A Friday Evening Sexcapade

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I have had many readers ask about my private life. Well, here is a true happening from a recent weekend! If you read ‘My Lovely Leila’, (the story of our first time together) you know that I am bi and have a lady lover as well as a husband. My husband was aware of my love for the ladies before we were married. Like most men, he loves to watch my Lady and I make love – a common male fantasy. It has been my policy never to ask her to have him join us. It is, after all, her body. She does ask him to join us occasionally. This is what happened to us one recent fantastic Friday evening.

My husband, Bill, goes to play poker with his doctor friends every Friday evening. Leila and I go out to dinner then to either her house or mine, alternating each week. After dinner we come back and have dessert – we feast on each other. She is so delicious, and I can eat her all evening and never gain an ounce. Of course two dining together, at the same time, is a wonderful way for both to enjoy dessert!

Friday night, Lila and I had a fabulous dinner with wine and no dessert! As we dined we were talking about what we would do and grinning wickedly. Leila looked very sexy, her dress was just tight enough to show off her small neat figure and her bodice was cut low enough to reveal the slopes of her breasts. My top was cut a little low and with no bra on under it, my hardened nipples were more than evident. The waiter could not keep his eyes off of them, nor could Leila.

I asked quietly what toys she wanted to play with later as it was the night to go to her house. She is a sex toy collector and has a wide assortment of dildoes, vibrators, butt plugs and other erotic and exotic toys. She didn’t commit herself much. Under the table we both stroked each other’s thighs discretely and got ourselves rather hot.

After dinner, as I drove, she asked if we could go to my house instead of hers. A little surprised, I agreed, but decided our “playing field” is larger than hers – a king sized bed as opposed to her queen. We have been known to roll off the bed in the heights of passion!

She lives close to me so it was not out of the way. As we moved down the road, she turned toward me and ran her naughty hand up under my skirt and soon had her fingers inside my panties. I let my thighs spread to give her access to my wet pussy. Her finger slid into my depths and I had to fight to keep the car on the road. She took her finger out, licked and sucked it and said that “dessert” tasted good, she just had to have an appetizer.

I told her that was not fair, so she slid her finger into her own wet cave and ran it over my lips. She always tastes delicious, and this was no exception. I had to make her quit stroking my pussy as my driving got a little erratic and I didn’t want to get stopped by the police. I had consumed only two drinks but didn’t want the hassle. Leila reluctantly agreed. She switched to stroking my breasts and kissing my neck, and got my nipples hard through my blouse, as I didn’t have on a bra.

As soon as we were inside the house we kissed and embraced, and our kisses quickly became very passionate. As we moved toward the bedroom, we undressed each other. We left a trail of lingerie across the room, and as we moved up the stairs, our dresses were thrown over the stair rail.

In the master bedroom we threw back the covers and climbed into bed. With practiced ease, our bodies fitted together and we kissed and caressed each other. To the side of the bed, our erotic embrace was reflected back to us by the huge mirrored wall, the lights were soft and so romantic.

Slowly Leila pushed me back and kissed my ears, neck and breasts. My nipples were hard and she knows just how to suck on them to make them longer and even harder. Her sharp teeth nipped and raked them, as she knows that makes the excitement travel straight to my clit. She wiggled her small body between my thighs and I spread my long legs to cradle her. Her firm well-muscled stomach pressed down into my open pussy and she ground her body against mine. She licked her way down slowly, tasting every inch and leaving a wet silver trail downward.

I keep my pussy mound bare and smooth and she kissed and licked it, then slid her tongue into the crevice and ran it up and down slowly, tantalizing me. I sighed and my hips lifted toward her mouth, but there was no hurrying this talented lady. She knows how I love to be teased and did a wonderful job of that. Her hands cupped and stroked my breasts, pulling on my hard nipples and rolling them as her fantastic tongue teased my slit. When I thought I could stand no more, she pressed her tongue downward and split my pussy lips and found my hard clit. I cried out and my head flew back. My hands went to her lovely red hair and stroked it and pressed her head down against my aching pussy. I heard her chuckle, as she knew she was really getting me excited.

Slowly she licked and slid her tongue up and down my pussy pressing güvenilir bahis it ever deeper inside me. I pulled my thighs up and held them against my breasts leaving myself wide open for her. Her lips covered my pussy and I felt a finger slide past her sucking lips to wet it in my juices. I moaned for I knew what she was going to do with that wet digit. I was not disappointed when her wet, slippery finger found my back passage and gently insinuated itself deep inside my bowels. God, I love that. Her lips sucked, her tongue fucked me, moving upward from time to time to flick my clit. Her errant finger probed and fucked my back hole while she licked and sucked my dripping pussy. I loved the little liquid sounds she made as she sucked my wet intimate flesh.

She is a consummate lover and she kept me just on the edge of a climax for what seemed like hours. Through scores of lovemaking sessions, she knows my body signs so well and will drive me to the edge of a climax then back off, letting me come down a little, then taking me back to the brink, over and over till I am sobbing and begging her to let me cum. Just when I think I will faint from want and need, she will take me over the edge and bring me to a fantastic climax.

She knows me so well that she brought me to two soul wrenching climaxes before she gentled her kisses and caresses. I knew her body was on fire, as we both get very involved when we are making love. We feel our partner’s passions, and it builds our own, so that we are on the edge of a climax when we bring them to one.

She slid upward, kissing me gently and lay beside me kissing my lips and letting me lick my delicious juices from her face. I love my own juices and licked her sweet face while I managed to regain my breath. I returned her kisses and began to stroke her compact body.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, I’m on fire.” She moaned as her small muscular body thrust against me. She pulled me on top of her and spread her thighs wide for me. I knew that she meant it and moved rather quickly downward and sucked one hard nipple, taking the other between my fingers and squeezed firmly, rolling it between my fingers. I pulled while squeezing it, stretching her small perfect breast to a point. I took her nipple and clamped down with my fingers, and shook her breast from side to side. Her growl of passion told me I was doing the right thing to her. She loves a little pain, as I do.

My teeth nipped her other nipple and stretched it between my teeth till it popped out, I repeated it, raking it over and over. I caught both breasts cupping and squeezing them hard and felt her breasts respond and become harder with her passion. Her lithe body bowed upward and I knew she was aching for me. I teased her, pressing my belly against her wet, spread pussy, just the way she had teased me. Her hot wet flesh pushed against me, her thighs pressing inward and her hips hunching upward eager for a climax. .

Her hands went to my shoulders and pushed me downward with none of the usual gentleness she shows in our lovemaking. She was certainly on fire tonight! I knew the signs and slid downward. I pulled back a moment to look at her neat red-fringed pussy. We keep it neatly trimmed, with me usually doing the trimming and grooming. It is so much more fun that way and usually ends up in a passionate lovemaking session. Her wet pussy was spread, a deep pink rose, her vaginal opening wet and pulsing with her need. Her small puckered nether hole beckoned to me too.

“Ohh God, Tina, fuck me, eat me. I’m on fire. I can’t stand it. If you don’t fuck me I’ll bring myself off in an instant. Ohhhh Please! Eat me! Eat me!” She moaned and wailed.

I brought my open lips down hard against her wet pussy and plunged my long tongue inside her as far as possible. She screamed out above me and her fingers went to my head, curling my hair around her fingers, and her fingernails dug into my scalp. I love it for I knew she was on fire with lust. I sucked extremely hard, and her salty/sweet pussy nectar filled my mouth. She was dripping. I drove my tongue deep inside her moving it from side to side inside her tight hole. I felt her pussy contract around my tongue, a sure sign of her coming orgasm.

I pulled my tongue out and flicked it upward to find her sweet small clit, firm and sensitive. At the same time I slid first one then two fingers deep inside her tight hole, and curled them to find the small firm pad that is her g-spot. She screamed out a long “Ohhhhhhh, God. Yessss!” and her hips thrust upward making my teeth punch against her pubic mound. I felt her flinch but knew she knew I didn’t do it on purpose. I flicked her clit and the pain was forgotten instantly.

I rubbed her g-spot, rolling my fingers around over the firm pad again and again. From long experience I knew that this would make her pussy wetter and greatly increase the probability that when she came her pussy would ejaculate, spurting her delicious juices türkçe bahis into my eager mouth. She doesn’t do it all the time, just when she is very excited sexually, and she certainly was excited now!

I licked her clit over and over and felt her body become taut and tremble under me. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my mouth. I slid a slippery finger back and found her puckered asshole and slid my long finger deep inside her while I sucked her pussy and mashed my face down into her opening, and she exploded, as I knew she would. Her passionate screams filled the house and her hips came up hard trying to bury my face inside her pussy. I pushed down, thrusting my face into her hot wet flesh, my head moving from side to side. My finger in her back passage slid in and out, hard and fast.

Then I felt her pussy contract violently, and with a gush her juices shot into my mouth. I sucked her juices and reveled in them. I felt her spurt two or three times. They are always fantastically delicious, and habit forming. I can never seem to get enough of them. I sucked and tongued her depths, driving her to new heights of passion.

I counted three screaming climaxes before she finally went limp, gasping for breath. I licked her pussy slowly and gently, sucking the last of her juices out, getting every delicious drop from the intimate cup of her body. When I could draw no more nectar from her, I moved up beside her and kissed her cheek while she gasped for air.

When she recovered, we kissed and caressed gently then got up and went to the bathroom to wash our hands. We are both very conscious about bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina while lovemaking. We freshened up a little, and I went down and got a bottle of champagne and two glasses. We drank the bubbling wine, and I showed her a trick I had read of, but we had never tried. I had her lie back on the bed and poured a little of the cold champagne into her cute little belly button, then licked and sucked it out. She loved it, and wanted to do the same to me. We took turns and had a delightful time giggling like schoolgirls.

Excited by the wine and each other, we put the bottle aside, to kiss and caress. This night we didn’t slip into a 69 as we usually do, but tried to see how much passion and ecstasy we could give each other. We came over and over again and again.

I hadn’t noticed, but that cute little Vixen had one eye on the clock. Bill usually gets home a little after midnight from his poker game. When we finally heard him come home, Leila had me spread on the bed, her lovely head between my thighs, tongue sliding in and out of my hot pussy, fingers playing over my clit then slipping inside me. When Leila heard him she didn’t stop, but if anything, turned her impassioned attentions to my pussy up a notch or two. He came up the stairs, following the trail of discarded clothes, and of course heard my moans and sobs of passion. There was sexy Leila on her hands and knees, her cute butt pointed straight at the door, with her thighs spread enough so he could see her very wet pussy.

She was licking away at me. She pulled back a little and told him she wanted him too! Damn that man got naked in record time! His cock was pointed at the ceiling before he even got his shorts off.

She raised her head and looked back at him and wiggled her cute little butt at him. “I want you to get on the bed and let your beautiful wife get your cock wet and slick, then I want you to get behind me and fuck me hard and fast. Think you can fuck my pussy? It’s on fire. I need you to fuck me!”

She really accentuated each FUCK, making it really sexy, and nasty sounding too. God, that was so fantastic. He quickly got up on the bed on his knees and moved close to me. I grasped his hard cock, took it in my mouth, sliding him deep in my throat and got him really wet.

“Now, fuck me! I need, I need it so bad. Hard! Fast and hard! Ohh! God, Bill, fuck me!” She cried out. I don’t remember ever seeing her so hot, and this after so many orgasms I had lost count. Bill moved behind her and his cock found her slick dripping pussy and he pressed against the tight opening. Leila cried out and thrust her hips back against him. In one stroke he plunged full length into her tight pussy and she screamed out with pleasure. His eyes shut and his face showed his pleasure as his long hard cock thrust full length inside her. Usually he has to take his time as she has a rather small, tight pussy. Not tonight. Her pussy was slick and she was on fire.

Eyes wide, she looked up at me, gave a little squeal of pleasure, then lowered her head and began to lick me again. She gave me several licks but obviously Bill was not fucking her hard enough to suit her. She turned her lovely head. “Damn you, Bill, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me. I need it hard and fast. Deep, fucking hard, slam it into me. Don’t hold back! Fuck me hard! Now!” She cried out. I had never heard her güvenilir bahis siteleri that excited, that expressive. She is usually rather quiet when Bill is around. Not now!

Bill needed no further urging! His hard fucking strokes made her head bounce up and down against my pussy and the slaps of his thighs against her ass filled the room making the bed shake. She put two fingers deep inside me and finger fucked me and rubbed my g-spot while her tongue flicked my clit. Her head had a hard time staying with my pussy as Bill thrusts against her pert firm ass shook her whole body.

Her tongue flicking, and her magic fingers stroking my g-spot sent me into orbit and I screamed out my ecstasy. I felt my pussy convulse and gush out a stream of my pussy juice to her waiting mouth. Watching him fuck sexy Leila doggy style, bone jarring hard, made me cum like crazy.

When my eyes were able to focus again, I lay gasping for breath and watched my handsome husband fucking the lovely Leila. I looked over at the mirrored wall and got another view of the two lovers. I love watching them together. As he literally pounded away inside her tight pussy, it made her delicious breasts bounce up and down. That is so sexy seeing them jiggle and bounce, nipples like little spikes. I could see the jarring of his hips against hers make even her firm flesh bounce in waves, and the slap of their bodies thrusting resounded in the room. The sturdy bed even squealed in protest.

I just lay back enjoying two views of them. Bill gave Leila two very vocal orgasms and then he came a moment or two after Leila’s second orgasm. He has wonderful staying power and can time his climax so that his partner, Leila or I, comes first. I watched their faces contort with ecstasy and beads of sweat pop up on his brow and fall on her swaying body.

We lay kissing afterward, three tongues exploring and probing. Leila slid down in bed and took Bill’s spent cock and she got him rock hard in no time. I wondered, is it because she is NOT his wife that she can get him so hard so fast? I know I’ve had more practice with him and know his long cock so very well. She couldn’t be better at that than I am, could she? If I’d ask him, he’d lie if she were. I decided to not ask! Her fingers stroked his cock as her mouth slid up and down his gleaming cock. Her tongue lapped at the tip of his cock making him moan pleasurably.

When he was hard and ready she rolled on her back and held out her arms to him. I scooted down and took him in my hand and guided him to her drenched pussy. I watched his wide cockhead spread her sweet pussy, pushing her pussy lips apart to slide inside. Leila gave a long sigh and turned her head for me to kiss her. I kissed her lips while they fucked. I moved down and sucked and fondled her breasts. He rode her slowly this time, bending to kiss her lips from time to time. I moved behind him and fondled his swinging balls watching his cock pull and push on Leila’s small neat pussy lips. As his cock pulled outward, her lips followed as if reluctant to let him go, an on the in stroke it pushed her swollen, friction reddened lips inward. The heady aroma of her juices filled my nostrils.

Their actions slowly speeded up and I watched his balls draw up, as he became more excited. Bill brought Leila to two moaning, crying climaxes before he thrust hard against her and his long low moan told me he was shooting his load deep inside her. He stroked slowly till his cock wilted and slid out, and they rolled side by side. When they had recovered, Leila moved over and they got on each side of me. Both began to kiss and caress me at the same time, then my lovely Leila kissed one breast while Bill kissed and licked the other. I felt fingers at my pussy but couldn’t tell whose hand was stroking my clit, and which one was stroking my pussy lips. A few minutes later when I was panting they both moved down and licked my pussy and slid fingers in my pussy and ass and brought me to a fantastic climax. Delightfully double-teamed!

When we were finally through it was very late and we invited Leila to spend the night with us. She readily agreed. We snuggled together but I couldn’t get to sleep for some reason, and after they had both gone to sleep, I slipped out of bed – Leila was in the middle cuddled up to Bill’s back. I checked my e-mail and played a couple of computer games. I finally went back to bed and cuddled up to Leila’s warm soft back, put my arm over the two of them, and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to find them slowly fucking, Leila on her side facing me, a beautiful smile on her face, her eyes closed in pleasure, with Bill behind her stroking slowly so as not to wake me. I love it and kissed and fondled her, then slid a finger down to find her rigid clit and stroked it till they both came. I loved watching their faces distorted in passion as they pleasured each other.

After they had recovered, we got in the shower together. Under the wonderfully sensuous water, Bill kissed my lips and caressed my breasts, and Leila slid down to my pussy. She put my leg over her shoulder and slid her tongue inside me and brought me to a fantastic climax. What a way to start a morning!

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