A Good Daughter

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Kendell was still very high on acid when she when she got to her Dad’s house late Saturday night. It was two in the morning when she dug in her purse for her keys. This wasn’t how this night was supposed to end but she was happily tripping still so it was all wonderful to her right now.

At the Electronic Dance Music show (EDM for the hip) she had been having the time of her life dancing with two sexy men when the guys started getting douchy. Dressed in her best raver gear she had been dancing and grinding to a great DJ named GRiZ when these two guys had started grooving with her.

Before long she was dry humping the two of them. The nipple tassels she wore were in danger of coming off because her tits were being groped by one guy and her mostly exposed ass by the other. She in turn was grabbing their cocks and rubbing her body all over them. She was sure she was going to have sex with both these guys, her body tingling from head to toe as they worked her into a sexual frenzy, but then something changed.

Kendall missed what happened because she was rubbing her face over one guy’s rock hard abs as she ground her ass on the hard cock in the other guy’s pants. Suddenly she heard them yelling over the funky beats and glitchy computer noises of GRiZ. Before she could react they were pushing each other above her indelicately positioned body.

Kendall looked up and saw them facing off for a fight. Her wide open heart and mind, expanded by the acid, did not want to be around any negativity so she walked away. The guys yelled and pushed and other men moved in to separate them but she continued to walk away. Kendall was done with them.

Dancing by herself for a while she tried to get her groove back again but she was far too upset by the altercation. There was a dark energy in the place, she felt.

Yet the music was awesome and she was horny. Her body was thrumming with hunger for cock. The drugs only heightening her desire every time she heard those amazingly low bass notes emanating from the huge speakers at the front of the room.

Then she suddenly knew what to do. She decided she wanted to go home and be alone and enjoy the drugs on her own where she could explore her own thoughts and body.

She grabbed a cab and without even thinking of it she told the driver her Dad’s address.

For months this last Summer Kendall had debated with herself and both her parents where she would live as she started college in September. For years Kendall had been shuffled between both her divorced parents’ houses and now that she was eighteen and attending college she wanted to be in her own place. One that she could stay in consistently.

At times she did miss her parents and Kendall visited them both on various weekends. She lived very close to them, really, but her busy life didn’t give her much time for family. She was studying hard, but also she had discovered a great community in the Rave Scene.

Kendall had always loved EDM but actually being old enough to be able to rave was better than she had ever hoped. Discovering the drugs that had motivated the music and intense visuals associated with it had opened her mind and heart to so much more than she had ever anticipated.

For her drugs were about expanding herself and experiencing new things not escaping anything. Kendall was well loved and had an happy life so drugs were nothing more than a ticket to greater depths of character and spirituality.

And sex.

Kendall had discovered sex and absolutely loved it. In the first semester of school she had already had four lovers and they had taught her so much about pleasure, hers and theirs, that she was finding it the greatest new hobby anyone could have.

Which was why the aggression at the club had been so distressing. Sex was meant to be fun and liberating not possessive and mean. It was a beautiful expression of love and freedom so aggressive sort of behavior turned her right off.

Sitting in the cab she had put her headphones on and listened to a playlist of Stickybuds her other favorite producer. His amazing sounds got her back into her squirming sexual state. Fumbling with the lock on her Dad’s door made her want to scream, all she wanted was to get inside to her old room and masturbate furiously.

Stepping in at last she immediately saw her Dad passed out on the couch in his housecoat bathed in the flickering light from the T.V.

Grinning to herself she stumbled into the dark room in her chunky high-heeled boots to the armchair so she could sit for a second and love her Dad as she rested her sore feet.

Sighing she sat and listened to the great music in her headphones and looked at her father.

Serge was in his mid-forties and very handsome. Both Kendall’s parents were very attractive people who looked much younger than they were. Serge was compact and tightly muscled. He was five foot seven and probably around a hundred and forty pounds, all of it muscle. He looked like a gymnast but it was from illegal bahis rock climbing that he got his toned body.

He had a great head of hair and strong almost pretty features. Generally he looked mischievous when awake. Now he just looked cute, Kendall thought, his hair falling over his forehead, his mouth open as he slept.

Most likely he had smoked pot before passing out. He tried to hide it from her but Kendall smelled it on him sometimes. She found it adorable that he was a secret stoner.

Suddenly a favorite part of the mix came on her headphones and Kendall stood up without hesitation and began to dance in her Dad’s living room.

Kendall had never taken formal dance classes but she loved to move to music and spent a lot of time dancing in her room and on as many dance floors as she could. She had some sweet moves, but mostly it was about how much she loved the sounds and rhythms. She went into a trance when she danced, her body exploring itself as the sounds moved her in many bizarre but lovely ways.

Tonight Kendall had worn boots that clung to her calves and gave her a couple extra inches. At five foot one she felt tiny on a dance floor full of people. Her legs were encased in wide spaced fishnets. Those attached to garters that framed the tiny black panties she wore that had DTF on the ass in bright day-glow green letters.

The dancing got her sweaty right away; the groovy sounds were making her dance hard. She reached up and opened her long steampunk jacket of black with red slashing and details. Without thinking about it she took off her coat and revealed her trim body.

Kendall was essentially topless. Her breasts were bare except for pasties with tiny LED lights embedded in them over her nipples. She had on a bikini type top of glittery rhinestone chains that covered nothing but trailed over her breasts highlighting her nude A cups. She had a flashing belly button jewel glittering from her flat tummy and her arms were also wrapped in the same fishnet as her legs.

Kendall loved raver gear. The clothes were meant to show off your body and she loved doing that. Kendall was tiny, tan, fit and cute. She worked hard on her body to make it as toned as it could be. She was naturally petite anyway; her mom still weighed less than one hundred and ten pounds at forty five and five foot three. Kendall was cut from the same cloth.

Her body was glittering with sparkle lotion and as she danced she felt sweat trickling down her ribs making her feel sensuous. She swirled her long, curly, brown hair around her head whipping herself with the soft silken locks. Even that made her more aroused.

Everything seemed incited by the acid. The clarity in her mind was nothing like how booze made her feel. Kendall didn’t much care for the way booze made her cloudy and out-of-body. Acid showed Kendall her own mind without the ego and self-judgment she felt when sober. It was a place where she could delve into herself and truly see who she was without layers of other people beliefs overlaid on top of her personality.

The person she saw there was a woman with intelligence, great worth and enough love that she didn’t need anyone else to approve of her. If she wanted to dance, fuck and do drugs that was a freedom she allowed herself just as she allowed herself to work hard and get good grades or be a conscientious human in the world.

And dancing was one way to manifest the love she had for herself. Dancing was pure expression and it exhibited her passion and carnality. Acid sharpened her raw desire for sexual contact. It was more precise and intense. Her brain became as much an erogenous zone as her clitoris.

Dancing was a way to release the lash of lust she was feeling tonight but her mind wandered to take in the room she was in. Behind her eyelids swirling colours and shapes put on an awesome kaleidoscopic show for her but she was distracted by the knowledge of her father lying nearby.

Opening her eyes Kendall laughed as she really absorbed the fact that she was dancing topless in her father’s living room. Her Dad would be embarrassed if her saw her right now but Kendall was enjoying the naughtiness too much to stop.

Part of her brain was testing her resolve to be free on her own terms.

“Are you brave enough to dance like this in front of your Dad? What if he wakes up? Are you scared of him catching you?”

She danced for a few moments to prove she didn’t live a life based on fear. Instead she smiled, really enjoying the music and the workout her body was getting in spite of her father potentially seeing her essentially bared breasts.

As she began to sweat in earnest and her breathing grew laboured she danced harder and harder to the powerful driving rhythm of the music. The whispered challenge from her subconscious to dance until her Dad woke up drove her to push past fatigue.

This music made her profoundly horny. She wanted to fuck to EDM so badly but never had. This music worked her illegal bahis siteleri up so much it was making her pussy soak through her satin panties.

But the dancing was also taking its toll on her feet. Sitting again she took off her boots and then resumed dancing. Then she found her fishnets uncomfortable on her feet so she sat, unclipped them and rolled the fishnet down over her lean legs.

Dancing some more she grinned as she pondered the idea of stripping in front of her unconscious father.

In an instant she was debating with herself whether she should do it or not. One part of her bran said “Don’t do it.” but most of her brain said “If it pleases me I should do it if there is no harm done. Dad is asleep but if he woke up he would love to see me enjoying myself so much. And who wouldn’t want to watch me dancing naked?”

So with very little effort she opted to pull off all her clothes. She often danced naked at home in front of the mirror because her body fascinated her. It wasn’t so much Ego as wonderment at how her body changed as she grew fitter.

As quickly as she could she removed everything except her flashing nipple covers and her belly button jewel.

Immediately she felt better and she danced some more loving the feel of air on her sex. Periodically she groped her breasts or fingered her bald pussy loving the freedom of touching herself as she danced. She watched herself at times, enjoying the play of her muscles in the intermittent glow of the T.V.

At other times she closed her eyes and watched the lights and colour dance on her eyelids to the pulse of the music in her headphones.

Her wicked little mind continued to intrude on her dancing as it sent her images of her Dad waking up and watching her dance. In her mind she saw images intrude on the swirling light-show the acid was providing. The flashes were of her father admiring her perfect little body proudly.

Kendall was fantasizing about her father taking in her body and assessing how his genes had manifested into this sexy little pixie dancing for him. She felt a warm blanket of love coming from the imaginary Dad in her mind. He was proud of the fact that his daughter was so free and desirable.

Kendall giggled mischievously as she considered the weird way her brain was working. She was imagining being her father looking at herself through his eyes. So odd.

In her imagination the fact that she was brave enough to dance naked for him and that she was comfortable enough to allow him to pass judgement over her warmed his heart.

Allowing the fantasy to continue she let her father’s thoughts be her own. It was the same as when she imagined having a conversation with someone who made her angry, but this time the drugs gave the thought more freedom from Kendall’s Ego. They wandered places she wouldn’t usually go.

‘Look at her sweet little body. She is perfect, my little angel. I love her. And she looks ever sexier than her mother at her age. Look at those perfect little boobies, so small and delicate.’

Kendall rubbed her tits thinking about her Dad assessing them. Her nipples ached so Kendall pulled the pasties off. The tingle as the glue fought her hurt and made her gasp with lust as her flesh burned pleasantly.

Then, still dancing, she tugged on her hard peaks of flesh and smiled at the tingling spike of pleasure she felt. Her Imaginary Dad loved looking at her do this. His approval warmed her as much as it would if it were real.

Her body remembered the men from earlier and with one hand she groped her tits as the other delved into her soaking wet pussy. Recreating the powerful lust from earlier she danced lewdly as she masturbated while moving seductively to the groovy music.

Kendall regretted the loss of sex partners for the night. She had really been looking forward to sucking some cock, her new favorite thing to do during sex. For some reason the feeling of hard cock in her mouth felt exhilarating. The power she felt was intoxicating as was the sensation of soft skin and hard muscle.

Why did those guys have to be such douche bags?

Then she heard that naughty voice that continually challenged her to push her boundaries whispering to her.

‘Hey, why don’t I suck Dad’s cock? I want some cock and he could sure use a blowjob.’

Oh my God she laughed as she heard herself. ‘That is way over the line.’ she thought.

But the idea took root. Whenever she came up against something she was afraid of Kendall enjoyed testing herself and no more so than when she was on acid.

‘Okay’ she thought to herself. ‘Debate it for yourself. Why not do it?’

‘He will wake up for sure. There’s no keeping this a secret like dancing like a slut in his living room.’

‘Yeah that would be terrifying.’

‘But,’ the other voice said ‘he deserves it. And so do I. Who loves me more in the world than Dad? He cherishes me and he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years. He needs to get off. And when would canlı bahis siteleri he ever get to have girl as cute and young as me suck his cock?’

‘Is that enough?’

‘What about me? I feel safe with Daddy. He would never hurt me like those guys tonight might have. And I am curious what his cock looks like? Just go over and pull back his robe and see what he is packing.’

Kendall was already moving over to him as the thought formed. Searching her feelings she knew this was not some incestuous perversion for her, it was simply an exploration of her limits and willingness to test herself. She had never harboured thoughts of her father; she didn’t have any Daddy Issues. This was just an impulse here in this moment.

Kneeling beside his couch she pulled back his loosely tied housecoat and with one hand over her mouth to stifle her amazed laughter she revealed her father’s cock lying on his belly.

Suddenly utterly fascinated Kendall moved her face closer and examined the penis before her. This was the very same penis she had come out of as a single sperm among millions. It was mind blowing. Reaching out she took it in her hand and inspected it closely. With drug widened pupils she took in every contour in the uncertain light from the flickering T.V.

Her father’s cock was thick even flaccid and the big knob looked purple and soft. It was the biggest flaccid cock she had ever seen and without her conscious effort her hand began to stroke it up and down. When she noticed what her hand was doing Kendall silently screamed with laughter. Her whole body shook with suppressed humour even as her hand continued to massage her Dad’s stiffening member.

With a surreal sense of detachment Kendall masturbated the same cock that had given her life. It was hilarious to her and audacious. With utter clarity and a feeling of sobriety she contemplated what she was doing.

‘It’s just a cock, no big deal. (Well it’s pretty big!) I like cock: cocks like to be touched. It isn’t a sin. There is no sin. Whatever God is, It loves us to feel pleasure.’ Her brain argued reasonably.

Then because she agreed with the argument that this was in no way improper she took the hardening manhood into her mouth. Kendall wrapped her soft lips around the warm bulb of her father’s penis. With her tongue she moistened the soft, silken skin of his cock tasting the slight flavour of salt and loving it.

This member had given her life and all the varied pleasures that entailed; she owed it to this cock to worship the Bringer Of Self. With all the tender affection she felt for her Dad and her overwhelming gratitude for the life she had been given Kendall sucked her his cock from top to bottom, revering the source of her being.

Moved beyond any ability to articulate Kendall suckled this mighty pole as tears of gratitude and joy leaked from her eyes. Grateful to the acid for giving her the courage to do this taboo thing Kendall crossed a line society had imposed long ago.

Adoring her father’s manhood she lavished him with affection in the form of the best blowjob she could perform. Why had she never done this before? This beautiful cock was attached to a beautiful human being who deserved all the pleasure he could get.

She licked his shaft up and down and suckled his knob. Now fully erect her father’s cock was big. Bigger than any she had seen in the flesh. Her fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around it and she could only take maybe half of it into her throat.

Switching to licking his balls she thought of all the potential brothers and sisters wriggling inside those orbs. Moving her mouth down she whispered “I love you” to those untold millions of siblings and then she began to slurp on the vessels they swam in. Suckling her father’s testes Kendal fervidly bathed his balls in her saliva.

Then she took his length back into her mouth. Taking him deep into her throat Kendall deep throated her Dad hungrily trying to get as much inside as she could.

She gagged a little and pulled back, smiling at her failure. ‘Daddy you are just too big to deep throat.’ She thought. Instead she lapped up ad down his length, coating him in saliva.

Her bliss knew no limits as she jacked her father’s shaft and started rubbing his wet cock across her cheeks gasping her desire as glitch hop music created a pounding rhythm in her ears.

Knowing he would wake up when he reached climax Kendall slowed down and savoured the sordid nature of her actions. Half the thrill of giving this blowjob was the illicit nature of it and how poignant it felt pushing past a taboo she felt had no hold over her. As she pleasured him Kendall rubbed her burning clit savagely.

Lovingly she licked all around his genitals coating his junk with her dripping adoration. Lapping his balls or sucking his head or licking his length she devoured every inch of her father’s pole.

A particularly sweet build up in the music got her sucking his length into her throat once more and as the drop approached she felt an orgasm approaching. When the deep brown tones vibrated her whole head she took her Dad as deep as she could and had a powerfully intense orgasm, moaning her pleasure down over the big member crammed into her tiny mouth.

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