A Girl Named Desire Ch. 01

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Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her getting up from the table and walking towards the end of the bar. I have been checking her out all evening as she hung out with two of her friends.

There was something about the way she looked that was intriguing. Was she shy and innocent or was she a wild animal that I needed to tame? I was getting aroused just by seeing her lean over the bar to order another drink. That ass wrapped in her short tight mini skirt was easily enough to get my blood flowing to the right places. I am imagining taking her home, slowly undressing her, and giving her pleasures that she has never felt before.

She looks like she has had quite a few drinks and I have a good buzz on. The several drinks of liquid courage lift me off the barstool and onto my feet. As I come up behind her the bartender places her drink down.

“I’ll pay for that,” I say as I drop a twenty on the bar and tell him to keep the change.

She turns to me with a smile and says, “Thanks for paying for my drink.”

I don’t know how it slips out but I respond, “What else might I be able to pay for tonight?”

She gives me a glare and says, “I’m not one of those.”

Figuring that I just blew my chances of getting her clothes off I quickly apologize.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Must be from a fantasy of mine. Not a great pick line was it?”

She chuckles and says, “No, it was not.”

I must have been looking pretty hot in my polo shirt and tight jeans because she responds, “I will accept your apology if you join my friends and I at our table and buy a round of shots.”

I agree. As we walk to the table with a tray of shots I think to myself, “whew, I almost blew that.”

I think they all liked my sarcastic sense of humor as we all get a big laugh about the hooker pick up line.

As the drinks go down the conversation turns more risqué and we all begin to talk about sex and fantasies. Before we know it we are in a full blown game of truth or dare.

The game is getting pretty raunchy when she picks truth and I ask her, “If you were to let me pay you for sex right now how much would you charge?”

She replies, “It would all depend on what services I would be providing?”

I respond, “So, how much for a blow job? How much for a quick fuck? How much to take you home for the night and do things to you that will make you scream?”

She replies, “Hmmm, I’ll suck your dick in the bathroom for fifty and for another hundred I’ll let you fuck me in there too. As far as taking me home, that would all depend on how you do in the bathroom.”

She must be the target for the night because as we go around the table she is the one that keeps being asked, “Truth or Dare?”

This time she picks dare and is asked to take off her panties. She reaches up her skirt and shimmies them down off her hips, over her knees, and finally over her ankles. She then proceeds to hand me her silky bright pink thong. I can feel that they are soaking wet as I slide them into my pocket. I am rapidly hardening as I imagine sinking my big hard cock into her wetness.

The next round she once again chooses dare. Her other friend says, “I dare you to let him pay you to take him into the bathroom right now.”

She replies, “Show me the money.”

I pull out my wallet and lay two one hundred dollar bills down.

“There you go plus a little tip.”

She picks up the money and shoves it into her purse and then takes me by the hand leading me towards the restrooms. My cock has been rock hard since she handed me her wet panties. I am peering around wondering who is watching us and the thrill of getting caught gets me even more excited.

She cracks the door to the small one person restroom. Finding it unoccupied she quickly drags me inside and locks the door. She proceeds to push me up against the corner wall and says in a seductive soft voice that is nearly a whisper, “You paid for a quickly.”

Her hands are already undoing the button of my jeans as she drops to her knees and pulls them down around my ankles. She doesn’t waste a second as she wraps her hand around the base of my cock and takes me into her mouth. Her lips seal tightly around my head and the strong sucking sensation is intense. After a few moments her lips loosen up from the head of my cock and I disappear completely into her hot wet mouth.

She must either have lots of canlı bahis şirketleri practice or no gag reflexes as I can feel my shaft entering her throat cavity. She holds me completely in her mouth for a brief moment and I feel like I could shoot my load right down her throat. Both my hands grip onto the back of her head as she continues to work on my pole with long stokes of her lips while swirling my shaft with her tongue.

I can feel that I am going to cum real soon so I pull out of her mouth. I can’t wait to to dive into that pussy that she has been hiding under that skirt all night.

I bring her to her feet by her hair and push her across the small space. I continue to hike her skirt up over her waist as I boost her ass up onto the edge of the sink. With my left arm I push her back against the wall and with my right I shove two fingers deep into her dripping wet cunt. I furiously begin to finger fuck her as her body starts to tremble.

Realizing she doesn’t need any warming up I slide my fingers out of her. My cock parts her lips and I sink deep into her awaiting pussy. With both of my hands holding onto her hips I continue to pump her sweet mound as she thrusts back with every stroke I give her. Her moans grow louder and louder and she explodes into orgasm as her pussy clamps down on my cock. My balls begin to tighten signaling that I am almost ready to cum.

All of a sudden there is a knock on door and the thrill of being caught pushes me over the edge as I quickly pull out of her. My cock spurts hot milky cum all over her belly. I glance down to watch it run over the outside of her completely shaven pussy. We both let out a sigh and shoot each other a big smile.

Not wanting to keep the person that is knocking waiting we grab some paper towels from the dispenser and wipe off. I pull up my jeans and she pulls her skirt back down. Knowing that we have just been caught we gracefully exit with devious smiles on our faces.

On the way back to the table she says to me, ” I’ve decided that there is no charge for you to take me home for the night.”

In the taxi ride back to my place we both carry on and tease each other. Between the kissing and touching we are both beginning to heat up again. She keeps asking me, “What are you going to do to me to make me scream?”

I reply, “Be patient and you will find out soon enough.”

In front of my house I tip the driver and he shoots me a subtle wink and gives me a thumbs up. I help her out of the car and guide her staggering body up the walkway into the house.

Once inside I lead her over to the sofa. As she takes a seat I make my way to the kitchen to mix us up a couple drinks. While doing so I ask, “Are you ready for a night of surprises?”

She replies, “That’s what I’m here for.” We both let out a chuckle and I return to the sofa.

Handing her the drink I devilishly look her in the eyes, brush my hand down across her hair and say to her, “I shall return. Let me prepare your surprise.” I then exit the room and head down the hallway.

In one of my spare rooms I’ve setup for a night just as this. In the center is a four post king sized bed draped with red satin sheets and luxurious pillows. There are many candles placed around the room and I light several of them. To the left is a large wooden armory that holds my collection of many different items to be used for for whatever senecio that I may be in the mood for.

I place my drink down on the stand beside the bed. From the armory I select four long black strips of satin material and hang them over the curtain rod. These strips are excellent for binding wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I also pull out several more items and place them on the night stand. I then proceed to turn on some erotic music on the stereo.

I move back to the armory and remove another shorter strip of material to be used as a blindfold. I hang it next to the others before heading back out to the living room.

I approach her and ask, “Are you ready?”

She replies excitedly, “I sure am.”

I have her close her eyes as I lead her back to my room.

At the foot of the bed we both stand. I turn her so that she is facing me and I instruct her to raise her arms above her head. I then whisper to her, “I am going to undress you now.”

I proceed to grip the bottom of her shirt and slowly pull it up over her head. I then undo the clasp on the front of her strapless canlı kaçak iddaa bra and it falls to the floor exposing her small but perky tits. She is left now with only her skirt Since her panties are already in my pocket from back at the bar.

I reach around her back and unzip the several inches of zipper which cinches the dress to her waist. Her dress is tight so it take slight bit of persuading to guide it over her hips. A moment later it falls to the floor and she kicks it aside.

I let her know that she can put her arms back down and she obliges. I take a step back to briefly admire my prey, my prize. I then say, “Open your eyes.”

I can tell that the sight of the room just sent a chill through her body as her nipples rise out of her breasts.

I ask her, “Are you a patient girl?”

She responds, ” I will try to be.”

I reach over to the curtain rod and take a strip of the fabric that I placed there just a short time ago. I proceed to place it over her eyes and tie it tightly in the back. With a soft bite on her neck I slowly lower her onto the bed.

As seductive music plays, the scent of the candles linger in the air. I whisper, “Relax into this moment. Have patients. Lose all of your external thoughts.”

I reach over again to the curtain rod and one by one I remove the satin strips and tie her wrists to each of the bed posts. I then do the same with her ankles. Slowly, I trace my fingers down the center of her body and graze them across her mound before stepping away from her.

I remove all of my clothes to set free my erect cock from my tight jeans. I begin to stroke myself as I go over the scene that is about to take place.

The vulnerable wild animal that I am about to tame is beautifully bound to the bed. The sight is so arousing to me.

I once again remind her to relax, clear her mind of all thoughts and enjoy the pleasure she is about to experience. I reach over to the stand by the side of the bed and remove an ostrich feather from it.

As the trance like music plays I step up to her and lightly brush the bottom of her chin with the soft feather plume and she flinches. I proceed to circle her breasts and then continue slowly down her entire body stopping and restarting along the way.

I once again witness her chills as goose bumps rise and fall from her skin. I work my way back up from the tops of her feet all the way to her inner thighs before reaching her erogenous zone. Her hips rise from the bed as she lets out a soft moan. I place the feather back on the tray and briefly pause to allow her to take in the sensation.

Slowly my mouth moves into her breasts. My tongue tracing the far outline of her tits. All the way around, over the top and under the bottom she is explored. Alternating from breast to breast I tweak her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and her moans become more prominent.

Periodically my hand moves between her legs where my fingers enter to check her level of wetness. At this moment she seems to have reached the point where she needs a bit of a cooling down.

I reach over into my drinking glass and scoop out two ice cubes and place them one by one to her lips, allowing her to taste the alcohol off them. I run the cubes down over her chin and neck and finally place one on each nipple. Her chest tightens and her nipples become even more erect from the frigid temperature. My mouth alternates hot breaths which quickly warm them back up before the ice freezes them again. I repeat this process until both ice cubes have totally melted. Her body tenses and then relaxes throughout the process. Her pussy continues to become even more wet.

My fingers are now back between her legs working in and out of her blazing hot pussy. My other hand scoops out several more cubes of ice from my drink. I once again allow her to suck the taste off of each one before beginning the journey down her body towards her love tunnel. She whimpers and her body tenses as I insert one and then two ice cubes deep into her hot wet hole.

I allow my mouth to fill with saliva as I devilishly watch as they melt and run back out of her cunt.

My mouth then makes its way to her honey hole where I place the entire surface of my tongue forcefully over as much of her pussy as I can. I just rest there for a few moments and let my heated up spit run out over her. My tongue then begins darting in and out of her pussy hole.

In canlı kaçak bahis a very short time she is steaming hot again. Her moans increase in intensity and her body begins to shake. She erupts into an explosive squirting orgasm which shoots into my mouth. She continues to pump her fluids onto me as I back my head away from her. My cock is rock hard and aching for a release.

Once again I take a break allowing all the sensations to pour deep within her mind and body. I remove her blindfold and give her hair a stroke.

“Are you doing ok? Do you wish to continue?,” I ask for reassurance.

Through her heavy breathing she firmly answers, “Yes.”

I hold a bottle of water up to her lips to get her some refreshing hydration before I begin the next phase.

The music turns a bit more upbeat and erotic.

My hands begin on her shoulders and slowly massage down the sides of her body and then back up to her breasts. Using both my palms and fingers I fondle her tits, alternating between firm and light motions. I can feel the moist heat from between her legs as my cock grazes against her treasure.

Her light moans are once again audible and increasing. I reach up and remove a long tapered candle from its holder and lower it until it’s base is resting upright between her breasts.

She has a look of both curiosity and fear as I place a flame to it, lighting the wick. As the wax is heating up I teasingly grind my hard cock against the outside of her pussy.

I can now see that the candle wax has reached its melting point and I raise it up slightly. With a slight tip a drop of hot wax falls onto the center of her chest. She winces and then lets out a moan as the pain turns into pleasure. With my other hand I reach down and give her nipple a pinch and an abrupt tweak. Once again she winces and I feel that she is very wet as the head of my cock dangles just outside of her opening.

I allow myself to enter her, pausing barley inside. While looking into her eyes with a wicked stare I once again raise the candle above her and give it a tilt. As the liquified ball of wax falls through the air I thrust my cock deep into her. The wax contacts her right breast just as I reach the bottom of her cavity. Her body tenses and she pulls tight against the restraints.

Out of her mouth come a sound that is a cross between a moan and a scream. I pull back out and repeat the same process on her left breast with the same reaction. I continue this process several more times working down her torso. Each time her moan gets a bit louder than the previous one.

As another droplet lands just above her pussy onto her pubic bone area she becomes vocal for the first time. “Fuck Me.,” escapes from her lips.

“What?,” I say as another drop of wax contacts her followed by a deep thrust.

“Fuck me! I want you to Fuck me!”

I pull out of her, bring my fingers to my lips and wet them. I then pinch the wick to distinguish the flame and place it back into the holder. I grab my shaft and place it back into her. With a long slow stroke I reach the bottom of her and then withdraw. “Fuck me! Please Fuck me!,” she begs.

“Like this?,” I ask as my cock begins a piston like motion in and out.

“Yes,” she replies, “Fuck me hard.”

I begin thrusting a bit harder and faster and her moans intensify.

“Yes! Yes! Harder, Faster,” she screams.

Her head is thrown back as she pulls against the restraints like a chained animal. Continuously she demands of me how to fuck her.

My body is slamming into her with all I have and I feel the sensation that I am going to cum at any moment.

She continues, “Fuck My Pussy! Yes, Fuck it.”

I let her know that I am about ready to explode. Her body begins to tremble as she yells, “Cum in me! I want you to fill my cunt!”

My balls tighten and my cock starts pulsating. Streams of hot cum pump deep inside her. At nearly the same moment she reaches an intense orgasm sending her body into convulsions.

My strokes slow as her pussy continues to quiver and my cock to twitch. My body collapses onto hers as we both take in the feeling of sheer bliss. Several minutes later I slide out of her.

I proceed to untie her from the bedposts and then I take a spot on the bed next to her. As I lay there recovering it dawns on me that oddly enough the entire night no names have ever been exchanged. I think to myself that now is not the time for an introduction. I fall asleep, or for the lack of a better term, I pass out.

When I awake the only trace of her I find is a note on the nightstand with her phone number and the text, “My Best! Love, Desire.”

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