two girls were at the party and Shelby found herself five drinks deep into the night. Being only a casual drinker of moderate size, Shelby could barely handle her first three, and she could barely finish her sentence without breaking out giggling. She had also managed to capture the attention of many of the frat boys hosting the party as they took notice to her incredibly tight shorts and rather long legs. One of the more courageous guys quickly worked up the courage and briskly walked over to the table.

“Hey Lindsey, haven’t seen you in a while” the boy said. “You know I couldn’t stay away long canlı bahis Chris” moaned Lindsey as she batted her eyes, “oh, and this is my roommate, Shelby.”

Chris smiled as he moved towards Shelby and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You’re quite the cutie,” Chris said as he pulled her body closer and felt his penis swelling in his pants. Shelby giggled and wrapped her arms around him as she leaned her head back and danced her thigh against his leg. “Wow, let me get you a room already,” joked Lindsey as she paraded them down the hall.

“Oh, we’ve already got one ready,” he said as a door opened and Chris quickly moved in. Seven other men stood in the room, as Chris gently laid Shelby on the ground. “You’ve been teasing us all night Shelby,” a man said as they watched her smiling back at them, “so you must have something in mind for us tonight.” Lindsey let out a stifled giggle as she smiled and moved in through the door.

“Oh yes she does, let me get you guys started” she said in a moan as Lindsey walked up to Chris and motioned the eight boys move closer. “You know, she never takes off those gym shoes of hers. I think she’s obsessed with them” Lindsey giggled. “Why don’t you show her what those things are really meant for,” she laughed moving kneeling down to Shelby’s side and lifting her foot. Lindsey pulled off Shelby’s left shoe and inhaled deeply into the sole of her pink gym shoe moaning loudly as the boys surged closer in lust.

“They’re so damp and smelly” Lindsey teased as Chris approached her and unzipped his pants, revealing his thick nine inch penis.

Lindsey softly ran her fingers across Chris’s shaft as she guided his strong dick deep into Shelby’s sweaty sneaker. The others had drawn closer and were taking after Lindsey’s lead, pulling Shelby’s other shoe and both her pink ankle socks off beginning to undress and pleasure themselves. Shelby moaned as she felt two strangers rubbing their long members against her bare soles and tried to protest their use of her shoes, but was interrupted by a long eight inch dick being pressed into her mouth; which Shelby welcomed with a firm lick.

Lindsey quickly knelt beside Chris, licking the base of his penis as she pressed his head and shaft against the damp insole of Shelby’s pink asics. Chris moaned loudly as she pressed his dick harder against Shelby’s shoe, squeezing the sweat from the soft fabric which ran the length of his shaft. Chris felt his penis twinge with pleasure as Shelby’s sweaty shoe began sliding across the head and shaft of his dick with Lindsey’s guidance.

Shelby began quickening the pace of her blowjob as she worked to pleasure the stranger at her head. She licked his tip while sucking his head hard and stroking his shaft quickly as his long dick tightened in anticipation. bahis siteleri Shelby let out a loud moan as her longue slid along the stranger’s shaft as she felt a thick stream of precum squirt along her left sole. The man quickly pulled away from her mouth, squeezing his shaft as he motioned for another stranger to toss him Shelby’s right gym shoe. Shelby whimpered slightly as the stranger began to stroke begging him not to cum in her gym shoe before she witnessed his strong, veiny dick explode in a series of violent spasms.

The stranger squirted his entire load into her sneaker, shooting stream after stream of thick, sticky cum into Shelby’s sweaty asics. Shelby moaned at the sight of the strong penis exploding in ecstasy as she curled her toes, pressing the dicks of two other strangers’ against her soles as she wiggled her toes against their heads. Shelby could feel more warm precum oozing between her toes as she gripped the mens’ heads with her toes.

Shelby began pulsing her grip on the strangers’ heads as she watched Lindsey stroking Chris into the pink asics sneaker. Lindsey continued stroking Chris’s long dick as she reached down and removed her strappy heels smiling at Shelby who whimpered quietly as her eyes begged Lindsey to stop Instead, Lindsey moved onto her back on the ground in front of Chris, pressing his shaft between her bare soles and jerking him, holding the pink sneaker inches from his head. Chris moaned as precum dripped from his head into Shelby’s sneaker, and Lindsey tightened her grip, stroking Chris to the edge of orgasm. Another man took Shelby’s right sneaker from the ground as he pressed a sweaty and cum soaked ankle sock to his nose. The man’s comparatively thin, seven inch, penis began to spasm hard suddenly erupting with thick ropes of cum sloshing into Shelby’s cum lined sneaker. Shelby relaxed her body, allowing the two strangers to resume stroking along her arches as she listened to several streams of cum streaming into her sneaker.

She quickly looked away from the scene as she felt one of the men’s penis flex while pressed against her sole, hoping he would not cum against her foot. In her distraction, Shelby also witnessed Lindsey milking Chris’s thick nine inch rod as he exploded deep into her gym shoe. Lindsey squealed in surprise as she felt Chris begin orgasming, his head pressed tightly against the mesh toe of shelby’s pink sneaker. His first rope, slammed against the mesh of the shoe with a loud squirt, as Lindsey pressed his dick deeper into the sneaker, forcing his next stream to force its’ way though the material and squirt through the mesh of the sneaker.

A tear trickled down Shelby’s cheek as she watched as Chris’s strong dick orgasmed deep into her innocent sneaker, exploding through the toe and squirting two thick ropes onto bahis şirketleri Lindsey’s red top as she stroked him with between her arches. Lindsey giggled as she felt Chris dumping his thick load all over Shelby’s sneaker in several more thick squirts before sitting up and licking Chris’s dick clean.

Shelby was quickly jerked out of her self-pity as she felt a thick rope of cum squirt across her sole before one of the other men was able to press his head into her cummy sneaker. Shelby moaned as she felt the hot juice dripping between her toes as the other man worked his way between her toes with his thick dick. The man moaned loudly as he felt his dick streaming cum into the pool inside the pink sneaker. Shelby moaned as she watched the white mesh of her gym sneaker darken from the thick seminal fluids being deposited by the stranger.

The other men began to orgasm also, squirting deep within Shelby’s sneaker and socks with their swollen shafts as she watched them helplessly. Cum began seeping from the mesh of Shelby’s asics as she begged the men to stop cumming in them, but they continued shooting thick ropes of semen along the laces and tongue of her sweaty asics. Lindsey returned promptly with another man, nearly six and a half feet in height, who dropped his pants at Shelby’s feet and unveiled his eleven inch penis for Shelby to see.

Lindsey forced Shelby’s feet around the man’s swollen head and coached her toes to stroke his shaft quickly and forcefully. She wrapped a damp sweaty sock around his shaft as Lindsey helped jerk his long shaft towards orgasm. The stranger’s dick began spasming, just as Lindsey was able to raise Shelby’s left shoe to his head, erupting in huge sprays of sperm, coating the inside of Shelby’s sneaker in thick white fluid. Lindsey pressed his head deeper into the sneaker, and his ejaculation was squirting hard against the mesh of Shelby’s sneaker, seeping through the material and running down the side.

In tears, Shelby was helped to her feet by Lindsey, who forced her size 7 feet into her damp sweaty socks and then into her cum filled sneakers. Semen poured out from the tops of both sneakers and was forced through the mesh of Shelby’s asics, leaving large pools of cum on the floor as she walked to the door.

After making it back to the dorm, Shelby slid off her soaked shoes and left them with cum pools on the ground by her bed as she blacked out. The sun rose, and Shelby awoke with a start, puzzled as she tried to remember what had happened the night before. Lindsey giggled as she watched Shelby sit up and slide her bare feet into her pink and white asics which were now stained with dark yellow streaks.

“Wow, whatever I did, it looks like I got my sneakers really dirty” Shelby said in a grog as she walked around the room. “I think I’m going to try to run this headache off Lindsey I’ll see you later” she said as she turned and walked out of the room, sporting her filthy, cum stained asics that had been filled with the semen of nine strangers the night before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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