A Good Samaritan

Solo Male

I’ve always been one of those people who likes to help others. It doesn’t matter whether I know the person or not. Occasionally, I get rewarded, but not often. Just a thank you or a nice smile is enough reward for me. I don’t do it to get anything back, it just makes me feel good.This story was one of those rare occasions when I was rewarded. Rewarded beyond my wildest dreams. Of all places for this to happen, Aldi’s grocery store parking lot. Who would ever imagine that?It was a rather hot day and I was wearing a pair of red sports shorts. I rarely wear underwear, especially when it’s hot. These shorts were made of a satin-type material, like football jerseys. It was a mesh material, little holes throughout. Inside was a very thin red lining. Not like swimming trunks, but just along the top insides so they weren’t see through. Of course, that’s only if the sun isn’t shining directly through them, as I discovered.They are one of my favorite pairs of shorts, because they’re very comfortable, particularly when it’s hot. They’re rather short, not as short as gym wear but not as long as the below-the-knee style worn these days.They’re also very loose fitting which is really nice while driving when it’s easy for me to play with myself through either of the leg holes.It was about three in the afternoon and I needed a few things for dinner. Aldi’s is not only the closest grocery store, but also the cheapest. So, I put on a t-shirt and sandals and headed over there.I did my shopping rather quickly as I didn’t need much. If you’re familiar with Aldi’s, then you know the payment routine with the shopping carts. I’d already put my items in my Aldi’s bag and, when I went outside, I pulled the bag from the cart and gave it to an elderly woman who was coming in. I didn’t take her quarter.As I crossed the lot to where my car was parked, I noticed a woman who had earlier caught my eye in the store. She was parked directly across from the store doors and was struggling to get a large patio table and umbrella into her SUV.I’d noticed her inside because she was wearing rather loose, short gym shorts. Although she was a little heavy set, she was wearing a thong underneath. I’d been behind her and clearly saw the top of her pink thong above the waistband of her shorts. I didn’t get hard at the sight, but my cock did start to swell a little. I saw her a second time in the next aisle as she was bent over exposing even more of her thong down to where the middle strip disappeared. I didn’t see her from the front, but it looked like she wore a sports bra.So, I now see this woman from the side. She is definitely wearing a sports bra and she’s got rather large breasts. She was struggling with a long heavy box, trying to pull it by the end and out of the cart. It was quite a sight as she tried to bear hug it, her big breasts shoved up against the box, trying to lift it out to no avail.I knew that I had to help her, so I crossed the parking lot and asked, “Do you want a hand with that?”She Anadolu Yakası Escort let go of the box and turned to face me and said, “Oh, yes. That would be great. Thank you so much. I don’t know what I was thinking. Apparently I wasn’t. Why did I buy this now? So stupid!” And she wiped sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.Her large breasts were clearly outlined in the sports bra and there was a sweat line down the front, clearly outlining her cleavage. I could also see her nipples poking against the bra and she had small wet spots around them, too.I felt a tingle in my groin and, truthfully I couldn’t help it, but my cock started to swell a little. I set my bag of groceries down and walked up to the SUV and looked in and then at the box.”What do you think? Is it too big? Do you think it will fit?” she asked as she came up beside me, looking in the SUV as well.Without thinking, I said, “Well, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty good at getting big things in small tight places.”I immediately realized an alternative meaning of my words and, as I was looking at her big breasts, my cock flexed and grew a little harder.She giggled, looking me up and down, and said, “I’ll bet,” and giggled even more as she stared at the tent forming in my shorts. Then she said, “Well, let’s just see if it’ll fit then. Let’s do it,” and laughed as she looked back up at my face smiling broadly.Her innuendo just added to my arousal and my cock continued to grow in my shorts. I noticed that she was wearing a wedding band. I also noticed that the back seat was still up and I asked, “Does the back seat fold down?””Oh yeah, it does. Geez, I should have put it down.” She immediately walked around the SUV and opened the rear door on the driver’s side. She lifted a lever and lay the seat flat. She looked at me as she bent over it.”Do you think I need to put both sides down?” she asked.My cock was almost fully hard from watching her big tits bouncing around in that sports bra. I was trying to mentally stop it from happening, but it wasn’t working. I knew she was married and, anyway, I knew that nothing would happen in the parking lot of a grocery store.I looked at all the groceries along the other side of vehicle and was thinking how stupid it was that she put those in first.She saw me looking. “I know, I know. I shouldn’t have put the groceries in first. Do you think I need to pull them out?”She then crawled onto the back seat on all fours and started to push the items over to the other side. She was driving me crazy as her tits kept bouncing around.”I think we’ll be okay if we’re careful and not too rough,” I said as I felt my cock flex. It was now fully hard.She looked at my obvious erection and giggled again. “But, I kind of like it a little rough,” she said and laughed more.I couldn’t believe my ears as my cock throbbed. Just then a woman came to the car parked beside the SUV and opened her trunk. She was a good looking slender blonde woman, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan wearing a sundress. Her back was towards me as she emptied her cart into the trunk. This didn’t help my aroused state as her dressed hugged her body, especially her heart shaped ass each time she bent over.I was pushing items over from the back of the vehicle and I kept glancing at the blonde. When she finished, she glanced over at me, smiled and closed her trunk. She walked away, returning her cart to the store.I finished pushing everything that I could reach and stepped back and straightened myself up. The blonde lady walked just a foot away between the vehicles and looked at me, smiled again and said, “Hello.” Then she looked down and saw my excited state.Her eyes went wide and she blushed. “Oh my. Are you okay?” she asked, her gaze fixed on the front of my shorts.I was embarrassed and quickly covered my tented shorts with my hand and said, “Yeah.”She giggled and said, “Okay, have a wonderful day,” and unlocked her car and got in. A moment later she started her car and reversed, glancing again at my shorts.”Well, let’s get this party started. Do you want to try to put the end in or do you want me to do it?” the woman said, still on her hands in knees in the back, giggling and staring at me.”I’ll do it,” I said and stepped up to the box in the cart.The large box was kind of ‘caddywhompus’ in the cart and stuck way out the end and up into the air. The umbrella box was sitting against it. I grabbed the end that was sticking out thinking that I could just pull it, sliding it out and onto the bumper or the back end of the deck. But to no avail.”How the hell did you get this in here by yourself?” I asked.”I didn’t. One of the guys that works here helped me. Hang on, I’ll come out and give you a hand putting it in.””Okay,” I said and lifted up the end of the umbrella box. It wasn’t that heavy and I pulled it out and leaned it against the back of the SUV on the side where the groceries were placed. She walked to the other side of the cart as I turned around.She looked right at my crotch again and said, “I can’t believe how big it is. I sure hope we can get it in.” More giggles and I swore she licked her lips.My God, this woman was driving me crazy with her innuendos. We both grabbed the end sticking out and tried to pull it but we still couldn’t get it. The cart just rolled along with our tugging.”Well, this isn’t working,” I said. “We need to be able to lift the bottom up somehow. Wait. I have an idea. Can you hold the end of it?” She giggled. “I’d love to.”I walked around to the cart handle, grabbed it and said, “You hold it and guide it in while I push. Okay?”She now laughed really hard and even snorted. “Oh my God. I’m sorry. It’s just… oh my. I can’t imagine what this sounds like to other people. Oh my God. Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Right, I’ll hold it and you push it in,” she managed to say, still laughing.I pushed the cart Escort Anadolu Yakası and got it lined up and said, “Okay, get a good grip on it and guide it in. I’m gonna flip the cart up on end so the box is sticking up just inside. Okay? Don’t let go. Keep your hands on it.”She was still laughing and said, “Sure, I’ll keep my hands on it, sticking up,” and kept laughing.I quickly lifted the handle of the cart and the end of the box slid along the bottom to the end and the cart stuck up on its front.”Oh good. It’s working,” she giggled.Now that the box was stationary, I walked around the opposite side of the box from her and grabbed the end on the ground still in the cart. I lifted the end up as she guided her end to the back of the SUV and set it down.The cart started rolling backwards.”Oh shit,” she said, ran over and grabbed the cart, managing to get it back upright. “I’ll just go ahead and return the cart, if you’re alright. That okay?” “Yeah, I got it,” I said and started to push it in.Even just holding up the one end, the box was still rather heavy and I was struggling to push it in and keep it against the side.She jogged back to the other side of the box after returning the cart and put one hand under the end to help. She started to push it and put her other hand underneath. She came right up the front of my shorts and along my hard cock.”Oh my,” she said and stopped with her hand against my rigid rod.My cock pulsed in her hand as she tried to wrap her fingers around it.”Oh, shit,” I moaned.She moved, trying to get closer to me but that pushed the box against some of the groceries.”Oh my God. It is big,” she said, squeezing my cock with only my thin shorts between it and her hand.”Oh shit. Hold it and I’ll get in the back and move the other end,” I said.I tried to pull away from her, but she kept a good grip on me.”I thought you said to hold it,” she giggled.I could have cum right then, but I reached down and pulled her hand away from me. I jogged around the box and the vehicle and got up in the back seat on my hands and knees. I reached out for the box and tried to move the end back over to the side.It was difficult. I had to prop one leg up, the other still on my knee, for better leverage. As I pulled the box, she pushed it pretty hard and it moved almost two feet all at once, catching me by surprise. I was losing balance and had to put my hand down behind me to stop from falling. But that caused a leg of my shorts leg to move up my thigh – and my hard cock poked out.I heard her gasp and then she said, “Hang on, I’ll help.” She ran around to the passenger side and jumped in the back seat. I was trying to push my cock back in and pull the shorts leg back down when she reached out and took my cock head in her hand. I couldn’t help it; my cock flexed and pre-cum oozed into her hand.”Ooooh,” she moaned when she felt it and squeezed my cock head tighter. She pulled me by my cock until we faced each other as she knelt on the seat. “My God, you’ve been driving me crazy with this big, hard thing,” she said, quickly glancing around to see if anyone could see us. “Come closer,” she said in a husky, lustful voice, tugging my cock towards her.Only on one knee, I moved the best that I could as she used her other hand to push my shorts leg up to get a better view of my cock.”Oh my God.

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